Taking a Chance on Love

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Chapter 13

Saturday night, Jess eagerly awaited Henry’s arrival. He was on his way over, should be buzzing her from the lobby any moment. They both had tomorrow off, which meant tonight would not be ending like their date on Tuesday had.

Jess hadn’t minded including her brother in her Tuesday night plans with Henry. She’d figured it would be fun - the three of them hanging out like old times. And she’d been right, it had been a lot of fun... they’d shared some laughs before the movie, and went for beers afterwards at Frankie’s.

But... as much fun as it had been, she’d been quietly disappointed that she hadn’t got any alone time with Henry. Now that they’d become physical, she was eager for more.

Any nerves she’d had their first go-round, had been defunct. She was all systems ‘go!’. Unfortunately, her ‘go’ had been curbed after the movie on Tuesday.

By the time Henry had driven her home from Frankie’s, it had been after eleven. Early morning starts had awaited both of them the next morning so they’d ended their night with a goodnight kiss in his truck.

Jess smiled to herself.

’Course, that goodnight kiss... had lingered for a good, long time. It had been delicious, sure... but, it also hadn’t been enough.

Just remembering that kiss now, had Jess’s anticipation for the night ahead ramping up.

... tonight would definitely not be ending with a kiss.


Henry pushed Jess’s apartment number, turned and went through the lobby’s inner door when she unlocked it for him. An elevator was sitting there, doors open, waiting for a passenger, and he got on and rode it up to her floor.

He watched the numbers go up as the elevator ascended, waited when there was a brief pause between reaching the requested floor and the doors opening, then disembarked and proceeded down the hall to Jess’s apartment, knocked on the door.

She opened it immediately, a welcoming smile on her face. Returning her smile, he drank in the sight of her. Her hair was down and slightly curled. She’d applied something to her lips that gave them a slight sheen, drawing his eye. A moth to the flame.

The cotton sundress she had on was short, the hem hitting her mid thigh. Its peachy colour was a lovely foil for her brown hair and eyes.

“Hey.” she greeted him, stepping back, giving him room to enter.

Echoing her ‘hey’, he followed her in, slipped off his shoes while she shut the door. Together, they moved deeper into her apartment. Trailing behind her, he tracked his gaze up and down her body, already plotting where his hands would be later.

A part of him had regretted inviting Josh to join him and Jess Tuesday night at the movies.

The horny part.

When he’d invited Josh, he’d fully expected his next date with Jess would just be a day or two later, but that hadn’t been the case. He’d been busy Wednesday and she’d been busy Thursday and Friday, so Saturday had been their first chance to make plans.

A few days wasn’t a long time, but the wait for tonight had felt interminable, and he was glad the wait was over.


Jess led Henry into her living room, and the two of them got comfortable on her sofa.

She noticed his hair was slightly damp and curling a bit at the ends and deduced he’d had a shower before coming over.

Guys had it so easy. They just had to shower, dress, dab on some cologne, maybe shave, and they were good to go.

Women, on the other hand...

Jess had showered, shaved, and put effort and time into her hair and makeup.

Henry asked her about her day and she reciprocated, though she was distracted. Freshly shaven, dressed in a dark shirt and pants as he was, that hint of cologne he’d dabbed on wafting from him... he was flipping all her switches.

They made some small talk, but soon enough, words dropped away and they were leaning in, their mouths meeting in a series of slow, rousing kisses... kisses that quickly got her pulse points thumping.

As things heated up from opening salvo to main attraction, Jess had to shift position. The angle she was at had a cramp developing in her neck.

Supporting herself with a hand on Henry’s shoulder, she threw a leg over both of his and straddled him. His hands grasped her hips, pulled her more firmly against him, his fingers digging in when she rocked against him.

Yes, this position was much better.

She rocked her pelvis again, pressing softness against hardness, and was rewarded with a deep, masculine groan. Spurred on by the sound, she kept up her undulating, finding a rhythm.

She tried to keep things slow, wanted to savour the pleasure-rich climb to the top, but, as the pleasure mounted, her savouring plan was forgotten. Her rhythm broke, the to and fro of her hips speeding up.

Henry’s mouth left hers.

“Hang on.” he instructed, and started to shift forward to the edge of his seat.

She did as instructed and hung on.

Henry stood up, his hands palming her ass, and she wrapped her legs around his waist, her arms around his shoulders.

They were on the move to her bedroom.

She didn’t make the walk easy for Henry to navigate, unwilling to remove her tongue from his mouth, but he got them there.

He sat down on the side of her bed, her legs and arms still wrapped around him. One of his hands left her ass, sought out the zipper of her dress.

His fingers closed on the tab and pulled, lowering the zipper with a soft whir.


Henry lifted his mouth from Jess’s when she shrugged the straps of her dress off her shoulders. He leaned back from her a little, wanting to look at her.

While he was a breast man, and appreciated Jessica’s curves, she could have been as flat as she’d been as a girl, and he would still love the shape of her.

Because it was her.

The bra she had on was the same peachy colour as her dress.

Did they sell dresses with matching undergarments?

He deftly unlatched the clasp and Jess took it from there. Sitting tall in his lap, staring down at him - no shyness in her eyes, no hesitancy - she pulled down one strap, then the other, tossed the bra to the floor behind her.

Without preamble, he leaned forward, set his lips and tongue on her flesh. He took his time, lapping at her, nipping, slowly working his way around the weighty meat of her breast, eventually closing his mouth over the hard tip.

Jess inhaled sharply as he began sucking. Her head lolled back. She offered herself up to him, arching her back, wordlessly encouraging him.


Pleasuring her was such a turn on. How the hell had resisted this, resisted her, for as long as he had? Why had he resisted? What had he been so fucking afraid of?

Henry shied away from these thoughts.

Now was not the time to tempt the answers to such questions to the surface.

Setting his attention back to the task at hand, he tended to Jess’s breast for several long moments, then switched to her other breast, gave it the same amount of wooing.

She hummed her enjoyment, pressed closer, her fingernails biting into his shoulders. He raised his arms, banded them around her.

When Jess’s hips started rocking again, he relinquished his bounty, his attention heading south.

He needed to free himself soon.

Jess shifted to her knees, her legs bracketing his hips, and directed him, with a hand on his chest, to lower back and down to the mattress.

She followed him down, immediately covered his mouth with hers...

... and devoured him.


Lust sizzling through her veins, Jess blindly shoved Henry’s T-shirt up his body, her lips fused to his until she had to break away to help him rip the garment off over his head.

It went flying somewhere.

Working together, helping each other, they got rid of the rest of their clothes, stripping down to skin... then Jess was sliding her folds back and forth over Henry’s cock, painting him with her cream.

Growling, Henry palmed her ass, pulled her tighter against him on her next rock forward.

“Are the condoms still in the bathroom?” he panted between kisses.

“Top drawer. Bedside table.” she replied.

She’d thought it prudent to have them closer at hand.

Henry carefully rolled them over, then rolled away from her and sat up, going for the bedside table. He opened the top drawer, grabbed up the box and fished out a strip of condoms, ripped one off.

The foil packet was torn open, the latex quickly rolled down his length. While he was donning protection, Jessica moved, situating herself lengthwise on the bed instead of across it, and rested her head on a pillow.

Henry turned back to her and the way he looked at her had a lovely, warming glow spreading through her chest.

Usually, she was slow to fall for a guy, but this was Henry... her one time friend... her recent nemesis... and now, her lover. Their history, had her falling deeper, faster, than she ever had before.

Henry climbed over her, settled against her.

Tipping his gaze down their bodies, he grasped himself, positioned his tip at her entrance. Once he was notched, his head came back up, his eyes reconnected with hers. He held her gaze as he slowly pushed forward, joining their bodies.


Henry lowered his body to Jess’s, holding most of his weight on his forearms. Her hands went around his back, her fingers splaying wide over his muscles.

Holding still, he enjoyed the feel of her, tight and hot around him, pausing in the moment before he moved... because he knew, once he started moving, things were going to unravel faster than he wanted.

He walked his lips up the slope of her neck, nuzzled her ear. The smell of her shampoo tickled his nose.

“Henry,” she murmured, the word a soft beseechment, asking him for more, asking him to move.

So move, he did.

Nice and slow.

He pulled out, until only the head of his cock was inside her... then pushed forward, tunnelling into her channel once more.

She sighed, long and soft.

Henry relished that sound, that evidence of her pleasure.

While Jess’s laughter may have long been on his list of favourite sounds, her pleasure sounds now topped his list.

Maintaining an unhurried rhythm, he endeavoured to pull more sighs from her.


Before Jessica lost her ability to think, she had the passing thought that Henry really knew what he was doing in the bedroom.

Taking his time, he reduced her to a knot of sensations, a collection of animal instincts and sounds. He had her thinking skills reverting to rudimentary levels... her vocabulary cut down to... more’s, yes’s, and please’s. By the time he started moving faster, she was ready to fly apart.

Sweaty, panting, she clung to him as he drove them both toward the edge... and right off it.

Plunging into ecstasy, free falling into that decadent darkness, she cried out, her incoherent screams torn from the depths of her being.


Still thrusting, his movements choppy now, Jessica’s cries in his ears, Henry let loose a long, husky shout...

... and came.


Eyes squeezed shut, teeth gritted, he rode out the storm.


That had been...

... there were no words... the usual ones - amazing, unbelievable, incredible, etc. - were not up to snuff.

Catching his breath, still mindless, his body leveling off after that insane explosion into paradise, he blindly nibbled at Jessica’s skin.

Her own breath slowing, her body relaxing, Jess lovingly petted him. Her hands slowly trailed over the planes of his back.

It was a while before he could make himself move, before he could pull away from her. But he did, getting up and taking care of the condom, and returning to her arms.

She rolled towards him, snuggled into his side, hitching a leg over his, an arm across his body.

Laying there, replete, three words hovered on the tip of Henry’s tongue.

Three words he wasn’t ready to say yet.

He didn’t let those three words out - instead, he acted on another feeling, the need to apologize.


“Hmm?” she responded sleepily.

“I owe you an apology.”

Jess pushed up, braced herself on a forearm beside him and met his gaze.

“For what?” she asked, brows furrowed.

For being a jack-ass, chicken-shit, jerk.

“For giving you a hard time all these years.” he replied. “I’m sorry.”

His words had Jess’s brows smoothing out, had her expression softening with appreciation.

“I know.” she murmured, her eyes full of affection.

She placed her hand on his chest, over his heart, looked down at that hand, then back up at him.

“I always wondered why you pushed me away.” she continued. “Now that I know why you were such an idiot...” her expression turned cheeky on that last word, taking the sting out of it, “... now that I understand...” she shrugged, her demeanour becoming earnest again. “... it’s all forgotten.”

Henry placed his hand over hers on his chest, grateful for her understanding.

The cheekiness returned to her smile.

“But,” she said. “... if you’re feeling bad...” she slipped her hand out from under his, started circling his nipple. “... if you feel the need to make amends...” desire rekindled in her eyes. “... may I suggest you do so with orgasms?”

Henry chuckled, amused, grateful for her understanding, and also quickly becoming aroused again.

Jess shifted over him and his laughter faded away, arousal, desire, becoming the only thing either of them knew.

She took the lead. She set the pace. She ushered them to higher, sharper levels of pleasure.

When the finish line was within reach, she paused to get protection, moving off him and retrieving a condom from the bedside table.

He plucked it out of her hand, rolled it on and then she was astride him again. A few decisive thrusts, and they came together, in a mutual, piercing orgasm.

Mind blown, Henry became a puddle of skin, a collection of rubber bones.

Making amends felt fucking fantastic.


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