Taking a Chance on Love

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Chapter 10

Jessica’s gaze followed Henry as he walked back to his truck outside, her eyes lingering on his back - soaking in the wonderful way the dark T he was wearing hugged the shape of his body - before lowering to his narrow hips and denim covered ass.

Henry climbed into the cab of his truck and shut the door, cutting off her view. He started up his F-150 while Josh got in on the passenger’s side, then checked for traffic, pulling out after a red hatchback went by.

Distracted as she was with the images filling her head, it took her a moment, or two, to stop staring blindly out the window once he was gone.

She wasn’t seeing the buildings across the street, the people driving or walking by. She was seeing Henry, as he’d been in her dreams last night - naked, his body above her, his skin pressed against hers, his cock filling her core.

She smiled to herself at the remembered deliciousness.

Her subconscious had given Henry a very nice cock.

A shiver stole through her, an echo of the pleasure she’d experienced during the dark hours of the night, reverberating through her now.

When she’d woken this morning, she hadn’t remembered dreaming of Henry, but as soon as she’d laid eyes on him at the bakery, the very X-rated scenes her mind had concocted while she’d slept had come flying back to her.

And those scenes had been particularly... spirited.

She’d been rather... feisty.


More aggressive than she’d ever been in real life.

She smiled, shifting over and resting her hip against the counter.

Dream Henry had had no complaints, had in fact, given as good as he got.

Remembering the way he’d taken care of her had her temperature rising. When the bell over the door rang, the sound was like a splash of cold water to the face.

She blinked, abruptly brought back to the moment.

Feeling like a teenager getting caught with illicit materials, she tucked her thoughts of Henry away, shoved off the counter and looked over at the woman who had come in, a brunette with a beach ball for a belly.

Someone was about to be a mama.

“Morning.” she smiled.

“Morning.” the brunette smiled back, and turned her eyes to the muffins. “Oh, good, you still have banana chocolate. I’ll take a dozen of those please.”

Jess grabbed the appropriate sized box off the shelf, quickly slipped tabs into slots, putting the box together, and lined the bottom of it with a piece of waxy paper.

Grabbing tongs, she quickly filled it, then taped it shut when she was done, and set it on the counter between her and the brunette.

“That’ll be fifteen dollars.” she stated.

The mama-to-be handed over a five and a ten. With a ‘thanks’, she picked up the box and waddled out of the store.

Jess replenished the banana chocolate muffins, then got some prep work done, keeping an ear out for the tinkling of the bell. Though he wasn’t there, Henry was very much a part of the rest of her day.

She was peeling apples in the afternoon, replaying their goodnight kiss, when it struck her - in a way it hadn’t until then - she’d kissed Henry!

Laughter bubbled up inside her. She managed to hold it inside, but could do nothing to rein in the smile that burst across her face. It stayed there as she cranked the handle on the peeler, quickly stripped a Granny Smith.

For a moment, she felt like the young girl she’d been all those years ago... it was like she was looking forward into the future and seeing what was going to happen between her and Henry, and she couldn’t help but feel giggly over the two of them kissing.

The boy she’d been friends with, the dumbass that had pushed her buttons for years... was now the man she was attracted to... the man who had her feeling all gooey inside, like a perfectly toasted marshmallow.

It had been such a long time since she’d had that melty feeling - since breaking up with Alex - and it was nice to feel that way again.

“Hey.” came Jana’s voice behind her.

Jessica turned around and smiled in greeting.

Jana was one of the other storefront employees.

Jessica worked all opening shifts, clocking in at seven and out at three. She worked alone for the most part, called her mother out to help her when the line of customers got too long.

Melissa, another storefront employee, appeared behind Jana’s shoulder.

“Hey, ladies.” she addressed them both.

Jana, Melissa, Erica and Amanda worked the closing shifts.

Closing shifts started at two, and since no one was left in the kitchen by the late afternoon, two of the four women were always scheduled to close together. At seven, whoever was working locked up and took care of covering everything that needed to be covered, wiping counters, sweeping the floor, and closing out the till.

“Hey, Jess. How’s it been?” Melissa asked.

“Steady.” she replied. “I was able to get a bit of prep work done. I’m almost done the apples.”

Both Melissa and Jana nodded, taking in the bucket of peeled and sliced apples on the counter.

“Anything you want us to get started on?” Jana asked.

“There’s some squares that need to be cut.” she mentioned.

The bell out front rang.

“I’ll get it.” Melissa said and headed into the front to look after the customer that had come in.

Jana disappeared into the kitchen, came back a few moments later with a large tray of brownies. Jess returned to peeling while she started cutting the brownies on the other prep counter.

The two of them chatted as they worked, Melissa joining them in between customers, and the last hour of her shift went by pretty quick.

At three, she clocked out and headed home.

She’d already had supper, spent some time in front of the tube and had ditched the living room in favour of her bed and the book she was almost finished, when her phone binged a text received.

Marking her page, she reached over to her bedside table, palmed her phone.

A smile bloomed on her face as she checked the screen.

It was Henry.

Hey. he’d texted with a happy face.

The dots were bouncing, letting her know he was typing.

She typed in a ‘hey’, added the same emoji he’d used, and sent that while waiting for his next message.

It popped up a second later.

I’m at the grocery store. she read.

A picture of Henry pushing a cart around popped up in her mind’s eye. The domestic image was cute.

Wanted to check with you... he wrote. ...how does chicken parm sound for dinner Wednesday?

Mmmm. she typed in, adding a drooly face.

She loved chicken parmesan.

Sounds great. she replied, and sent that off before typing more.

Since you’re cooking dinner, I’ll take care of dessert. she offered.

Maybe he already figured she would, she did work at a bakery after all.

Deal. Henry replied.

What are you doing? he asked a moment later.

Just reading. she told him.

Whatchya reading?

Jessica glanced at the cover of her book, the image of a couple holding one another telegraphing the genre of her novel.

Romances were her drug of choice.

Rules of the Game. she told Henry.

It was another really good book from one of her favourite authors.

Jenna Rollie wasn’t one of her go-to authors just because she wrote sex scenes that could make the windows of an empty car steam up, but because she created characters that ripped her heart out with their personal challenges, and made her want the kind of love they ended up finding.

A bing sounded.

Good book? Henry asked.

She sent a thumbs up emoji.

Another bing.

Heading to check out... TTYL. Henry had written.

Jessica set her phone back on her bedside table, picked up her book once more.

She read several more chapters before setting the novel aside and turning out the lights, hoping her dreams took the same naughty turn as they had last night.


Henry laid two of the chicken breasts he’d bought Monday night in the oil he’d heated in a large pan on the stove and they instantly started sizzling.

He let them cook for a few minutes on each side, waiting for the breading he’d covered them in to brown nicely then removed them from the heat.

With tongs, he transferred the chicken from the pan to a small cookie sheet, covered them with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, a little more sauce, and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese.

Dressed in tasty goodness, the chicken went into the oven.

Grabbing up the spoon he’d left on the counter next to the stove, he gave the spaghetti and tomato sauce he had on the back burners a stir then went about setting the table.

Besides the necessary - plates, cutlery, wine glasses, napkins - he put out the candles he’d picked up special just for tonight.

Returning to the kitchen, he gave the spaghetti and sauce another stir, had a peak at the chicken parm.

Another few minutes and dinner would be ready.

Feeling both eager and nervous, he blew out a breath, smoothed a hand down the front of his shirt.

He’d showered and changed as soon as he’d got home from work, replacing his work T and jeans with a cream colored button down shirt and dark brown khaki pants.

Now, in the last few moments before Jessica arrived, he swept his gaze around his apartment, checking if he’d forgotten anything.

Music! He should put on some music.

In the living room, he turned on the TV, went into the list of radio channels, reading through his options, chose the channel titled ‘Smooth Jazz’.

Soft music filtered through his apartment.


While he was in the living room, he turned the floor lamps that stood at either end of his sofa to their dimmest setting. Then he went over to the dining table, lit the candles he’d placed in the center of it with matches he’d found in a kitchen drawer.

The kitchen light he left on for now, but it would go off after he got dinner out of the oven, so the apartment would be left in just the glow coming from the candles on the table and from the two floor lamps in his living room.

The intercom buzzed as he headed back to the oven, the sound giving him a shot of energy.

He b-lined it to the intercom, pressed the button to speak.

“Hello?” he said, the word coming out a question though he knew who it was.

“Hey.” came Jess’s voice.

“Hey! Come on up.” he replied.

Shifting his finger over a button, he unlocked the door in the apartment building’s lobby.

Sweat broke out on his palms. The muscles of his belly tightened with the knowledge Jessica was on her way up.

Hovering near his front door, he waited for her, listening for the ding of the elevator opening on his floor.

Cupping his hand in front of his mouth, he checked his breath.

Minty fresh.

Raising one arm, then the other, he checked the deodorant situation.

Clean and sporty.


The elevator dinged down the hallway and he stepped to the door, made himself wait a beat before opening it.

Jess was halfway to him when he looked out, and she looked... amazing. The flowy, silky, pink blouse she was wearing draped over her curves in such a way it had his blood warming, his pulse drumming.

He took in the snug, white, capri’s she had on, his gaze following the contours of her shape, her softly rounded hips and toned legs. Her hair was up in a sexy, messy ponytail, pieces loose around her face. In one hand she carried a small, white box he recognized as being from Taste of Home, and in the other she clutched the short strap of her purse.

Their gazes met and the smile on her face, the way she looked at him... had the pangs of conscience he’d been getting off and on the last couple of days, the awkwardness that had made several appearances as he’d worked alongside Josh, going radio silent, his happiness at seeing Jess blotting out those uncomfortable feelings.

“Hey.” she murmured as she drew close.

“Hey.” he echoed.

His gaze dropped to the box. “What did ya bring?”

With a smile, she handed over the box.

“One of your favorites.” she replied and waited for him to pop the lid, peek inside.

He smiled at the slices of cheesecake she’d brought.

“Does my dessert offering meet with your approval?” she asked with a teasing smile. “Can I come in?”


Here he was, keeping her standing in the doorway while he had a moment with the cheesecake.

Stepping back, he invited her in, waited for her to precede him into his apartment, followed her in and shut the door.


Jess slipped off her sandals, left her purse on the floor beside them, and turned to Henry.

“I’ll just put this,” he said, raising the box slightly. “in the fridge. Check on supper.”

He headed over to the kitchen and she followed, her attention going over to the candles on the table... the wine... the music... while he placed their dessert on a shelf in his fridge.

Warmth spread through her.

Henry’s romantic side was showing, and it surpassed her expectations.

“Is there anything I can help with?” she asked, watching Henry shut the fridge and move over to the stove.

Opening the oven door, Henry looked at her over his shoulder.

“Actually, I think...” he said, and peeked inside at the chicken parm. “... everything’s ready.”

Delicious smells escaped the oven, saturating the air and starting her mouth watering.

He hadn’t been lying. He really could cook.

Henry slipped on an oven mitt, pulled the tray of chicken from the oven, set it on the counter, leaving it there as he checked the pots on the stove top. He turned off the burners, removed the pots from the heat and turned to her, invited her to have a seat at the table, escorting her over.

As she sat, he plucked their plates off the table, returned to the kitchen, and set them on the counter beside the stove. He transferred the chicken to the plates, then grabbed the bigger of the two pots and a colander and stepped in front of the sink.

Presented with his back, Jessica’s gaze had no choice but to fall to his ass as he strained the pasta. It didn’t take her long to come to the decision that the khaki’s he was wearing did just as much for his posterior as denim did.

Henry turned and she quickly shifted her eyes up, but not quickly enough.

Henry’s eyes were already on her and the smile that came to his lips was very self-satisfied.


Henry dumped the pasta he’d drained back in the pot, left the colander in the sink.

Turning back to the stove, he glanced over at Jessica... and caught her checking out his ass.

That had him standing a little taller... a male posing for the female he wanted to impress.

Their gazes met and the lazy desire he saw in her eyes made all the frustration he’d felt over the years - wanting her and telling himself he’d never be with her - feel like a speck in time. Something he’d willingly do over to get to this moment.

He smiled at her, and she smiled back... a female showing the male she was, indeed, impressed with him.

Eager to get over there with her, he made himself turn away from the beauty of her, sitting there, smiling at him, soft candlelight playing over her face, and quickly finished plating their dinner.

A dish in each hand, he headed to her, flicking the kitchen light out with his elbow on his way.


“Here we are.” Henry said, setting one plate in front of her and the other plate in front of his seat.

He sat down across from her and met her gaze. Jessica looked down at her plate, back up at him.

“It looks delicious.” she murmured, taking up her knife and fork.

Henry smiled a ‘thank you’ and they both tucked into their food. She cut into the chicken, popped a bite-sized piece into her mouth and flavour exploded on her tongue, coating her taste buds.

As delicious as the meal Henry had prepared looked and smelled... it tasted even better.

“Mmmm.” she hummed in appreciation around her mouthful. “Henry. This is so good.” she said, in case he hadn’t gotten her delight from the widening of her eyes, the lift of her eyebrows.

Henry grinned around his bite.

“Told you I could cook.”

“Where’d you learn?” she asked after having another bite of cheesy, tomatoey yummyness.

“My mom.” he told her. “And the food network channel.”

At the mention of his mom, she politely asked how Joan was doing. It had been a long time since she’d seen either of his parents.

“Oh, she’s good.” Henry replied. “I was talking to her Sunday. She wants to redo her kitchen.”

Jessica nodded at that, took another bite.

“She’s basically gutting her kitchen, and starting over.” Henry continued. “New cupboards, new counters, new floor. Everything.”

That was a big job. An expensive one.

But his mom could well afford it. She worked as a pharmacist.

Jessica thought about asking how his dad was doing, but wasn’t sure if she should. Over the years, at Sunday dinners here and there, her parents had asked after Henry’s parents, and Jess had got the impression from the way Henry spoke of him, that things had become strained between him and his dad.

She decided against asking about Bill, not wanting to bring up what was possibly a sore subject, and instead asked Henry about work... which came with the attached side topic of her brother.

Though she’d rather not bring up Josh, there really was no way to avoid mentioning him - he was a big part of both Henry’s and her life.

“Let’s just say, I’m ready to see the end of deck season.” Henry replied to her question.

Yeah, Josh had basically said the same thing last Sunday at dinner when their parents had asked him how work was going.

Jessica twirled some spaghetti around the tines of her fork, paused in the act of bringing her fork to her mouth when Henry asked how her day had been.

“It was good.” she replied. “Busy.”

She loved her job, loved chatting with the regular customers, loved the products, but the bakery wasn’t very exciting to talk about.

She shrugged, like - that’s it, before slurping the noodles off her fork as quietly as she could.

Henry had a bite of chicken and a comfortable silence fell, music filling the space while they both ate.

Other than another couple of silent moments, conversation flowed easily, moving smoothly from one topic to another, throughout their meal. They did some reminiscing, as they had Saturday, laughing over past antics - like the time she and Henry had pranked Josh, filling his hand with toothpaste as he slept and then tickling his face.

If her memory wasn’t failing her... that had been Josh’s twelfth birthday and Henry had slept over. Josh had not been amused when he’d woken up to find his face and hair gooped up with minty paste... but she and Henry had had a good laugh.

The two of them chuckled over that memory again now.

Jessica sighed as their laughter faded, a touch of sadness over the friendship they’d lost, marring her happiness.

“I missed this.” she murmured, holding Henry’s gaze. “I missed you.”

Henry’s smile dimmed, regret briefly touching his eyes.

“I missed you, too.” he murmured.

The thought went through Jessica’s head that they needn’t have missed each other... Henry could have talked to her instead of pushing her away and being an ass...

That thought was there and gone so quickly, a flyby of judgement and disappointment, it barely registered.

Regrets were useless, she reminded herself. She and Henry were where they were at, now.

And besides, if Henry had told her of his feelings when they were younger, and they had gotten together... most likely, their lack of experience and immaturity would have led them to breaking up.

How many people spent the rest of their life with their first love?

Yes, Jessica thought, it was probably better Henry had kept his feelings to himself.

But still, she didn’t think him being an ass had been necessary.

But, whatever...


Their plates empty, their bellies full, Henry and Jess lingered at the table, sipping wine as they talked.

After a while, he got up, cleared the table, refusing Jessica’s offer of help. He left their dishes by the sink, telling her he’d look after them later, and got out the cheesecake.

Jessica made the same sound with her first bite of dessert that she’d made with her first bite of chicken. And, as it had earlier, Henry’s dick twitched from the sound of her pleasure.

He shifted in his chair.

When it came to Jess, ‘little Henry’ didn’t need much to get him going.

Closing his mouth around thick, rich cheesecake, he barely tasted the sweetness on his tongue - getting more pleasure out of watching, and listening to, Jessica enjoy her dessert.

She leaned forward and his gaze dipped down, taking in the way her loose top gaped to reveal the tops of her creamy breasts.

His dick twitched again.

The girl he’d known had developed the most beautiful curves, curves that would fill his hands perfectly.

He shifted his gaze down to his plate.

After years of wanting Jess, of course, he was ready to get physical. More than ready. But... it was only their second date.

Course... it didn’t feel like a second date.

At least, it didn’t to him.

They’d been a part of each other’s lives for so long . There’d been no need for getting-to-know-you questions - they’d just needed to get reacquainted, polish off their old friendship.

It felt like they were starting out on their tenth date, their history a solid foundation. And the tenth date, according to some, meant sex. Usually. (If it hadn’t already happened - according to some others, the third date meant sex.)

But he didn’t want to rush anything, was going to let Jess set the speed, in spite of - ahem - how hard that might be.

When they were done with dessert, he topped up their wine, suggested they move into the living room. Collecting her glass, Jessica followed him over to the sofa, sat beside him.

Henry swallowed a groan.

Maybe moving to the sofa had been a bad idea. Now that they were sitting closer, all Henry could smell was Jess. And being enveloped by her delectable scent was both pleasure, and pain.

Inhaling deep, he clutched his wine like it was some sort of lifeline, restraining him from shifting closer to her, keeping him from reaching for her.

His skin felt tight, his hand itchy with the need to touch.

Jessica leaned forward, set her glass on the coffee table.

Her gaze must have landed on his Play Station because she looked at him, tilted her head towards it and asked what games he had.

Oh, good. A distraction.

He listed off a few.

“Do you have Pedal to the Metal?” she asked, as she sat back.

“Yeah.” he confirmed.

She smiled.

“Let’s play.” she suggested.

“You play?” he asked.

He shouldn’t be surprised, he supposed - when they were kids, Jess had been into playing Nintendo as much as him and Josh. She’d been pretty good at Mario Kart. Not as good as him, but good.

“Oh, yeah.” she replied. “Pedal to the Metal... Need for Speed... Nascar Heat...” she rhymed off. “I’ve got all the racing games.”


Henry got up, went over to the TV stand and retrieved the controllers. Returning to the sofa, he pressed the button on one, powering on the Play Station.

“Think you can beat me?” he asked, handing Jessica one of the remotes as he sat back in his seat.

The look she sent his way in answer was cocky... and sexy.

Well, alright then. Challenge accepted.

It took a few minutes for the game to cycle through the intro and set up, and for them to chose their cars, then they were at the starting line, waiting for the clock to count down.

Henry let Jessica have the lead for most of the race, staying right behind her, but on the final lap, he came up beside her, bumped her.

“Hey!” she objected.

He chuckled, bumped her again, harder, and passed her. Seconds later, he crossed the finish line in front of her.

“Again.” Jessica demanded immediately, her competitive side showing.

Henry had forgotten how competitive she could be but, it was all coming back to him now.

Sporting a cocky smile of his own, he started a new race.

This time Jessica won.

“Best two out of three.” he stated and Jessica grinned.

That grin of hers stretched wider after winning the third race.

Damn, she was cute.

“I let you win.” he claimed.

“Pfft.” she scoffed. “Sure ya did.”

He smirked and shrugged, like ‘believe what you want’.

She rolled her eyes at him.

“I kicked your ass.” she said, shoving his leg.

“Mmmm.” he mumbled, setting his remote on the table and changing the TV from game mode back to cable, and the music channel he’d had it on before.

Jessica set her remote on the table too, picked up her wine. A smile in her eyes, she held his gaze over the rim of her glass as she sipped.

She set her wine back on the coffee table, sat back beside him facing him, resting her arm on the back of the sofa.

Sitting there, gazing at her, Henry’s skin started to feel tight again. The urge to reach for Jess, to press his lips to hers, returned.

Judging by the expression on her face, Jess was feeling what he was feeling.

They were wanting the same thing... but neither of them were making a move...

... both a little shy.

Holding Jess’s gaze, Henry slowly started to lean towards her, a thrill going through him when she started to lean into him.

He lifted a hand, cupped the side of her face, gently stroking the soft roundness of her cheek with his thumb.

Already under the heady influence of wine and cheesecake and her intoxicating scent... when their lips touched, he was done for.


Jessica sighed, melting into Henry. Kissing him... was more exciting than making love with Alex had been in those last few months. Near the end of her relationship with Alex, she’d just been going through the motions... the excitement, the passion she’d once felt for him, gone.

Henry slanted his mouth over hers, licked at the seam of her lips, seeking to take their kiss deeper.

His erotic advance effectively kicked her ex out of her head.

Tilting her head to a better angle, she welcomed his tongue into the cave of her mouth.

He tasted of the wine and cheesecake they’d had.

She, no doubt, tasted the same.

He twined his tongue with hers... retreated only to tangle again... and again.

His arm curled around her back, and with soft pressure he let her know what he wanted, urging her on to his lap.

Not breaking their kiss, she shifted, rising up, throwing a leg over both of his, and straddled him, her hands gripping his shoulders for support.

His hands found her hips, pulled her tighter to him, until her core was snug against him.

Feeling the hard ridge of his arousal, she rocked against him in a friendly ‘hello’, to little Henry. That ‘hello’ had Henry sucking on her tongue. One of his hands covered her ass, the other started travelling up her side.

The hand slowly coasting up her side stopped when fingertips brushed against breast. Jess encouraged that hand on its travels, shifting and pressing her breast towards it, and Henry cupped what was offered.

Second base... achieved.

The way Henry kissed... the way his hands gently fondled and massaged... had her moaning, had pleasure unravelling inside her.

She almost groaned in protest when he lifted his mouth off hers, but then he started a trail of hot, open-mouthed kisses down her throat.

When he ventured south of her collar bone, she tipped her head forward, willed her heavy eyes open, watched him nuzzle the top of her breasts. Letting go of his shoulders, she moved her hands to the back of his head, spearing her fingers into his hair.

With a gentle grip, she pulled him closer, arching her back as she did, placing her nipple in front of his mouth.

Henry latched on, suckling the tip of her breast through her shirt.

Oh god, yes.

Her hands went from gentle, to fisting in his hair.


Henry loved the sting of Jessica’s fingers in his hair, loved knowing he was bringing her pleasure.

Her nipple was a hard pearl in his mouth that he lashed with his tongue.

Those fingers of hers gripped tighter before easing their hold.

Was she worried she was hurting him?

She could make him bald, he didn’t care.

Not wanting to play favorites, he released the nipple he’d made friends with, descended upon its twin, giving it the same attention.

Jessica let him play for a while, arousing, breathy sighs and soft moans escaping her, before her hands cupped his jaw and urged him away, brought his mouth back to hers.

Wherever she wanted him, he’d go.

He came to regret that thought later...

... when Jessica slowly, gradually eased her way out of their kiss.

Noooo. Were they stopping?

He didn’t want to stop. He wanted more.

His gaze met Jessica’s. The way she was looking at him, he could see she wanted more too. But, she collected herself, cleared her throat.

“It’s getting late.” she murmured, eyes heavy, words lazy. “I should probably go.”

He sucked in a breath, licked his lips... began to navigate his way out of the thick fog of desire.

“Right.” he nodded. “Okay.” he cleared his throat.

Steadying herself with a hand on his shoulder, Jessica shifted up and off of him, settling on the cushion next to him. She didn’t get to her feet right away, her gaze lingering on him, glued to his lips.

She was clearly not one hundred percent sold on the idea of going. A little coaxing from him, and she’d stay.

He wouldn’t encourage her one way or the other.

This time.

Next time... he might not be able to resist persuading her to stay.

Finally, she nodded to herself, apparently having firmed her decision, and pushed to her feet.

He got up too after she crossed in front of him, discreetly adjusting himself, escorted her to the door, and out into the hall and down to the elevators.

“Thanks for dinner.” Jess murmured as they walked.

“You’re welcome.”

They reached the elevator and Jessica pushed the button. Brushing back a piece of hair that had fallen out of her updo, she looked up at him.

In the brighter light of the hallway, he could see the flushed color in her cheeks, the bee stung look of her lips.

He wanted to carry her off back to his apartment, but settled on one more kiss.

Jess met him halfway when he started leaning down towards her.

Their kiss was short, the ding of the elevator doors opening, ending it.

Jessica pulled back at that ding, a soft look on her face as she met his gaze.

“Night.” she murmured.

“Night.” he echoed and watched her step into the elevator.

He waited for the doors to close, then returned to his apartment, shut himself inside.


The place felt quieter, more empty, without Jessica there.

He’d lived in this apartment for five years... and Jess had altered the chemistry of the place after one night.

He’d just have to have her over again as soon as possible.


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