Time to grow.

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The Wyatt challenge- Chapter 6

Through out the course of the last 2 months that have flown by, small encounters between Wyatt and I at sparring sessions and such have been torment to say the least.
Wyatt will partner me just to get some cheap shots. Enough to get me put in with the doc at the packs clinic for a day or so.
Even though I know he has something against me I can't help but notice how much stronger I am becoming.
How I can finally fight back, learning to control my emotional outbursts resulting in a shift and becoming friendly with Azeera.
Its a big deal when you and your wolf can become one, you can really control what you need from each other. We are sharing a mind after all. Would be nice to not be feeling like I'm constantly fighting with myself here!

Any means, I've been super determined to be a better fighter in human form also, for if I cannot get Azeera forward in any instance I need to be able to confront whomever I need too.

As much as this pains me to admit, but with Wyatt being a jerk and all, I'm able to see huge leaps towards my goals. I'm being pushed to my limits here physically and mentally. Mentally I want to rip him to shreds so I need to be physically strong enough for that.
Viv has been taking me aside each couple of days to train with her, she seems to think I'll need it.

Viv doesn't know I know, so I'm going to confront her on the conversation she had the day I came here, I feel we have gotten close enough the last couple of months that I could talk to her and find out what she knows.
We are sparring together today so here goes,
"Viv, remember the day I came to you guys, I was in Doc Gordon's clinic yeah?"
Viv takes her gloved fists down from in front of her face and looks at me with kind eyes, "yes of course Isla, whys that?" She responds in a calming voice.
"Well I was all but asleep when I heard you in a conversation outside the room, someone wasn't happy about me being here, speaking of not wanting me around and I would be gone if it was the last thing they had to do, would you know who I mean?" I asked shyly not even able to look at Viv in the eye, I start to un do the Velcro straps on my gloves.
In case this conversation goes sideways I'm ready to leave not be intimidating and fight.
"Did you want to come round after dinner, to my room on the second floor?" Viv says.
"Uh yea alright then, I'm going to get cleaned up for tea anyway, I'll see you tonight then." I smile at Viv but she seems already preoccupied with something as her eyes drift up the hill to the massive mansion.
I notice the whites in her eyes, they have completely taken over, someone's mind linking her.
Just as quickly as I notice is as quickly as Vivs eyes flash back to her emerald greens and she smiles.
"Shall I even ask?, was it Raff checking in on his lover girl?" I tease her about her mate.
"No actually, it was someone asking about you." Viv clears her throat and she starts to walk up the hill, gloves in her arm.
"Oh who?" I ask awkwardly as I start to run up after her.
"Hmm let's see, he is big, broad shouldered, biceps poking out, glint in his eye when he sees you.." Viv laughs.
"Ah I see, yea alright we have spent some time together, his extremely good looking and I think I might like him, but I don't know how to tell him and maybe he doesn't feel the same. I'm mumbling on I know, anyway I'm going to shower, I'll see you after dinner."
I rambled on, I run passed Viv and head to my room on the top floor right next to his.
I can smell his scent through our first floor.
It helps me sleep at night, when I can smell him, I'm calm, I'm happy.

I'm showered, dressed in a cute black knee length skirt cover in sunflowers, a laced black top and some converses. I mean I'm not dressing up or anything but I want to put in a little effort when I see him again.

Speak of the devil, as I leave my room, so does Oren.
"Good evening Isla, how was sparring today?" Oren asks as he leans in for a cheek to kiss.
I lean up and give him one, "great thanks, I'm becoming so much better, stronger, I can feel it."
I answer, with a sensation hitting my cheek, like an explosions of fireworks going off at the same time. The awe, then exactly where his hand touches the mid of my back to hold me still while he planted that kiss, that exact spot on my back is covered in pins and needles, a flooding of warmth and care I can feel inside.
"That's great, good. Are you planning on sitting with anyone or would you join me? At dinner I mean?" Oren asks.
Uhhh der I would love to sit with you like all day ever day.. but instead I say "yes of course, if that's where you would like me Alpha, beside you.." My voice trails off and I'm feeling awkward after saying that.
"Yes of course, let's head downstairs and join the pack." He holds his arm out for me and I slide mine through his.
We descend the stairs and reach the bottom level in the mansion, all eyes on their Alpha. Some with mouths open, I have no idea why. But Oren just walks me to the table and we sit and eat in silence.
Viv, Raff, Wyatt, Koby & Orens parents, Mary & Warrick are all sitting at the table and keep looking up at Oren with a shocked look in their eyes. I am clearly missing something.
"Why is everyone staring at you Oren?" I ask frustrated.
"They are? Uh I hadn't noticed." Oren looked up scanning the room.
Then the whites of his eyes covered his once beautiful blue ones.
Orens eyes flashed back and he leapt up from the table.
"I'll see you in my office later on, alright Isla?" He said rushed and under his breathe as he took off up the flight of stairs.

"Is he okay?" I asked Mary.
"Yes dear, he is alright. Did you notice anything different about him?" Mary asks eyeing me warily.
"No, should I have?!" I say a little shook now.
I just excuse myself and leave. I head up to Orens office because someone needs to explain something to tell me what the fuss was about.

Orens pov

I link arms with Isla and we head down stairs, we make it to the table and then she points out everyone is staring at me?
I look around and notice a fair few of the pack with eyes on me from other tables near and far. Even mum is glancing at me sideways, I mind link her right away.

What is going on mum, there's a few eyes on me?

Yes son, you are glowing, like genuinely, you have a hue around you. A soft yellow hue. We've never seen it before.

Before anything else is said I cut the link with mum and excuse myself, I tell Isla to meet me upstairs, she was the only one who seemed oblivious.

I flick on the laptop on my desk and immediately start researching our kind and glowing.
Nothing, nothing!
I need to expand the search, I need to think of something new. Viv and Raff are good with this sort of thing, Viv always thinks outside the box.

Raff, bring yourself and Viv up to my office please immediately
I mind link Raff and just wait for them to come.

Not even a minute and they are both at the door bowing their heads to me.
"Come in, I'm sure you know why I'm calling for your assistance?" I say.

"I'm pretty sure I haven't seen you glow before so would I be correct in thinking you need some help to figure it out Alpha?" Viv takes a guess, and of course is right.
"Yes, now I've already researched our kind, nothing about glowing is coming up. Do you have an idea of where to look next?" I look desperate, because I am.

"I don't mean to jump to a conclusion, but I think we need to speak with Corine." Viv has her hand up on Raffs chest.

"Why, why do we need anything to do with Corine, c'mon Viv. Leave the past alone." Raff speaks up.

"It really isn't to do with Wyatt here Raff. I know he wont want to see an ex but we need her, I believe this is to do with the goddess kind."
Vivs words startle me.
Greeks? Here? What would they want with me?
What does glowing mean?

"Okay, call Corine, tell her, if she comes here to me and meets me I guarantee her safety from all wolves, freedom to move in and out within the packs walls. And if she can help me, something will be in it for her." I turn and usher them out the door.
As I do, the smell of pineapple & summer comes wafting in.
"You okay Isla, sorry I rushed off at dinner like that." I stare at her, She is hardly looking at me but I don't think it's the glow that's putting her off.
"Do you want to talk about what's wrong with you maybe Alpha?" Isla says to me.

There's something about her calling me Alpha that makes me feel bigger and better than her but I'm not, so I feel awkward. I dislike it and so I ask her to stop.
"You don't need to call me Alpha, Isla just Oren will be fine, as for what's wrong with me, what do you mean?" I ask her because I want her to say I'm glowing, I want to hear her say it.
But she never does.
"You stormed out at dinner, are you alright, I mean, I was worried." Shes so beautiful, right now with the look in her eye, she cares for me. I think she knows she does, she doesn't realise how much, and that she will never care about another soul like she does for me.
I hope she works it out soon, Ryzen has almost stopped talking to me because he just wants her, and I'm making him wait. His mad at me.
My wolf is actually giving me the silent treatment.
"Yes, I'm fine. Feeling a little on the bright side, have you noticed?" I say looking right into her beautiful eyes.
"Oh, no I haven't, sorry, I've missed something?" She says.
"You cannot see my luminous hue around me?" I ask her.
"Nope sorry, you look the same to me Alpha, I mean Oren." Isla looks a little at me like I'm crazy.
"Okay, well everyone else must be crazy then, no matter, I wanted to know what you saw in me, since you gave me no second glance when everyone else was staring. I wonder why you're so different, my Isla." I step toward her and hold her face in my hand.
Isla closes her eyes and feels the warmth we both feel. The butterflies in my stomach are doing 360's. She opens her eyes and smiles, then says "well I'm heading in to see Viv, got some training I want to talk about with her." Then she turns and leaves and I'm left to wonder if she really does feel what I feel. Maybe she doesn't think I'm her mate. Maybe I'm wrong about her.

Islas pov

Oren holds my face with his hand and I can't help but close my eyes and just be in his warmth, feel these kind of feelings.


"Um sorry what?"

"Mate, that's our mate, our one, you know come on Isla think about it." Azeera is speaking to me, she stirs inside.

A strong urge to kiss the Alpha of the pack, so as I do, I open my eyes, find an excuse and run.
I've never been good with boys, or relationships.
So I flee.

I come to Vivs room and knock, and she answers, "come in, Isla, we have a lot to talk about."

It was 7:13pm when I arrived at Vivs door, it was 11:35pm before we finished talking.

We went over Wyatt, how he feels I'm a threat to the pack and isn't taking it lightly that I seem to not be moving on and out quick enough. His worried I am not who I say I am.
Viv warned me that Wyatt can be a crazy guy when he feels his pack is in danger and so I need to watch my back, and Viv will be looking out for me too.

Then Viv went on to explain the hue around Oren, how she believes it may be to do with me and some Greek mythology.
I got so lost when she was trying to explain who Corine is and how we need to meet her but I'm going along with it all.

"So we have called Corine and she is coming first thing in the morning. If you will, can you meet us in Oren's office at 6:30 am, we won't be at training but Raff and Wyatt will be. We need everyone in the pack to keep living like nothing's going on." Viv explains.
"I'll see you at 6:30 in the morning Viv don't worry, I'll be there." I smile and leave.

"I need to run, please let me out, it's night its the perfect time for me." Azeera is cooped up and I haven't had her out the last few trainings because I'm trying to work on fighting in my human form.
So I agree and walk down the rest of the stairs to the bottom floor and head out the double doors to get to the large forest within the pack walls.
I get to the tree line and strip down.
Azeera walks into the light in my mind and takes centre stage, I step back and let her control our body, and with that, the sounds of the bones breaking and re forming happens. So pain free nowadays. We are used to doing it.
The carefree feel, the happiness that over comes me. I can feel everything Azeera feels and it's just total freedom right now. She runs us up the small hills and back down until we reach the creek along the back fence line, Azeera peer's down into the water to take a drink and I can see her reflection. Such a pretty wolf she is. I tell her and she shakes her fur, in appreciation.
Then Azeera strides back toward the pack house.
We come back to the tree line and find our clothes we removed earlier.
Azeera feeling satisfied and calmer with the run we had, steps out of the light and into the shadows for a nap. And I'm left naked at the forest edge. I dress and walk back to the largest mansion I've laid eyes on, still in awe.
I come along the back side to the door when I feel two hands close around my throat and I can't breathe, or scream. No noise is coming out and I freak out.

I close my eyes and all of the training I've had goes out the window. C'mon girl focus!
I cannot breathe it restricts my thinking, I just feel something with the edge of my barefoot and I kick as hard as I can.

I drop to the ground as the hands cease from my neck.
I turn to run back to the forest edge when three wolves come out into the clearing.
I don't recognise them, something smells bad, like cabbage and eggs. It's them. They come closer and see me and the person who just tried to end my life.

As I turn to see who it is, the sound of bones breaking hits my ears and a large black wolf with auburn eyes comes into the light from the moon.
Its Wyatt's wolf. I've seen him in training, I know him. Dargo.
"You bastard" I scream, but a growl from the direction of the forest line has my head turning back that way. Forget Wyatt right now. I have to let Azeera out to fight off these three.
Bones cracking, snapping and popping and Azeera starts off in a low stance. Azeera isn't sure where to face feeling the enemies at the forest line but also threatened by Wyatt's wolf Dargo.
Wyatt runs in at the right of the three and we run to the left of them, we don't talk out a plan but I just take his lead and try to work it out as I go.
Wyatt's first line of duty is to the pack so we can hold off on taking my life for now.
I used all the strength I can muster as I fight off the first one. A skinny runt of a wolf he was. I merely threw him backward into a tree and he was limp. Coming up on the second and third who have Wyatt cornered.
I focus on the one closest too him as the go to pounce I charge head down back side up and put all the strength in my neck to plow the second straight passed Wyatt at the tree.
I bury him to the ground. I stand back up and sniff the air, I can smell Viv now. I run back to check on Wyatt and his taken out the third wolf. His standing over the first one I put against a tree who's still lying on the ground unconscious.
We stay in wolf form as Viv comes flying down the hill to meet us.
"What on earth is this? Rogues.." She asked really worried.
"Nothing, it's okay Viv we've taken care of it. Rogues explains the smell" I answer her. I cover for Wyatt because I can use it as leverage. I'm not stupid. Work smarter not harder.
Vivs eyes roll back and I know she's telling Oren what's going down.
In under 2 minutes, Oren comes down and asks us to his office, he has Viv take down a rogue with her to the cell under ground, below the mansion floor.
On the way Wyatt is glancing between Oren and I.
I can see him trying to gain my attention but I don't give him the time of day. I don't need excuses from him.
We get to Oren's office and Wyatt starts off immediately, "what the hell were you doing out so late at night Isla?"
"We are blaming me now?" I get annoyed, after everything he did.
"Dangerous wolves out there, you shouldn't be out alone." He snarls back,
"Dangerous wolves, really? I mean how did rogues get passed your fence line and just waltz on it, and you tried to kill me merely moments before that, so what do you care whether something happens to me or not?" I snap back.

The room falls silent and Oren's eyes could have burnt a hole through Wyatt.

"YOU ATTACKED ISLA?" Oren's voice roars and the walls shake.
Oren leapt at Wyatt and has him in a headlock, throwing punch after punch into his stomach.
Wyatt's gasping for air, I'm not sure if it's from the bicep in his throat or the jabs at his stomach causing him to be winded that has him out of breathe.
Either way I start yelling at Oren to stop.
I don't need to watch them fight it out over me.
"Stop Oren, STOP."
Oren's grip losens and yet he keeps a hold of Wyatt so he can't escape.
"Let me explain Alpha, she isn't who she says she is! Isla isn't just a wolf." Wyatt tries to splurt out.
I'm shocked.
Oren just stares at him and says " What's that supposed to mean?"
"Who are you to tell me who I am!" I say angrily.
"Don't play stupid, Goddess." Wyatt rolls his eyes.
I don't even respond. Reality hits me and I don't know who I am. I mean I didn't even know I was a wolf until a few months ago when I turned 18.

"Why do you think you're glowing Alpha?" Wyatt shakes off Oren to turn and face him.
"As Isla's mate, for our wolves life partnering is simple, we find our mate our wolf knows and we have an instant connection. For a Goddess, Isla, finds a mate but only her wolf knows, the goddess herself has to fall much like a human, once she forms a liking to her wolves mate, her human form mate glows. Glows like the damn sun. You are most vulnerable right now Alpha. You're wolf is almost wounded, in his heart he needs his mate, until Isla accepts you and you bite each other, you glow, you stay vulnerable. And I don't believe Isla intends on biting you and making you her mate. I don't believe Isla is a good goddess, she is evil. Depending on her ancestors."

My face has dropped. Oren isn't speaking a word.
I'm blank and I don't know how to retaliate to this information.
All I can think is, "how would you know?"
Oren is the one to answer me, "Corine, Wyatt's ex, is she also a goddess. Down the line, but goddess blood nonetheless. Evil blooded." He looks at Wyatt with sympathy.

I flee the room, I can't take it.
I don't know the truth, but If there's a chance my blood is evil, I don't think I can bare hearing it.

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