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The Omega's Dominant

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Chapter 1

This is from an old-shot and since a lot of you have asked for this to be turned into a novel, here it is! I hope everyone enjoys it.

“Is breakfast ready?” Brian walked inside the kitchen and questioned. When he didn’t get a response from me, his fingers raked into my hair and he tugged my locks. “Are you deaf?”

“Fuck you,” I groaned before pulling away. He grabbed my arm and stopped me from running like I usually did.

“I asked you something, bitch.” He said with a tone filled with anger. Brian was the Beta of the Nightstalkers Pack whilst I was an omega—the lowest and the dirtiest in line.

“Yes, it’s ready. Vanessa is setting up the table,” I replied quietly. It was never good to have an argument with the Beta as that would lead to bloodshed and most of that blood would be mine.

There were only a few omegas, and omega was a title that was passed down by family. My parents were omega’s as well and now I was one of them. Omegas were treated horribly, they were slaves to the pack and the Alpha. I was born as an omega so being a slave came to me naturally. They forced me to cook, take care of other members, clean dishes and clothes. I wasn’t allowed to take part in any pack activity as my wolf was weak—or so they claimed it to be.

“Bitch,” I heard Brian whisper before he left the kitchen.

There were only a few of us, Vanessa, me, Zoe and Rose. My Dad was killed when the pack was attacked a few years ago. The first ones to die were the omegas and then other warriors. Ever since the death of my Dad, I was treated like a rotten rat locked inside a cage that couldn’t stop rattling for freedom.



“You okay there?” Zoe asked as she glanced back. She was doing the dishes, and it wasn’t even morning yet. The sky was dark, but the members of the house were known to wake up early.

I pushed a piece of my hair behind my ears and picked up the clean plates, “I’m fine. It’s not anything unusual,” I mumbled as I walked out. “I’m going to help Vanessa,”

As I stepped out of the kitchen, a bright hallway appeared in front of me. The house were the high-ranking wolves and purebred’s lived was large with hallways one could always get lost in. The omegas were given a separate room just beside the kitchen. We were able to go to school, but it wasn’t like they treated us any better there. I thought about running away from the pack for years but that wouldn’t bring any good to me either.

There was someone here that I desired for and that was the Alpha.

I walked into the room where a long dining table was placed. Vanessa was setting up the table, and there were some members sitting down. I glanced at the corner and found our Alpha taking place in the middle just beside his girlfriend—or the one-night stand.

The Alpha was somewhat of a—man whore. It was rumoured that he had killed his mate so he could sleep with other women. It wasn’t wrong—I mean—with a face and body like that, I would do the same. The Alpha had a physique of a man who’d hit the gym eight times a week. He also had a full sleeve tattooing him from wrist to shoulder as he had scars from the war. He had a square jaw, stubble beard, and sheer perfection that lingered from the top to the bottom.

As he raised his head towards me, I looked away, not wanting to be caught staring at him. Since he was the Alpha, he was stubborn, stern and dominant.

The Nightstalkers Pack was the strongest pack in North America and all credits went to Alpha Wayne. He had strength as of a hundred wolves and with strength came along with a strong sexual appetite. He was known to sleep with unmated females every single night. He never settled down with one as he preferred being with different bodies.

“Looking at the Alpha?” Vanessa patted my arm and pulled me out of my evil desires.

“No,” I shook my head and narrowed down my eyes. There was no chance of being with the Alpha—he wasn’t fond of us—omegas. He preferred anyone with thick and clean bodies and we were known to be dirty.

I placed a plate down on the table and continued to do my job without ever looking at the Alpha. His one glare was enough to melt me down to the core. We all crushed over him but he chose whatever he wanted.

As I walked past his current hookup, I placed a plate in front of her and then the Alpha who was occupied with speaking to the Beta.

Once the Beta got a view of me, he began, “This bitch has been acting a little over confident these days.” He said to the Alpha who then turned around and looked at me. A quiver ran down my spine and I felt my fingers tremble with fright.

“Why? What has she done?” The Alpha asked the Beta.

“She has an attitude. I think she needs a bit of fixing." The Beta replied. I gulped hard as I thought about the word fixing. The last time the Beta and I argued, we were thrown at the battleground where the Beta ripped me to shreds and left me there to bleed for the rest of the evening.

If it wasn’t for the pack nurse, I would have probably died there alone.

“He’s ly—” Before I could argue the Alpha cut me off.

“No one asked you,” His voice raised with anger. The Alpha didn’t like it when someone spoke while he was saying something.

I immediately took back my words and slammed my lips shut, “I’m sorry,”

“Is she causing any trouble, Brian?” He turned around and asked his Beta, completely ignoring my reply.


“What’s your name?” The Alpha asked. I was surprised that he didn’t even know my name. His question broke my heart little since I was fawning over him for ages.


“Before school, come to my office,” The Alpha ordered. I nodded my head, and he continued, “You can go,”

What was going to happen now? I heard my heart skip a beat as Vanessa interrupted my thoughts and pulled me inside the kitchen. The fear in my face shone brightly.

“What happened?” she asked me with worry. It wasn’t good. None of it was. Alpha’s punishments were severe and there was no loophole out of this. I didn’t want to be on the battleground with Brian—he was blunt and vicious.

Oh, what a good day for the devil to pick me.

“I have to go see the Alpha before school,” I replied as my lips quivered with terror.

Vanessa looked up at me and gasped, “Oh, no, is it because of Brian? He has done this to all of us,” Her hand reached up to her mouth.

“Yes, but, don’t worry, I’m sure the Alpha won’t be severe with me,” I replied, hoping for it to be the truth.

“I hope so too,”

We separated ourselves from the other members and ate our breakfast alone in the kitchen. Once we were done, we started cleaning up the place as everyone went for their morning run. We were only allowed to run in the evening and it was dangerous at that time so we didn’t.

When the members of the house returned from their run, they began to get ready for school or work and so did we. Some members were young—like us and some were old.

There weren’t many families here, to begin with—just a few.

Alpha Wayne was quite old compared to me, he finished his school long ago and even graduated. He received his shares from his father’s company after his death and since then, he worked.

Vanessa, Zoe and I went to our room when we were done with our daily chores. We showered before getting ready for school. There was only one high school in our town and since it was private, we had a uniform—skirt and a simple white shirt.

Just after getting ready, Zoe reminded me, “Don’t you have to see the Alpha before you leave for school?”

“Oh yes!” I snapped and panicked then and there. I almost forgot. He must be expecting me. I quickly packed my bag and said my goodbyes to Zoe and Vanessa who left for school.

The house was now empty—not entirely though. There were still some old-soul wolves lurking around. I walked past the hallways and rushed my way to the Alpha’s office that was quite far from the small quarter that I shared with the other two omegas. I came to an abrupt stop just in front of the wooden door, my breathing quickened and I closed my eyes before knocking.

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