Taking a Chance on Love (Extra Long Excerpt)

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*Previously titled - Can't Resist You* He has a secret... For years, Henry has kept his attraction to Jessica a secret from his best friend, Josh. Why? Because Jessica is Josh's little sister. That makes her off limits. Resistance is futile... Henry has resisted his feelings for Jess a long time, but no man can resist a woman as wonderful as Jess forever. A moment of weakness... When he and Jessica share a surprisingly intimate moment, resisting her becomes almost impossible. Torn in two... As much as Henry wants to be with Jessica, he's scared. If they got together and things went sour - he wouldn't only lose Jess, he'd lose his best friend, Josh. But when Jessica comes to him, he can't help himself. The chance at love... is something he can't resist.

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Author’s Notes:

First Note:

I have changed the title of Jess and Henry’s story from ‘Can’t Resist You’ to ‘Taking a Chance on Love’. Sorry for any confusion this may cause. I just thought the new title suited the story better.

Second Note:

While this story was posted in its entirety, it no longer is.

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