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Chapter 7

Valaria woke feeling like she was on fire. Her skin was hot and itched like a million bugs were swarming over her. She barely registered the arm holding her tight to another warm body. She stared into the darkness and felt the first shooting pains crisscross her stomach and begin to travel down her legs.

Immediately she began to push against the man beside her, “Kaden, I need the tea!”

Kaden’s eyes snapped open to see his little shifter in distress and he knew from the heat emanating from her body that the tea was not going to help this time. They didn’t have another day…she was going into her shift now…

Kaden rolled away and went to grab the tea on the table and brought it to her even though he knew it wouldn’t do much good. It would at least give her something to get her mind off what was happening.

Vee grabbed the bottle like it was her last lifeline and she quickly started gulping down the tepid mixture, waiting for it to do its magic.

“Vee, honey,” Kaden sat down beside her, “it’s not going to have much effect now. Your body is starting to go through the change and it’s going to hurt more before it gets better.”

The pain had barely lessened and Vee couldn’t seem to process what her captor was saying, “Why isn’t this working?”

Kaden cupped her face and held it still as he finally broke the news, “Honey, I know I should have explained this before you went to sleep, but I had hoped it would hold off for at least another day…You are a shifter, Valaria, and your body is going through it for the first time, right now…And that little voice that talks to you? That is your wolf and she wants out now.”

He didn’t know if she totally understood everything he said, but it really didn’t matter now. At least when this shift was over, it would make it easier to explain about her second shift, when her cat would be also set free, or at least he hoped so.

Vee looked at him with terror in her eyes, “Am I going to die?”

Kaden leaned forward to brush his lips over hers, “No, little one, you are being reborn.”

Valaria felt knives attacking her whole body now, there was no way she was going to survive whatever was happening. He was just being kind.

She grasped his hand and gritted her teeth against the pain, “You…you won’t leave me, Kaden?”

“Never, I’m going to be right beside you until it’s over,” he kissed her gently again as his heart quickened and his cat roared it’s upset at the pain his queen was in.

Vee closed her eyes as another wave hit and she hissed, “Thank…thank you, Kaden,” before her body rolled over and twisted in agony.

He didn’t know if she heard him as he whispered huskily, “Vee? I have to remove your clothes, honey, okay?”

All he got in reply was another anguished moan. He made quick work of pulling off all her garments and wished he was in a place where he could appreciate her beautiful body, but her upcoming shift took priority.

Kaden grabbed a basin and began to fill it with cool water from the hand pump on the counter in the kitchen corner. When it was full, he grabbed a cloth and soaked it to begin to try to ease the heat being thrown from her small body. Although he was quite familiar with the process, it was quite different when he was the only one to bring her through this. He wished he had brought Vivien along to ease Vee’s first transition, as she had for Cassidy, but had been confident at the time that he would have no trouble.

He realized his mistake as she began to moan and toss her head while pushing away his cooling cloth. He felt helpless as he watched her body bend and stretch…how long did Vivien say this process took?...


It took two hours of agony for both him and Valaria before he finally noticed her skin becoming covered in soft fur and then it was mere minutes as her bones changed and where once curled a young frightened woman, was now a black wolf, watching him warily with eyes the same light green as the woman deep inside her.

She was beautiful! And although he was a cat shifter himself, he could still appreciate the exquisiteness that was Valaria. He noted tufts of silver adorned the tips of her ears and tail and he longed to touch her soft coat to reassure her. Instead, he held up his hands and spoke, “It’s okay, little one, I will open the door so you can stretch your legs, but you have to bring her back to me.”

The wolf stared unblinking at him for a few seconds more before lunging onto the floor and heading for the door. She started to scratch at the corner where the door met the floor.

Kaden quickly pulled off his shirt and slowly approached the door, all the while holding up his hand, “It’s okay, I’m just going to let you out. Valaria? Don’t be scared, she just wants to run. And I am going to follow you too, you’ll be okay.”

He leaned forward and twisted the knob before pulling the door open to let the black enchantress loose. Within seconds, she had leaped and disappeared into the black inky forest. Kaden cursed and stripped as fast as he could. Then his own black cat was let loose to follow the lone wolf.


Valaria had never felt such pain in her entire existence. Inside, a beast clawed and whined, wanting to tear through her very skin. She had no concept of time, only heat and pain until it suddenly stopped and she found herself upright, looking at the man standing with his hand up as if to ward her off.

Vee knew something was different, she was different. Her muscles felt shaky with energy and she noticed the black snout that now protruded from her face. What had happened to her? Kaden was talking to her, but not to Valaria, it was to…

Lysana…that is my name…

Vee recognized the voice but it was all around her. This was her protector…the one who had shared her body since she could remember…

They jumped off the bed and ran to the door. Vee couldn’t stop her paws from digging at the corner to find a way out.

What was she???


Then she saw Kaden slowly approaching, speaking to her, reassuring her, Valaria. He had already stripped his shirt off but her wolf didn’t seem to care, only wanting one thing. Freedom! The door was suddenly opened and Vee found herself in the forest in a couple of leaps. Then she was watching trees flying by as they tore through small branches, everything bright and clear. She felt the rush as she dodged fallen logs and leaped small rocks, her breath quickening with the exertion. Vee thought she should feel scared or alarmed, but all she felt was the freedom of the night.

Sounds echoed as frogs and crickets lent their voices to the darkness, which wasn’t all that dark with her new eyes. Her nose was bombarded with smells coming from all directions, dank, coppery…a million new scents she had never noticed before. She found herself stopping several times to follow a new smell that took her farther and farther away from the cabin.

She started to panic as this new life took her through the darkness with no direction, beyond her control.

Was she now melded with this creature forever? No, she was always here, but always in the back of her mind. Now, she was real, another being that just hijacked her body. Was she going to be like this forever? Wait…Kaden said she was a shifter…so if she changed into a wolf, was she able to change back into…her? How did one change back into a human being? What if her wolf wanted to stay a wolf? Could she stop Vee from coming back?


Valaria realized she didn’t have much choice in the matter right now. And really, she had put her trust in her inner voice for a lot of years now, so nothing changed, except her body was gone…

Her wolf stopped suddenly and put her nose to the sky and Vee also smelled the new scent in the air. She felt the growl deep in their throat.

She formed a question in her mind…what is wrong, Lysana?


Cat?! What in the world would a kitty cat be doing out here in the woods?

She tried her thoughts again…don’t eat the kitty cat, it’s probably someone’s pet…

Her wolf blew out her nose and began to run through the brush again.

Great…does that mean she didn’t get the message? Vee wasn’t sure if she was doing this right. How much influence did she have over her new body? If her wolf decided to harm something else, would she be able to stop it? She suddenly thought of Kaden…he said he was going to follow…was he a wolf too?

Her ears pricked up suddenly as she heard a long howl way off in the distance. Her wolf stopped and then unexpectedly, Vee felt her lungs fill and suddenly the night was filled with an answering call from her own throat.

What the…? Wow…I just howled… Vee was fascinated at her ability and wasn’t paying attention to the speed of her wolf gaining, veering towards the echo of the responding yowl. She heard another call, nearer this time…


Her wolf paused as if waiting…


No, no, Lysana, we are not going. We’ve got to go back. We have to find Kaden…

She felt her wolf lean towards the resonance of the last call as if testing her own boundaries.

No…Vee tried to project sternness…go back…now!

Her wolf hesitated only a moment before dejectedly turning to go back where they came from. Vee would have sighed with relief if she still had her own lungs. Well, at least she seemed to have some control after all, but what good was that being trapped in a different body that was very sentient.

And where was Kaden?... Maybe the other howler was Kaden…she never thought of that…no, it seemed farther away, not back where they came from…but he promised he would follow…

Vee caught the smell again that Lysana said was a cat. She urged her wolf to disregard it and get back to the cabin. Although, she wasn’t sure what she was going back for. If she was now a wolf, well no more stealing for a living…and she didn’t think Veronica would be enthusiastic about sharing a roof with a wild animal…course she wasn’t really wild…

Her throat growled as she came to a stop.

Vee looked around for what had stopped their journey back. Her wolf turned her head and stared at deep green eyes peering from the undergrowth. Even she could tell it wasn’t a small forest creature…this was big…

What is it Lysana?...she asked softly, hoping that her wolf would be able to protect them if the stranger attacked.


As she heard the revelation, she watched a very large, very black, panther step into the moonlight shining down into the trees. It stared at her with knowledge. Then it growled low before chuffing and staring at her again.

Vee knew those eyes…


He was a cat…

What the fuck…?

Then she watched as he turned and began to move back into the brush, and it was obvious she was supposed to follow. She knew if she gave the order to turn and run, her wolf would obey in an instant. But would he turn and hunt her down? What would happen if a wolf and panther got into a fight? Could a wolf outrun a panther? He wouldn’t hurt her, would he? How much control did he have over his own creature?

Then Valaria made the connection…if he had been human and turned into a cat, then obviously, he could shift back…so obviously, she should be able to also. Vee felt an overwhelming relief at her observation. Not that she couldn’t adapt if she was stuck, but she really did want to be human again and find out everything she could about what had happened to her.

She watched Kaden move silently through the forest and she was able to watch his muscles bunch and stretch with his languid movements. What other person had ever been able to watch a panther with this view? She appreciated his stealth and the beauty of his cat. She wondered if his cat talked to him as her own wolf had talked to her? Did he have a name? And why would a cat come looking for a wolf? As far as she knew, panthers and wolves couldn’t breed…

We want him…

Vee heard her voice loud and clear…but, Lysana, he isn’t even the same as us…

We want him…

There was no sense in arguing with a wolf, she would learn soon enough that cats and dogs don’t mix…


Valaria apologized…sorry, girl, I wasn’t referring to you as a dog…you are a very beautiful wolf…

Her wolf was quiet all the way back and as she broke through the last of the bushes, she saw the panther stop at the open doorway and suddenly fur became flesh.

Vee stopped and stared as pale skin now replaced sleek black fur. This time she appreciated the view in quite a different way. The muscles of his back narrowed down into a very attractive backside attached to thighs that screamed strength before ending in taut calves and large feet. Her wolf started walking again but Vee mentally stopped her again so she could continue to gaze at the beauty before her.

Suddenly, the black hair turned and pinned her with those deep green eyes. His face was starting to shadow with small whiskers above his thin beard.

He said one word, “Come.”

She didn’t stop her wolf this time and followed him inside. She watched him turn to close the door and then she quickly looked away when she realized he was turning towards her…still naked.

She heard rustling as he spoke again, “I don’t think I have to state the obvious, Valaria. You are a wolf-shifter and as you could see, I am a cat-shifter.”

She still kept her gaze aborted, how was she supposed to ask him anything?

“Ok, I’ve dressed,” he went on and Vee turned back to him. He had donned his dark pants, but nothing else. His chest was covered with a smattering of black hair, down over his six-pack abs, disappearing into the cloth hiding everything else.

She glanced up and made her wolf nip and whine to somehow communicate with him in the only way she knew how.

“Reach inside, Valaria. You must think of your human form, the way it looks and feels. Push your wolf back,” he explained to her.

Vee closed her eyes and did as he instructed, seeming to build herself again while gently shooing her wolf back into her mind. She felt tiny ripples begin over her skin and sensed her bones changing. She took a breath and suddenly felt the floor beneath her feet…human feet…

She opened her eyes and looked down at herself, “I did it! Oh crap!” She lunged for the bed and grabbed the top blanket to wrap around her.

As she secured the thin cloth, she looked up at him, “Well, that was an experience I’ll never forget!”

Kaden’s lips twinged as she fought to cover what he had already seen. Now that the immediate problem had been solved, he could remember the softness of her alabaster skin. Her breasts were a perfect handful while her legs cradled a pungent nest of curls that he couldn’t wait to explore.

“Would you mind going outside while I get dressed?” she asked.

Her question brought back the need to explain what was still to happen to her and what role he was going to play in making it happen…that should go over like a lead balloon…

He shook his head, “No, we need to talk.”

“Well, I think better when I’m fully clothed,” she shot back and then turned to pick up her clothes that he had obviously thrown on the floor.

She heard a sigh behind her, “Sit down, Valaria…please.”

“Just let me get dressed first. If you are too scared to leave me alone, then just stand there while I at least throw on my shirt and pants.” Then she stopped and turned to him, “How did you get me out of the hotel?”

Kaden filled her space and removed the clothes from her hand while she still held the blanket with her other, “I need you to sit right now so I can explain a few things.”

He grabbed a vacant chair that had seen better days and placed it backwards in front of the bed. He straddled the wood and motioned towards the bed, “Just sit down. I’m sure you have questions and I will do everything I can to answer them.”

Vee pursed her lips and with a deep sigh, she took the seat across from him, kind of glad that his torso was now masked by wooden spindles. The glow of the fire behind him left his face in shadow, but she knew hers reflected nakedly to his gaze.

So not fair…she thought.

“I am a cat-shifter from Ireland,” he started, “I came here over a year ago looking for your sister.”

“I told you…” Vee broke in, not wanting him to waste his breath on any more stories.

He held up his hand, “Just give me a couple of minutes to explain some things to you, please,” he ended.

Vee didn’t like it, but she nodded…besides, maybe just letting him drone on would give her time to rethink her future.

“I was in contact with someone who claimed they had contact with what was once thought a long dead line of shifters,” he began.

Would she have to tell Veronica? If she could change at will, then Ronnie didn’t need to know about what she could do. She definitely didn’t want anyone finding out…

“So, I came to America to investigate the possibility.”

And since Ronnie had her heart set on finding a man, getting married and settling down and she was going to buy a piece of property in the sticks somewhere, then her changing shouldn’t be a problem…

“I met your sister and confirmed that the line we thought were dead, was alive and well in her.”

And if she shopped really well for real estate, she might have enough to buy a place after all. And being way back off any beaten path would actually work out for her wolf…

“Slayde, that’s her mate, and I started to investigate what had happened to your people.”

Except, how was she going to turn it into a place for young street kids to come and find a home? It was starting to sound like a very bad Little Red Riding Hood tale…

“But you can talk with her more about that when you meet.”

But if there was one of her, maybe there were others? And maybe there were all kinds of shifters out there…

“Now I have to explain something else to you,” he hesitated, “You are not just a wolf-shifter.”

But how would she find them? You can’t very well just go up to them and ask if they hear voices. They would think she was crazy…

“Your people were known as double-shifters,” there, he had spilled the first part.

Maybe they had a certain odor, after all, that’s what Kaden had been doing. And he said he had to cover her smell…

“You have a wolf right now, but very soon you will have to bring out your cat,” he saw her very deep in thought over what he was saying and he was glad that she wasn’t interrupting him with the million questions she must have.

But she couldn’t just go around smelling kids, she didn’t even know what she was looking for and who knows, she could have been passing them on the streets all this time and never know it.

Now came the big reveal, Kaden thought, “And I will have to help you with that.”

Maybe it wouldn’t make a difference if she just took in regular kids, as long as they didn’t see her change, right?

“We have to be intimate for that to happen.”

“Yeah, that sounds perfect!” Vee exclaimed, having finally solved her dilemma. Her eyes came into focus and saw Kaden sitting still with eyebrows twitched in confusion, “Where did you say the bathroom was?” she asked him.

Kaden wasn’t certain he had heard her right, “Are you sure you are okay with that?”

Although she wasn’t certain about what he had said, she knew she was ready to get back to her original plan of losing him and getting back to Veronica. Her whole changing thing didn’t have to interrupt her future. It would be just something different to deal with and she would learn on the fly. After all, her wolf could teach her anything she needed to know, right? But she did have to get out from under his thumb and the only place she could go right now by herself was the bathroom. He wouldn’t follow her in, would he?

“Yeah, I’m okay with that, but I really need to go to the bathroom first,” she replied and saw him look away before rising from his chair, slowly exposing his yummy torso again.

Vee could almost hear her wolf begin to pant…or was that her? She had to get out of here before she did something she would regret in the morning. Although she had never planned on a life as a couple, she had never been interested in one night stands either. They could never be more…she was a wolf…he was a cat…

“The bathroom is out back,” he turned to grab a flashlight and hand it to her, “I will get things ready here, just in case it’s imminent.” He watched her grab the light with her free hand and look at him with no fear of what was to come.

“Yeah, thanks, I might be a few minutes,” she was trying to give herself as much of a head start that she could. She started to turn towards the door when his hand shot out and stopped her. Vee panicked. She was so close to her freedom…

“Vee, I promise I will be…”

She turned her head and smiled, “It’s okay, really. I understand.”

He let her go and she put the light under her chin so she could grasp the handle and open the door. She quickly turned on the light and said to him, “I won’t be long, you can leave the door open if you want.”

Then Vee rushed out into the darkness and made her way around to the back of the cabin. She spied the small wooden structure and opened the door to peer in. Suddenly, she really did need to relieve herself so decided to take her bathroom break before hitting the woods. She pulled off her blanket and sat down on the cold seat. She had left the light on, hoping when she left and he still saw the reflection in here, he would think she was still there.

Meanwhile, how was she going to mask her wolf scent? Cats had really good noses too, right? When she took off before, he had easily found her. Maybe there was a stream or river she could get into that would mask everything. That’s how it worked in the movies, right?

Vee suddenly felt a flush of heat that poured from her head down over every inch of skin until it reached her toes.

What was that? Was that how her shifting would start? She would just think about becoming her wolf and poof, it would happen?

The next wave of heat wrapped around her breasts and shot down to the juncture of her thighs. Vee moaned as she felt her nipples turn into little hard nubs.

Great! What a place to start getting horny!

Hot heat burst from her clit and she could feel thick liquid trapping itself between her thighs. Valaria tried to think of very unsexy things…bugs…flowers…foot-long hot dogs…

No, forget the hot dogs…

Ripples of desire began to sweep faster over her body and coming to rest between her legs. How was she going to get out of here when her hormones suddenly started to rage? Was it her wolf that was really the one being affected by the other wolf they heard earlier? Did wolves mate all year long? How in the world was she going to let her animal mate in the wild?

Wow, that was seriously fucked up…well, I guess, every silver lining has a cloud…

Vee moaned out loud and found her hand delving into her curls to find the center of her desire. She began to stroke it hard, hoping that if she gave in to the release that it would calm her wolf down until they made it to safety deep into the city.

It only took a couple of flicks before the breath she had been holding expelled itself on another groan. Her eyes rolled back as the waves vibrated through her body. Coming down from the first crest, she found herself not sated but even more heated. Her fingers again worked themselves over the slippery flesh as she reached again for the pinnacle of pleasure. This time when she came, she pictured Kaden’s strong back as he stood outside the cabin. The sculpted butt that she knew would be more than able to thrust all night.

Vee bit her lip to keep her cries of release to herself. She knew Kaden probably had really good hearing too and the last thing she needed was him to come looking for her and find her fingering herself in the local outhouse.

Valaria was relieved when it seemed her body had calmed at least slightly. She had to take advantage of the lull and get out of here. She left the light inside the small building and left her blanket on the floor, she wasn’t going to need either one in a few minutes.

She crept outside and began to run quickly to the woods behind the cabin. Her feet picked painfully on small sharp branches but she was hoping that if she waited to change to her wolf form, Kaden might be temporarily confused enough to totally lose her scent.

At least she hoped…

Within minutes, she felt the hot need inside her begin to rise again…

She groaned, “Really Lysana? You can’t wait just for a little while?”

We want out…

We?? What the hell was she talking about?

Valaria stumbled and decided now was a good time to let her wolf out. She saw a small field through the next bunch of trees and pushed on until she made it to the edge. She fell to her knees as warmth spread between her thighs. Maybe once she turned, the ache wouldn’t be as bad. Vee pushed at her wolf inside, giving her permission to come out.

Images of Kaden began to flow through her mind…naked Kaden…

Vee shook her head, “No, we are leaving, now get out here now or I will go the rest of the way on my own two feet. I really don’t care right now.”

Her wolf was pacing inside but refused to come forward. Valaria tried to pull her out, but nothing seemed to work. She thought the whole shifter thing was just a matter of wishing for it to happen, but obviously, she needed some practice. Meanwhile, she was buck naked in a field and the moon was breaking through the clouds to light up everything she had. And had Kaden finally realized she was gone?

She tried coaxing, “Come on, Lysana, it will be fun. Didn’t you like running through the forest?”


“Can’t what?” she whispered to herself, trying not to raise her voice.

Hard waves of desire rushed over her skin from head to toe. Vee clenched her insides as liquid began to seep down her thighs. Her nipples were hard and erect and she had to stop herself from touching them.

Maybe what she needed was some very cold water to calm herself. Images of Kaden’s backside flitted through her mind and she found herself immersed into the memory. How would all that muscle feel? Vee groaned, she had to get moving, but it was like her feet were stuck to the ground. Her skin began to burn, but not in a bad way…every inch was becoming extremely sensitive. Even the slight breeze seemed like a lover’s caress…

Valaria jerked out of her daze…the breeze…was she upwind or downwind from him? She started to move forward again, stumbling over small hillocks like a drunk. She had to get moving before he found her!

Maybe she needed to use her own heightened sense of smell. Maybe that was the trick to avoiding him. She raised her nose and began to drag in lungfuls of sweet night air. She turned slightly in different directions, trying to determine which way to run. She noticed a slight odor of deep dank water and was glad that was all she smelled. If she could just get to the water, she could cool herself off and hopefully, lose her scent in the river or stream it was coming from.

Another wave of heat poured down over her and she started to force her feet in the direction of the body of water. She made it a mere half dozen steps and then collapsed to her knees. Sweat broke out on her forehead as she felt her vaginal muscles contracting. What the hell was going on?

Go back…

Vee weakly shook her head, “No, we aren’t going back. Are you doing this to me?” she accused her wolf.

Go back…

Valaria slid sideways and lay down in the cool grass. She rolled over onto her back and threw her hands up over her head. All she wanted to do was caress her whole body and never stop until she was sated…but somehow she knew she couldn’t do it alone. She moaned and covered her eyes, blocking out the light of the moon.

She had never felt need like this before…how could she get away from this ache??

Suddenly she felt herself being lifted and a too familiar voice, “It’s okay, little one, we will make you feel better very soon.”

Vee groaned as her freedom was cut off again. She found herself enveloped in a familiar set of arms and hugged against a very muscular chest. As heat continued to pour through her, her hand reached up and started caressing the smooth skin she lay against. She was fascinated with the layers of muscle that twitched under her touch. She found herself scraping her nails over the smoothness, leaving sharp trails behind as the strong beat of his heart pulsed into her ear. She watched as if she were someone else as her hand started to slide up towards Kaden’s thick neck and she pulled it back in consternation. What was she doing?

She whispered out loud to try to explain her odd movements, “I don’t feel very good. I think my wolf is sick.”

She heard the reverberations of his voice through his chest, “Your wolf isn’t sick, Valaria, she is getting ready to bring your cat out.”

Vee tried to concentrate on his voice…her cat? What the hell was he talking about?

As if he knew what she was thinking, he answered, “I told you back in the cabin that you are a double shifter and that your second shift is your cat, I thought you understood what I was telling you.”

Vee watched her hand start to caress his chest again and her mouth watered as she thought about what it would taste like if she wanted a lick…and she definitely wanted a lick…

“Why did you run, Valaria? You know I can track you no matter where you go,” his voice was lightly chastising as his voice broke awkwardly.

Vee looked up at his profile, “I can’t stay with you, Kaden.”

Kaden wound around the cabin and entered the open door. Suddenly he hesitated about letting her leave his arms. Her constant stroking had left him just as heated as he guessed she was right now. He had made a small fire and heated some soup and crackers for a small meal. He was going to make sure she was well fed before her next shift came on…but she changed the schedule of things when she didn’t come back and he knew right now her body was demanding something else. He could smell the musky scent her body was emitting, trying to entice him to have sex and release the cat that was still trapped inside.

As he slowly lowered her to the floor, Vee looked down at herself, “I’m naked.”

Kaden didn’t even try to hide the rampant erection that stood between his own naked legs. He watched as her eyes began at his face and slowly slid downwards until they stopped on the throbbing flesh.

Her tongue swirled over her lips before her teeth bit down.

Kaden groaned at the erotic motion and he pictured her on her knees, his cock buried into her mouth.

He stepped closer to her small frame and whispered, “Your cat needs to come out Valaria. We need to bring her out.” He wondered if she remembered anything he had said to her, “We have to mate to release her.” His cock jumped again in excitement of what was to come.

Vee’s eyes were drawn to his thickness as his words permeated the lusty fog that seemed to crowd her brain. They had to what??

Her eyes shot back up to his as she stated, “No, we can’t.”

Kaden didn’t think she realized exactly what he meant, “Valaria, it’s just to bring your cat out, your cat needs this to help her be born.” He suspected she was fighting the sexual haze her body was going through right now so he stepped forward again to bring his body up against hers, her nipples pebbling hard against his stomach, “I promise you won’t regret this.”

Vee was finding it even more hard to concentrate as the large member that rose from his body was now trapped against her own, pulsing against her. Her body wanted to touch it and bring it inside. How could she do that when she had spent all her life avoiding any physical contact with a man?

Her lungs released the breath she didn’t realize she had been holding, “I…I can’t…”

Kaden was trying to find the secret of her words…what was she holding back? Surely, she didn’t find him unattractive? It was only sex…

He reached down to place his finger beneath her chin, needing to read her eyes, “Why can’t you?”

He watched her struggle before she gasped, “Because I’ve never…”



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