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Kidnapped- chapter 2

I've gone over this moment the entire drive, how to act when they get me out.
Do I come out aggressive, shall I try to bite someone when they touch me. I can't see where anyone is with this damn cloth over my eyes.
I would hate to make them angry before I even know why I'm here.
Play it cool. Do as they ask. Don't get murdered.
Okay good plan you loser, I tell myself off.

The boot opens.

I can hear faint voices but no clue what's being said, sounds too far away.
I can hear the gravel under the persons feet, I ask why I'm here.
That was the wrong thing to ask, I copped a slap on the face.
"NO TALKING " the man holding my elbows sprayed the sentence on my face. Say it dont spray it, geez.
I didn't have the guts to say that out loud but I was definitely thinking it!

I was dragged over the gravel and hit my feet against something, "steps" the man said annoyed that I hadn't seen them coming. Clearly not the brightest tool in the shed this one. YOU blind folded ME you moron. Again, I knew better than to say this out loud.
Instead I tried walking the steps, counting as I go.
3, 4, 5, oh that's it. Okay he has knocked on a door im guessing by the noise.

The door opens, somethings happening but I can't tell, they are conversing in a language unknown to me, which isn't hard I know nothing but English, and then a new set of hands takes me, a colder, firmer set of hands.

Then I was stabbed in the arm, it was sharp and deep.
And I'm going down.

I wake, it's dim but not totally dark. And I'm chained to a metal framed single sized bed. No sheets, no pillow. Nothing but bare white walls yet I can hear so much going on outside these four walls. I can also see something has happened inside these walls too, there's blood like marks on the walls.
Where the hell am I.
I notice I'm wearing my underwear and a surgical gown. Have I had surgery? Oh god, what happened to me.

Then I hear someone coming, I lay back down pretending to be asleep, I don't want to be awake.
I wish so deeply that I was still out to it.

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