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Chapter 17

Vee straightened the tight, slinky black dress she had poured herself into and pulled her breasts up higher into the décolletage, leaving juicy cleavage on display for whoever might want to look…and it better not be butthole boy…she liked that moniker a lot better than cat king…that would imply he was honorable in someway…no, butthole boy was definitely more fitting.

Her hair was bed tousled, giving her the impression that she was carefree and not a worry in the world. Cassidy had helped her with her makeup again and gave her a delicious deep red lipstick that she thought would look absolutely stunning. She fastened a set of silver hoop earrings encrusted with rubies and a matching choker that accentuated the perfection of her neck.

The woman that greeted her in the mirror was confident of her own sexuality and didn’t mind who knew it. She checked the clock…seven-ten…a little late, but that was okay. She didn’t want to risk meeting anyone else on the walk to the house next door. Everyone should already be there and hopefully already seated. She didn’t want Kaden to have any chance of pulling her aside so he could explain his side of the story.

She really wasn’t interested…


He never even came by to talk to her today, so she guessed correctly where his priorities lay. And that was okay, neither one of them had made any promises to each other…but thorns still hurt when you touched them without meaning to.

Vee sighed and grabbed her black heels with thin straps to show off the red polish on her toenails. Then she was ready to go…one last look in the mirror and then she took a deep breath before opening the door and making her way over to her sister’s house.

She could hear low music playing and braced herself as she knocked tentatively on the door. She prayed her sister would open the door…

Her prayers were answered!

Cassidy looked her up and down and said under her breath, “Nicely done Sis, I hope he drools all over himself.” She gestured for her to come in, “You just missed saying goodnight to Tye. He was tired and whiny for the last hour.”

Valaria followed her sister into the dining room and saw all the other guests seated with glasses of wine and chatting amicably among themselves. As she entered the room, Riordan jumped up and knocked over his chair as he scrambled to pull the empty chair next to him out for her to seat herself.

“Wow, you look amazing!” he exclaimed with admiration.

Vee blushed as she sat, “Thanks Rory, I appreciate that. It’s nice to get dressed up sometimes.”

She didn’t miss his eyes being drawn to her chest and she straightened herself even more to emphasize her ample breasts. She saw Slayde sitting on one end of the large table and the two cat shifters sitting beside each other across from her. She didn’t miss the look of appreciation that crossed Kaden’s face as he sat directly across from her.

Cassidy took a seat at the other end across from her husband, “Vee, would you like some wine?” She grabbed the bottle nearest her and suspended it over her sister’s glass.

Vee nodded and watched her fill her glass to the top…God Bless sisters…

She grasped the glass and brought it to her lips to indulge in a healthy swallow, loving the hot flush that ran from her head to her toes.

She heard Kaden remark, “Hey, go easy on that, remember the last time you drank too fast.”

How could she forget???

She swallowed another gulp before placing it on the table and answered with a smile, “Sure I do, but we all do stupid things when we’ve had a little too much to drink,” then she turned to Riordan, “Am I right or am I right?”

Rory smiled, “Who am I to argue with a woman?” He reached out to push her glass closer to her, “Especially one as beautiful as you.”

Vee smiled widely at him, he really was a very sexy man, “Be careful, Riordan, flattery will get you everything.”

She thought she heard a low growl as Riordan wiggled his eyebrows, “That’s what I’m hoping for.”

Then her sister handed her a dish of creamed mashed potatoes, “Here, Vee, you better get something into your stomach before you indulge any more.”

The next few minutes were spent passing dishes of vegetables and deep-fried chicken breasts with thick gravy to bath it with. Vee didn’t know how she was going to eat it all. As she began to eat, another voice spoke up, “I’m sorry, I didn’t recognize you. You were that girl with Kaden last night, weren’t you?”

Vee felt her jaw clench as she looked towards the speaker. Her sister jumped in, “Oh, how rude of me. Sonya, this is my sister, Valaria…Vee, this is Sonya Cattrell, she is a member of Kaden’s clan from Ireland.”

Vee tried really hard to keep her voice pleasant, “Nice to put a name to a face.”

“Likewise,” the voice sounded just as crisp as her own.

No love lost there…

Then she was ignored as Sonya turned to their hostess, “So, rumor has it that you are part of the extinct double-shifter clans.”

Cassidy smiled tentatively, “Well, not so extinct after all, I guess.” She then laughed tentatively, “There’s at least two of us now.”

Vee narrowed her eyes at the woman as she felt her sister’s wariness. She just wanted to reach across the table and slap her until her eyes fell out…

“Do you think there are more of your kind?” Sonya prodded.

Cassie flushed as all eyes turned to her.

No, the bitch wasn’t going to corner her sister…

Vee spoke, “I would certainly hope there’s more, I can’t imagine just the two of us re-populating our species,” she smiled and took another drink of her wine.

Sonya’s gaze swung on her as she too grasped her wine and sipped before replying, “So, have you found your mate here too?” She glanced at Riordan and back to Valaria again.

Two could play at this game…

Vee glanced fleetingly at Kaden before returning Sonya’s gaze, “Perhaps,” she emptied her glass, “But my wolf and cat will fight that out later.”

Sonya’s eyes hardened with irritation, “You must tell me, what is it like with two different species inside you? I find it absolutely fascinating.”

Vee took a moment to refill her wine before she spoke, “I concur, it is absolutely fascinating. There is nothing like the feeling of having two different species inside you.”

A clearing of a throat and Slayde’s voice interrupted the game that was being played, “So, Sonya, how long are you staying? We would be more than happy to assist you with anything you might need.”

The cat woman turned to her host, “I will be here until I can convince my king to come home.” She turned to Kaden and let her fingers reach out to graze along his arm, “We have really missed him.”

Vee watched Kaden closely but he was giving her nothing. He certainly wasn’t shrugging her off. Valaria really wanted to crack that tough exterior.

She poked the cat king, “Yes, his job here is done, there is no reason he should stay.”

She watched his lips tighten slightly as his gaze fell on her. If they were alone, she knew he would have her on the floor…she glanced at the woman beside him…or maybe not. Obviously, the pair had a history…

She poked again, “So, Sonya, are you mated?”

She watched the woman turn to Kaden slightly before answering, “Not yet, my cat finds very few men equal to her worth.”

Vee continued to play, “Well, at least we have one thing in common.”

Cassidy leaned forward, “Valaria, could you help me with dessert in the kitchen?”

Vee turned towards her and plastered a smile on her face, “Of course, Sis. I’d be glad to.”

As they both rose, Sonya called out, “None for me, thanks, I have to watch my figure. Valaria can have mine.”

Vee gritted her teeth all the way to the kitchen as her sister came up the rear.

When they went into the large area, Vee felt like spitting nails, “I’d like to watch her figure…right through a meat grinder and out the other side.”

Cassie was caught between a rock and a hard place. She had a duty as a hostess, but it really pissed her off with the continuous baiting.

“Grab the cake out of the fridge, Vee,” she motioned as she grabbed saucers, “and don’t let that little bitch get to you.”

Vee opened the fridge, “I just can’t believe that Kaden is attracted to both of us. I mean,” she placed the double-decker chocolate fudge cake on the counter, “I am nothing like her.”

“But you don’t know if he’s attracted to her,” her sister offered weakly.

“Oh come on, Cass, did he tell you to find her another place to stay?” Valaria shot out.

“Well, no, but,” Cassie started.

“So, she’s living with him,” her look said it all.

Cassidy wasn’t ready to agree, “But his house does have several bedrooms.”

Vee cocked her eyebrow, “Do you really think she is just sleeping in her own little bed with him in the same house?”

Cassidy got a knife and began to cut slices of fudge cake for her guests, “All I’m saying Vee, is that you don’t know. I think she is jealous of you and just wants you to think there is something going on.”

Valaria began rummaging for forks, “Uh huh, sure, she is jealous of me. The woman would have given Marilyn Monroe a run for her money.”

Cassie didn’t like seeing her sister upset, “She may be beautiful in her own way, but you’re gorgeous, Vee. And you can’t tell me that the only time you and Kaden made love was just to help your turning.”

Vee bit her lip as she handed the forks to her sister, “I was just convenient.”

Cassidy turned to her, “And what about Riordan? He certainly thinks you’re attractive.”

Vee shook her head as she grabbed a nearby tray to put the saucers on, “It’s a moot point anyway, Sis, cause I’m not going to hang around waiting for my animals to decide my future.”

A look of alarm crossed her sister’s face, “Vee, don’t say that you just got here. I want some time with you. Believe it or not, I’ve loved you from the moment I discovered you existed.”

Valaria hesitated, not wanting to crush her sister’s dream of one big happy family…at least not tonight. And she had to stick around until she made sure any threat to her sister and her son was no longer real.

She would have to confront Slayde since she’d be damned if she was going to go out of her way to talk to Kaden again, especially with that annoying pimple stuck to his butt…

Cassidy grabbed the small tray and gestured to Vee, “Just grab that and come back in. And if you want to leave early, just say you aren’t feeling well, I’ll understand.”

Vee felt relief at her sister’s suggestion, but when they returned to the dining area, only Sonya remained sipping her wine.

Cassidy questioned, “Where is everyone?”

Sonya gestured towards Slayde’s office, “Your husband had a text and then he took Riordan and Kaden into his office.”

Cassie plastered on a smile, “Well, the more for us I guess.”

Just then, the baby monitor sitting on a nearby table began spitting the delicate cries of a tired baby.

Cassidy set down the tray on the table, “I’ll go see to Tye, you guys have some cake and help yourself to the wine.” She gave Valaria a sorry face as she turned.

Then it was just her and the blond bimbo…


“So, they found another dead shifter next state over. Another woman who looks like the last one,” Slayde informed the two men standing inside his office.

They both swore at the news, both hoping the other was a one-off.

Kaden ran his fingers through his hair, “Was she a wolf or something else?”

Slayde shook his head, “Don’t know yet, she was a pre-shift. Her body is on the way here. The other woman was identified from the North Woods clan out of Maine. She had left to go to school and hadn’t been heard from in a couple of weeks.”

Riordan spoke up, “Well at least we know who she was. We will do the blood tests on the new one and see if they are the same in any way.”

Kaden turned, “Speaking of blood, Valaria said she has some bloody bandage from a couple of weeks ago before her shift. We could probably get it for testing.”

Slayde eyed his friend, “We? I don’t think she’s gonna give you anything right now, pal. So, what’s the deal with the she-cat? What is she doing here? Is she your bed companion from home?”

Kaden felt his face flush under scrutiny from the other two men, “No, I mean not now,” he amended, “She came into my clan four years ago at the yearly gathering. We took in six new females from a clan in Britain and she was one of them.”

Riordan jumped in, “So, was she a candidate for your mate?”

Kaden didn’t like his life on display, but felt he owed them something, “For awhile we chased each other around, but she started getting really serious about becoming the new queen and I had to shit or get off the pot…so I got off the pot and told her it wasn’t going to work between us.”

“And how long ago was that?” Slayde asked.

“Sometime last year, just before Cassidy messaged my clan,” Kaden admitted, “I thought everything was good until I saw her last night. So, I told her again that what we had was over and my cat was no longer interested.”

Riordan spoke, “And she saw you with Valaria last night.”

Kaden turned his head, “Yeah, she was pretty pissed about that. Now she thinks that Valaria is the reason I split with her. I told her that I didn’t even know about Vee when I split with her.”

Slayde broke in, “And now what? I’m going to be honest here, Kaden. Valaria is my wife’s sister and she is under the protection of my pack. I will not have her driven out by some devious, jealous hellcat that sees her as a threat.” He left his own threat hanging in the air.

Kaden met his gaze, “I understand. She will be gone as soon as I can get her out of here.”

Slayde nodded then turned to his beta, “Riordan, I want you to stand guard over Valaria tonight. I will get Cassidy to stay with her tomorrow and after you get some sleep, I want you to take her out and see if you can get her to donate her bandage to a worthy cause…just say it’s for some testing on Tye’s blood to see if we can find out if he is going to be a double shifter.”

Kaden spoke up, “She already knows.”

Both Slayde and Riordan stared at him before Slayde spoke, “What does she know?”

“Everything…” Kaden whispered. He watched as the Alpha’s face grew hard.

But Riordan was the first to speak, “What the hell did you tell her? And WHY did you tell her anything? Was the sex so good you just spilled everything in the afterglow?”

Kaden growled and then moved fast towards the Beta. He found himself up against his friend’s chest instead, Slayde’s voice as hard as his face, “What happened?”

Kaden looked past him and growled, “She surprised me by asking if her sister was still in danger and I tried to put her off but she’s one smart cookie. Then she threatened to ask Cassidy about what you told her so I didn’t know what to do but tell her everything. So, I admitted what was going on and swore her to secrecy. I didn’t want Cassidy to find out.”

Slayde turned away, “FUCK! And what did she say? I can’t imagine her agreeing to keep her mouth shut….DAMN!”

Kaden admitted, “She said she would keep quiet for a while, but she didn’t agree with keeping her sister in the dark and I can see her point,” he watched Slayde’s gaze darken and he held up his hands, “But only because I understand she was raised among humans and doesn’t understand safety within the clans.”

He watched his friend pace back and forth as he dwelled on the new information. Kaden sought to reassure, “I don’t think she wants to upset her sister.”

Slayde stopped and turned to his beta, “We need that bandage ASAP and you have to get her to keep quiet until we know more, do you think she will listen to you?”

Kaden stepped forward, “Now wait a minute…”

Slayde turned to him, “Riordan is going to talk to Valaria about her bandage while you can find a way to get rid of your lover.” His eyes were hard and unyielding.

Kaden swore again, “She’s not my lover.”

Slayde bit out, “Didn’t anyone ever tell you that hell hath no fury as a woman scorned?”

Kaden’s mouth hardened, “And which one have I scorned?”

Slayde answered, “Both of them.”


Sonya was the first to speak, “Please sit down and keep me company… and have another drink.” She added as she raised her glass to Valaria.

Vee hesitated, she did not want to be in the same room as this woman, let alone by themselves.

“Listen, I know you and Kadan have slept together and I don’t care,” the woman continued to talk, “Kaden and I aren’t mated yet, so he is free to sleep with whomever he wants.”

Vee found herself sitting and being drawn into the conversation like an observer at a train wreck…a really big train wreck…

“Now come on, just because we have both slept with the same man doesn’t mean we can’t be friends,” the silkiness of the voice was almost hypnotizing.

Valaria poured herself another glass of wine as she replied, “I have enough friends.” She took a long swallow as she prayed for her sister to come back…quickly.

“Very well, then at least let us act like mature adults. I don’t like wasting time dancing around when being direct gives much more clarity,” she leaned forward, “I am going to be Kaden’s queen. We are well suited and our cats have also developed a fondness for one another.”

Even though Valaria expected the words, her heart still fell to the floor. But she wasn’t going to be cowed by the blond tramp, she chuckled, “You know, I also believe in being direct so everyone knows where they stand,” she leveled her gaze at the stranger, “I don’t give a rat’s ass what you and Kaden do, it has nothing to do with me. In fact, I’m going back where I came from in a few days and we are never going to cross paths again.” Vee emptied her glass and decided it was time to leave before she started throwing things to see how fast a cat woman could move.

She rose and continued to speak, “So, on that note, I’m leaving,” She smiled, “So if I never see you again, it will be too soon.”

Vee turned and started to walk towards the kitchen where the other door led outside.

She froze as she heard a deep laugh behind her, “Does that mean you don’t want an invitation to our wedding?”

Valaria felt the burn of tears begin as her face flushed in anger. Then she turned and strode back into the dining room, “No thanks, but before you decide to put that chain around your ankle, you might want to ask your fiancé why he has been calling me his queen after we make love.” Vee felt a deep satisfaction as the other woman’s lips pursed just a little at her words…oh yeah, Kaden was going to have to answer for something tonight…

Cassidy glided into the room to see her sister half out in the kitchen, “Do you need something, Vee?” She had half expected to see her sitting on top of the other woman while she pummelled her to a pulp.

Vee shook her head as she smiled, “Nope, I’m all good. I’m just going to head home, I’m really tired from being out last night.”

Valaria waved absently as she left the house and made her way next door to her own abode. She chuckled to herself as she remembered the look on Sonya’s face…yeah, she might say she didn’t care what she and Kaden had been up to, but her face said a different story…

Vee locked her door and went into the kitchen and opened her fridge, looking for the bottle of red she knew was in the back. Her sister had thought of everything. She uncorked it and poured herself another large glass and settled on the couch to watch some television as she calmed herself down. She kicked off her shoes and went searching for her animals inside.

“So, what do you girls think? You’ve been quiet,” she spoke aloud.

Her cat immediately came forward…we can tear her to pieces…

Vee giggled, “Yeah, that idea has crossed my mind, but then my sister would be embroiled in some intercontinental shifter war and that wouldn’t be good.”

Her wolf sidled forward…Riordan…

Vee sighed as she thought about the wolf shifter. Yeah, he was very fine indeed…

She shook her head, “No, we aren’t getting involved with any more male shifters…or any males at all.” She gulped her wine as she whispered, “Big mistake…”

Her cat spoke again…we must mate…

Vee felt herself panic at the surety of her cat’s words. Her cat had already proved she was strong enough to control Valaria…could she also force the glowing onto her if she thought Vee was going to reject the whole mating thing?

Her wolf reassured her…we will mate when we are ready…

Valaria was half in the bag, her emotions rubbed raw from the events of the last twenty-four hours. She wished she could rewind time and stop herself from going into that bar. Then she wouldn’t be here subjecting herself to all these feelings that she thought she no longer had…

A soft knock resounded on her door.

Vee figured it was Cassidy coming to see if she was alright.

She sighed as she put down her glass and went to open the door, “Cassidy, I…”

Riordan stood there with his arm propped up against her door casing looking all casual and sexy…very sexy…

“Hey, why did you leave? Did that bitch scare you off?” his words were soft and silky.

Vee shook her head slowly, “No, I left before I punched her into Cassidy’s floor.”

Riordan looked past her, “Can I come in?”

Could he? Vee bit her lip…

“Kaden, I’m tired, I would really like to go to bed,” Vee heard a whiny voice behind Riordan. She peeked under Riordan’s upraised arm to see Kaden frozen on the sidewalk looking at her house, his bitchy fiancée tugging on one of his huge arms to no avail. Then the blonde stopped and her gaze met Vees.

Vee’s nostrils flared and she found herself reaching for Rory’s shirt, pulling him towards her. He came easily and she pushed him up against the door jamb. Then, knowing there was an audience, she reached up and pulled Riordan’s mouth down to her waiting lips. Then her tongue was thrusting into his open mouth, tangling with his own as she groaned loudly.

Valaria slammed her body tight against his as her other hand braced against the doorway behind him. She felt his hands slide down her back and around her ass, pulling her into him. She couldn’t miss the huge bulge pressing into her.

Vee kissed him violently, her anger needing some sort of release. She soon found herself on the floor in her house, the door slammed shut behind them. The weight of Riordan’s body was delicious as he began to pull up her dress, his fingers caressing the soft skin that was revealed. His mouth plundered hers as he groaned his pleasure. His other hand held her head to protect it from the hard floor.

Vee gasped as her mouth was released and his voice growled next to her ear, “Bed.”


Vee somehow found the strength to push him up, “Stop, Riordan.”

The body on top of her froze and then it was rolling away before sitting against a wall, breathing hard.

Valaria covered her eyes, not wanting to look at him. Her wolf was howling inside at her abandoned loveplay.

She really had to stop drinking…

“Would you have stopped if I were Kaden?” the voice was rough.

Would she?

Vee shuddered knowing what she was doing was so wrong. Using one man to try to forget another…well, it was unfair…to both of them. So what if Kaden had been two-timing two women, that didn’t mean it was okay for her to do that.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought,” she heard the hurt whisper.

Vee sat up and looked over at the large man sitting dejectedly against her wall. She saw the hurt flash fleetingly across his face before he looked away.

Another pain tightened her chest and she cursed herself inwardly for what she had done.

Riordan got up, “My apologies.”

Vee also rose to her feet, her body still on pins and needles, “No, I’m sorry, Riordan. I drank way too much…”

“Wow, that makes me feel even worse. I didn’t think you had to be drunk to make a pass at me,” he replied softly.

Now Vee felt really low. Lower than a fleas knees…

Her wolf snapped at her inside…Take him…he is ours…

Vee shook her head as she reached out to him, “Listen, it’s not that at all. I mean, you are sexy as hell, and right now my wolf is so pissed off that I’m not riding you into the livingroom floor. But I…”

Rory finished for her, “Am in love with the cat king.”


Valaria shook her head, he was wrong. There was no way she was in love with Kaden. Love didn’t work like that…did it?

“I should have known, your sister was crazy about Slayde within days of her turning, but you…you seemed…untouchable…” he finished.

Vee reached for him, “No, I’m not in love with Kaden. I’m not in love with anyone or ever plan to be.”

She watched his green gaze fixate on her own as she continued, “I don’t want my animals to get attached to anyone, Riordan. I am not going to repeat my sister’s life.”

Rory looked confused, “What do you mean? She has a wonderful life here and you could too if you just opened up and let yourself fall.”

Valaria turned away, “But I don’t want to fall, Rory. I’m okay, just the way things are. I have a future that doesn’t include a husband of any kind. And I’m afraid if I let my animals keep playing, they are going to force a mate on me.”

She heard the sigh before he answered, “Well it’s nice you came to that decision before we made love.” She heard the derision in his voice.

Vee swung around, “Don’t take that tone with me, Riordan or you can just leave right now. I said no and I meant it.”

Rory flushed at her scolding and then spit out, “I’m sorry, but I didn’t even come here to seduce you. I came because Slayde wanted me to convince you to get us your pre-shift blood. Then I was blind-sided in the doorway. I mean, when a woman starts to rub herself all over you, what should he think?”

Vee held up her hand, “Fair enough! I shouldn’t have done that unless I meant to take you to bed. That was my bad. So, why don’t we just start this all over again?”

She watched Riordan throw himself on the couch, “Fine, so how can we get your pre-shift blood?”


Kaden died inside as he watched Valaria tug on the wolf shifter and pushed him against the doorway before she flattened her mouth and her body against him. He knew she had every right to sleep with anyone she wanted but he had wanted to think their lovemaking had been so satisfying that she wouldn’t even look at anyone else.

So much for that idea…

But to be fair, Sonya had been tugging on him until he gave way after the door to Valaria’s house slammed shut. Then he walked in a confused daze as he replayed that scene over and over, each time breaking his heart a little more.

Sonya had been pissed that he wasn’t talking to her, obviously still caught up in that little scene. Then when they were back at their house, she had begun to strip as she tried to entice him into her bedroom. She laid down on the floor in their livingroom, naked, and spread her legs. Her hand began to stroke herself to orgasm as she watched him stare.

And as she threw back her head and screamed, Kaden shook his head and left the house. If it had been Valaria on his floor, he would have been all over her, making her come until she was too tired to move.

His once upon a time lover was now just a nuisance. He didn’t care if she got so ticked off that she left. He would love to throw her on a plane back to Ireland as her games were getting more and more ribald. But she had asked for his protection and he was bound by clan law to extend it. And since they were currently in a wolf shifter town, he had to allow her to stay at his house if there was room.

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to guess what Valaria thought about the whole thing…her seducing the local beta said it all…

And there was nothing he could do about it…

Kaden wandered around the streets until he came back to a familiar door. He saw the lights turned low inside and wondered if Riordan was sunk deep inside her right now. His cat had been pacing for the last half hour as he had been trudging through the darkness trying to figure out a way to make everything right again. He wished he could turn back time to when he had her all to himself. When she was everything to him…and he was the man that she didn’t want to leave her.

His cat growled his own displeasure at being cheated out of mating with her own panther. Yeah, it hadn’t been fair…

Kaden was just about to turn away when the door opened across the street. He pulled himself into the shadows as he saw Riordan come out onto the walkway.

Was he done already? If it was him, he would be making love to her all night…

He watched them exchange some words and then Riordan was walking towards a bench that had been placed nearby to oversee the precious double shifter behind the door.

Kaden wanted to go knock on the door but he didn’t want to cause a scene with the Beta. He wouldn’t be held responsible if Riordan started telling him about all the ways he had fucked Valaria and how many times he made her scream.

It should be him that made her scream with pleasure…she was his…

Take her…she is ours…

Well, his cat was up for the challenge…

Suddenly, a voice came out of the darkness behind him, “Out for a midnight stroll, cat man?”

Kaden grit his teeth as he answered, “Just making sure she was safe, wolf boy.”

Riordan laughed, “You are so stupid, Kaden. But hey, your loss, my gain.”

Kaden turned away, “If you’re looking for congratulations, then you can fuck off, Beta.” And Kaden made his way to the forest to find some tall tree to spend the rest of his night licking the wounds that no one else could see.


Vee awoke the next morning with a monstrous headache. She got up to take a couple of aspirin and a large glass of water before heading back into her bedroom. As she lay there, not wanting to sleep yet not wanting to face another day in the world of Kaden and Sonya, Vee thought about her conversation with Riordan.

He said he would get her a new cell phone today and bring it over and then she could contact Ronnie and get her to go to her old apartment to get the bloody cloth that was sitting in a wastebasket somewhere. Then she would get her to courier it to her sister’s place so Slayde could immediately send it for analysis.

She was glad that she could help them with whatever they were doing before she left. And she was definitely planning on leaving before the two weeks were up. She didn’t care what anyone had to say. Her heart had broken last when she saw Kaden and Sonya together and she reacted by trying to seduce Riordan. Although he did get her engine revving, she just couldn’t get out of park. If she had fucked him last night, she wouldn’t have been able to look either man in the eye this morning.

But now that had made the decision to leave, she had to find the best way out where no one would be able to track her. Unfortunately, they all had a great sense of smell so her animals would not be able to give them the slip, although her cat had left Riordan under a tree as she had skipped from branch to branch…until Kaden had caught up with her…

And what about her twenty four hour guard? Surely, Slayde wouldn’t put Kaden on any watch duty?

Valaria jumped out of bed again to the detriment of her throbbing head and made her way to her front window, pulling it back slightly so she could gaze out.

Nope, not Kaden but not Riordan either. It wasn’t hard to spot another large male sitting on a bench not far from her house, trying to look inconspicuous.

“Nice try, buddy, but no cigar…” she whispered and let the curtain close. Then she pattered back into her bedroom and crashed again on the mattress, hauling the blankets up to her neck and tried to get her mind to focus on the problem at hand.

She knew that no one would help her escape, they were all fiercely loyal to their Alpha and she was just his wife’s sister. She wasn’t worth losing a head over.

But her sister may not lose her head, she was the alphas wife…would she help her? She remembered Kaden’s words that her sister wouldn’t go against her husband…but maybe she would just turn a blind eye…just for a couple of minutes…that’s all she would need…

Then Valaria thought about what both Kaden had previously said about threats to her sister’s life and Riordan had confirmed it last night…

If she did leave, she would make sure her sister knew what was going on before she left. At least that would give Slayde and the rest of them something to focus on instead of coming after her.

Yep, that was a good plan…

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