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Isla is a normal girl with loving parents, everything is simple. Then Isla is kidnapped and her whole world is thrown upside down. Follow Isla as she learns who she truly is and what she is capable of. A wolf tale.

Romance / Drama
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The beginning - chapter 1

I grew up like any ordinary girl in suburban life with school, friends, sleep overs, and my family.
Just mum, dad and I.

My parents are really loving, most of the time they are just super over protective, they don't like me attending friends sleep overs but I can host as many as I like.
I'm 15 years old, high school is where I never felt I belonged and my friends are nice but I stay quiet most of the time of fear ill say something that shows I dont really fit in. My favourite things to do are heading to the local pools on the hottest days in summer, the water is actually relaxing when I just sit at the edge with my feet in and probably just sitting and reading as many books as I can in my book corner of my room with my beanbag and dorky glasses.
I loved it here, but it is all I've ever known,
Until now.

Right now its pitch black, my eyes have been covered.
I know I'm in a car or a vehicle of some sort.

I was asleep, I don't know the time of night it is.
I had said my goodnight rituals to mum and dad before running upstairs to bed. I was reading my book for school work, got tired and must have dozed off, still with book in hand.
The last thing I remember was waking up with a slap of someone's hand straight over my mouth, I don't even know what or whom I saw when my eyes were covered immediately with some kind of cloth.
I was thrown out my bedroom window with a thud and had my wrists not been tied together I may have been able to break my own fall, but here I am, most likely sprouting bruises all over my body from hitting the ground. Let's not forget I'm on the second story in our house.
I was then thrown into a boot of a vehicle and we have been driving for what honestly feels like hours.
Twists, turns, I haven't stopped rolling around and feeling ill most of the trip.

I've never been a physically strong girl but definitely stubborn, I won't give up trying to escape from whatever and whoever it is.

Please let there been someone looking over me at this point..
Then the vehicle stopped.
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