Our ups and downs

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We all have that one person we absolutely adore, that one person who makes us whole. We also have our ups and downs, what are mine?

Romance / Humor
Alexis Talamantez
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Chapter 1

Best friends, boyfriends, buddys, we all have one or more. I met a guy that changed the rest of my life, to this day we are still together.

It was prom night, me and the girls didn't feel like going. So we just hanged out at the skating park. My Friend Taylor she has a boyfriend, He always hangs out with the guys. Taylor said that we should all hang out at my place and play some games.

I didn't really mind since it was the day of prom, so I said alright. Taylor looked at me, I was like what? Taylor said aren't you going to invite them over? Oh yeah I don't think so. I'm not really good at talking to guys so yeah no can do, I started watching tik tok after.

Like about five minutes later I decided to skateboard, Oh boy that was a terrible idea. I grabbed my skateboard and walked to the top edge of the ramp.

I slid down so smoothly, bro I felt like a feather. Little did I know but at that exact moment another guy was coming down. You can guess what happened next, if you haven't already guessed- we bumped into each other.

I told him I was sorry, He said nah your good I should have paid attention. At that exact moment that I saw his face, I couldn't look away. Taylor noticed what was happening, and decided to say the dumbest thing ever- god help me.

She said are y'all two alright? Me and him both replied yeah, Taylor looked at him and at me. Sooo Alex has decided that it would be cool for everyone to hang over at her place, wanna come?

He looked at me, and said yeah sure. I looked at him, um hey. Yeah? He replied back. I never got your name, mine is Alex. Oh my bad my name is Eduardo, But just call me ed.

Ok cool well see you around, bye. I said as I waved bye to ed. The girls and I thought it would be best if we stayed in the car, it was getting chilly outside anyway to skateboard so I didn't care.

I was sitting in the back listening to music with one ear-bud out. Rebecca and taylor looked at me, I was so confused. Um what? They looked at me as if I were a clown.

So how are things with that new guy, what's his name? Are y'all dating? Rebecca loves relationships. I replied his name is Eduardo, But He said I could just call me ed.

And No Rebecca we are not dating- just yet. I crossed my legs as I said it. Taylor looked at me immediately what do you mean not yet? Ohh someone has a crush, It's love at first sight she said with a big laugh and smile.

Whatever yall say, after all yall are the genius. Rebecca was putting some lipstick on and as she looked through the mirror, she saw the guys coming. I rolled down my window, Hey guys y'all can just put your skateboards in the back.

I rolled my window back up, and continued to listen to music. Two of the guys got in, Eduardo and one other guy got in the back with me. Um Hi I said to the mysterious guy sitting next to me. He said whats up and gave me a hug. whats your name shortie? He said as he looked at me.

I'm not that short, and my name is alex. How about you? He leaned back and said Nice name, My name is Lorenzo. I'm Your little boyfriends homie. He said as he pointed to Eduardo. Were not dating we just met, I say as I put a new playlist on.

Lorenzo looks ats my phone, can I show you a cool song? I give him my phone, Oh yeah sure. He types something and then taps a song, after he hands me my phone back. Listen to this he says as he puts his cap over his head.

Ok? I play the song, It was sad but good. Kinda my type ngl- I lean over to him and say thanks its a good song. Lorenzo responds with a smirk and a chuckle. Eduardo turned to me and said, How old are you? Im 15, how about you? I said as I put another song on.

Im 16, and my homie there Lorenzo is the same age as me. Eduardo said as He pointed to Lorenzo. Cool, how are yall so tall though? Like damn. I try sitting up as tall as I can, but Its no use i'm still shorter than both of them.

While listening to my playlist I ended up falling asleep, when we had arrived at my place Eduardo woke me up. I then noticed I fell asleep on his shoulder! I quickly got up and said oh thanks for waking me.

We all got out, Taylor and Rebecca looked at me in a romantic way. Damn already falling asleep on him, taylor said as she patted me on the back. Whatever I fell asleep ok, lets just go inside, we all walked inside my house.

I walk around my room, welcome to my room boys. Yall can sit wherever, I sit down on my chair. Eduardo and Lorenzo sat on the floor and the girls sat on the bed. So what game are we going to play first, rebecca says in question. I sit put y phone down and sit on the floor, lets play truth or dare.

What do yall say boys and gals? I say as I look at everyone. Rebecca said heck ya lets play, Taylor says yeah sure, the boys said lets get it. We all got on the floor, and decided that the girls were going to go first.

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