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The sound of splintered wood crashed loudly through her consciousness. Vee shrieked and rolled off the couch, landing on the remote she had dropped. The voice on the television rose in resonance until it filled the little room silencing any other noise that might try to permeate the small space. To make matters worse, it suddenly cut to the latest stock car race that had been held the weekend before and the roar of racing engines boomed and echoed against the walls.

Valaria didn’t know if she should try to find the remote under her or just go on the attack at whoever had come through her door. She was saved the decision as she was pulled onto her feet and large hands grabbed the hidden remote and pointed at the offending noise.

Immediately, blessed silence filled the space and Vee saw the blond head of her attacker turn to her, “Are you alright?” his voice was heavy as he started to inspect her body.

Valaria nodded, “Of course I am, why the hell did you just break down my door?”

Riordan blushed as she bawled him out. He stammered, “I…I heard you scream…”

Vee blanched at his words…how loud was she?

“I…I thought you were being attacked,” he continued.

Valaria looked away then grabbed the remote, “Where the hell were you? Standing outside my door?” She needed to distract him, “Were you peeking in my windows?”

At least if he had, she would have been hidden by the back of the couch, thank God.

Riordan continued to blush, “No, I wasn’t peeking in your windows. I was coming over to see if you wanted a tour of the town before dinner and then I heard you scream.”

Vee gestured towards her door, “And you couldn’t knock?”

“I did, but you didn’t answer,” he defended himself, “So I…” he gestured towards the door that was now hanging from one hinge.

Valaria would have been impressed by his strength if she wasn’t so pissed off that he almost found her with her hand down her pants.

“So, why did you scream?” he asked innocently.

Vee’s mind twirled as she began to wave the remote, “I…it was the television, I hit the wrong button and the sound went up too loud.”

Riordan studied her for a few seconds before leaning down to stare into her eyes. Valaria watched as his nose twitched slightly before he breathed in deeply. She blushed as his vivid green eyes darkened to the shade of a deep forest.

“The television…” he stated as he stood straight again.

Vee knew his extraordinary sense of smell must have picked up the scent of her desire and she found herself less embarrassed and maybe a little turned on. Her wolf became nippy inside, jumping in circles at the flame that began to burn in the man’s eyes. Valaria swayed and found herself caught up in a pair of very powerful arms.

She stared up at the handsome face above her and found herself mesmerized as it lowered itself until lips grazed her half-open mouth. Her hands that had wrapped around muscular forearms as she was grasped now held tightly as she froze. Her eyes stared into his and no words left her as Riordan’s tongue slid out to lick her parted lips before plunging inside. Vee gasped at the intrusion but still felt no need to stop him. Her wolf was howling her consent as she was enfolded within muscles upon muscles.

Vee couldn’t think as the fire she thought she sated with the images of another man started to flare and roar again. The whimper that left her was swallowed deep as her mouth was invaded, slick wetness thrusting deeply before retreating to encourage her participation. She felt like she had no control over her own body as she met his tongue and pushed her own back into him, wanting to taste all that he was.

She hardly noticed when she was picked up and laid down again on the cushions and found herself covered with a strong, lean body, one leg pushing itself between her legs. But she was very aware of the thick hardness that was now pushing into her hip as the leg began to rub sensuously against the place she had been stroking not long before.

A large hand had slid up her thigh to come to rest on her thrusting breast, flicking the nub until it was rock hard and begging to be tasted.

How did her shirt get pulled up…?

Vee’s eyes closed tightly as her mouth was abandoned and her nipple was being slowly suckled and bitten, driving heat straight to her sex. Her hips flexed uncontrollably as she felt wetness gush into her panties. She was rewarded with Rory’s hips grinding into her, swelling even more as her body responded. She almost screamed for him to strip her and sate the burning inside when his long fingers delved between her legs to stroke her sensitive flesh through her pants. As experienced fingers rubbed and pushed against her, Vee spread her legs more, needing more…

Rory groaned at her invitation and began to rub his fingers over the cloth that covered her entrance while his thumb pushed directly into her clit. He began to rotate and push harder as he lifted his head from her breasts and slid up to watch the ecstasy on her face as her body pulsed and her breathing came in short panting sounds. He knew she was on the cusp as her fingers sunk into his biceps, as her breath stopped. What he wouldn’t give to be sunk to the balls inside her right at that moment…

“Valaria!?” the voice broke into their intimate silence.

Vee came…hard…she barely registered her name being called before she fell over the edge of paradise. Her throat opened to exclaim her rush of pleasure but was quickly swallowed by the man holding her down, his hand frozen between her legs as her hips bucked towards him.

“Vee!!??” the voice was even more alarmed as it trailed off into the bedroom.

Valaria was only half aware when Riordan pushed himself up and pulled her up beside him, trying to straighten her clothes as Cassidy swept out of the bedroom, “Vee?! Oh there you are! Thank goodness you’re…” her words trailed off as she stared at the two people standing upright where no one was before, “alright…”

Valaria finally found her voice as she quickly looked at Riordan, “Yeah, we’re okay…I mean, I’m okay. No biggie.”

Cassidy looked at the door again before tilting her head at her sister, “Um…what happened to the door? Did your cat get out?” She then looked straight at Riordan, “Or maybe your wolf?”

Riordan looked away as he spoke, “Umm…I came here to see if Valaria wanted to have a little tour around town before dinner and I heard her scream when I got to the door…”

Vee cut in, “It was just the television, it was up loud…”

“I tried knocking, but she didn’t answer,” Rory continued to explain.

“I fell asleep and must have rolled over on the remote and that was when it went really loud,” Vee added.

“So I broke the door down,” Rory finished.

Cassie looked from one to the other before asking, “So, what were you doing? Looking for the remote between the couch cushions?”

Both Valaria and Rory blushed at her question. Vee only knew she had to get Riordan out of here so she could explain to her sister what she saw. She turned to Riordan, “Umm, thanks for the invite, but I’m having dinner at Cassie’s tonight and I have to get ready.” She began to lead him to the broken door and he followed easily, “So, maybe next time? I’ll take a raincheck on that.”

Rory stopped at the opening, “You’re having dinner with them too?” He slapped his forehead, “Of course you’re having dinner there.”

Vee licked her lips, “Oh, so you’re coming too?” She realized the loaded question as soon as it left her mouth.

“Yes, he’s having dinner with us. I thought it would be nice to have a full table tonight,” Cassie called out as she listened to their exchange.

Rory glanced at Cassidy before returning his gaze to Valaria, “Cool, I’ll see you tonight then.” He glanced back at his alpha’s wife, “Sorry about the door, Cassie, I’ll…”

Cassidy broke in, “I think you’ve done enough Riordan. I’ll get Kenny Thorton to come mount another one. We will see you later at dinner.”

She was obviously dismissing him and Riordan hesitated, not wanting Valaria to get the full blame for what they were doing.

Vee shook her head slightly then spoke softly, “It’s okay. She’s my sister.’

Rory nodded sheepishly and then left.


“Okay, so I thought you had the hots for Kaden,” Cassie blurted out after she made a quick call to the person who could fix her door.

Vee had been relieved when her sister didn’t pursue anything, seeming intent on getting her door repaired.

Valaria stalled, “What do you mean?”

Cassidy tilted her head and gave her the look, “Really?”

Vee turned away and walked over, meaning to sit on the couch, but too many memories assailed her so she kept standing instead, “Listen, it was just a little harmless fooling around. One thing led to another and then BAM!, next thing I know we’re on the couch. We didn’t sleep together or anything.” Vee didn’t know why she felt she had to explain anything to her sister. She really didn’t owe her any explanations.

Cassie digested what she said before replying, “So, you are attracted to Riordan then?”

Valaria turned away, “I don’t know, it seems my animals are in a constant state of horniness and it doesn’t take much to set them off.” She turned back, “So I take it that what I’m feeling is not normal?”

Cassidy saw the vulnerability written all over the younger girl’s face and walked over to grab her and hug her tight, “Sorry, I forgot how overwhelming those feelings are.” She pulled back but still kept her sister embraced, although Vee didn’t return any sign of affection, “Your animals will be looking for a mate. They will be judging any shifters that you meet to see if they are mate material.”

Valaria pulled away then and turned, “I’m not looking for a mate, wolf or cat, so you don’t have to worry about that.”

“You don’t understand, Vee,” she spoke from behind her, “you will have no choice. If either one of your animals feels that they have met their match, they will bond with them. You may want to voice your opinion, but it WILL be up to them.”

Valaria turned back, feeling panic set in as her sister’s words belied her own control over her life and what she wanted. She saw the truth in her sister’s eyes, “So, how do I stop it? I mean, if I returned to the city where there were no shifters, then it wouldn’t happen, right?”

Her sister could see the frightened look on Vee’s face and she wished she could give her the words she really wanted to hear, but she would be doing her a disservice if she lied to her, “Vee, there are shifters everywhere. The clans usually stick to the forests and small towns but sometimes clan members leave to go to the cities too. And if you go back, there is no way we can protect you against any shifters that might want you for their own.”

Vee stood taller, showing a bravado that she wasn’t sure she felt, “I can look after myself, I’ve been doing that all my life. Besides, no one would know that I was a shifter. I’ll just go back and live like a human again.”

Cassidy sat down on the couch and pulled her down beside her, “Vee, I know you probably think that, but you can’t hide among humans anymore. Your animals would fight to find a mate and you have to let them out to run once in a while, which you would have to go to the country for and I can tell you that there ARE shifters that live not far outside your city.”

Vee hesitated, “But there must be some way. They can’t just hook up with someone without me. I mean, I have to agree to it, don’t I?”

Cassidy grabbed her hands, “I wasn’t ready to take a mate either, or I thought I wasn’t. And when my animals decided it was time to choose, I didn’t fight it. The feeling that comes over you…through you…you know that it’s right.”

Vee shook her head, “But you were raised differently than me, Cassie. You’ve experienced love, first with your Mom and Dad and now with your husband and baby. You were probably more ready for it than you know. I’m not like that. I’ve never had that love…”

Cassidy pulled on her hands, “What about your friend, Veronica? Don’t you love her?”

Vee looked down as she admitted, “Yes, I do, like a sister, and I know she has told me countless times that she loves me too,” she looked up and into Cassidy’s eyes, “but I don’t feel that love inside. I don’t get warm and fuzzy like I’ve heard it described, I don’t feel anything.”

Cassie smiled, “If someone hurt her in any way, would you hunt them down?”

Vee’s jaw hardened, “And make them wish they were never born.”

Cassidy’s smile widened, “Well, that’s love Vee. That’s what love feels like when you would protect someone with your last breath.”

Vee thought about her sister’s words…if what she said was true, then maybe she WAS capable of feeling love…


“Hello? Alpha Luna? I’m here to fix your door,” a voice called out from outside the doorway.

Cassidy looked over, “Hi Kenny, come in and meet my sister.” She motioned with her hand to enter.

Vee watched another large man enter her small livingroom. Like every male here, he got slapped with the sexy stick more than once. She felt her animals begin to slowly circle inside. She stood up as her sister made introductions and she held out her hand to shake his big paw. His smile was friendly but thankfully it didn’t give her butterflies…she didn’t need another male to fool around with.

Cassidy spoke with the carpenter and ushered Vee into the bedroom to get some clothes so she could shower and get ready for dinner over at their place. She left Valaria to choose what she wanted to wear so she could get back to her baby. Thankfully, she never mentioned anything more about Vee’s little escapade on the sofa.

Vee perused the selection of dresses, nice to look at, but certainly not her. She chose a pretty red sweater and another pair of jeans along with a red lace bra and matching panties. She found a small bag in the bottom of the closet and threw everything in before smiling at Kenny and heading next door.

Her sister answered her knock with baby Tiberius sitting on her hip, a small toy clutched in his hand, “Come on in!”

Vee entered what looked like a small office and followed her sister as she explained, “This is Slayde’s office, you can come through this door to the rest of the house,” She opened a non-descript door that led to an open livingroom. Vee could see Slayde in the kitchen wearing an apron that stated if you didn’t like his cooking then you could kiss his furry…she couldn’t see the rest… He raised his hand and waved.

Vee hesitantly raised her own palm and mirrored his greeting. She smiled slightly, feeling like she just landed into a land of make-believe where everyone was friendly and everything was perfect…Veronica’s dream future…

“And the last door down the hallway is an extra bedroom with its own bath so you can get ready in there,” Cassidy motioned and Vee slid past her, glad to have some time to herself to hash out her own version of her romp on the couch and what it meant.

She closed the door to the room and threw her bag onto the bed before finding the bathroom and starting a hot shower. Towels had been set on the side of the sink along with extras hanging on a rod on the wall. She didn’t know whether she should leave the door open or closed but decided on the latter, locking it securely. She shouldn’t feel she had anything to fear here, but her stomach was in knots as she jumped under the hot stream.

As she stood, letting the water sluice off her skin, she finally started re-examining what she let happen in her livingroom. There was no doubt her wolf was attracted to the clan’s beta, but what did that say about her? She never felt the need to get close to any man and yet within a few scant days she slept with one and had a hot horny makeout session with another…maybe she waited too long to experience sex and now she just wanted to try every man out…

She was such a slut…

We want a mate, her cat spoke up and she felt her wolf echo the same thoughts.

“So, what do you expect me to do? Take everyone for a test drive?” she whispered into the steam. Vee shook her head, no, that wasn’t happening. She had always prided herself on her control and she had to bring her animals back to her way of thinking. If what Cassidy said was true, then Lysana and Sia were the ones she had to convince not to bother with the whole mate idea…it would probably be easier to herd a colony of cats…

Sia growled low, perturbed by her comparison.

“Sorry,” she whispered under her breath.

She grabbed shampoo off the small shelf inside the tub and began to scrub her hair. Maybe her sister could offer some advice by explaining how her animals chose Slayde over whomever else was interested in her. Then she could make sure that she was never placed in a similar situation. And if her animals wanted to get closer to as many men as they could to choose someone, then she would just have to avoid the male species…she thought of the upcoming dinner…

“Okay, after tonight then,” she spoke out loud.

She heard a small knock on her door and heard her sister, “Valaria? Is there anything you need?”

Vee answered, “No, I’m good, thanks! I’ll be out soon!”

“No hurry! Take your time! Dinner won’t be ready for another hour or so!”

Vee responded, “Ok, thanks!”

When no other sound came through the door, Vee relaxed as she finished rinsing out the suds and applied some of the conditioner that was provided. She normally didn’t use it since her hair was short and didn’t take a lot to comb out, sometimes just a few finger pulls did the job.

After thoroughly washing her body, Vee spent another fifteen minutes just standing under the hot spray to let the rivulets pound her neck and shoulders to help loosen up the rigidity that had set in. She felt the tenseness settle in as the time grew nearer where she would have both Kaden and Riordan in the same room with her sitting among them knowing what had transpired that afternoon and she hoped Riordan wouldn’t allude to their little tryst.

Vee straightened, wait she was a free woman, it was up to her who she chose to spend time with and what she chose to do with that time. Kaden didn’t own her or even put any claim on her…well, he had wanted to move in…but he still made no mention of any commitment…not that she would agree to any…

Valaria felt the beginnings of a headache as she went round and round in her head. She moaned as she turned up the heat in the water. This was way too much for her to deal with…maybe she could beg off the whole dinner thing…Kenny must have the door repaired by now…but that would be the cowardly thing to do and Vee was no coward…after all, it was just dinner…it wasn’t like it was going to turn into a free for all orgy or something…

Immediately her mind filled with images of both Kaden and Riordan pleasuring her at the same time…four hands stroking her body, caressing and squeezing her breasts…two very large…

Valaria swore and turned the handle to complete cold. She almost lost her breath as ice-cold water began to spray, bringing goosebumps all over her skin, but succeeding in dousing the images in her mind.

A minute later she turned off the water completely and grabbed a towel to dry herself off. When she was done, she made her way back into her bedroom and checked the door to lock it against anyone coming in, mistakenly or purposely. She quickly dried every freezing inch before donning her panties, socks, and jeans. She quickly finger-dried her hair as her body began to warm again. Then she put on her lacy bra as she stood by the mirror on the large dresser. She tilted her head as she appreciated the change in her reflection. She was never one to indulge in fancy fripperies, seeing no need to have lacy anythings, but for once she was pleased with the woman in the mirror. She felt…prettier…like one of those girly girls she used to scoff at…a girly girl who slept with a king…

She smiled at her thoughts, who would ever have imagined that a little nobody from the street shared her bed with a king…

A knock sounded on the locked door and Vee jumped guiltily and grabbed her sweater as she heard her sister, “Vee? Everyone is here and dinner is almost ready.”

Valaria called out unsteadily as she thought about the two men waiting somewhere else in the house, “I’ll be right there!”

She finished dressing, including her sneaks, and took one last look in the mirror. Her reflection was pale with the extreme coloring of the sweater. She reached down to the top of the dresser and grabbed some of the makeup. She had seen Veronica use the stuff incessantly, but she had no idea what most of it did. She began to read, eyeliner, eye shadow, toner, lip liner, eyebrow liner…how many damn liners did one girl need?

Vee looked up again at herself and for some reason, she really wanted to use this girly girl stuff to make her sallow complexion pop. She wanted to put on her war paint, as Veronica used to call it…and if she tackled it herself, she was likely to turn out more like Pennywise the clown instead of a runway model…

She quickly went to her door and opened it a crack and called out, “Cassie? Can you come here for a minute?” She heard the hum of voices suddenly quieted as her sister appeared.

She turned and left her door open and waited.

Cassidy bustled in, “What do you need? Wow, you look awesome! That looks beautiful on you and red certainly is your color…”

Vee broke in, “Could you help me with some makeup?”

Cassie hesitated then pulled a nearby chair out from the wall, “Sure, Vee, that’s what sisters are for! Now, sit down and let me do some magic.”

Valaria took the proffered chair and for the next half-hour, she let her sister free reign over her face. She had been concerned about everybody waiting on her, but Cassidy just poo-pooed the idea and informed her that men had to learn they would always be waiting on a woman and that it would be well worth the wait.

Finally, Cassie asked her to open her lips slightly as she slid the tube of lipstick over her full bottom lip and imitated the smacking motion to spread it evenly over both. Then she took a small dab of something that she placed in the middle of her bottom lip declaring, “There, just a dab of shine to make a man want to lick it off.”

Vee blushed at her words, as she watched her sister step back to survey her handiwork.

“If I was a male wolf right now, I’d give you the biggest wolf whistle you ever heard,” Cassidy smiled, then stated, “Hell, if I was a male anything, I would be jumping your bones right now.”

Vee looked away as she secretly preened under her sister’s praise.

“Well, don’t just sit there, get up and go look at yourself in the mirror!” Cassie urged.

Valaria hesitated and then watched her sister turn off the main light before turning on an intimate lamp that sat on the dresser. The soft glow greeted her as she walked to the mirror and took her first look. The person staring at her was a gorgeous stranger. Gone was the paleness to be replaced by shades of glowing sex…which was the only way to describe what she was seeing. Her eyes held the sparkle of deep secrets and her cheeks bloomed with youthful radiance while her deep red lips with the one spot of shine on her bottom lip promised the unspoken whispers of long wet kisses in the dead of night.

Great! Her sister was not helping her goal of deterring her animals from finding a mate. Her face now advertised she was not only actively looking…she was ready to sleep her way through as many as it took to find Mr. Right.

“Well? How do you like it?” Cassidy was standing beside her, quite pleased with her work.

Vee didn’t want to disappoint her and truth be told, it actually felt nice to be the person she probably would have blossomed into had her life been different.

“You don’t like it,” Cassidy’s face was crestfallen.

Valaria was quick to negate her statement, “No, no, it’s not that,” she turned to her sister, “I…it’s not me.” She turned back to the mirror.

“But it IS you, Vee. You are so beautiful, didn’t anyone tell you that before?”

Valaria thought of Kaden…

“We can wash it off if you really don’t like it…” Cassidy offered.

Vee shook her head, “No, of course not, you spent a lot of time on this and the men are probably starving by now…”

“Nah, to heck with them, they can wait,” Cassie brushed it off.

“Ummm, this won’t send my animals into any bonding thing will it?” Valaria blurted her fear.

Cassidy chuckled, “Probably not, but the two single men out there right now might find it a tad bit uncomfortable to sit through their meal tonight.”

Vee laughed along with her before exclaiming, “What about my hair?” She ran her fingers through the dry strands.

Cassie looked at her head, “You don’t have to do anything. It looks like you just woke up after a long night of sex, which is good, it will give them something to think about,” and she laughed again.

Vee was still laughing as they walked up the hallway to meet the three men that were patiently waiting, their big mitts wrapped around a beer.


Kaden had just arrived when Cassidy was called down the hall to the room Valaria had been getting ready in. Riordan had already arrived and grabbed them all beers from the fridge as they found themselves alone.

Slayde thought it was the perfect opportunity to further discuss the revelations from their morning meeting.

“Riordan, did you find out if there was any way the lab could confirm if the girl was one of us or if she might be a double shifter pre-shift?” he looked to his beta.

Riordan answered, ever aware of the door down the hall, making sure if it opened they could change the conversation fast, “Duncan said he compared it to Cassidy’s sample but since she had already gone through her change, there was no way to tell. If he could get a double shifter pre-shift sample, he is sure he could make a determination for sure. But we know how impossible that is right now,” he ended.

Kaden spoke up, “Is there any way they can separate the DNA strands between Cassie’s cat and wolf? Maybe there is some marker within the DNA that would be a total wolf trait and use that against Jane Doe’s?”

Slayde took a drink as he thought about what Kaden suggested, “Maybe…if we can get samples from two of our own women, one pre-shift and one fully wolf, and look for something they share in their DNA, maybe that would help determine what she is…what do you think Riordan?” he asked his Beta.

“Yeah, at least if we can start ruling out some options, we might learn more to determine if she might be another double shifter,” Rory agreed. Ever since Kaden had dropped the bomb that their assumed testing wasn’t a hundred percent accurate because of the double shifters pre-status, he had discussed with Duncan, their chief lab wolf, that they must be careful not to assume anything at this juncture.

“What about getting a blood sample from Valaria?” Slayde was looking at both of the other males, including them both in his question. Cassidy had alluded to the fact that her sister’s animals may also be interested in getting to know his second in command, which made perfect sense since they would not choose a mate until they were exposed to both eligible wolf and cat shifters. And he certainly knew they had. He had asked Riordan to stick close to her to make sure she wouldn’t try to slip away in the night and he informed him this morning that they spent time last night exploring along the riverbank.

“I might be able to convince her,” Rory started, feeling confident after their afternoon makeout session. His body was still thrumming from the heat.

“I think it would be better coming from me,” Kaden growled low in his throat, “After all, we have a history and I think she trusts me.”

Not to be outdone, Riordan held up his hand that still held his beer, “With all due respect, so do we.”

Kaden turned to the blond next to him, “With all due respect, Riordan, standing outside her house all night does not constitute a history,” and he chuckled at the young pup’s brazen attempt at making something out of nothing.

Riordan turned then to confront the cat-king, “Of course not, but getting hot and heavy on a sofa INSIDE the house certainly does.” Then he flashed a big grin, knowing he caught the self-assured cat man off guard. Good, payback is a bitch…

Slayde felt the air in the room suddenly start to feel suffocating as the two males started to measure each other and Slayde knew the feeling well, he had felt the same when Kaden had revealed that he too had been spending some very intimate time with Cassidy soon after he arrived in town. And he remembered the ensuing fight. He didn’t need any bloodshed in his livingroom right now.

“Listen, you both know that Valaria is free to choose who she spends her time with and what she does with that time. She hasn’t bonded with either of you yet unless I’m missing something?” he questioned both men.

They both backed down and turned back to the Alpha, shaking their heads in answer.

“Good, now I think we have something more important to discuss than which of you has the bigger dick, am I not right?” Slayde asked firmly.

Kaden nodded quickly, feeling somewhat more superior in Valarias eyes as he already had the pleasure of sinking his big cock deep into her willing body while the wolf next to him could only wish it…there was no way Valaria would have let the Beta between her silky thighs that quick. He knew her well enough…

“Ok, so about the sample,” Slayde looked at Kaden, “since you were her first contact with our world, you might be able to explain the need to verify if she is Cassidy’s sister by providing a small blood sample and,” he turned back to Riordan, “if he fails, then you are welcome to try.”

“I will get her sample,” Kaden ground out, refusing to even consider that he would fail.

Slayde nodded as he looked at him again, “I’m sure you can. Now, since I know she was out last night, I am going to create a schedule so she will be attended to around the clock. I had eight emails this morning asking about the existence of double shifters. I tried to fluff it off but there were a couple of alphas that didn’t believe a word I said. So, sooner or later it will become public knowledge and we will lose total control over the situation.”

“What does that mean for Valaria?” Kaden broke in, “I am not going to let a bunch of strangers even think they are taking her for their own clan.”

Slayde held up his hand, “Valaria is going nowhere, but I have discussed it with Omega Jackson and we both agreed that a good defense is a great offense, so we are going to make a plan to announce their discovery to all the clans, but on our terms. That way they can both be protected long before everyone finds out they exist.”

“I could take her to Ireland,” Kaden offered, feeling his cat pacing inside at the thought of his potential mate being kept away from him.

Slayde shook his head, “Until she chooses a mate, she will remain here under my protection. Cassidy needs her sister here and if her animals can’t find someone to mate with, then we will deal with that later.”

Both males nodded their heads, but only one was satisfied with his Alphas words. Riordan glanced towards Kaden, “Don’t worry, Kaden, if you need to get back home, we’ll make sure she is cared for.”

Kaden felt the growl deep in his throat and snapped, “My second in command has been doing just fine without me. I can still rule from this side of the ocean, Beta.” He meant the title as a slight slur to his rung on the shifter ladder.

Riordan wasn’t fazed by his words. He chuckled, “Just sayin’.”

Slayde took another swig from his bottle, emptying it. He glanced at both of the huge males as he made his way to the fridge, “You both want another one?”

They both nodded as they finished their long necks before having another cold one thrust into their hands by their host, “So, there will be no fighting over Cassidy’s sister, agreed?”

They all turned their heads as the door down the hall opened…


Valaria was still smiling as they joined the trio of sexy male flesh. Her eyes caressed their brown bottles before she spoke, “Got one for me?”

She jumped when Riordan let out a long, loud wolf whistle, showing his appreciation for the woman that wanted to wrap her lips around a tall cold one. He had thought she was beautiful before, but now she was downright breathtaking. His eyes were drawn to those plump red lips that just begged to be wrapped around more than just a bottle.

Kaden was finally able to tear his gaze away from her for just a moment so he could glare at the wolf boy next to him…and he did consider him nothing but a boy, whereas he was a king, worthy of this queen. Kaden stood taller as he pushed out his chest, needing to impress the sexy vixen who stood next to him.

Slayde had already gone to the kitchen to get Vee a drink and returned to shove another cold one into her waiting hand. Cassidy was smiling just as widely as she watched the looks of desire emanating from both men. She thought she was going to have to pick their jaws up off the floor.

“Ok boys, wipe your mouths, you’re drooling everywhere,” Cassie said out loud, “Now let’s sit down to eat, I am starved!”

Cassidy had made it easy to seat everyone as she had anticipated the two men wanting to each sit beside her sister. She had made small placards showing where each would sit, Slayde and her on one side of the rectangular table and Vee sitting between both men on the other side. She had hoped Valaria wouldn’t mind and she breathed easier as Vee took her spot in the middle.

Covered dishes adorned the table and Cassie began to uncover each of them, “I hope it’s all still warm.” Steaming potatoes, mixed vegetables, and roast beef wafted to fill the room. The gravy was sitting in two glass boats, one for each side of the table. Fresh rolls with real butter were unwrapped.

“Dig in everyone!” Cassidy encouraged and smiled as she noticed both Kaden and Riordan kept sneaking glances at a very oblivious Valaria.

Vee reached for a serving spoon to begin to fill her plate with the mouthwatering fare. She hadn’t had roast beef with all the fixings in a very long while. Her stomach growled in anticipation. Although she was aware of being sandwiched in between two giant males, she was trying her best to ignore the ripples of desire that flowed over her skin at each accidental touch.

She glanced sideways at each man and caught both of them glancing directly at her face, almost like they didn’t know her. Did she look that much different?

“So, Valaria, we weren’t sure what you liked to eat and just took the chance on roast beef since Cassie also likes it,” Slayde started the conversation.

Vee nodded as she chewed, washing it down with a drink of beer, “Yes, it’s very good. It’s all very good. So did you cook it?” she looked at Slayde.

“I’m guilty, I like to cook for my little Luna,” he turned and winked at his wife and Vee found herself jolted with envy.

Cassidy laughed, “And I’m so lucky to have such a talented husband.”

Vee smiled, it felt so easy and normal to be sitting having a meal with family and she knew everyone that was sitting there was one big family. The conversation continued as each spoke about their memories of Cassidys first week and the months since. Another round of beer was set on the table and Valaria enjoyed feeling relaxation spread from her head to her feet. Good food, good drink, great company…

“So, Valaria, how do you like living in the city? Do you suppose now that you have discovered your animals, you might want to move to the country? Maybe some small town with lots of woods?” Riordan glanced down at her as he smiled.

Vee’s smile dropped slightly, “Ummm, maybe? But I don’t know, I’ve always loved the city and I think if my animals need to run, the countryside isn’t that far away.”

Cassie broke in, “Of course you’re not far away and you always have an open invitation here to come to visit whenever you want.”

Vee shoved another piece of beef into her mouth, hoping to discourage anyone from asking her more questions.

“And she’s always welcome in Ireland too,” Kaden spoke up, “My door is always open.”

Valaria smiled up at him as she filled her mouth again. They were all acting like this relationship with her was a long term thing when she knew there was a slim to none chance of that happening. Although she had smiled and laughed at their conversation, this was Veronica’s hope and dream, not hers. She still wanted to have her ranch far from civilization where she could help the youth that fell through the cracks of society.

“And who knows? You might find your mate while you’re here and decide to stay,” Riordan stared at her as his eyes grew darker.

“Or your cat and wolf might not find a suitable mate here, you might have to search abroad,” Kaden cut in, glaring at the Beta before gracing Valaria with a smile and winking wickedly at her.

Valaria grabbed her knife and then gestured, “Umm, could someone hand me a roll?” Two hands immediately reached for two different baskets of bread to be the first to satisfy her request.

Vee lifted both hands to try to stop the competition, but ended up dropping her knife and watched helplessly as it bounced off the edge of the table to fall on the floor beneath.

Quickly, Valaria called out, “I got this!” and she pushed her chair back and dove beneath the tablecloth to look for her utensil. She couldn’t find it right away and glanced at Kaden’s chair to see if it fell beneath. Her eyes couldn’t help rising to follow his strong calves up to his muscular thighs to stop at the raging hardon that bulged behind his pants.

How did he get that horny just from sitting beside her? She unconsciously glanced at the other male and was doubly surprised to find another matching hill sitting between his thighs.

Were these males always in a perpetual state of horniness? Always ready to go in case an opportunity arose?

Vee shook her head and closed her eyes.

“Did you find it?” Vee heard her sister call out.

Valaria’s eyes jumped from one swollen mound to the other and muttered, “Yeah, two of them.”

“What did you say? Kaden, can you see if you can help her?” Cassidy asked.

Vee yelled out, “I don’t need any help, I’m good, I found what I was looking for!” Then Vee was mesmerized as a hand belonging to Kaden snaked beneath the tablecloth to land on his erection. She was fascinated as he slowly cupped himself and begin to run his finger over the obvious tip of his cock.

She heard him answer while he stroked himself, “The lady says she’s good. If she needs a little extra time to look for it, I’m good with that.”

Vee bit her lip as she watched Kaden’s fingers grasp the little zipper pull on his trousers. O-M-G! Was he going to let himself loose under the table? Was he hoping for another blowjob?

Valaria’s mouth began to water…could they actually get away with it?

What the hell was she thinking???

Vee pushed her hand back to get herself out from under the table before she was tempted to do something that would embarrass them all and her hand fell on the knife she had dropped earlier.

“Got it!” she yelled out and held it up as she straightened…banging her head on the edge of the table and falling back down to cover her head.

“Vee!” she heard her sister scream. Then she sensed the tablecloth being lifted from her other side and heard Riordan ask, “Are you alright?”

She didn’t want the man to see what Kaden had been doing so she quickly backed out and held up the utensil, declaring, “Yeah, it’s all good, just a little bump,” before she quickly scampered back into her seat, pulling it forward again and trying to ignore the smarting on the top of her skull.

She glanced at Kaden and knew that he knew what she had been looking at under the table. Her teeth clenched as she saw him smile as his hand returned to eating.

Riordan leaned towards her, “Are you sure you’re alright? I could walk you home if you need to lie down,” he offered.

I bet you could…Vee thought…and I’m sure you wouldn’t mind a lie down beside me…

Kaden leaned farther towards her while his eyes zeroed in on his competition, “If Valaria needs to go home, I will walk her over or,” he glanced at her, “I could carry you.”

Vee looked from one hard face to the other…they were acting like they had some claim over her…no, they were acting like children fighting over a ball…

Well, she was no ball…

Valaria stood up then and directed her gaze to her sister, “Cassie? Thank you both for the wonderful meal, but I need to go.”

Cassidy rose, “You aren’t going to have dessert? It’s pumpkin pie with whipped cream.”

Vee shook her head, “No, thank you, I guess I’m still tired from all my traveling. So, if you’ll excuse me…” she pushed back her chair and walked around the stunned face of the cat king.

“I’ll see myself out!” she called out over her shoulder as she opened the door and walked next door.

She was half surprised that no one ran after her. She released her breath in relief as she saw her door back on its hinges, none the worse for wear. She opened it and went inside, being careful to lock it behind her. She wasn’t letting anyone in…no one…

Vee left the house in the dark and walked over to the sofa and sat down. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes as she counted to ten…

One…two…three…she hadn’t done this in a very long time…

Four…five…six…not since the councilor at the ranch had told her it was the best way for her to gain control back…

Seven…eight…it had always worked before…

Nine…wasn’t working now…

Ten……Vee breathed in deep through her nose and exhaled deeply through her mouth…

She listened to the silence outside and felt herself relax…thank God they actually left her alone. She had started out somewhat enjoying the evening but it didn’t take long for the two bachelors to start laying claim to her time and body…and Kaden! He was just downright sex on a stick! And he showed no qualms about touching himself under the table!

Vee shook her head…and Riordan was no better…his blond locks conjured days on the beach under the hot sun as he licked every inch of seawater from your skin…

There was more testosterone floating around that room than a…than a…Vee sighed…than a town full of shifters…

Was this what her visit was going to be reduced to? Being pUrsued by every available male within smelling distance? She wouldn’t be able to stand it…when she interacted with human males in the city, she knew exactly what they wanted, human nature was easy to read…but these shifters, well, all they seemed to think about was sex and it was obvious that they thought they could win her with their mouths and their…

Vee swore out loud, “Shit, this wasn’t what I signed up for,” she spoke into the darkness, “Hell, what am I talking about? If someone had told me two weeks ago that I was going to turn into a wolf and a cat and be staying in a small town full of them along with the sister I never knew I had, I would have told them they were crazy,” She thought by talking out loud then maybe she could see a way through her predicament. She was never a people person at the best of times. Now?

“I can’t handle this,” she spoke aloud, wishing she could call her friend and discuss it with her. Veronica always had a good head on her shoulders with a talent for dishing out good common sense. But she couldn’t involve her friend in this, Vee may not even be allowed to tell her without putting her life in danger.

She had to find her way through this herself. But how?

She heard a gentle knock on her door and debated whether to answer it. The knock came again a little firmer and she sighed as she got up to answer it. She was pretty sure that it wasn’t one of the males…

She opened the door and saw her sister standing there with a large piece of pie sitting on a black case, “Hey, I thought you might like a piece of this for later. Can I come in?”

Vee hesitated before turning away to allow her sister to come in and close the door behind her.

“Kenny did a great job on the door,” she commented as she walked into the kitchen, turned on the light, and put both objects on the table.

Vee sat back down on her sofa and waited until her sister joined her. It was obvious her real intent was to find out how she was.

“I’m sorry,” was the first words she spoke as she sat down.

Vee was quiet as she spoke, “What for? None of this is your fault.”

Cassidy sighed, “I’m sorry for inviting both Kaden and Riordan. I should have made the meal just about us.”

Valaria waved away her comment, “It’s okay, I’m just feeling so…”

“Overwhelmed?” Cassie filled in.

Vee nodded her head, “Anytime things bothered me, I had Ronnie to talk to. She always made it easy to find the clearing through the trees. But, obviously, I can’t tell her about everything now…right?” she questioned.

Cassie shook her head, “No, we need to keep the existence of shifters to ourselves. I’m sorry,” she apologized again.

Valaria shook her head, “That too is not your fault. It is what it is.” She glanced away as she felt tears well up, threatening to spill over. Something that hadn’t happened in a very long time.

Then she found her hand grasped, “But you CAN talk to me. I was exactly where you are not that long ago. I know what it is like to be attracted to two men.”

Vee lowered her eyebrows as she sought her sister’s gaze, “So, you were attracted to two wolf shifters?...Don’t tell me it was Riordan…” Valaria would be horrified if he had been her sisters might be mate.

“No, it wasn’t Riordan,” Cassie confirmed, “No, we have to be exposed to both wolf and cat shifters before our animals choose a suitable mate.”

Valaria thought about what she said and then it finally clicked, “Kaden?”

Cassidy nodded, “But I want you to know that Slayde was my first choice all along. I fell in love with him. With Kaden, it was all just physical attraction…”

“Did you sleep with him?” Vee needed to know if she just had her sisters cast off.

Cassie was quick to jump in, “No! Of course not! I mean we fooled around a little, but it didn’t mean anything,” she added as she saw confusion cross Vees face, “Look, these men don’t look at sex the way we as humans do. They feel free to sleep with whomever they want as long as it’s mutual.”

Wow…they were sluts…

Cassidy could almost read her thoughts, “So don’t feel bad if you find yourself attracted to several of these guys. You have to stop thinking like a human,” she squeezed her hand tighter, “cause we’re not human, Vee.”

Valaria felt even more confused, “So, how many did you sleep with?” She had to know if she could control urges that were no longer human.

“Just Slayde,” Cassie replied, “it was always Slayde.”

Vee nodded, “And you felt absolutely nothing for Kaden?”

Cassidy smiled as she answered, “Well, I won’t lie, he’s hot, but he is like a…” she hesitated, trying to find a comparison, “like a Christmas present…on the outside, shiny paper, big glittery bow, but when you open it, it’s a pair of mittens…a very nice pair of mittens,” she added quickly, “but I already have a very nice pair of warm mittens…does that make sense to you?”

Valaria twisted her mouth, “I think so, but how did he feel about you?” She had to know if Kaden saw her as a stand-in for her sister.

“Well, I think he was attracted and I think if my animals had chosen him, we would have bonded and I would now be living in Ireland…but they didn’t, Vee,” she leaned a little closer, “Slayde was the one for me and when the time comes, your animals will choose someone who is perfect for you too.”

Vee pulled her hand out of her sister’s grasp, “But I don’t want a man in my life, Cass. I have nothing to share with someone, I have nothing inside to give to anyone.”

Cassie stared hard at her sister, “Do you really believe that? I used to think I had my life mapped out, get a great career, a home of my own and maybe someday settle down…”

“But that’s just it, those were your dreams and they included having a family. My goals have never included a man or children,” Vee interrupted.

“Then tell me what your goals are,” Cassie encouraged.

Vee turned away and hesitated, then she spoke, “When I was fourteen, I was sent to a youth ranch in Wyoming. I think it was just a place to dump the runaways until they could age out of the system. But one of the councilors that worked there showed me that it was more than that. Tee showed me that even a group of misfits like us were more than society’s throwaways,” Valaria turned back to her sister, “and when Veronica stormed into my life, we both decided we wanted to make a difference in kids just like us. And we swore no one would be turned away. We just needed to get enough money to buy a cheap ranch back in the woods somewhere and we would fix it up, grow our own food and we would make it a home.”

Cassie spoke softly, “Wow, that’s amazing…”

Vee found herself blushing under her sister’s gaze. She wasn’t used to sharing her inner self with just anyone.

“So I assume that since you and your friend are in this together that you care for each other,” Cassidy replied.

Vee nodded, “Yeah, she keeps me grounded when my life turns into a shit-show.”

“So, you care for her and you have a dream of providing a safe haven for youth,” Cassie confirmed what she said.

Valaria nodded again, “Yeah, that’s why I had to find a job that would make money fast.” She bowed her head at her admission.

“You mean stealing and selling what you stole,” Cassidy’s voice was devoid of condemnation.

“Who told you?” Vee whispered.

“Kaden told Slayde and he told me…I felt so bad that that was your life,” Cassidy confessed.

Vee felt tears arise again, what was wrong with her?

“But you were doing it to save other young people from the streets,” Cassie reasoned, “So…what you are saying is you care very deeply for your friend and the nameless kids on the street and you want to give them a family, something you never had.”

Valaria made the connection. Her sister was right, she wasn’t dead inside, she had a heart and cared for others, and down deep inside, she still wanted a family too. But not here. This was her life and she wanted to live it on her terms.

“Unfortunately, you couldn’t do that here,” Cassie sounded almost sad, “So…you weren’t planning on ever staying here, were you?”

Vee looked into the sadness and shook her head, “I told Kaden I would give it two weeks then I wanted to go back to where I came from…,” She looked away again, finding her chest aching from some unknown feeling, “But I might come back and visit once in a while,” she conceded.

Vee heard the sob and turned back to see her sister fighting back a torrent of tears. She leaned forward and grasped the stranger that wasn’t a sister by another mister…she was by the same mister…and the same mother… She pulled her into a tight embrace as she whispered, “Oh Cassidy, I knew this would be a mistake. You were better off not knowing me at all.”

Cassie clung to her until she was drained, her eyes puffy and red. She pulled away and saw that Valaria’s face was likewise streaked.

Then she laughed…and Valaria joined her until it was tears of joy pouring down their cheeks.

Cassie suddenly hiccuped and Vee laughed harder.

“Well, I didn’t see that coming,” Cassidy hiccuped again.

Vee smiled, “I guess we have more in common than just good looks.”

Cassie laughed again, “And magnetic personalities…”

“Hell, we’re almost twins!” Vee exclaimed and laughed again.

“You look like Dad,” Cassidy suddenly blurted and Vee immediately quieted.

“I mean, your black hair…Dad had black hair.”

Vee found it strange to ask, “And Mom?”

Cassie flicked her own tresses, “Like me.”

“Do you have a picture of them?” Valaria asked hopefully.

Cassidy jumped up, “I almost forgot, I brought over a laptop and I downloaded tons of stuff to the desktop for you to read about us.” She ran out to the kitchen and returned to sit beside her as she opened the screen and powered it up, “I forgot the power cord but you can get it tomorrow.”

Vee watched as the screen lit up and watched as Cassidy opened a file. Up popped a handsome couple and Vee felt the strange tightening in her chest again. Her hand inadvertently reached out and caressed the screen.

“I know, that’s how I felt when I first saw them. Then I tried to remember something, anything, from when I was little, but there was nothing. Do you remember anything?” Cassie asked.

Valaria shook her head slightly, “No, but I want to,” she confessed.

“I know what you mean, I was hoping to find some home movies or something in the archives just to hear them speak, but there was nothing. Slayde thinks everything was wiped to try to save any children they might have had,” she revealed.

Vee looked at her, “You never finished telling me about our people.”

Cassidy spoke, “We started researching back through the histories of the wolf and cat shifters to see if they had intersected the double shifters at any time before our people were wiped out. I guess no one tried to find out who was responsible when we were all gone, it probably was a moot point, but since they found me…or rather I found them…Slayde thought it was imperative to find out what happened and who was behind it, just in case they found out about me and wanted to finish the job.”

Vee found it hard to believe that another shifter clan would kill their own, “But you said you looked back in the shifter’s history…you didn’t think that maybe some humans found out and were responsible?” Wow, look at her, finally referring to the human race as different from her own…

Cassidy continued, “Well we figured if it was entirely humans, then we’d all be wiped out.”

“But why would wolf or cat shifters want to kill their own?” Valaria interrupted.

Cassie explained, “But we are all different species, Vee, and our kind, the double shifters can mate with wolves, cats, or other double shifters. So, say if the cat clan decided they wanted to wipe out the wolves, they could conspire to have the double shifters only mate with wolf shifters, then their offspring could either be doubles or pure wolves. And we don’t know what the percentage of the children would ever be pure wolf but if there was a way to determine which ones were wolves, they could be killed, leaving only more double shifters and eventually the demise of the wolf shifters.”

Vee found the intrigue disturbing, “Isn’t that a lot of work? I mean, if the cat shifters wanted the wolves wiped out, wouldn’t they just attack them or something?”

“Yeah, that would be the short way, but it could lead to a lot of their own people dying. If they could instead just breed them out, then that would be just nature’s own doing,” Cassidy replied.

Vee still wasn’t buying it, “But wouldn’t that take a very long time? I mean, it would mean that double shifters would have to permeate every wolf clan…still would be quicker to just kill them. And besides, it was the double shifters that started being killed, right?”

Cassidy nodded, “We had traced everything back to a clan get together between the wolves, cats, and doubles. Apparently, there was a high ranking double that brought his daughter, Meredith, to the meetings and she fell hard for Reis, a wolf shifter. Then the cat king’s son, Michael, wanted her too so he conspired with a female wolf shifter, Rachel, who wanted Reis. Are you following me?” she paused in her explanation.

Valaria nodded although she wasn’t quite sure.

Cassie continued, “Anyway, Rachel gave Michael some sort of mixture that would cause Meredith to bond with him instead of Reis, but he fucked up and she ended up dead. Then he fingered poor Reis who was absolutely devastated and while everyone was arguing on what to do, Reis killed himself and they just closed the books. But meanwhile, Rachel was pissed at Michael for fucking up and she had to mate with someone else and long story short, her family had been killing double shifters and enlisting help to do it in revenge for Reis killing himself and ruining her life.”

Valaria shook her head, “Wow, so what did you do with that info…I mean, is there anyone left from her lineage that was held responsible?”

Cassidy quieted as she revealed, “Not after she tried to kill me.”

Vee sat up straight, “The bitch what?”

“I wish I had you around when this was all happening, everything probably would have been different,” Cassie admitted, “Rachel’s great-granddaughter, Rebecca, arrived with the wolf clan’s council leader. Well, to be fair, I had contacted their office to see if I could get info about the double shifters and I met Rebecca….I mean, she seemed really nice and she always was supportive of what I wanted to do…”

“But how did she get close enough to try to kill you? I can’t believe Slayde would stand by for that,” Vee broke in.

“Well, he wouldn’t have if he could stand. You see, Slayde had been attacked in the forest with the same stuff that had been used on Meredith. I guess one of the side effects if you lived, was the disappearance of your animals and you don’t really realize how that emptiness would feel unless it happened to you. But, Becca didn’t want Slayde to just lose his animals, she wanted him dead. Then if he was out of the way, I would be next,” Cassidy rambled on.

“But how did she get to you? Wouldn’t Riordan or Kaden have protected you until Slayde recovered?” Vee couldn’t believe how close she came to losing her sister.

Cassidy looked down, “You have to understand, Vee, someone was willing to kill Slayde to get to me. I just couldn’t be responsible for his death. So, when Becca offered me a ride out of town to someplace where I could disappear, I jumped at it.”

Valaria slapped her hand against her forehead, “Didn’t your animals warn you? There must have been some inkling that there was something wrong.”

Cassie shook her head, “Well of course they didn’t want me leaving but I was blind to everything else. I knew I had to take the danger away from Slayde.”

Vee waved her hand, “And then what happened?”

Cassidy’s eyes gazed into nothingness as she thought about that night, “We had stopped somewhere for the night, I later found out it was Becca’s home where she grew up…where her mother killed herself when she found out what Becca’s father had been doing, helping to exterminate the double shifters. Then he killed himself, thinking he finally killed the last ones, which were our parents.”

“So this Becca blamed you?” Vee asked incredulously.

Cassie nodded, “She was just a young girl, Vee, before her first shift and basically her parents didn’t think she was worth living for. So she had to find someone to blame…and then I gave her the perfect opportunity.”

Vee shook her head, “But I don’t follow, how did she know about what her father was doing or was she helping dear old Dad?”

“She had found a diary after her father was gone which explained everything he had done along with the generations before. I can’t imagine what it would feel like to find out your father was a monster,” Cassidy ended.

Valaria snorted, “I can’t believe you still feel sorry for her, I hope she’s rotting somewhere in a deep dark dungeon.”

Her sister shook her head, “Slayde ripped her to shreds just before she was going to throw me into the river that ran behind her house.”

“Good! I hope she suffered, the bitch!” Valaria couldn’t believe the anger that had swollen inside her.

“Well, it’s all over now, Slayde and Kaden said there was no one left,” Cassie ended.

“Are they sure?” Vee needed the reassurance that when she left, her sister would not be hunted by more deranged shifters.

“Yeah, and they’ve been keeping ears to the ground to make sure. That’s one reason Slayde didn’t want it publicly known, not until he was completely sure,” Cassie added.

Valaria was astonished. Absolutely speechless…and absolutely unconvinced yet that the danger was truly over. Stuff like that just couldn’t be that cut and dried, right? The only people who knew was Slayde and Kaden…she would have to corner one of them to make sure that what they told Cassidy was true.

Cassie yawned and handed her the open laptop, “I’ll let you read some of this other stuff, I’m tired and Tiberius is probably hungry and fussing.” She got up and walked to the door, Vee trailing her.

She turned, “Have a good night, Sis,” then she leaned over and kissed Valaria’s cheek, “Sweet dreams, and just come over tomorrow when you’re up and about. And maybe we can run together in the afternoon or something.”

Valaria nodded, “That would be nice, see you tomorrow…Sis,” closing and locking the door behind her.

Even though Vee was on information overload, she brushed her teeth and took the laptop to bed to discover even more about who she was…

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