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It took a minute for Valaria to realize he had actually left her alone. She looked down at herself, okay, so it wasn’t some sexy see-through nightie, what did he expect? She saw the raging hard-on he was trying to hide behind that funny pair of underwear, so he must have been at least a little turned on…

But he left her to do laundry…

What had she done wrong? Wasn’t he supposed to jump her bones? She looked down at her shirt…okay, not the sexiest thing on the planet…but what else was there? She looked into the clothes bag again and dug for anything silky…hell, anything feminine would be a start. Her hand landed on something familiar and pulled out…


Well, that could be sexy, right?

Maybe she could tie him up tonight!

She thought of his boxers again and decided he definitely was in need of some kisses…and he wasn’t the only one who knew how to tie a knot!


Kaden took extra minutes to load the washer and pace inside the small laundry room, hoping to cool his hormones down. The last thing on his mind right now was washing clothes! He thought of her shirt and immediately pictured them both rolling around in a field of green clover…yeah, he could definitely get into that…

He cursed again as he looked down at the bulge in his front. He couldn’t bring himself under control. Not when all he wanted to do was go back upstairs and spread her out on the bed so he could bury his face in her sex and lick and suck until she came over and over again.

“Fuck!” he swore and left the room. He hoped for her sake she was already passed out. If not, then he would seduce her into his bed and make love to her all night, until both of them couldn’t come anymore…

The room was dark when he entered. Soft music still played and he had a moment of disappointment as he saw her snuggled under the covers of his bed. Did she mean to pass out there, waiting for him to join her, or was that just where she landed…

Kaden sighed and stripped off his shirt and pants. He would get up early tomorrow to put the clothes in the dryer. He was hungry and now with no hope of any lovemaking tonight, he might as well grab a quick bite and head to bed.

He made quick work of the remaining supper and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth. When he clicked off the light and returned to the beds, he noticed that Valaria had thrown off her covers and was lying with her shirt pulled up almost to her hips and it was obvious she had no underwear on…

He groaned as he approached to pull the covers up. As he leaned over, he felt two strong legs wrap around his waist and pull him down. Then his lips were covered as the girl beneath him groaned, “Come to bed, Kaden, I need you.”

Kaden felt his cock harden instantly and he lost his balance as Valaria’s strong thighs pulled him down. He put out his hands so he wouldn’t crush her but she had already shimmied out from under him as her mouth broke away. Kaden ended up on his back with his hands out wide at his head. He watched mesmerized as Valaria climbed on top of his body and leaned in to lick and blow into his ear.

“Oh, Kaden, I didn’t think you were ever coming back,” she whispered, barely heard above the soft music, “And I’ve been very, very, naughty.”

Kaden had never been so surprised in his life as with the change in the demeanor of his little hell-cat. Maybe a bottle of wine was just what she needed. He felt her hands slide up his arms as she breathed, “Do you want to know what I did?”

Did he? Oh hell ya!

He nodded, “What did you do?” his voice was husky with excitement.

He ignored her hands as she breathed into his ear, “I laid down in my bed all alone and I thought of you. Do you know what I did then?”

Kaden’s belly quivered with excitement. He loved her teasing, he could hardly wait to thrust his rock hard cock deep into her sexy little body. He wanted to suck and bite her little nipples as she came…and he would make her come so hard…

Kaden didn’t care what she did then, he only wanted her to take him into her right now and stop the ache raging inside…

He barely felt something rub against his wrists before she rose and pulled on something in the dark. Then his arms were pulled outwards and he watched in dazed surprise as she curled rope around each bedpost…


He tugged hard, hoping she wasn’t an expert in knots…she was…

He panicked, thinking she was going to leave him there while she took off back to her home…how could he have been so stupid! How could…

Kaden’s head rose to watch as Valaria slid down his legs to rest on his knees while her small hands began to tug his boxers down, slowly revealing his thick flesh getting stiffer by the moment. She wasn’t…?

She gazed up at him as moonlight filtered through the sheer curtains and she licked her lips, “Do you know what I did then?” she repeated her question huskily.

Kaden was mesmerized as she reached down and pulled her shirt up over her head and tossed it away, leaving her body bathed in moonlight.

Kaden couldn’t even breathe, did she even realize how beautiful and sexy she was? She could have any man on his knees at her feet…even a king…

She smiled as her tongue dragged over her teeth, “I thought about kissing you,” and she looked down, leaving no doubt about where she wanted to plant her lips.

Kaden felt his cock surge upwards as if begging her to consume him with her mouth. He wasn’t sure if she was truly going to do it until her hand encircled his thick shaft and she bent slowly down as her mouth opened and her tongue came out to play…

Kaden tugged hard and groaned as she opened her lips wider and went down on him. He felt the slide of her slick muscle and the light skim of her teeth as she took him deeper. He couldn’t help his breath coming out in a long desperate moan as she seemed to swallow him deeper. Then she pulled back, releasing his rod until she could plant the most delicate of kisses on the head. He felt cum seeping from his erection and died again inside as she swirled it over her tongue before swallowing it.

As her head descended again, Kaden just wanted to have his hands free so he could hold her head as he fucked her deep throat. It drove him wild as he continued to watch her devour him. Her tongue licked and suckled him like a favorite lollipop. His hips thrust slowly upwards to meet her deliciously wet mouth, his balls tightening as he felt his orgasm coming quickly. And as if she knew he was close, she pulled away completely and watched her hand lightly caress him, giving him time to get away from the edge. When he felt calm, he stared at her and nodded slightly, letting her know he was ready for more.

She smiled as she descended again and began to suck hard on his head, her tongue rasping against the underside. Her hand had begun to stroke his lower half and he found that he was again walking the brink of an earth-shattering orgasm in seconds. His legs trembled as he came closer and closer to blowing his load. Then he watched in fascination as she looked him straight in the eye and whispered, “Come for me Kaden, come deep in my throat.”

Then she pushed down deep, swallowing more than he ever thought possible. He felt her tongue quickly suckling as her hand grabbed his balls and gently squeezed.

Kaden threw his head back and roared as hot cream shot deep into Valaria’s throat. He continued to roar as his hips bucked with each thrust. He pulled hard against his rope as his body shot wave after wave of cum until he collapsed exhausted.

“Mmmm, you are delicious…” she rose up on her knees to look down at him while she licked her lips. A queen to his king.

Kaden croaked, “Untie me…now!”


Valaria had enjoyed their bedplay immensely. She had no idea what she was doing but as he moaned and groaned, she quickly caught on to what he liked…which was everything. She never realized how turned on she was from giving him pleasure as he had done to her. She felt the slickness of her own body as it covered his legs where she sat.

He didn’t seem to mind…

But when he wanted her to untie him, she wasn’t sure if she was quite ready for that. She should leave him tied up for the rest of the night…

“Move up,” his voice broke into her thoughts.

Vee hesitated and he spoke again, “Move up closer.”

She slid up his body until she rested on his stomach. This time he licked his lips as he spoke, “More, move your hips higher.”

Valaria hesitated again, what did he want to do?

“I want to pleasure you as you did to me,” his voice was raspy.

Vee felt her insides clench as it anticipated what Kaden wanted to do. She started to slide upwards again as he guided her until she held onto the headboard as her sex was poised above his face.

“Come down, slowly,” he whispered.

Vee complied and she almost lost her strength when she felt his tongue snake out and pierce her. As she sat down more, his whole mouth covered her and began to suckle heavily on her lips and clit while his tongue continued to thrust inside.

It wasn’t long before Vee felt the familiar shaking of her own orgasm getting so close…just a little more…

Then she felt her clit held and vibrations begin to tear through her. So fast…and she remembered when he had done the same before…his mouth was magic…

She couldn’t stop her scream as she released her pleasure. Her scream turned into a long moan as his mouth began to lick her cream that dripped thickly from her body. She heard his tongue and lips as they continued to suck her dry before beginning all over again.

Vee didn’t think she could survive another assault on her body, he knew exactly where to thrust his tongue. Her clit was engorged as he began to suckle it, his tongue licking heavily between her folds. As her thighs started to clench, she reached for the ropes and pulled the slipknots free. Immediately his hands grabbed her hips and held her tight as his mouth delved deep into her curls. She cried out as he suddenly flipped her over, spreading her thighs wide so he could bury his tongue to the hilt inside her. Her body began to shake as he pulled out his tongue and caught her bud again.

Vee came hard…her eyes rolled back as her body was wracked with spasms as he continued to pleasure her, making it last until she came back to earth, barely able to move.

Then Valaria groaned again as Kaden rose up over her and sank himself deep inside. She heard his sigh as he began to pump deep into her. Vee found she wasn’t as tired after all and wrapped her legs around him as he drove into her. Her breath broke as she met him thrust for thrust. Sweat slicked both of their bodies as they continued to move, giving and taking until they both rose to another blinding climax.

Vee was glad they were the only occupied room on their floor. They both shouted their mutual pleasure loud and long before collapsing in a tired mesh of flesh. Vee sucked in another deep breath as Kaden slid sideways and pulled her warm body close to his side, his arm resting under her head and around her shoulders. Another pull and Vee was lying sideways, her body half-covering his.

Vee listened as their breaths became slower and she debated whether to push him away and return to the other bed, but damn, it was so comfortable here…in his arms…next to his hard-muscled body…

This could be addictive…HE was addictive…that couldn’t be good…he wasn’t in her plans…THIS wasn’t in her plans, whatever THIS was…

“You are amazing,” she heard his raspy voice break the silence.

Vee felt herself blush at his compliment. What does someone say to that? Thank you…?

“I thought you were going to run,” his voice spoke again.

Well, she could answer that, “No, I told you I would go with you and I meant it.” There, that sounded safe…

The room was silent again and Vee wondered if he drifted off. She couldn’t blame him after that energetic ride, she was feeling kind of tired herself, but she was trying to figure out how to extract herself without waking him. And she was fighting against herself wanting to stay in his arms just a little while longer…

“Well, next time you want to tie me up, just ask,” he whispered with a smile.

Vee laughed huskily, “But where’s the fun in that?”

She felt his arm tighten as he hugged her closer and whispered, “You continue to surprise me.”

She surprised him…she surprised herself…

That was a good thing, wasn’t it?

“And that’s a very good thing,” he seemed to read her thoughts.

Vee felt pleased with his words. But where did that leave them? They couldn’t possibly have a relationship, she had things to do…people to see…a life to live that didn’t include him… But she was jumping to conclusions, wasn’t she? Maybe all he wanted was a roll in the hay…but he had been upset before when she called him a one night stand… Well, now it was more than one night…

“Are you still awake, Valaria?” she heard him ask softly.

She answered, “Yes.” She offered no more.

“What are you thinking about?” he prodded as his arm hugged her tighter again.

What should she say? That she was thinking about their future? Or rather lack of it. She didn’t want to spoil this post-sex contentment just yet.

“Tell me about you,” she thought to get him away from discussing anything about what she was truly thinking about.

She heard him sigh and then replied, “What do you want to know?”


“Everything,” she breathed out as her hand began to make circles on his taut belly.

“Everything…well, I live in Ireland, as you know. It’s located in the Wicklow Mountains which are on the southeast coast. It consists of several mountains, Kippure in the north, Church and Keadeen in the west, Croghan Kinsella in the south, and more in the center and east. We also have the largest waterfall in Ireland, the Powerscourt.” Kaden described his home and with each word, felt a pang of home-sickness. It seemed he had been gone so long and missed the early morning mists and clean mountain air, “We also have several rivers that spawn from the land, the Liffey and the Vartry…”

Vee poked him in his side, “Ok, Mr. Wiki, now tell me about you,” she giggled.

There was a pause before he continued, “I am the eldest of six, four sisters and one brother. My father died several years ago, but my mother still lives. She has a house in Dublin. Two of my sisters are married with children of their own. My brother is out exploring the world,” he chuckled as he spoke, “I don’t think he will ever settle down. And my other two sisters are collaborating on a business venture.”

“Oh, what are they working on?” Vee interrupted.

Kaden laughed aloud as he answered, “They call it Mittens for Kittens. It is a line of collars and clothes for cats.”

Vee laughed too as she pictured someone trying to put a coat on a cat, “Really? I don’t know too many cats that will stay still long enough to dress them.”

“Well they said it’s not just for pets, whatever that means, I didn’t want to ask,” he went on, “But hey, I have to give them credit for going after what they believe in.”

Vee nodded her head then asked, “So, since I know you’re not a garbage man, what do you do?”

Kaden seemed to hesitate before he replied, “I’m in management.”

Valaria poked him again, “That doesn’t tell me a lot.”

Kaden grabbed her hand and brought it up to his mouth and kissed every fingertip. Valaria was enthralled with his gentle gestures. Then as he grasped her hand gently he asked, “Why would you ever do this? You know, there are jobs out there that can pay a good wage without self-mutilation.” He tried to sound light-hearted.

Vee pulled her hand from his grasp and hid it between their bodies. She hesitated to speak, but there was something about him…or maybe it was just the last of the wine talking…that made her open up…

“It’s not self-mutilation, it’s called survival. When Ronnie and I left the ranch, that was a group home in Wyoming, we had big dreams to someday have our own ranch where all the kids on the street could find a hot meal and a roof over their heads. A place they would feel safe,” she didn’t want to look at him as she continued, “Well, Ronnie got a job waitressing, but I still didn’t want to be in any government system, so I thought I would just find a job under the table and Ronnie could be the legit part of our dream.”

Vee stopped as she remembered the past that she tried so hard to bury, “I got a lead on a kitchen job in a small bar and the owner would pay under the table. What no one said was the job was on the table with your legs spread,” she hesitated as she remembered her safety voice telling her to get out, but feeling so desperate that she stayed, hoping the job would pan out. She smiled as she spoke, “I busted that bastard’s nose with a cast iron fry pan…I should have killed him for touching me like that…”

Valaria felt strong arms squeeze her again as her lover spoke, “I’m sorry.”

Vee looked up, “Sorry? For what? It wasn’t your fault. It is what it is. Life is really crappy sometimes,” her gaze dropped back down to watch her fingers continue the small caressing motions on Kaden’s six-pack, “Anyway, it’s just as well, we would have been working a hundred years before we saved enough. So, I told Ron to keep her job and I would make sure we had enough. And believe it or not, it’s MUCH easier to get money doing illegal stuff than an honest day’s work.” She laughed to herself at her last declaration.

“Well, you won’t have to worry about that anymore,” Kaden reassured her.

Vee stilled at his words, what was he talking about? WHO was he talking about?

“Valaria?” he whispered as he moved his arm, “Did you fall asleep?”

Vee shook her head, “No, I’m still awake…what did you mean I won’t have to worry about that anymore?” She was half afraid of his answer.

“Your sister and her husband will look after you now. They will see you get everything you need…”

Vee sat up, startled, “What are you talking about? Nothing has changed, Kaden. I told you I would meet my sister and hang around for a couple of weeks, but then I’m going back to my life. Your interference in my last job cost me two grand, not to mention what I would have made off the items I would have fenced. I have to make that up and now that Ronnie has been having second thoughts because of you,” she poked him in the ribs again, “I have to make up even more money.”

Kaden grabbed her poking hand, “What are you talking about? I never said anything to your friend…”

“Well after seeing your sweet ass at the bar, she suddenly thinks she wants a husband and kids…”

Kaden sat up, “And how is that MY fault? If she wants to have a family instead of living on a ranch in the backwoods somewhere for the rest of her life…”

Vee was getting steamed and the wine had worn off so she was a little more clear-headed, “And what is wrong with that? We would be helping children…”

“You’re running away again, Valaria. Locking yourself away in butt-fuck nowhere looking after other people’s kids, pretending you’re saving them from the big, bad world…who could blame your friend for wanting a real life…”


Vee was just as stunned as Kaden as the mark on his cheek grew darker in the moonlight. She hadn’t meant to slap him, but he was making her so angry! Her life wasn’t his or anyone else’s business! And insinuating that she was forcing her friend to do something she didn’t want to do…

“Feel better?” his words were soft but to his credit, he never raised his hand in retaliation.

No, she felt bad…she was not someone who raised a hand unless it was in self-defense.

“You were being mean, Kaden,” she stuck up her chin, hating to admit she was wrong in any way. He was provoking her…

“Mean? By telling you the truth? Well, since you think you are such a tough girl, the words should have slid off your back…unless I was right…was I right, Valaria?” he questioned, watching her closely.

Vee breathed deep, she wanted out of here so bad. She wished she hadn’t promised to go with him. She wished she had left when she got him tied up, but no, she wanted another taste of him…literally…

He chuckled at her silence, “Yeah, I was right.” He lay back down on his pillow and smiled up at her.

Vee felt tears start behind her eyes and she turned away, determined now to spend the rest of the night in the other bed, “I’m sleeping over there tonight.”

She felt his hand snake out and grab her around the waist, hauling her down beside him, “No, you’re not, you’re staying right beside me.” She was tight to his side, her hand grasped and pulled over his thick body to rest within his own large fingers.

Did he think she was going to stay like this all night?

“You are staying here with me, Valaria,” as if he could read her mutinous thoughts.

“If you’re worried about me running away, you could always tie me up again,” she replied angrily.

She heard him sigh, “Don’t tempt me, now go to sleep, we have a long way to go tomorrow. I am assuming you don’t want to spend another night with me?”

Valaria heard his question and she felt so conflicted. Her mind was still angry, but her body wanted nothing more than to curl up closer and purr. She didn’t want to answer his question either…the truth did hurt…and the truth was she was beginning to like spending her nights with him…

The only thing she could spit out safely was, “Bully.”

He laughed at her short response and pulled her in closer.

Before Vee shut her eyes, she distinctly heard a smug chuckling coming from inside…cats couldn’t laugh, could they?

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