La Sua Tigre

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Emilia Lombardi got pregnant by force, she loves her baby with all that she has. She starts accepting to being a single mom then her rapist wants to sell her to a brothel. Mateo De Luca is the boss of the Italian Mafia and supposed to be her fiancé but has no interest of settling down. Can Mateo keep her safe? Or will he hurt her?

Romance / Erotica
Annalynn Nicole
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Chapter 1:Party

Emilia's POV:

Let me introduce myself. My name is Emilia Lombardi. It's finally here I am turning 21 and my friends decided we have to go to a club much against my protesting, I rather go out on the back roads. I am a simple kind of girl . I have four best friends that I have been friends with since we were kids. Aurora has been dating since they were freshman in high school, it was actually really cute seeing Ace so nervous to ask her out but that is another story for a different time. Then we have Isabella never call Bella. She hates being referred to Bella from the beauty and the beast. I have noticed she has been withdrawn from us and being extra secretive and hanging with other people. I hope it is that she is just making new friends and nothing is wrong. Then lastly we have Rhonda or Crazy Rhonda she is our hotheaded adreline junkie friend, we usually have to stop her before she does something stupid. How she has never gotten arrested is beyond me.

I was procrastinating hoping they would get annoyed that I am taking too long and change their mind. Aurora walks in my room "Nice try I know what you are trying to do, I will find you something so we can go. You can pick the blue one that matches your eyes or the black one that will make your booty look good?" I think about it and I chose the blue one because I am not trying to attract too much attention to myself. I finished putting my heels on, which Isabella told me I had to put on to complete and wearing my boots was a no go since this wasn't a line dancing bar. We hear Rhonda and Ace talking outside knowing the two of them they were outside smoking because they knew if Mama caught them inside smoking she would light their asses up.

When we finally get in the club we head straight over to the bar and after doing a couple rounds of shots of tequila except for Ace he got stuck as designated driver tonight. We head over to the dance floor and start grinding all over each other laughing and having a great time. After a while I feel hands on my hips that are definitely too big to be my friends. I turned around and looked and saw a man with short brown hair and hazel eyes who definitely looked a little rough around the edges but me being drunk could really careless who I was dancing with. "Damn you know how to move this body don't you sexy. My name is Sean what's yours" he whispered in my ear . "Mhhm I am Emilia'' was all I said as I could care less who I was dancing with. He kept roaming his hands all over my body, I kept moving them back to my hips. I might be drunk but I am not about to be groped in public. I signalled to the others that I am going back to the bar for another drink from the bar and had a couple more shots and went back to dancing. Seth was still dancing with me and was definitely becoming more drunk. After a while he suggested going somewhere more private to talk and we definitely didn't talk.

He pulled me into an empty room, pushed me against the door and started kissing me very sloppy like a dog. When we started making out with him his tongue was all over the place even with me being drunk it still was terrible, I pulled away and asked if he has ever done this before. Well that was the wrong thing to say, he pushed me against the desk, put my hands behind my back. I was trying to fight him off. I was still a virgin and didn't want to lose it this way. He had my arms secured behind my back with his belt and had my legs pinned to the desk by his legs and ripped my thong an thrusted into me raw. I cried and begged "I am sorry please stop" all he did was grabbed my hair and slammed my head into the desk "shut up you stupid whore." At this point I just stared ahead crying silently hoping he would hurry soon. When he finally got done he picked me up and tossed me into the wall. I slid down the wall feeling very dizzy and lightheaded. Seth leans down and whispers in my ear "you tell anyone what happened or go to the hospital, I will have your family and friends killed. Trust me Emilia Lombardi. I have connections." After that he punches me in the head and I become unconscious.

I have no idea how long I laid there until I felt someone try and shake me awake. I look up and I see Ace with Aurora and Isabella. "Emilia what happened to you? Are you ok? Of course you're not ok. Look at you what happened" Isabella frantically asks me.

"Bella I am ok. Sore but ok, I just want to get home and sleep this off. And I can't say anything and please don't ask me what happened." I give them the biggest puppy dog eyes. The girls cave in easily and don't ask.

Ace is another story he looks like he is about to explode from anger. He runs his hands through his hair and looks at me giving me a pointed look knowing Ace he is not going to let this slide. "Are you out of your mind. You want me not to ask what happened when you were bleeding from your head, you were unconscious when we got out here. No we are not going anywhere until I get some answers. I need to know who's ass I need to beat."

"EMILIA LOMBARDI. Oh my la principessa di papà(daddy's princess) let's get you out of here. I know you hate hospitals if your Mama thinks you need to then we will go later. Thank you Rhonda for calling me. Come by tomorrow for breakfast, all of you. Does anyone need a ride home?" Papa asked my friends.

"No Alessandro I am the designated driver tonight, I can get the girls home. Tell Angelica that we will be by tomorrow." Ace starts to say but Aurora cuts him off.

"No I am going home with them now, let's go we will ride with Ace and follow you home Mr. Lombardi." And at that she starts walking towards Ace's truck to leave.

When I finally made it home my sweet Mama Angelica Lombardi was so worried since Papa had called her on the way home about what happened to me and she had her nurse kit out and ready to patch me up. When Papa sat me on the couch, Mama was fussing all over me. After she finished she said I have a minor concussion, and bruised ribs, I didn't tell her about the rape because I was worried for my family and friends safety. But Mama being so observant as she noticed when I walked my face would scrunch up in pain. She made me go up to my bathroom and get changed into something more comfortable. When I came out both of my parents were sitting on my bed.

"I know you are scared but you need to tell us what happened." Mama said.

"I want to but I can't please don't ask me to , this is tearing me up keeping this from you." I started crying because of everything that happened today and from fear of Seth coming back for my loved ones.

"You know I can find out by myself." Papa said to me. All I did was nod my head but looking at the ground.

"Emilia darling we are not stupid by how discheveled your dress was and how you are walking it is obvious that you were sexually assaulted or raped. Which was it?" Papa put his finger under my chin and made me look at him, knowing I can't lie to his face.

"Oh hell no what's that fuckers name. Ace let's go we have some ass to beat for raping Emilia." Rhonda turns around and starts yelling through the house for Ace.

"Rhonda cool your hot headed ass down, we don't have a name for the scum yet." Ace stated.

I pretended that I didn't know his name which isn't a full lie since I only know his first name. Ace was pissed we didn't know his name because he wanted to teach "that low life scum about being a woman beater and rapist a lesson." His words not mine. Isabella and Aurora had snacks and movies ready in the living room knowing I would not want to talk about what happened.

Finally after we finally get everyone calmed down we all head to the living room and start binge watching Bones like we used to in high school and argue about the best way to kill and hide a body. As usual Ace and Rhonda have to bicker with each other and then the girls start teasing Ace how hot Booth is and Mr. Possessive Boyfriend decides to make Aurora sit in his lap which makes her blush. We all laugh at Aurora, we all settle down and continue to watch Bones but as I look around and truly appreciate my family and friends and hope we will always be close. I am also grateful that my younger brother was having a "brother's night" at my older brother's house. I am not looking forward to another round of questions from Franco, he definitely plays the protective older brother role.

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