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Back to the burrow

As Lana entered the burrow she felt the walm air hit her face along with a pair of arms hit Lanas back and a slighly shorter body on her chest

'GINNYYYYY' Lanas face lit up while being hugged tighter by Ginny.

Molly came down the stairs as Lana hugged Ginny back.

' geez Gin. let her breath.' a voice said coming from the back of Molly Weasley.

'Oh shut it ron. i havent seen Lana for ages, how are you anyways ?' Ginny said finally letting Lana breath.

'Im great Ginny. how are you?'

' better now theres another girl here.'

Molly was back in the kitchen by this point

you both laughed as a tall figure came down the stair with only grey joggers on

'wow' lana thought looking at the sight of George coming down the stairs with wet ginger hair.

'Oh, hey Lana. like the view im guessing' george smirked at her

Lana brought herself back to reality. fuck. she was stairing for WAYYYYY too long.

' i... uhhh. uhm. no. stop being so cocky you big headed buffoon'

Her eyes were wide.

' Oh you know you love me.' he hugged her

she really did love him.


everyone made their way to the kitchen except George and Lana

' you coming Lana?' George asked her

'oh uh. not right now. im going to unpack my things in Ginnys room' Lana said with a slight smile

' would you like me to help? i dont mind'

George smiled

'uhh, sure. if you want' Lana smiled to herself as george went to go tell Molly he was helping Lana unpack.

'Ok george. come down when you are ready, and you Lana.' She said a bit louder so Lana could hear her.

' Ok mum.'

' Ok Molly'

they both went upstairs to unpack lanas stuff.

' how are you george?' she asked her with a smile on her face

'ive been really well actually. ive been practicing quidditch a lot with Fred and Ginny.' he was went on about how they pranked Molly by acting like they dyed their hair bright blue and bright purple and some other pranks they pulled on percey , Ron and Ginny even tho most of the time she was a part of the pranks.

'how was yours?' he asked Lana

'umm. eventful i guess'

'how come?' George asked being intrigued

'well... i stayed at hermiones for most of it. the muggle world is so weird? no. Intresting? abnormal?' Lana looked for a word to describe the muggle life.

George laughed at her loss of words

she chuckled along with him while they put away her clothes.

before they knew it they were done unpacking Lana's clothes.

as they headed down stairs everyone had gone to the living room since they were done with their food.

' guess its just us ' George looked at Lana when she replied with

'huh. ye i guess it is'

they both sat down next to each other grabbing plates and a chicken wing each.

George placed his hand on lanas thigh by accident

'oh shi- um sorry' George went red

'its ok. dont worry about it' she placed him hand back on her thigh as they ate their food.


As time passed Ginny suggested that we all played outside in the snow

' Thats an amazing idea ginny.' Fred said getting up from the floor of the living room

'ill pass' Ron was stuffing his face with Molly's delicious muffins

'Oh come on Ron. Youve had pleanty of those muffins. get up and were going outside.'

Ginny pushed him. causing him to drop his muffin on the floor

'HEY. i was eating that you little-' Ron was cut off by Lana

' stop being such a babys. come on'

' thank you Lana.'

George winked at her causing Lana to blush.

' get over yourselfs love birds'

Fred ran off before george could beat him up.

'lets just go already' Ginny said impatiently waiting for everyone to get ready.

a choir of 'ok.' 's passed as everyone went their own ways up the stairs about to get ready for the snow.

Ginny and Lana went upstairs and started gossiping

'sooo do you have your eye on anyone gin? Lana looked at her with a smirk

'well, i think Harry iss a bit cute but hes very akward and it can be annoying sometimes but you get what i mean. right?'

' ye he can be akward but i dont find him cute' she smiled at ginny to reassure her that she didnt like him.

' Do you like anyone?' ginny grined at Lana

' no. i dont, unfortunately' she laughed

Ginnys exited face turned into laughter.

'HURRY UP' fred was banging on the door.

'OK OK WE ARE COMING NOW' they both left at the same time and headed down stairs to meet up with everyone else.

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