His Little Lavender

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Chapter 10

Carlos’ POV

Dinner went as I expected it to go. Very Business-like. It was mainly Christopher talking about the ideas he had for the deal with my father and Robbie.

My father’s company does a lot of construction and they have a massive office in the middle of New York. This is where all the architects and interior designers work and come up with plans. He also owns some of the buildings, businesses and land in New York and most of them in New Jersey.

However, Christopher’s and Robbie’s company was more involved in the the business and retail side of the work world. They sold a lot of products and owned most of the buildings and land in New York while my father owned the rest.

They have apparently been in business together since they all started their companies. All of them went to the same university in Washington, The George Washington University. So they knew each other from there but lost contact when they began focusing on building their companies and they all had eventually found love and made a family.

This deal involves Christopher and Robbie purchasing a very important piece of land of my father that they then plans to build a 5 star hotel and casino on. So he needs my father to agree to sell the land and then they want him to do the construction on it.

To be honest, it’s a pretty good deal because not only is he getting millions from Christopher for the land but he’s also getting millions from him for the construction as well which will take about a year to do. The only reason he’s being stubborn is because he’s got another business deal of another company for the land.

This company is called Robinson.Co. Do you want to know who’s mother owns it? Blake Robinson’s. The fucking imbecile that tried looking under my angel’s skirt today. Yeah that scumbag.

While his father’s a lawyer, his mother owns a business in the city that is in competition with Robbie and Christopher’s. So she’s trying to buy the land of my father so she can build the casino and hotel that they want to build on it. Not very original, right?

Even though my father is closer with Robbie and Christopher, he can’t let his personal life cloud the decisions he makes in his business life. He needs to think which one will be better and more profitable for him. And also will give him a good image and be good publicity.

In my opinion, I would go with Mr Rose and Mr White. Mainly because ,from what I’ve seen today, they seem like decent, loyal and reliable business men.

However, I can’t say the same for Sally Robinson. I met her once in New Jersey at a Charity event and she seemed like the biggest bitch and snob going around. I’ve also heard she’s involved in some dirty shit from the media. I’ve heard she’s had more affairs then I’ve had broken noses which is quite unbelievable.

The rest of the dinner was spent with Antonio keeping a sceptical eyes on me. I swear he thinking I’m going to harass his sister which I would never do. She’s too precious for me to jeopardise everything I want with her just because I couldn’t be patient.

He seems like an over-protective older brother. I guess her whole family is a bit cautious with her around boys seeing as she was surprised when her father allowed her to be friends with me.

She doesn’t seem to have a lot of male friends which I’m thankful for. Her innocent and naive personality would make it so she wouldn’t be aware if they were flirting or trying to do something with her. The fact she also has quite a submissive and shy nature means she wouldn’t be able to stand up and go against someone more dominant than her. Good for me but not for her when she’s unable to protect herself from thirsty, perverted men.

Now I’m here I’m going to ensure no man thinks of coming near my innocent Lavender. If they do, I won’t threaten them this time. I’ll just punch them in their nose. That should give any other boy ,that is thinking about making a move on her, the impression that’s she’s taken. Which she will be soon.

Whenever Antonio was busy in conversation with someone else, I would torment and make Lavender flustered by doing things like placing my hand on her thigh or playing with her fingers.

She would just blush and look down at her lap. She’d sometimes look up at me curiously and give a little glare that looked more adorable than scary. I’d just wink or smirk at her. In response, she’d get even more flustered and blush a darker shade of red.

She just looks so cute when she’s a blushing mess. I would prefer it if she looked like that under me but I guess I’ll just have to wait.

Just as the dinner was about to come to an end, it began heavily snowing outside. Snow? In September? In New York? That’s a bit early.

“Tony, TonyT- look it’s s-snowing. I-It’s snowing.” Lavender said while turning in her chair to look out the window behind us. I guess she really likes snow.

“Don’t even think about it Rosie. You’re in a dress and it’s going to be freezing outside. We don’t want a remake of last time, do we?”

Tony looked at Lavender with a smirk on his face. She just blushed before sitting back around and fiddling with her fingers. What happened last time?

“That w-wasn’t my f-fault. B-Braydon and Max s-should of b-built the igloo s-stronger. It w-wouldn’t have c-collapsed on us t-then.”

She mumbled before biting her lip. God damn this girl. I can’t even pull it from her teeth this time. Her father and brother are here.

“You got hypothermia Rosie. You were in hospital for 4 weeks getting treated.” He looked serious now.

She got hypothermia. From what I’ve heard, that’s painful. My angel was in pain. She was in hospital for 4 weeks . It must of been bad if she was there that long.

“Oh y-yeah I f-forgot-”
She looked a bit scared and sad. She probably wanted to go in the snow again but was too scared she’d have to go back to the hospital.
Suddenly, a smile broke out on her face.
“-I w-won’t go o-out in the s-snow i-if you give m-me my a-apple juice b-back.” Well that came out of no where? Is she bribing him?

“Are you trying to make a deal with me Lavender?”

Tony had an eyebrow raised and was leaning forward with his arms crossed on the table. This was a tactic used to try to intimidate the other person. However, it didn’t seem to work on Lavender as she just leaned forward and whispered to him.

“I a-also won’t t-tell Daddy y-you hurt me this m-morning. H-How about t-that for a deal T-Tony?”

She leaned back in the chair and just crossed her arms with her eyebrow raised imitating Antonio. God she’s hot. Who knew this little shy angel could be so demanding? I wonder if she’s like that in bed.

Antonio’s eyes widened in panic and his mouth opened. “Fine. I’ll give you your apple juice and you won’t go out in the snow or tell dad about earlier. Deal.”

He extended his arm across the table and Lavender took and shook it. Wait a moment. They’re actually taking this seriously. What’s so bad about her having apple juice? It can’t be that bad.

Lavender released his arm and leaned back into her chair. She began bouncing up and down and lightly clapping her hands so it wouldn’t make a sound.

Imagine her doing that on top of me. Our skin slapping together and both our heads thrown back while we moan. Me thrusting into her while she meets my thrusts. Dear Lord.

I shifted in my chair as I felt a raging boner coming on. Not now Carlos. You can’t be imagining stuff like that about her with her father and brother in the room.

“Did y-you see that C-Charlie? That w-was my first d-deal. It was f-fun.” She giggles.

“Charlie huh?” I raised an eyebrow and looked at her.

Her eyes widened. She instantly blushed and began fiddling with the end of her dress. “I-I’m sorry. I d-didn’t mean t-to. It j-just came out b-by accident. I-I won’t d-do it a-again.” She stuttered. She’s scared.

“It’s alright angel. You can call me whatever you want. You don’t have to be scared that I’m mad at you. I’ll never be mad at you okay. So calm down and take a deep breath.”

I grabbed her face with my hands and began rubbing the pad of my thumbs over her cheeks. She took a deep breath before turning beetroot red. There we go she’s back to normal.

“Sorry. I-I was just scared you’d get mad at me. S-some people don’t l-like nicknames. I t-thought you were like t-that too. Sorry.”

She tried to remove her face from my hands and look down. I just held her firmer and made her look deep in my eyes.

“You don’t ever have to be scared of me baby. And don’t apologise. I totally understand. Plus, I rather like the name Charlie.”

I winked before removing my hands from her face and looking up from the table. I made eye-contact with Christopher and he was looking at me intensely. It made me want to squirm in my seat but I didn’t. I just kept eye contact before someone came up to him and whispered in his ear. He nodded clearing his voice and standing up.

“It looks like the snow has blocked the drive way. It’s currently unsafe to drive. So Damon, I recommend you and your family stay here for the night until I can get someone to remove the snow in the morning.”

My eyes widened. Stay here. In a house with my Lavender. For the whole night. Lord what did I do to deserve such a blessing.

“Christopher if you insist. I hope we aren’t Imposing.” Father said before standing up with mother on his arm.

“Of course not. Antonio how about you show Mr and Mrs Reid to there rooms in the South Side? Lavender you show Carlos. Put him in a room on the west side near you. He’ll be more comfortable there.”

He looked at me and slyly winked. My eyes widened. Wait a minute. Isn’t he suppose to be keeping me away from Lavender instead of putting me in a room near her? I thought he was insanely protective of her.

“Of c-course Daddy. G-Goodnight. Carlos f-follow me.”

She grabbed my hand and began dragging me to the door. I love the feeling of her tiny hand in my large one. It makes me realise exactly how small she is compared to me

“We’ll see you tomorrow Bumblebee.” Josie shouted before going out a door opposite us with Max and Robbie on her trail. I guess they have the whole North side while Christopher has East and Antonio has the South.

We went to the foyer and began walking up one of the staircases. My shoes clicked against the polished wood and so did Lavender’s small white heels.

We took a left and then walked down a large hallway. The walls were white and the borders were painted a black. We arrived outside a mahogany door. Across from it, was a Lavender one that I suspects is Lavender’s.

“You c-can have t-this room. I-I’m just across the h-hall so if you need a-anything just knock o-or come in.”

She blushed and then scurried across the hall and went into her room. So cute.

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