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The Ironclaw pack- chapter 5

"Its Raff and Wyatt coming."
Koby looked at me gleefully, and I tried to hide behind a 9 year old, I don't like meeting new people and these ones aren't small.

Two large wolves came running up on us so fast and from opposite directions.

I couldn't stop her, Azeera lurched forward and suddenly I was wolf again.
Less and less painful each time but still as much of a shock.

Azeera crouches in a defensive stance in the moonlight.
I think we both know Koby knows them, but they don't know us, it's frightening.

Suddenly, a gust of pain shoots through my right shoulder, a dash of blood shows Azeera has taken a hit from a wolf.
Azeera rounds up to tackle this black and white wolf head on. With no practice at all we get a few more painful injuries, which i feel as much of it as Azeera does, before Azeera cowars down, and turns over, paws in the air.
Then in my mind she leaves and its total darkness and I turn back.
Lying there on the grass, I'm thrown a towel and I don't even look. I just lie in the fetel position with the towel over me and due to the blood loss I'm exhausted. And I faint.

I feel teeth, fur and my legs and arms dangling.
I hear heavy breathing, the wind at my ears and then nothing.

I wake up, it's like the apartment all over again.
I'm in a bed chained to it.
I can hear people arguing, although this time I can understand them.

"I don't care what Alpha Oron says, she's on borrowed time being here, she deserves death, and it will be me who makes sure she gets what's coming to her"

Second voice, a woman, speaks up to match his level of stern in her voice when she says " I guess we are all lucky the packs choices don't go through you, don't defy your orders, your third in charge. Nothing more."

With that I hear a pair of foot steps trailing off, someone's leaving.
Then the next pair of feet come toward me, I lay as still I can.

"I will watch you die. I know what your here to do, I will see the end of you." The darkness in his tone able to send goosebumps all over my skin.

I don't dare look, my eyes are sealed, I'm trying to concentrate on keeping my breathing the same, not to rise my heart rate.
For one he will know I'm awake, and two I will stir Azeera and we will never make it out alive, if we do at all.

The stranger is about to leave I hear the door open as I hear the smaller foot steps coming closer and I hear Koby's voice.

"Isla is asleep still? Its not fair I wanted to show her my home, I want to show her to mum and dad, the girl that saved me."

"Saved you did she? I highly doubt that Koby, we've had wolves searching for miles, she's had your sent hidden well." I hear the deep dark voice again from earlier.
The disapproving notes so easy to hear.

"SHE DID" Koby is upset now.

I hear the door close, the evil has left the room and I let my eyes creep open.

I was smothered with a little boys pair of arms around my neck pulling my head toward him.

He sat back from me as the whites of his eyes took over his once blueish grey parts, I freaked and tried to shake him awake again!

His eyes flicked back to normal, and he laughed, he explained mind linking to other pack members, its where you can join in a conversation to whoever you like within your pack! Without needing to be close by.
Since I don't have a pack I cannot do this with anyone.

Suddenly the door swings open and in comes this tall, dark haired man, he has large shoulders, even larger biceps and is just a whole lot of apparently everything I've ever wanted in a man.
He stops abruptly in the middle of the room and he just stares into my eyes.

I can smell a hot chocolate brewing & some fresh picked lavender. It feels as though a warm blanket just got put around my shoulders.
Then I break eye contact to look over at Koby who is just gawking at this man.
Ummm, does he also notice how incredibly edible this man is? Or is there something I'm missing..

The man walks right up beside Koby and asks ever so politely who I am.

How rude, I mean I'm right here, cannot I not speak for myself?

"I'm Isla, thanks for asking." I spit out in a smart ass tone. "And who are you?"

"Right, well I.. I'm ah you can call me Oren, yep. My names Oren." He somewhat finally gets out the words.
"How did you two find each other, I'm not going to press on with too many questions until your ready Isla, but what's happened to you. Your wolf is quite weak, no offence."

"No offence? Really? If you must know, I haven't had a home for the last 3 or so years, I mean what is the date anyway?" I relayed my words harshly as my wolf is growling inside, not happy with the comment on her strength.

"3rd of December ma'am, and I'm truly sorry. Here at The Ironclaw, we pride ourselves on our fighting skills, we must be trained well in case of ever requiring them." Oren says as he nods his head with his apology.

I've noticed I am now sitting straight up in the bed aggressively leaning toward him, I calm and try to rest again.

"Apology accepted, I turn 18 today believe it or not, the 3rd.. I haven't been able to control any emotions at all and then a wolf just sort of took over any time I was overwhelmed.
I was kidnapped at 14, and kept medicated yet that never really kept me down like some of the other kids, I escaped after I was hit. I met my wolf that day, I didn't even know I had one. This whole thing is a new world for me." I rush through my explanation without looking at him.

"Just rest for now, Koby and I will leave you. The doctor here is fantastic, Dr.Gordon. Should you need anything get him to send for me, and me only." Oren said the last part sternly.

"Okay I shall." I looked up into his large blue eyes, his chiselled jaw and stubble noticeable, as a faint beard grows back in. He has dark features and wicked tanned skin. Someone you see modelling underwear in fancy magazines.

I realise I'm probably drooling but I notice he is staring right back at me.

Koby tugs in his crimson coloured jacket and asks to go and see his mother.

We say goodbye for now and I lie back relaxing.

The next day comes and goes, I've been healed and apparently by my own wolf! We must keep up our food intake and drink enough to keep our wolves strong enough to heal.
I'm already learning so much about Azeera and why I have her.

Oren has been coming in and bringing breakfast lunch and dinner, he sits with me and gives me new information to take in.

The first thing he wanted to explain was that some of us are born wolves through generations of wolves, or that we can be bitten and turned but it is highly frowned upon, or I was a blessing by the Moon Goddess!
I know too that this Moon Goddess is mother to all us wolves, we were placed here by her.
We have greater reason and responsibility within ourselves and our mate, yep a mate.
A soul mate, someone your kind of bound too by natural forces.
Someone you find to be, the most attractive, someone you will compel to be the best version of themselves and them to you. You are made for each other, to achieve greatness.
And packs, each pack of wolves has an Alpha, who's mate is a Luna, a Beta who is second in charge and then a Third in charge.
A pack is a family. Something I'm missing, deeply.

Oren's pov

My brother has been missing for several days, I've sent so many wolves out in search.
We cannot mind link,
I have nothing, no scent.
I'm losing my damn mind. How did somebody take him from right under our packs noses, my nose more so.

Then I get a mind link from Wyatt,
I have the kidnapper, she's out of it from our fight ill meet you at the docs clinic.

She? He was kidnapped by a female? If this is someone trying to probe she should be our luna, she can forget it.
I'm immediately angry now. Thinking a she wolf would be as stupid to take my brother from our home and expect to be crowned luna as a reward?
I pull Ryzen forward, he knows right away we want to be down at the docs fast.
Ryzen is the strongest wolf in the pack, as alpha we stand the biggest and most respected wolf on our land.
Its been a year since I first shifted, its a well practised art and now I feel no pain to it, few bone shattering cracks and we race down.

I made it before Wyatt so I let the Doc Gordon know what's happening, I want her alive and well.
I want to be able to punish her for what she's done..

Wyatt walks through in wolf form, Dargo's holding her in his mouth.
Dargo flops her on the bed and shifts back to Wyatt, my third in charge.

"Where is Raff?" I ask, hoping Wyatt knows where my beta of the pack is.

Wyatt mind links Raff
"His taking Koby inside to your parents, Koby is a mess."

I let Wyatt stay as I head over to see Koby, I let the doc know any sign of her waking and to let me know.

I find Koby talking with my mother and father, his explaining his ordeal, and all I need to know is whos lying in the hospital bed.

"Her name is Isla, Oren. She is so pretty and she has such a nice wolf. Azeera, she brought me back to you. She let me ride on her back and she ran the whole way home." Little Koby explains to me.

"Who took you then Koby and how?" I ask feeling mad at whoever took my little brother away.

"Hmm I don't know but maybe Isla does, she was there with me, we were both stuck. And it was my fault I was taken Oren, I didn't listen when you said not to cross the road leaving our pack grounds, a car just stopped and took me in the boot. It was so fast."
He seems so sad at himself, he is blaming himself.

"It's okay Koby we will find them, and we will end them.."
And with that I head off to my office. I'm going to look up missing children in the area, start my own investigation.

Hours pass and I drift off to my bedroom next door.

The next morning I'm back at it in the office when I receive a mind link from Koby,
She's awake brother quick

And I head right down to the clinic to get this girls side to the story.

I walk in and half way through the room its like someone has smacked me in the face with the best perfume I've ever smelt! Its a fruity smell of pineapple and then cinnamon. Reminds me of summer, and I've forgotten how to walk.
My eyes meet hers and I cannot stop staring.
Her eyes are sky blue, long lashes drape over them and with every blink im smitten.
I can feel my stomach doing back flips and my wolf, Ryzen is having a fit, he wants to get out and meet her before I've even had a chance too.

She breaks our eye contact and I calm myself and my wolf and walk to Koby is also staring at me.

I stutter through trying to even remember my own damn name and I'm careful to not say Alpha. I don't want to scare her away.
But the more we talk I realise she has no idea about any wolf life, none.
The she explains she was raised human, stolen and only TODAY has she even turned 18! Yet she got her wolf early, I'm eager to find out why she met hers and Azeera was out when Isla was 17, I figure the abuse but usually your something special.
I mean Isla is already special to me, it will take time but I have to teach her everything from the start and most importantly try to teach her of mates and hope she can understand and not leave me hanging out for too long. I already cannot contain Ryzen who wants nothing more than to officially make her mine.
Tonight at dinner ill explain marking your mate and let her know the ritual for keeping your mate forever and the horror behind not taking your destined mate.
For now I must only see her the three meals a day, I have a pack to run through out the rest of the day but because any more and ill tear my heart out not being able to hug her and kiss her.

I already feel so drawn to her over the last 2 days. I wonder how she feels toward me.
I leave her some books from our library about wolves and hope she will read into the informative pages so I don't have to go into deep detail, when I'm rather shy to it, because she is my mate after all. I would hate her to realise then feel pressured to take me.

I leave her to herself and I go and make preparations for a room for her for tomorrow. Doc Gordon says she will be fine to resume normal life then.

I spot our beta from across the hall as I enter from seeing Isla, "Raff, thanks for today bud, I know I can count on you to be looking after everyone as family. Thank you for walking Koby up to my parents the other day when he was found."

Raff looks at me with half his mouth full of hamburger, "mm no worries Alpha, of course."

" Raff when your done can you meet me in my office please. Thanks" I nod to him and climb the stair case to the third floor.

The third floor is my own, Its a smaller floor containing my room, then my office, a bathroom and another room to the other side which has been empty and used on occasions when we have other alphas and lunas to stay and do business with.
The second floor holds my mother and my trusted beta, Raff and his mate Vivian, and then my third in charge, Wyatt. Wyatt is yet to find his mate so his room if often occupied by many different she wolves hoping he will take the neck of one.

The rest of the pack are either on the bottom floor of the large mansion if they are related to my higher ranks or they are outdoors in smaller cabins which are placed spaciously around the land.

Raff knocks and I tell him to come in.
"Raff, I'm going crazy, this girl. Isla, she saves my brother, she has no idea what she is and yet here she is, as my mate." I say as I'm pacing the room.

"I want her close to me but I can't have her, I want her to want me. I need her to understand our bond before she is made to just accept me.
I'll have her stay in the room down the hall, the room we have for when other packs join us."
I say this and stop pacing, like I've finally made my mind up.

"So what do you need me to do Alpha?" Raff says and I realise I just needed someone to vent it too.
"So she's really our future Luna hey, you found her." He pats me on the back, I've only waited almost 2 years for my mate, I'm a young alpha but your pack respects you better with a luna, other packs respect you too, your stronger with your other half.
"Yea finally, and I cannot wait to let the rest of the pack know but for now, while I need her to come to terms with this whole lifestyle change, keep it between us alright?"
We exchange a handshake but Raff bows his head to me, his Alpha.
And I head out after him to the spare room to make some minor changes for Isla, my future luna.

Isla's pov

My throat is being constricted, I can't scream for help. I'm holding two large arms, they won't stop holding my neck, waiting for me to give up.
And then I start shaking, I can hear someone yelling my name, I pass out.

I open my eyes, Oren is standing over me shaking me.

"You're dreaming Isla, are you okay? Nightmare?"
Oren's big eyes staring right into my soul, his arms creating such a warm feeling and I instantly start feeling better, shaking off whatever horrible nightmare that was.

"Yeah, something like that. I was just walking behind the pack mansion to the garage, I don't even know why, then out of no where came someone who just basically tried to end my life.
I'm just a little shocked." I explained my dream.

"Well nobody here would hurt you, I know this myself, you have nothing to worry about."
Oren assured me.

I've decided ill start my morning now, 5:43am.
I'm heading to practice this morning, we have our very own outdoor arena for combat training.
I cannot wait to give it a go.

As I get up, and thank Oren, he heads of my room. I get showered and put on some shorts and a sports bra.
I need to be prepared, the dream has me thinking more and more on how I have no way to protect myself since I also don't know how to call Azeera forward on my own.

Its 6 am when I get to the arena and there's a couple of people starting to gather around, training commences at 6:30am but some people are partnering up and and sparring each other.

I stand back and watch then my eyes draw to a particular two, a female, she seems fierce. I need to have her show me a few things. And she's sparring with a male, tall, but built arms yet slender but seems to pack a good punch. His got bronze hair, brown eyes and a lot of facial hair. He seems like his fighting with his anger.
The she wolf is getting a few more hits in on him because she is smart, and is waiting, her every move just finding that moment.

Then they stop, all eyes turn as Raff comes out.
He steps up on the top of the seating grand stand and with his big goof ball face says "alright can we start of with same gender pairs, we will work around from there on what you are all up to and move partners according as your training. Today we have a couple of new coners introduce yourselves and help them out where you see fit. I'll be round to help out the whole time and in six weeks we will have an opening for you all to compete in the arena for the Golden plate, for those un aware, there's a trophy after we hold a new tournament here twice a year. Get in your duos let's get going."

I immediately start moving toward the fierce looking she wolf hoping to nab her as a partner. Imagine her training you one on one.

She looks right at me and reaches her hand out to me, I take it and we shake.

"I'm Viv, I'm the betas better half, Raff over there with the big chest who runs the tournaments." Viv smiles as she stares at her mate.
"And you're the new she wolf, Isla, heard alot about you and I did come to visit when you were out cold, you wouldn't remember."
But I did. Viv was arguing to keep me from being murdered by the third in charge. Whoever that is.

"Oh okay, well you know me, but did you know I'm terrible in a fight?" I laugh as a spill the truth.

"That's okay, a few weeks under me and you'll be rounding up these boys in no time." Viv gives me a large smile and a light fist bump.

Viv takes charge showing me the correct way to stand and hoe to properly throw a punch.
We start after a few basics have been thrown around and we get down and have a wrestle.
I'm clearly hopeless and she is not.

But that won't stop me from trying and learning daily!

Viv pats my back when training is up and we head for breakfast. Inside the main landing of the mansion everyone is spread out across the chairs at the dining table.
I spot Oren and he ushers me over with Viv.

"Come sit up here Isla, get to know everyone at the table. This is Raff who held training this morning, Raff is the beta wolf here in the pack, you've met Viv his mate. Viv is also then beta to the pack. Then my third in charge should anything happen to myself or Raff is Wyatt, here.
Oren points to the man I saw sparring with Viv earlier. The look on his face when he made eye contact with me was of someone who blantly didn't want to know my existence. So rude.
What's his problem anyway?
So I said " I've met most of you, but never you Wyatt, so nice to meet you." And I smile the sweetest smile I can muster.

Challenge accepted Wyatt.

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