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Chapter 8

Kaden thought he misunderstood. Surely a woman that had lived her life was no longer a virgin. She must mean something else.

“You’ve never had sex?” his voice was soft in the silence of the cabin.

He watched as she shook her head slightly, “I don’t think I…”

Her words were cut off as Kaden pulled her open mouth up to his and he covered her lips, thrusting his tongue inside her sweetness. His hand slid down to wrap itself around her neck, while his other hand draped around her hip to pull her closer to his now raging sex. His cat began to purr deep inside, pleased at finally possessing the female flesh that had come into their life.

Kaden’s hand caressed down over the soft skin of Valaria’s ass, reaching deep into the cleft to find the heat between her legs. He groaned as his fingers became slick with her juice. She was more than ready to receive him deep inside.


Vee moaned as she felt his fingers dig into her weeping body as his mouth plundered every inch of her own. Her tongue wrapped around his and sucked him deeper as she imagined his cock pushing into her mouth as he moaned his pleasure.

She found her control gone and all she felt was the heat of his body pressing tightly against her and the answering throbbing deep inside her. She knew what men and women did when they had sex, but she never realized the depth of desire that took over until all you did was ache.

And she ached…for him…for the thick flesh trapped between them…

She reached up and grasped the object of her thoughts, squeezing until she was rewarded with another groan. The silky skin slid easily through her fingers as her hand moved up and down, rewarding her with liquid seeping from the top.

Too quickly she found herself swept up and then a soft blanket pressed against her back as his body came heavily down on her own, his tongue never leaving its mission of thrusting and curling, beckoning her into his own warm mouth.

Her hands reached up to run through his soft midnight hair as she met his tongue, eager to taste every part that was him. The dark scent that was him filled her senses and she breathed deep. Her breath released on a groan as she thrust her chest up as if beckoning for his attention.

Her mouth was released and she gasped as his hot tongue slid down her neck before grasping a taut nipple and pulling it into wetness. She moaned again as his tongue circled her sensitive flesh, pulling it between his teeth. The nip he gave her sent chills of pleasure rippling down her stomach. She couldn’t hold back her cry as her hips thrust up towards his sex. Her body began to demand more, aching for him to bring an end to her suffering.


Kaden was lust-driven. All he felt was her sexy little body squirming beneath him, rubbing her sex against his. It was all he could do to stop himself from driving into her and fucking her until he couldn’t move. He wanted to make sure that she was more than ready for him and he longed to taste the place between her legs. He could smell her muskiness, her body screaming for him and it was driving him, and his cat, crazy.

His lips had found her beautiful breasts and he sucked hard on the nipples, painting them with his tongue before gently nipping them into hard erections. He loved hearing her breath keening as she squirmed more beneath him. He smiled inwardly at the wildness she was letting loose at his love-making.

Then he felt her hands that were wrapped in his hair gently start to push him farther down her body.

Kaden was more than happy to oblige his little temptress. His tongue slid down her stomach as he let her push him down until he met her sexy little nest of curls. She needed little coaching to open her legs wide as his hands rested on her thighs and pulled them apart to give him full access to her sex. He heard her whimper her need.

Kaden leaned down and drew his tongue down through the wet folds until he reached her passage and then he thrust his tongue deep. She cried out and bucked beneath him. He slowly began to thrust his tongue, curling it up and out with each movement. He held her thighs down tight to open her completely. His cock jerked as he thought about burying himself deep into where his tongue was now.

Kaden wanted to give her pleasure before he took his own. He pulled his tongue out of her wetness and slid upwards towards her swollen clit. He pressed heavily into her folds until he reached her pleasure spot, then he ground his tongue hard against her. And Kaden used his unique skill as a cat shifter. He folded his tongue lengthwise around her clit and vibrated it quickly against the engorged flesh as he slipped his finger inside.

She screamed.

He smiled.

He felt the contractions as his finger was clenched over and over, drenched in her juices. He pushed his finger in deeper as he continued to squeeze and pulsate his tongue against her sensitive nub. He felt her body pause slightly before she screamed again. He felt another gush of fluid coat his thrusting finger and he pulled it out so he could open his mouth over her completely, drowning in the sweetest tasting nectar he had ever swallowed.

He heard her moan as her body came down from her orgasm and he knew she was finally ready for his invading mass. He knew his own body was more than ready to bury itself inside her. He only hoped that his thickness and length would only bring pleasure to her tight channel.

He felt her thighs relax and he licked back up her now wet body until he reached her open lips. Her eyes were closed as she gasped for air. As his lips captured hers, he pushed his hips forward and slid slickly inside her. He hesitated at the barrier deep inside before thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth as his cock broke through and he was buried to the hilt inside her. He saw her eyes snap open at his hard push but then they closed lazily and she began to kiss him back as her legs instinctively wrapped around his waist, pulling him as deep as she could.

Kaden moaned as she began to urge him to move so she could grind against him. She was so tight, he wanted to just feel himself being wrapped in a velvet glove made just for him and he wasn’t too sure that more than one stroke would blow his load deep into her…which excited him even more.

But his lover wasn’t going to wait. Her moans had become impatient with him. So, Kaden grabbed her arms and held them tightly above her head as he began to flex his lean hips, pulling his large cock out almost to the tip before burying it deep inside her again. He moaned at the delicious friction of his skin being pulled into the warmth of her body and he released her mouth to throw his head up, releasing his groan of pleasure. He felt his explosion begin deep in his balls, growing too fast and he slowed his thrusts, trying to be a generous lover and wait until she found her release first.

But when he slowed, Valaria started to grind even harder against him, her pussy twisting and pulling his thick flesh deeper.

Kaden moaned, “Valaria, if you keep that up, I am going to come.”

He looked down into her eyes as he spoke and he watched her smile as she moved even harder against him.

She bit her lip, “You can come more than once, can’t you big boy?”

Kaden’s nostrils flared at her challenge and he thrust hard into her as if proving just how big a boy he was. Her eyes opened wide at his rough play and she threw her head back and closed her eyes as her thighs gripped his. Kaden began to thrust harder and faster, not caring if he came sooner than he wanted, he had no doubt that he could easily repeat his performance several times before he could get enough of her.

Her cry of release was sudden and Kaden found himself exploding deep inside her as her muscles clenched around him. He closed his eyes as his own release pulsated deep inside. He didn’t stop as her body came down from its high. His cock was just as hard now as when he started and it craved the warmth inside her.

As her eyes returned to his face, Kaden released her wrists and watched as she wound her hands into his hair and pulled his mouth to hers. Kaden slowed his thrusts as her tongue began to mate with his, sharing a taste he would never forget. She tasted like desire in a dark place, where secrets were shared and fantasies were revealed. He had never wanted another woman like this…ever…and his cat was never this content to share and enjoy in his human’s lovemaking…

What did it all mean?

She is our queen…his cat answered his unspoken question.

Kaden was momentarily distracted by the words from his cat. He had no trouble agreeing with those words but he also knew it wasn’t as simple as claiming her for his mate. Her own animals had to agree which would send her into her glowing…

“Come back to me, Kaden,” a soft voice arose beneath him and he looked down into her languid gaze.

He growled deep in his throat before pulling out of her warmth and turning her over as he pulled her up to her knees. He spread her legs and then thrust deeply back into her as he leaned his weight over her back, his hands winding around her, one to clasp one hanging breast and his other seeking and finding her pleasure spot. Her gasp of surprise at this new position satisfied him greatly. He found the dominant position over her was deeply satisfying as he squeezed her breast, his thumb brushing over the erect nipple. His other hand was busy tweaking and pulling her other sensitive flesh as he continued to drive himself as deep as he could. Her moans of pleasure as he moved heightened his desire until he again felt close to spilling his seed inside her.

Suddenly she bucked against his chest and he pulled himself up. She followed his actions until she was leaning back against his front, her hips arched back to keep him inside. Her hands covered his, urging his fingers to continue what they were doing as she groaned louder.

Kaden held her tightly against his own sweat-soaked body as he continued to pound into her hot wetness. He looked down over her moist flesh watching as her hands encouraged his massaging of her breast and clit. He growled again in her ear as he felt the tightness inside signal her impending explosion. He knew his ejaculation was coming hard on her own. He quickened his pace and as she screamed, he bit softly into her shoulder as his release burst like fireworks, pumping hot semen deep into her.

He held her strongly as he continued to bury himself as deep as he could, needing to lay some claim to this little vixen. Her own body was shaking with the aftershocks of her violent release until finally, her body slackened and although Kaden still found himself hard inside her, he lowered their connected bodies to the mattress beneath them, letting his teeth release the hold on her flesh.

In the silence, both of them gasped with the exertion of their lovemaking. Kaden spooned her, not wanting to withdraw from her now pliant body. His hands and legs wrapped around her, trying to stake his claim, needing the bond not to be broken.

He closed his eyes and listened to her breathing begin to quiet signaling her slip into sleep. He closed his own eyes, trying to think of how he could prove to her animals that he could protect them and her. How could he make them choose him?

His thoughts became lazy as he too felt himself slip into his own slumber…


Valaria woke to darkness, almost forgetting where she was. Instantly she felt the heat of the body behind her on the bed, a large arm wrapped around her middle holding her tightly against said body. Her mind started to replay what they had done…what SHE had done…After spending all her life not engaging in anything sexual with any man, she gave up her body to a complete stranger…albeit a stranger that seemed to know a lot about her and what she was…

Now what? The arm resting tightly around her spoke volumes, it wasn’t going to let her go. And what did he say? They had to mate to bring out her cat? What kind of pickup line was that? Well, obviously some of the stuff he spouted was very much a li…

Vee felt pain coming from deep inside her. She closed her eyes and reached for her wolf. As she connected, she felt a wrenching pain go through her.

Vee bit her lip as she asked, “What is wrong Lysana?”

She felt her body start to tremble.

She must…

Vee dove deeper inside herself as she sought out her wolf, needing to give her reassurance that everything would be okay. Although right at the moment, she wasn’t quite sure herself.

Be born…

Vee found the part of her that belonged to her wolf and wrapped herself around her, holding her trembling body as she struggled with her own beast within.

“Tell me how to help you, Lysana,” she whispered to her as she sank even deeper into herself.

Her wolf began to howl in pain and Vee held her deep inside not knowing if she was actually helping her in any way. Would Kaden know? He seemed to know more about this than her. But if she left her wolf, could she get back to her? Now that the process started, would she be able to leave at all? And if she did, what would happen to her wolf?

Why didn’t she ask more questions??

Because you were too busy screwing…


Her wolf howled again and Vee hugged her tighter, “Don’t worry girl, I am right here beside you until this is over, one way or another.”


Kaden awoke when the body he was holding started to move. He waited to see if she was going to come out swinging. When instead she whimpered, he knew the second shift had already started. He tried to remember what her sister, Cassidy, had said about the second shift. She said the wolf within would split into another shifter, a cat this time. She said there was nothing he could do for her except wait it out.

The girl beside him stilled.

Kaden squeezed her a little, waiting for more movement but none was forthcoming. Valaria was dead silent. Kaden felt panic begin to rise as he shook her, “Valaria?”

He leaned closer to her face and heard the gentle intake of breath.

He loudly expelled his breath and gently prodded her again, “Valaria? Are you ok?” He wasn’t sure if she could even hear him anymore. Cassidy had explained the pain of having her two animals split but he couldn’t remember anything about being unconscious. Was this normal???

Although Kaden didn’t want to leave her for a second, he had to get his phone and call Valaria’s sister to confirm that what was happening was completely normal. He jumped out of bed and tucked the blankets around her, not knowing if that was the correct thing to do or not. Then he quickly found his phone and dialed the number to the Alpha’s house in Terravane Valley. Every second seemed like an hour before someone answered.

“Slayde here, is this you Kaden?”

Kaden let out another breath as he tried to keep calm while his eyes never left the small figure buried under the covers, “Yeah, um, can I speak to Cassidy?”

“What’s wrong Cat Man? Where is Cassidy’s sister?” the stern rebuke was in his voice.

Kaden was quick to respond, “There is nothing wrong, I just don’t know if it is…right.”

“What happened, Kaden?”

“She came through her first shift okay and I helped her learn to come back from that, but…” Kaden hesitated.

“But what? Where is she?” the voice on the other line was beginning to rumble.

“I did what you told me. We made…I mean, we had sex to bring her cat through…and I told her all about it before it happened, but I don’t think she had been listening and…”

“What happened Kaden?!” the voice of the Alpha wolf was rising with every word.

Kaden spit it out, “I can’t wake her up. I mean I thought she was waking up and then she just went silent…”

“Oh, that’s normal,” Slayde’s voice calmed down through the line.

Normal? He said it was normal???

“Why didn’t someone tell me?” Kaden was beginning to get angry as he questioned the revelation.

“Well, I guess Cassidy didn’t mention it because I didn’t tell her that she had basically passed out for a while,” Slayde explained.

Kaden tried to relax, “How long?”

“I’m not sure, a couple of hours maybe?”

A couple of hours?

“Listen, just have a little patience and everything will be fine. So, after her shifting, are you bringing her home to us?” Slayde continued.

She is ours…

Kaden felt the rightness of what his cat was growling, but he had to tread easily. He didn’t want the chance to be with her snatched from his grasp. He hoped it was a good sign that since she mated with him, it would give him an edge over any wolf shifters she had to be exposed to in order to activate her glowing where her animals would pick her final mate.

“Listen, I am going to do everything I can to bring her there…”

“Didn’t you tell her she has a sister and family waiting here for her?” Slayde broke in.

She is ours…

“Yes, but she doesn’t trust me…”

“What did you do to Cassidy’s sister?” alarm rang in Slayde’s voice

Kaden was quick to try to calm him, “It’s not just me, Slayde, she doesn’t have trust for anyone.”


Kaden shook his head, “No, she was living on the streets, Slayde. She was stealing to survive.”

Silence greeted his words.

“Bring her home Kaden, just do whatever you have to…tell her whatever you have to but bring her home. This is important to Cassidy which makes it important to me, understand?” the words left no doubt about his instructions. Valaria was coming with him, one way or another.

He just hoped she would listen and now that she knew how different she was, maybe she would be more interested in getting to know her family.

She is ours…

“I know how you feel,” Kaden hissed at his cat.

“Good, then I will expect you very soon. Cassidy has been happier than I have ever seen her. I don’t want to disappoint her,” Slayde replied and hung up.

Kaden stood silently as he listened to dead air. How was he going to convince the woman in bed to come with him, the man who took her virginity, which she had obviously been holding onto for a reason.

He was her first lover…did he make it easy for her? Was he gentle enough? Did he pleasure her enough?

He thought about her screams of passion…yeah, she was pleasured well…but how would she feel about him when she finally let loose her cat and then returned to her human body? And what kind of cat would she be? He knew her sister had hidden a snow leopard deep inside her and he had been more than interested…but her wolf had won out…would Valaria’s wolf also win out and would choose a wolf-shifter over him? He had been so convinced that he and Cassidy would have made a perfect King and Queen, but he had been wrong…was he wrong about Valaria too?

Kaden shook his head and placed his phone down on the small table noticing the time, 2:30 AM. Would she shift before dawn? He wanted the cover of darkness to hide her cat for the first time. Would Valaria be able to control her cat as well as she did her wolf? He knew he would have to let his cat loose again but he didn’t know how much control he would have over him this time when faced with another cat.

He pondered on what kind of cat she hid beneath her surface. In the shifter world, cats were pretty good at mixing with the different species within their own kind. Still, some tended to still stick with their own. Would her own cat feel the same?

He felt the claws of his panther scratch underneath his skin, feeling anxious at the chance to run with his own.

“Calm down, Leo, you will get your chance,” he whispered into the silence before trying to decide if he should pull up a chair and wait or go back to the warm covers. He thought about how good it felt to hold his new little shifter in his arms. His thoughts also slid to what they had shared in that bed…

Kaden found himself under the blankets, pulling Valaria as close to his warm body as he could. He didn’t know if she should be kept warm or cold, but holding her, listening to her light breaths seemed to be the only thing to keep him calm. As he reached to brush the soft black hair away from her face so he could gaze at her visage lit by the bright flame from the fire, his cat began pacing deep inside…waiting…

As Kaden’s eyes closed, his heart slowed and his lungs relaxed, the most content he had been in a very long time…


Kaden became aware of movement beside him as flesh rippled within his grasp. He opened his eyes and saw the body he had been holding was moving as the soft skin of his lover was becoming covered with hair as features began to stretch and re-form.

He immediately jumped out of the bed and stepped away, wanting to give lots of room to the new animal as it continued to transform from human to cat. The blanket that had been covering them both had collapsed on top of the figure writhing under it, which blocked his gaze to give him any hint of what would soon emerge. He thought he saw dark fur, but since the cabin was almost dark itself with the fire almost out, it was hard to tell.

Kaden turned to throw a couple of small logs on to the waning ashes and was rewarded with an answering burn licking greedily at the new fuel.

It was then that he heard a deep chuff from the bed…

Kaden spun around and moved to the side to let the firelight reveal the metamorphosis that was now standing on top of the covers.


DAMN! His cat echoed his thoughts excitedly.

The body that jumped to the floor easily and gave him nothing more than a cursory glance was a reflection of his own.

Although smaller than his panther, she left no doubt that she would not be submitting to him or his feline, who was even now demanding to be set free.

“Calm,” he spoke the word aloud but meant it for both cats.

The female panther growled low in her throat as she moved to the door, obviously intent on removing the barrier to her freedom.

Kaden moved cautiously up beside her, holding his hands open, “I’m going to open the door, Valaria. Then your cat can run or climb as she wants.”

The blue eyes that glanced up at him waited expectantly for him to move. Kaden turned the doorknob and threw it open to the waning night. The black cat was gone before the door hit the wall. Kaden smiled as he turned and shifted in mid-air before quickly picking up the scent of the new intruder to the dark woods.


Valaria knew when she awoke this time that something was different again. Everything felt and smelled in a different way than her wolf. She didn’t know how long she had been inside herself to comfort her animal but it seemed an eternity before the whines and cries had been reduced to near quiet whimpers. And then she found herself pushed away and in the next instant, she was gazing through another set of strange eyes. She realized her cat had finally been set free and she was again inside her other animal shifter. She didn’t stop her as she jumped off the bed and made her way to the door.

She saw Kaden move, holding up his hands. She heard him talk to her and felt her cat at ease, not the least bit threatened by him. Then the door was open and she found herself propelled through into the waiting darkness.

Her cat wasted no time in moving herself in long strides through openings in the brush. Vee reached out to her, “What is your name?”


Vee was eager to get to know this new stranger that now controlled her body, “Sia…what kind of cat are we?”


Vee was momentarily shocked as she realized that she was the same kind as Kaden’s shifter cat. Was it a coincidence? Or did his lovemaking influence what her cat was going to be?

No…always panther…always…

Her cat stopped and began to scent the air while she listened. Valaria was not surprised to hear the subtle sounds of someone not far behind them.

It could only be one person…

Our mate follows…do not be afraid…he will protect us…

Our mate???

“No, Sia, Kaden is not our mate, we have no mate,” she was quick to disabuse her cat before she got any more ideas.

The answering chuff from deep in her throat did not sound like an agreement. Then she was loping off again into a deeper stand of very tall and very thick trees. Her cat wandered to one of the largest and reached up to rake her claws down the bark, obviously marking her scent. Then her cat looked up at the branches high above her head.

“No..no..no, Sia. That is too high for us. If we fall we’ll be killed,” Vee tried to instill her will but found herself unsuccessful as her cat started to climb up into a tall pine.

Valaria wanted to close her eyes but her cat would have nothing of it. She obviously wanted to see her new kingdom. Vee wanted to force her to stop but was concerned about trying to take over when they were so high up. She decided she had to start trusting her animals in their form. They knew their limitations.

Sia climbed higher.

Or maybe not…Vee re-iterated…but then when she finally got a look at her surroundings as the sky was beginning to lighten, she thought to use it to her advantage. It sure made it easier knowing how far they were from the nearest highway, which she could see in the distance. Vee still held hope that she was going to shake the cat man from her tail.

A beckoning call from the ground had her cat looking down and Valaria knew the black cat below could only be her nemesis. She also felt a wave of recognition and interest flow through her as her cat answered back.

“No, don’t talk to him, we aren’t staying with him. The first chance we get, we are out of here,” she hissed to her feline.

No…he is our mate…

Vee wanted to scream in frustration but decided not to rock the boat when they were lying comfortably on a large branch, uncomfortably high above the ground.

Another call from the ground caused her gaze to be pulled back down to witness the cat below rubbing itself against the tree and stretching up to mirror the claw marks from the female in the tree. Vee and Sia watched lazily as the male began to pace slowly as if to ensure they saw how strong his muscles were.

Valaria smiled inside, was that Kaden or his cat that controlled the obvious mating moves being strutted about below…

Dark green eyes narrowed on her own and Vee chuckled as she made her own cat wink one eye, showing she was still there inside. The answering wink made her chuckle again.

He is strong…

Vee sobered, “He’s not for us, Sia.”

She felt the irritation that her words created. Her head turned again to greet the sun that now was beginning to grace the treetops. Her eyes closed as she felt the heat begin to warm her body. Then she felt the contented purr that started deep inside her throat, vibrating with each breath.

Vee felt herself calm and realized that being a cat could be very therapeutic, except for the extreme tree climbing. She could do without that one.

“Valaria!” a very human call bounced up into the branches.

Another thing she could do without…

She looked down to the ground and saw Kaden standing naked. She couldn’t help but admire his human form. The muscles in his chest were firm and defined without being exaggerated. His thighs were long and firm as was another body part that her eyes were drawn to. It was relaxed now too but she remembered all too well how large and powerful it had been only a few short hours ago.

She thought she would hold some resentment towards him for taking what she had sworn never to relinquish, but she didn’t. In the end, he had given her pleasure in exchange for her innocence and as he had said, there were no choices she could have made differently. It was all for her cat that was still sitting contentedly high above the world around them.

“Valaria, you have to get her to come down. It’s almost daylight and I don’t want her, and you,” he added, “up in that tree in case someone should see you both.”

Vee sighed inside, he was right, it wasn’t good to attract attention and a panther in a pine tree would undoubtedly attract attention.

She pushed at her cat, “Time to get down, Sia, Kaden is right,” for once…

Her cat hesitated but then began the climb back down. Vee sighed in relief at the almost instant response. She really did not want to get into an argument with her cat while still high above the waiting ground.

The trip down was slower and Valaria couldn’t wait until her paws hit the earth. She almost changed her mind when Kaden’s large cat waited for her at the bottom. When her cat jumped to the ground, his cat quickly approached and ran his head down her side, marking her with the scent glands in his mouth.

Her cat glanced at his efforts and then casually strolled off towards the cabin. Vee was dissuaded from returning to her own form as she really didn’t want to be naked around Kaden again, even if he remained in cat form.

Besides, it gave her cat more time to enjoy her natural habitat before they returned to the city. And her cat didn’t seem concerned with the large male strolling behind her, making low noises from his throat.

Several minutes later, Sia stopped outside the cabin and waited. The male panther behind her walked forward, rubbing his entire body against hers making a noise between a growl and a purr.

Vee concentrated as she was taught to do with her wolf and found her leg being used as a post. The cat, upon seeing her in her human form, returned to his also. For some reason, she wasn’t as shy facing her captor in her birthday suit. Although it was becoming evident that he was ready to pick up where they left off last night.

Valaria pushed past him and entered the cabin, searching for her clothes. She picked them up off the floor as she heard Kaden come in behind her. She wanted nothing more than to tell him thanks for the help but their thin relationship was at an end, have a good trip home, but she had to play her cards against her chest.

She was dressed in record time and began to look for her sneaks, “Ummm, do you know where my shoes are?” She didn’t even want to look at him, fearing he would see her thoughts in her eyes.

“I think we need to talk, don’t you?” his voice was neutral as she heard him too dressing behind her.

Vee turned to see him holding her shoes. She reached for them, “Thanks.”

He held them high above her head, “You will get these back after we discuss everything that has happened between us.”

Say what?

Valaria bit her lip, “Well I kind of need to use the…shed outside and I’d like to have my shoes. We can talk when I get back in.” She held her face tautly, trying to convince him of the truth of her words, even though she was already focusing on what she saw from her perch in the pine tree.

Kaden eyes narrowed as he tried to read the truth or lies that reflected in her face. He wasn’t willing to take any chances, “You don’t need these to go out there. When you get back, I’ll give them to you.”

Vee thinned her lips slightly before giving in, “Fine, we will do it your way,” before moving around him to the open doorway.

As soon as she left the cabin, her mind began to make plans on how to get to the highway without him tracking her. As she sat down in the outhouse, she looked around the small building trying to come up with something that would help her mask her scent long enough to give her a good headstart.

There wasn’t much to offer…

Then her eyes lit on the two rolls of paper sitting on a shelf beside her. Maybe she could wrap her feet well enough to help throw his superior smelling ability off…well it was worth a try, right?

Vee grabbed the first roll and began to wrap it around her foot making a thick layer that would help with the rough ground she would be traveling on. She thought about going through the bush but decided instead to just take the road out instead, hoping the time she made up by being able to take the easier way would result in success.

As her foot became encased, she decided to keep going up her leg, thinking to mask even more of her body odor. She moved as quickly as she could, using both rolls until they were gone. She had enough to cover herself from her neck to her feet. Although she would rather if it had been camouflage, beggars couldn’t be choosers, it would have to do.

She quietly opened the door and peeked out.



She opened the door wide and started to run. She easily made it around the cabin and hit the road, opening her lungs and moving her feet as fast as she could. She felt elated as she took in large breaths of air…the sweet smell of freedom! As she covered the ground, she was glad she decided this was the way to go. Although she would have loved to hide in the forest, it would have been a long game of cat and…cat…or wolf…

No, this was the way to go…

After several long minutes, she felt the road under her bare feet…shoot, she lost her covering…she didn’t dare stop and look back, she did not want to know if he was following her.

She ran faster…

How far did they come in? She couldn’t remember exactly, he hadn’t been going fast but her view from the tree seemed at least a couple of miles… She tried to focus her hearing for any noise behind her or in front…nothing…

That was good on one hand, right?...

Go back…

Vee shook her head slightly, refusing to listen to whichever animal was encouraging her to give up on her escape. No way was she willingly going back to that man. She had plans for her life and they didn’t include him in any way…

And once she got back to the city, everything would be just as it was…she wouldn’t miss him one bit…

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