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SoulMates: A Forbidden Love

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Soulmates, are we destined for one? Or does the universe play in mysterious ways? A soulmate is an intense bond between two people, an invisible bond that is impenetrable and the most powerful emotional bond there is. This bond is a magnetic pull that only your soulmate will feel, they are your air, your blood, your other half. The emotions are so strong, you feel what they feel. Every breath, every jolt in your veins, every pain they endure, even death. But what if destiny decides to alter that bond, will you survive this slit that caused pain or will there be another chain that will mend this torture of solitude? Follow my journey of life and death. My life wasn't perfect until I met him. Now it's different. A Forbidden Love that made me stronger, this is my story of love, life, and grief. Stay with me, my life has a happy ending but with every happy ending comes a back story and this is mine... Aurora tries to fill the empty void in her heart, she meets Landon, who is impulsive, arrogant but later finds the gentle sweet warmth from him. Destiny has a story for them but not everything is colorful. They find a ripple that crushes their path, will it end their fate or bring a new beginning. Mature themes, full sex scenes, and mentions of suicide. All right reserved to AriesAngeloAuthor.

Romance / Drama
Aries Angelo
Age Rating:

Meeting Him


I hated my parents for moving to California, it was so unexpected. It was last week that I was enjoying my college experience when bam, they decided to drop this unexpected news. I had my friends in New York, my best friend, Celeste, who shed tears when she heard the news. Yes, I still live with my parents but who wouldn't if they didn't charge me rent and they gave me everything I wanted. I didn't want to do the dorm experience so staying with my parents was the better choice, or was it?

I left my boyfriend Hyde as well but things weren't going great between us. I'm not sure what it was. I loved him but it wasn't the high school spark we once had. I guess we were so used to each other that I felt safe and secure. He was a dream guy everyone wanted, his dark chocolate hair that shined from far away. I loved his hazel eyes that turned into the sun when he gazed at me and he had a body of a god, sculpted to perfection. I mean who doesn't like a football player.

"Yes, we just got here. We'll be on our way once we get settled in," my mom was talking on the phone to whoever was on the other line.

My parents were investors, so they were always busy. I felt like they forgot they had a daughter. I grew up with Celeste and her family. She was the only child as well but her parents gave her much more attention than mine, I would envy her but that's life right? My parents gave me everything I wanted. I was never told no but maybe that was their way of showing me how much they loved me.

"Mom, Dad, why don't we have a family night and watch movies," I told them but I knew the answer.

"Sweetie, we can't tonight. We have to meet some investors at a restaurant and I'm not sure what time we'll be coming," my dad said as we approached a creme-toned castle-like mansion. The entrance had a curved parking space. The bushes needed a trim but other than that the place was massive. The lights were already on. The sun was setting on the horizon as my dad parked.

I got off as I was mesmerized on how huge this house was, our house in New York wasn't as huge as this one, this one was like 4 times bigger. "You like it, sweetie?" My mom asked as she got closer to me.

"This house is beautiful, did you win the lottery?" I asked as my mom laughed.

"Oh my dear, Aurora, your dad closed a huge account, and let's just we are almost done paying this house," I walked closer to the giant wooden doors when suddenly the doors opened.

A guy in a muscle shirt came out, his back turned to me as I noticed all his back muscles flexing. His arms were huge, he locked the door as he turned around. "Shit, you scared me," his blue eyes were so clear that I was lost in a trance. He then noticed my parents were behind me. "Mr. and Mrs. Royal, you made it," he walked past me like I was invisible but damn did he smell good, it was like a mixture of leather and spice.

"Were you able to fix the wiring in my daughter's room?" My dad asked as I turned around. He shook my dad's hand and kissed my mom on the cheek. Who is this guy?

I glanced at his physique and I was impressed, his faded jeans were fitted and his ass was perky. What the hell Rory? You have a boyfriend, who is much hotter than this guy. I was annoyed that he was dismissive of me. His eyes locked with mine again and I froze, ok he might be at the level with, Hyde.

"Landon, this is my daughter, Aurora," my dad introduced me to him. My mom got another call as she stepped away.

"Pleasure, Landon Waters," he stretched his hand and I quickly glanced at the veins on his arms.

"Aurora, but you can call me Rory," I shook his hand as I felt the roughness. My body quivered as this guy was nothing like Hyde. Hyde was too well maintained, much more than I am, and believe me I'm high maintenance, well sometimes.

"I like Aurora, instead," he smirked.

"But I'd prefer you to call me Rory," I challenged him but he had a sexy ass smirk.

"I'll call you Aurora," he winked at me as I retracted my hand.

"Honey, we have to go. The investors are on their way and we'll barely make it if we leave now," my mom didn't even acknowledge what was happening.

"Landon, thank you. How much do I owe you?" My dad was taking out his wallet.

"It's no big deal, it's my welcoming gift," his eyes were still on me. Who has eyes like that? They shined liked a blue diamond, this fucker knows what he's doing.

"Thank you son but I have to go. Sweetie, here is your set of keys. Landon, can you show her where her room is?" My dad asked as my eyes widen.

"No, it's fine. I'm sure I could find the room with my boxes and name on it," I hissed at this guy. I didn't want to be alone with him.

"I don't mind. I could double-check if the lighting is working well," he smirked as he annoyed me.

"Honey, just get inside. It's getting cold, we'll see you tomorrow morning. It was nice seeing you again, Landon," my mom leaned in and kissed my cheek. My dad got into the car as they drove off, there was a small gust of wind as I stood there rubbing my arms. I guess wearing a crop top and jeans was not a good choice at the moment.

His silence was killing me but he kept his sinful smirk plastered on his face. I rolled my eyes and headed for the door.

"So do you need the grand tour, Aurora," he mocked me and it was pissing me off.

"It's Rory, for the love of god and no I could guide myself into MY HOUSE, thank you," why was he annoying me?

I put the key into open the door as I felt him stand behind me. I swear I could feel his heat radiated on my back as his masculine scent lingered in our tight space. "Do you mind?" I hissed.

"What? I'm not even close to you? And your dad asked me to at least show you to your room," his rich voice gave me goosebumps.

I quickly turned around but now his nicely sculpted chest was close to mine. His face went serious as his eyes glowed like a blue flame. I couldn't help but swallow hard. My heart fluttered heavily. I didn't know what to do. I was caught in his trance. I felt his hand lift on my side when suddenly he opened the door. "It's getting cold Aurora, we don't want you getting sick, right?" I swear his voice gave me chills and it made my stomach tightened. How was he doing this, making my stomach flutter?

I disengaged my eyes and turned around but then I stopped and faced him again. "Landon, it's nice of you to stay but I'm a big girl. I think I can manage my way to my room," he stopped in the middle of the immense entrance, he smirked as I saw him flex his arms. Two marble staircases were going up the side of the building to the second floor. This house was huge and this was only the entrance.

He slowly walked towards me and stood in front. He grabbed my hand as I almost rejected it. He held my wrist into a tight grip as he opened my hand with another. "Here is the key your dad gave me, have a goodnight, Aurora. I might see you around," he winked at me and turned around. I couldn't help but check out his ass, it was so perky. He closed the door as I shook my head then the silence hit me. I was alone in such a huge house, maybe I shouldn't have told him to leave. Ok, I don't want to be alone. I quickly walked towards the front as I wanted to see if he hadn't left so far. I opened the door and stood in front, the night sky was clear as the gust of wind was nice and chilly. I looked towards the entrance of the parkway but I didn't see anyone around.

I walked back inside and made sure the door was locked. I walked upstairs because most likely my room was up here. I opened the fourth room and finally, it was mine. I noticed all my boxes neatly stacked on the side. My room was like 5 times bigger than my last one. I noticed it had a balcony but it seemed like it was left open, the white curtains waved gently in the air. I walked past my huge bed and towards the balcony. The fresh air felt so good on my skin, then I noticed the backyard of the house next to mine, there were a couple of guys fixing some couches on the grass and some chairs alongside the crystal clear pool. They carried out a keg of some sort, maybe there was going to be a party. I walked back inside and locked the doors.

I took my phone out of my back pocket and to my surprise, no one has texted me. I have never felt so alone. I had so many friends in New York, well more like acquaintances, not even Celeste or Hyde has texted me or called to see if I landed ok.

I dialed Hyde. It went straight to voicemail.

'Hi, this is Hyde, you know the drill.'

"Hey babe, I'm home. I miss you. I just wanted to hear your voice. I landed fine, call me when you get this."

I hung up and dialed Celeste, I know she'll answer. The phone rang and it went to voicemail.

'It's your favorite girl, Celeste. Leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can'

"Hey girl, that's weird you didn't answer your phone, you live on it. Well, I'm here, getting settled in. Give me a call when you can, miss you," I hung up. I huffed and laid in the empty bed with only two pillows and a white satin sheet. I closed my eyes as they felt heavy. I dozed off and took a nap.


I heard a loud yell as I jolted up. Shit.

It's coming from the house next door. I got up and quickly went to the balcony. The backyard was now full of people. It looks like a frat party. I've been to a lot of those back in New York. I leaned on the balcony as I craved to have some fun right now. "Hey gorgeous, come join the party," I saw a tall muscular guy point at me. I straightened up as I looked confused. "Yeah, you on the balcony. Come on over, just ask for Josh," he disappeared inside.

My heart raced as I went back inside. Should I go?

I grabbed my phone from my bed. I was shocked no one has texted or called me back. I was annoyed, fuck it. I'm going to have fun.

I washed my teeth. I loved that I had my bathroom with a jacuzzi. I curled my ends and put on a little bit of natural makeup. I rummaged into one of my boxes and found a nice black tight dress and my leather jacket. I finished my look with some biker boots. I sprayed a floral perfume on as I put my phone inside my clutch. I made my way downstairs as I stared at the emptiness. Why did my parents buy such a huge house?

I locked the door as I made my way to the house next door. I walked up the driveway as cars filled the parkway. It was pretty chilly but a drink or two should fix that. The music was getting louder as the crowd was already trickling outside into the front yard. I got ugly glances from girls as some guys checked me out. This house was similar to mine but it looked more modern and geometric. I walked inside as the music blasted in all directions. The ambiance was full of life as I moved my head to the music. I should find this Josh guy, maybe he can show me around. A preppy guy was coming my way as I stopped him. "Hey, do you know a Josh?"

"Yeah, he's in the kitchen," he pointed at the kitchen and checked out my boobs. I rolled my eyes and walked past him.

I guess I'll find the kitchen myself. I walked around when I found an entrance to a huge kitchen that looked like a kitchen for a restaurant.

"Well, well, well, look who showed up," I glanced to the side as he leaned on the wall. He held a red cup, wearing a leather jacket, a white v neck, tight fitted black jeans, and biker boots. I hadn't noticed his messy blonde hair, it was cut short with some waves on the tips. It looked good on him but his arrogant smile was annoying me.

"Oh, it's you," I glared at him but his smirk never left his handsome face. I'm in trouble, there was this invisible light that triggered something in me, let's just hope it's nerves or was it something else?
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