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The voice- chapter 3

I lay completely still when he enters the room, I listen to him talk to different men.
They all come in and have a look.
What are they looking for?
A young girl, a young woman who will be a slave.
Any kind of slave, who knows once your sold where you go, who you go with.

Who knew my life would take this turn.

Every time the same man comes in I take in glimpses when I slightly open one eye to see what's new.
He says the same line,
Isla Chalmers,
Age 17,
Non Virgin,
Then he huffs.
I see the men who come in and every time their faces change at the last line.
They aren't happy im not a virgin.

I've been here for two years. Kept medicated, so you don't scream and kick around, your dosed up so you are constantly on a high.
I only know my age because he tells every new male, not alot come to see me. I'm sure I'm not the only girl in this place. I'm not sure when he will get sick of wasting the drugs on me for no sale.

I've started hearing a voice, when I'm really high and the same man comes to visit, this voice warns me, tells me to lay down and close my eyes.
I'm tripping out right? Its crazy.
Its such a quiet peaceful voice though.
And I just feel more content when I hear it, my guess it's me, I mean who the hell else can it be and its a female voice so I'm just un aware I'm warning my own self his coming.

"His on his way back, why so soon, lay down Isla, quick lay down, before we are caught awake and they dose us up again"
Her voice, she's rushed, and panicking.
I do as she says.

He comes in slamming doors, frustrated and he punches me straight in the nose.
His never touched me before.
Oh God I'm tearing up, I can't even help but try to sit up and hold my broken nose together.
I open my eyes as far as they will let me.
Our eyes meet, he is shocked and yet not for long enough, he just gets mad.
He grabs me and starts shaking me, yelling in my face, "WHY WONT YOU SELL, WHAT ARE THEY AFRAID OF YOU FOR, THEY SPEAK IN TONGUE ABOUT YOU." Then he slaps me so hard and the pain is running through my nose again, the inside of my face is in agony.
I look at his anger, its seething from the pores on his face, it just starts getting me mad, I start hearing a voice again, she's back, oh yes she is. And she seems as mad, and more insane than I..

And I cannot help but feel sorry for this man now..

Something inside of my mind comes into the light from the shadows, I've been lucky to only have ever seen the glint of her eyes before.
The bluest water, the brightest sky would not do these eyes justice. She stalks in, my body starts to fill with pain and I start screaming,
Screw my nose break, my entire body feels like its about to break, and the wolf comes forward in my mind her eyes shadow the back of my eyelids.

Shes pushing me, am I on fire? Meanwhile I can still feel his hands on my arms, his trying to restrain me and I'm having body shakes.

"Shake him off of us, let me come forward ill show him how much damage can be done to one man, let me Isla, release me, RELEASE ME,
I hear and feel my bones start to crunch, I am literally on all fours on the floor, he let me go as my body flew forward and off the bed.
Then I watched my ankle snapping one way, I felt my nose enlarge, and after screaming and having a fit on the floor I opened my eyes, and I wasn't really at the front of myself.
How do I say this, I was taking the back seat in my own mind, Areeza, as she has named herself to me, is right up there, standing front and centre in the light and I'm left to the darkness.

That's kind of when I found out I was partly a dog?!

Azeera takes charge, the door is closed and he isn't leaving. We stalk toward him crouched low, baring teeth, claws out. And I am sitting back here just super impressed, Azeera and I are one bad ass wolf!
I can see the silvery fleck running through her white legs and we get him cornered.
His face shocked and terrified it's exactly the face I needed to see right before Azeera ends his worthless life.
He is begging, telling me he has children, screaming he didn't know I was a wolf, he would have left me alone.
Lies, or not, I don't care. I tell Azeera to be quick. But first let me speak with him. The pain is horrible as I crack and shift back to just a fragile girl again.
I stared right into his eyes and finally asked all the questions I've needed the answers too for so long.
I start with, "who are you?"
He chirps up because I'm me again, and I seem to be no threat any more.
"Phillip, but where's the large dog or bear animal gone?" He is looking at me sideways as he speaks,
"Shes right here!" I exclaimed looking crazy as hell while I'm pointing to my mind.
"Now dont make me bring her out, just tell me where we are and who brought me here" I haven't much patience so I hope he knows he doesn't have much time to answer these questions.
"Er it was Harry O'Connor who brought you in, he handed you to me and I flew you here."
He stammered out, he could see i was struggling to keep her back.
"Flew me where, be quick, she wants you dead Phillip.." I struggled out.
"Just to Madison"
"Just to Madison? You flew me out to Madison from Minnesota? Oh my God, and my parents are they okay? What happened to them?"
I was getting shaky even thinking about something bad happening to them and I was losing total control of my emotions, that's when Azeera just took right over, I just closed my eyes as I was pushed into the dark depth of my own mind.
I heard Phillip screaming I didn't mind, seemed like music to my ears. I didn't bother to look up, I didn't want to see what's happened to him.
I just needed us to work out how to get home.

Once Phillip was tossed against the wall by Azeera I felt her calm, she got what she came out for and she calmed right down.
I immediately stood forward and started the same horrible feeling again, the burning the cracking and jolting back into me.
Then I realised I had nothing to put back on my body so we busted the door open and went out to find something.
What we witnessed next was un imaginable.
It was a long white corridor with many many doors, I jog passed and find each room a younger male or female on each of the beds, same as I was.
They are all out of it.
The hall is empty, the exit sign ahead, until I hear someone calling. Faint, but there, and I cannot leave without finding if someone else is awake.
I crept down, I hear someone approaching from a corner up ahead. I hid behind a set of cabinets in the hall, just hoping they wouldn't pass me and spot me.
Two middle aged males chatting, about a weekend away, how can they live with themselves after all they are here doing, I feel myself getting angry at them.
Disgusted wouldn't cover the feeling I had wash over me, as I felt Azeera again, more bone twisting and breaking noises, pain and aches come over me, and then as if I'm in a dream, I see Azeera as she steps passed the cabinet window and I catch her beautiful image in the reflection.
Not clearly making out the colours but it seems black faded to grey then dashes of pure white & glimmering silver shone.
We were almost glowing under the fluorescent hospital like lighting. Quickly Azeera's head spins toward the two men whom are struck with fear of what they just witnessed, and Azeera couldn't be prouder, posing with one foot forward and bending the other front paw, she almost smiles and she starts to run at them both, ripping them apart limb from limb.
Once satisfied with the newly decorated red walls on the once white halls, she heads to the faint cries.
The cries become clearer as we both hear a boys voice asking, pleading for help.
Azeera takes us straight up to the bedside of the little lost faced boy, realising we are still a wolf, I try to work out how to make me, me again! And I have no idea how too. Last time Azeera just shut herself off and left me to come back, this time Azeera isn't taking the reigns to change any kind of form and I'm standing beside a wide eyed boy as a wolf.
For some reason the boy isn't scared, he didn't even flinch as Azeera noses his arm. His arm has a cannula in, they are feeding through this needle something to keep him down too. Much like me, but he isn't sleeping like the others.

And then he spoke.
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