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Corine- chapter 7

Isla's pov

I've run as far as I can without leaving the safety of the packs fence line.

I hear rustling and Azeera perks up, we shift. There goes my clothes, ripped to shreds.
Azeera's ears are much more inclined to hear what's out there.

Before we had a chance to move, fight or run, a net is dropped and lands right over us.
Azeera is snapping and fighting against the ropes but we are stuck. Held down. Immobile.

I see a flame, from an old torch, and I catch a glimpse of a face, unknown to me who this is. A woman steps forth in a maroon cloak, hooded so I cannot make out more than a slither of her feminine features.
She walks around the netting in a perfect circle, then she leans her flame torch toward the ground and the circle she just walked erupts in flames.

"If you do not come with me, peacefully, your mate will cease to be."
The shadowed figure gives me no option.
I just found my mate and I will not lose him, not to mention how physically weak he now is, and because of me.

I force Azeera to shift. And I lay there naked, and shivering.
"What do you want from me?" I ask.
"You are someone I need, I do not want, but I need to have." She says without looking at me, she places her torch once again to the flame surrounding me and the flame starts to almost climb back to the torch. The torch now burning brighter than before.
"And your name?" I don't care to ask but I would like to know who I'm dealing with.
Well shit. I've literally just heard about this girl and that she's an evil descendant. Fantastic.

"Okay so what do you need me for?" I'm getting blunt because I've been captured and I've just been given the smallest bit of information on possibly who I even am!

Corine ignores me, without even so much as a blink she removes her hood flicks her other hand and the netting starts moving, sweeping me up in a cocoon of rope.
Suddenly I'm in the air, a foot from the ground and all wrapped up.
If I had more weight on me, I'd be a wrapped ham at Christmas. But I'm quite slim so I've just got ropes digging in at the ribs.

I move my head as much as I can to see I'm hovering and trailing Corine as she starts to walk me passed the fence line and further through the forest. Corine walks for at least 10 minutes before she stops and lets her hand down and drops me. She then flicks her fingers at me there's clothes outside of the netting on the ground next to me, the ropes loosen themselves and I get out and get dressed.
"Following me quietly remember, and I shall spare your mate." Corine says then she turns away from me and faces a large tree.
The trunk is thick and the tree seems to climb for miles into the dark early morning sky.
Then a loud snap and I turn back to Corine who's made a portal hole in the tree.
"Move, let's go. We are going home now." She says to me as she waves me in.

I take a step inside the large hole in the tree she just made.
I come out the other side in a dim dark room. There's a kitchen to my right or at least a stove with a kettle. There's a few different doors to the left and I can't see what they hide behind them.
Corine steps in behind me. Shoving me a few steps forward for the hole to close behind us.

"Welcome sister." And she grins a devilish smile at me.
"Sister?" I repeat.
"Oh it's a joke, but only almost. My ancestors and your ancestors are related. So somewhere down the line you and I are from the same blood line." Corine explains.
"I'm doubtful, I seem nothing like you." I say worried I may never get back to my pack.
My pack who I haven't even been accepted into!
Had I have been accepted into the Ironclaw pack I would be able to mind link someone, anyone in the pack right now to help me. Even Wyatt, Corine's damn ex.

Oren's pov

"Shit!" I say as Isla runs out of the room. Wyatt goes to leave the room after her.
"Don't you dare." I tell him sternly.
"She could be up to something Oren, you don't think she's all good blooded do you really? See passed what your heart wants." He had the audacity to say that to me, after Corine?
"I hope you find your mate Wyatt, I really do. I hope she loves you and it's all smooth sailing for you. Because this is hard enough without you poking your damn nose into it and making it something it isn't." I felt fire in my soul.
Still no sign of Ryzen, usually my anger would spark him up. But nothing. Wyatt is right, Ryzen has turned his back to me because I didn't make Isla mine from the start.
I should have paid more attention, maybe we wouldn't be in this situation, and Isla and I would have been deeply in love by now. No secrets, no ancestry to hold her back from me. And now she's taken off. At bloody 4 am, and just before Corine is due to be here.

"I'll go and look for her, you come with me Wyatt, and we will have Viv and Raff hold down the fort at home. Hopefully we won't be gone long and she's easy to sniff out." I say to Wyatt while I get a spare pair of clothes ready in case I shift at any time.

"Should we split up Alpha?" Asked Wyatt
"No, stay with me, if it's true that I'm weak, then I'll need you." I say with shame.

Then we set out, it's still dark the sun hasn't risen yet, I can smell her pineapple cocktail smell, the smell of summer at the beach, so I let Wyatt know and we follow it to the edge of the fence line.
Then I turn a worried eye to Wyatt as I see a ring of burnt grass.
Wyatt looks worse when he looks right back at me "Corine, she was here. They are gone."

My stomach drops but I know I have to find her.
"Go and get all the muscle you can from the pack, I want everyone out looking for Corine and Isla." I say shakily.

Right now would have to be the time I'm no longer the Alpha I once was. All because my mate is a half breed. Half Goddess, half wolf. Just as i think we are getting somewhere in our relationship, this happens.
I've been seeing her eyeing me, I can see when she relaxes as she glides up the stair case and hits the top floor to our rooms, when she takes in my scent around her. I notice all of this. I know we are meant to be. I just wish she'd have known this.

Once Wyatt comes back with at least 30 of our men, the strongest warrior wolves we have. We take off into the morning, Wyatt knows where Corine lives, and she sure as hell didn't get there on foot so we are already going to be a day behind. God I hope my Isla can hold on for a day before I get my hands on Corine for this.

Isla's pov

Corine hadn't said much more to me than the morning she brought me here, she took me to a lower level under her rotted out house.
I've been left here. It's hardly been more than a day I would say. The smell of mould is horrible. There's dim torches around the walls held by brackets and alight with fire. They serve for light and a tiny bit of warmth. I'm still in the raggedy old t-shirt she threw at me, and a pair of tracksuit pants two sizes too big.
She's hardly fed me much, enough to sustain me.
But plenty of water.

"So, I will be killing you. I hate the drama of waiting it out. It will be pain free and effortless, as I don't really mean you harm. It's not like I don't like you. I really just need your blood." Corine states as she finishes walking down the stairs toward the jail cell door staring at me.
"Like, it's nothing against you. But you're going to make me more powerful. Your blood, passed down to you from Apollo, God of healing is one power I'm truly missing. I want to be a fast healer. I want the love of the sun and to have more, more than I have now."
I just looked at her. I wouldn't say I was frightened though I'm sure I should be, I mean she was flicking her fingers earlier and hauling me through the air with absolutely nothing but magic. But when I look at her I actually feel angry.
How selfish. I don't even know if I have any special power to heal. But ill die over someone else taking it? No. No I won't.

As Corine leaves and starts climbing the staircase back up to her horrible room, I leap. I take a handful of her hair and the back of her neck and I just rip her back off the stairs into the underground cell with me.
We both fall to the floor she's on top of me because I pulled her with such force, so she rolls over and stares me straight in the eyes, her once grey dull eyes flicker a golden tone and she grins at me. I jump to my feet, and I grin back at her.
Then I call Azeera forward because she's much more fierce than I.

Azeera shifts forward, circling Corine, swiping at her ankles to trip her up. But Corine side steps everything.
Then she throws her right hand up, she moves her fingers as if she's dancing with them and Azeera starts to get groggy, Azeera sways a little but I talk to her. Calming her. Telling her to focus on Corine. The only thing in the room not spinning.
We take a run up at her, Azeera is striding side to side, zigzagging toward her so we don't look mentally capable of anything , then as she gets right up close, Azeera bites, hard. A solid chunk of Corines right forearm, gone. Azeera turns away and spits it out. Bone and all. Corine is cursing screaming out while a pool of blood starts to form around her raw, freshly snapped bone.
"You bitch, I wasn't going to hurt you. I told you. But not now, now i owe you nothing. I will make this painful, I will have every last drop of your blood." She's seething at me.
Azeera is grinning, baring those bloodied teeth. And then she strikes again, knowing if we take her arms out, hopefully she cannot use her magic on us. But it's too late, Corine has thrown her left arm up and waving it around aggressively, she mumbles something and Azeera stops dead in her tracks.
I can feel her, she's choking. There's no air in the room. Nothing to breathe.
Azeera starts trying to yelp, I push myself to the light in my mind and help Azeera out of it. We shift back to human form and now I cannot breathe. There is just no air left.
The room gets darker, I fall sideways hitting my head on the floor and all I can hear is Corine, she's actually cackling, like the witch she is.

Oren's pov

Wyatt led us right to Corines homely exterior.
I would say door but there literally isn't one.
We are staring at the outside of a hill. Just staring at the grass on a mound of dirt.
"Well she makes portals from thin air, so why would she need a door?" Wyatt says to me grinning like its time for a joke.
"Not the right time, Wyatt how do we get inside?" I ask.
"We must dig, sadly. If we hit the sides right where the hill starts accending we will be working on the thinnest of dirt along the walls." Wyatt exclaims.
"Right let's get a move on." I tell the 30 wolves we have with us to get into wolf form and dig like a dog.
After a short time we successfully reach this dreadful interior of a sad excuse for a home.
"What did you see in her Wyatt, jesus." I didn't wait to hear the answer.
We split up and looked in bedrooms and hallways, bathrooms and a shabby kitchen. Then Wyatt spotted a set of stairs that he claims were a new thing.
We head down stairs being as quiet as we can, one of the boys from the pack, a youngen comes through and pushes in front, "if anyone is risking a life today it's mine Alpha, let me do this for you."
"Thank you Baylen" I respond feeling touched by his protective manner over his Alpha.
Baylen is a young 17 year old, fantastic warrior fighter, and comes from a lovely family.
As Baylen reaches near the end of the stairs I see the barred room, it's terrible smell flood's my nostrils and immediately I want to be sick. I can hear faint laughter, what the hell is that and I start to panic.

"Get in there now." I say as I start running to the gate, one of my older warriors wolf comes forth and demolishes the gate keeping me from her.
I run inside the cave like hole, it's shadowed but I see Isla and I start toward her, as I hear a voice say "she came here on her own free will, to save you."
I look up and see Corine coming out of the shadows.
"What happened to you Corine?" I ask as I notice her cradling a bloodied arm.
"Nothing I won't be able to heal soon." She says with her eyes glancing at Isla sprawled on the floor.
I move between Corine and Isla, to keep Isla's limp body safe behind me.
"Did you not think I would come after her Corine? That I wouldn't know it was you?" I ask, buying my time.
"I knew you may, I didn't think you would find me so quickly and only a couple of you here." She grins at me.
"Hardly needed more that 3 of us here it's only you Corine, but either way I wasn't taking my chances. I'm taking Isla and I'm leaving." I retaliate.
"I could do you the favour of killing her Oren, after all she is what's making you glow. Keeping your wolf away, and making you ever so vulnerable. What if she doesn't ever accept you as her mate, you'll stay this way always. Until she dies and maybe then the moon Goddess will grant you another mate, if your ever so lucky. I could fix it all for you now, I even know about the three rotten dogs who came and tried to see what they were up against with your pack. They were sent by Zorow, at the BlueMoon Pack. He is going to break the treaty with you for your lands and pack members, he will win with you like this, weak." She finished.
I don't know what came over me but I got pissed off, maybe because I was scared the most of that was correct.
But I wrapped Isla up in my arms and I headed for the stairs.
"Oh no you don" but I cut her off before she could sway her only good arm left and I shouted "NOW"

My 10 wolves who had be slyly making there way in the shadows to circle Corine started to close in as I left. I walked above the ground and could still hear the screams.
But I just started walking, I knew I had a long walk ahead, I could see Isla's face she was weak, drained and starved.
I instantly got mad. I can see bruising on her torso I'm trying to carry her calmly but I'm so riled up.
I lay her down on the ground just so I can yell loud, to try to escape this noise in my head.
Then all of the sudden I shift.
But he doesn't answer me.
I think he knows Isla needs him, Azeera needs him. And just as much, we need them.
With a much needed sense of clarity now I have help, I let Ryzen take us home with Isla on his back.

We reach the pack driveway and I couldn't be more glad to see the black wrought iron gates. The dull rock drive but the amazing huge grey and white mansion in front of me. I keep running until I reach the docs room, I let doc Gordon take her and I shift. Grabbed some clothes from there and let the doc know I will be in the pack house if anything changes with Isla's condition.

Before I can stop and fill anyone in I head upstairs to the office. I need to do as much research on Corine and the gods as I can while I have spare minutes.
Upon arriving at my desk I notice an envelope.
I open the letter addressed to me.
It reads

Alpha Oren of the Ironclaw Pack
It is our greatest pleasure to announce the new leadership here at The BlueMoon Pack.
We are hoping you would host a ball where we may be able to go over the details of our packs arrangements in two weeks from now.
On your territory not ours.
And meet our new Alpha.
Kind regards, Zorow.

Shit Corine was right, he will be wanting to check in on me and the pack.
And he will be going over the agreed terms to our lands here so he can take what he wants when he sees me. Acting less threatening by having us host to say we come in peace is the understatement of the year.
Then I leave the office and grab out some clean clothes for Isla for when she wakes.
I mind link Wyatt,
How's it going with Corine?

Yeah just fine, she is being dragged here in some ropes we found lying around. Be back in 20 minutes. With Corine alive.

Perfect, she's alive, just how I want her for when I see her.
Straight into the cell for her anyway.

When you return, we will not forget to have a meeting to come to an agreement on your punishment for the attack on Isla, I'm not sure what's going on with you. But sort it out before then.
And I shut him off.

Then I run down to doc Gordon's to see Isla.

When I arrive, there's blood on the inside of the walls, the doc is scrambling to stay behind the medicine cabinet.

"What the hell happened?" I gasp as I run to Isla's side.
Isla won't even turn to look at me, her face is pale, she is covered in scratches, and I start feeling enraged.
The doc comes out when he sees its me and immediately starts filling me in.
"I was about to put a cannula in her arm so she could take fluids for while she was out of it, and all of the sudden she turned on me, her wolf woke and yet her eyes weren't right. Something wasn't letting her wake properly, it's the only way I can explain it. Alpha she was fighting with herself not to attack me. Literally, the scratches are all her own doing, or hitting herself on the cabinets and things in the room. I can't fix something I've never seen."

"Thanks doc, go have a rest, I'll look after her here for fifteen minutes. Take a break." I tell him, his shaking like a leaf. And he isn't a small man by any means. Isla must have been scary.

"Are you okay Isla? I'm here it's okay." I try to reassure her with my arms wrapped around her.
"Oren I don't know what happened, I remember Corine's house lastly, then I awoke here in pain bleeding. What's happening to me?" She pleaded with me.
But I had no answer, except Corine.
"Corine has done this to you, you were with her. It must be her doing." I almost yell.
"Where is she? " Isla asks me.
"In the cell here under the mansion."
"I must see her, as soon as I can." She informs me.
"I doubt it, there's much I must discuss with her, informally." I say to her adjusting my jacket like I'm head of the line, someone important.
But Isla doesn't care that I'm Alpha, and she wouldn't because she is supposed to be Luna. Being my mate she will feel equal with me.
So of course she argues,
"I will not be waiting to see her, I will be fine by this afternoon my beautiful wolf tells me. She is doing a fantastic job healing us." She says as she smiles at me in a matter of fact way.
"Well then we shall visit her together, I'll come back for you at 4pm. Sit tight and rest until then won't you?" I say to her and I kiss her forehead.
Then I leave to prepare the guards for Corines questioning.

Isla's pov

I wake shaking furiously as I look around and realise I'm back at the clinic, except the walls are splashed with vivid red.
And then I feel the pain, it's shooting through my arms and legs and I just curl in a ball on the bed.
Maybe someone will find me, protect me from whoever did this to me.
And then I hear a voice that fills me with ease, immediately I want that person touching me, holding me and his soul with mine as one.
I feel arms wrap around my weakened body.
I can hear the doc and Oren talking.
I know it's Oren, it's always been him.
But now Azeera and I know, we NEED Oren and Ryzen. To survive.

We talk about Corine, that bitch.
And I will not back off. I need to see her, I need answers, I have questions.
So we come to an agreement at 4 pm when I'll be feeling myself, we will take on Corine.

Oren leaves to ready the guards, to have her chained, and ready to speak.
The doc comes in, "Isla, please forgive me, I wanted to try to stop you from harming yourself but I truly couldn't. There was something deep inside going on, and I, nor anyone else can stop that." He says with regret.
"I do not blame you Doc Gordon, I am thankful you were here watching over me many times already that I've been in here. On a different note, what's the time please?" I ask hoping to change subject and eager for 4 pm.
"Well it's 11:32am Isla." He says as he taps his watch and starts to clean up the cabinets.
"I am already feeling so much stronger, doc what's happened? I feel almost back to myself." I say shocked. I feel as though I can get off the bed and clean the walls for the doctor, to interrogate Corine and then sit down to a fantastic feast with the pack and answer all 3000 questions at once about how I was kidnapped!
"Your something else Isla. Truly you are a magnificent being." As he checks my vitals, listening to my heart and taking my blood pressure. He then smiles at me, and he turns away and continues on cleaning.
I slid off the bed and helped. We didn't talk for the rest of the time.
It was peaceful and relaxing. It was only 1pm when I chose to leave the clinic.
Doc didn't hesitate to let me after even my scratches were fully healed!
I walked straight into the mansion for a feed. My God I was hungry, ready to eat an entire table of food. But all I could muster up the care to make was egg and bacon on toast. Which I love anyway.

Then I felt someone enter in the large room,
I turned and saw Oren. My cheeks flush as he comes straight up to me to lecture me about staying in the clinic.
"You really were so torn up why are you in here eating bacon?!"
"Well because now I'm not torn up, I'm just hungry." I say and keep eating.
I finish the last bite and he grabs my hand and takes me to the staircase I've never been in.
It's stairs go down in a deep spiral.
Dim, dark and creepy, but I'm holding onto his hand and I'm okay.
Oren leads me down a hall after we got of the end of the stair case, there are cells after cells lined up and at the end of the hall is the very last cell.
The one holding Corine captive.
I feel my legs speed up, I don't even mean it.
But eager to get there, to ask about my past.
Yet all she can bother to say to me is "There's no point in asking me Isla, I've told you all I know about you. Go home, back to your parents, back to where you came from.."

I turn to Oren, "may I speak with Corine, alone?" I ask in the most pleasant tone I have right now.
"Absolutly not, why would you? She's abducted you once Isla and I cannot lose you again." He says as he reaches to hold my face.
I back away "I need this Oren, please. Let me." And even I can feel power beneath my words. I scare myself a little.
"Right, okay everyone out. Isla, she is chained but do not trust her. We may have her hands in iron gloves so she cannot twist and dance those fingers into spells but don't take the chance. I'll be just outside the gates in the hallway."
He stares outside and with that the guards and him disappear out of sight.

I turn to face Corine "So, are you playing stupid, or actually stupid? I ask trying to make her mad.
"How so Goddess?" She sneered.
This infuriated me, "Well you kidnapped me based on knowing so much about me and how desperate you are to be me, and yet here you are acting as if you know nothing, on death row?" I say.
"I know nothing worth telling you, then what will keep me alive?" She turns her face away. Like there's something more interesting to stare at.
I can feel myself losing my cool.
"I could admit by now I guess, the minor details. Like knowing where your parents live, arranging your kidnapping, all the easier for me to take you from those half wit humans at the child slavery factory they are making."
I stare at her bewildered. "You organised that? The fucking trauma I went through there!! The needles, the tests they run on children there, the men that come by and stare at you time and time again, you did that? I dealt with becoming a wolf ALONE BECAUSE OF YOU?" And I'm yelling in her face now. I am fuming. I am beyond reasoning.
"Well quite honestly I didn't know you were part wolf and would take off with the wind. Had me chasing you around town. Honestly to wind up here with this bunch. Disgusting." And she turned her nose up. Hanging, arms in the air above her head, iron cast gloves on and she has the nerve to turn up that nose at me?
"You're dead.."
And with that I threw the small wooden table across the room that sat next to her for guests to sit at.
I grabbed her throat, I wanted her to feel what Azeera and I felt when she tore the air from our lungs, and I looked right into her eyes as she turned from snarky and confident to scared and sorry. I knew I shouldn't kill her, I told her to her face. "I shouldn't kill you or get you too close to death, you cannot heal yourself can you Corine?." I grin.
Then, I blacked out.

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