His Little Lavender

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Chapter 11

Lavender’s POV

Dinner was way more.. eventful than usual. Ever chance he got, Carlos would somehow find a way to touch or make me flustered. Either by playing with my fingers and bring them onto his lap or putting his warm large hand on my thigh. He would gradually start trailing it up to my womanhood until I started squirming and blushing like mad. That’s when he’d remove it and start playing with my fingers.

I think to calm me down. It worked most the time unless the need in my woman parts was overbearing and then I had to squeezed and rub my thighs together to make it sizzle down.

The tingles that travelled my body were overwhelming and delightful. My whole body was buzzing like I had just drank 4 gallons of apple juice.

It made me forget everything and just focus on what he was doing. His rough, colossal fingers tickling the skin of my bare thigh as he brings it up closer to my heat. The desire to have him touch me there was mysterious and quite disturbing.

The fire and familiar wetness I feel now proved just how much I enjoyed him touching me. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. I’ve never felt like this before. It’s strange and pleasurable.

I walked over to my closet and grabbed one of my usual cherry red nightgowns. It was short but no one would be seeing me in it anyway. Over my breasts, it was lace and a bit see-through.

Daddy and Antonio would be furious if anyone witnessed me in it. They would practically burn it if they knew I had something as revealing like this. I also bought it with Josie and Victoria Secret.

(Just a bit longer.)

I don’t like to wear underwear and bras when I sleep as it makes me feel compacted and a bit claustrophobic. So I don’t grab any and walk into my room and grab my phone and speaker before going into the bathroom and running a bath.

I remove my makeup with a wipe and made sure it’s all of. My skin is a bit red because of the irritation from the wipe. I remove the braid from my hair and the front of it is more wavy than the rest because of it.

I slipped out of the beautiful but uncomfortably tight dress and took off my undergarments. I threw them in the basket and by then the bath was done. I turned the taps off and sprinkled some Lavender scented bath salts in and then turned my music on and got in ,relaxing back. The warm water helped relax my muscles and a content sigh left my mouth.

I was in there for approximately 20 minutes before my fingers turned all wrinkly and I had to get out. I stood up and wrapped a towel around me. I pulled the plug and walked over to my mirror. It was all steamed up from the fog so I wiped my hand across it to make it clear. My skin was red from the heat and my hair was in wet curls.

I unravelled the towel from my body before wiping myself dry with it. I wrapped it around my hair and left it on my head. I grabbed the nightgown and stood in it before pulling it over my body. The silky soft texture stuck to my wet body.

My moisturiser was on my vanity in my room. So I grabbed my phone a speaker, turned the lights off and walked back into my room.

I was looking down at my phone disconnecting it from the speaker so I didn’t notice the large body on my bed. I walked over to my vanity and grabbed the moisturiser and began rubbing it all over my body including my special parts. I was humming a tune while doing so.

When I felt large hands around my waist, I squealed before turning around in their arms. I looked up with wide eye.

“Lavender. My sweet innocent angel.” Carlos groaned as if he was in pain.

He ran the back of his hand down my cheek and then my neck until he got above my breasts. His eyes were darker then they usually were and he had a unknown burning passion in them that I had never seen before.

Fudge. He’s seen me rubbing moisturiser all over my body. Sure I was facing away from him but he could clearly see me rubbing my butt from where he was. He could also probably see my front in the mirror. Oh darn! Well done Lavender you’ve just shown a man you just met today your whole naked body. Anything else you want to do to embarrass yourself.

“Baby. Fuck.” He pulled me into him and enveloped me into a large bear hug. His head was in my neck and he removed the towel from my hair making it sway down my back. His arms circled my waist and landed just above my bum.

I was taken surprised but then stood on my tiptoes and swung my arms over his shoulders. I had no idea why we were hugging but it felt nice.

Third Person

When Carlos opened the door, he entered a room that was decorated with a white style. The walls were white and the bed in the middle was made from mahogany and housed a large blue cover. To his right, there was a door which he guessed led to the bathroom. To his left, there was another do that he guessed led to a closet.

He walked into the closet first and ,to his angel’s true words, there was everything he needed from shoes to tuxedos, pyjamas to normal wear and ties to hats. Truly everything he would need. I wonder why this is all in here? Surely, Christopher didn’t provide this in every guest room, right?

He took about 10 minutes deciding what to wear. He didn’t want to take anything that looked like it would be costly. He could afford them but he just didn’t want to take advantage of that. So ,in the end, he just went with a pair of black joggers to wear to bed. He didn’t usually wear shirts to bed so he didn’t.

He walked over to the bathroom and began to get changed. They were unusually soft and a bit big on Carlos but that didn’t faze him as he just tied the strings at the front to ensure they wouldn’t fall down.

He folded the clothes he was wearing before and placed them on the sink side. He turned the tap on and cleaned his face. In the draw beside him, he found a comb and began combing his hair out trying to remove all the gel. After he finished, Carlos just ran his hand through it to make it messy.

Looking for a toothbrush, he couldn’t find one. Who doesn’t keep a bloody toothbrush in their bathroom? You have everything in here but not a fucking toothbrush. Where was he suppose to get one from?

He started debating whether he should go ask his angel. He would love to see Lavender in her sleepwear. Did she wear soft coloured clothes like she did outside or bold colours?

He walked out the room he had be accustomed to and knocked on Lavender’s door. He didn’t hear any answer but heard music. She’s definitely in there. Maybe in the shower or bath. He knocked again but knew his angel couldn’t hear him because of the music.

After waiting 5 minutes, he just decided to go in and wait for Lavender in there instead of waiting in the hallway with nothing but a pair of joggers on.

Her room was exactly as he expected it to be cute and soft. The lavender walls matched her name and the large array of blankets and pillows she had on her bed shows how she liked to be comfortable. Her carpet was soft under Carlos’ feet and the small collections of little teddies in the corner made him want to aww.

He laid back on her bed hoping to make her flustered. A bare-chested Carlos on your bed. Who wouldn’t be?

However, what he didn’t expect was the one to be flustered and turned on.

She walked out in a short, deep-red nightgown that hardly covered anything. He could see the top of her voluminous breasts because of the lace and to say he was beginning to get hard would be an understatement.

Why the fuck did she own something as sexy as this? And just for bed as well? Carlos could never imagine his adorable little angel wearing something as bold as this. Did she buy this for someone? She better not have fucking done. Carlos’ jaw clenched at that thought.

It was clear Lavender didn’t realise he was in her room as she just continued walking to her vanity humming a tune he recognised as an Adele song.

She grabbed a bottle that was white but had Lavenders on it. It must be moisturiser. She squirted some in her hand and began rubbing it all over her body.


Fuck sake. If Carlos wasn’t turned on earlier, he sure was now. He soft hands travelling all over her body made him jealous. He wanted his hands to replace hers. To be able to touch every single aspect over her body. To be able to leave marks there marking his territory.

When Lavender began spreading it all over her bare ass cheeks right in front of his eyes, Carlos struggled to contain the groan he wanted to release. Fucking Lord.
He knew it was wrong of him to be staring at her like that but could not ,for the love of him, take his eyes of her gorgeous body.

She spread her cheeks and he had a full view of her ass hole and the end of her pussy. When she bent over to grab some other lotion, he looked away while biting his lip harder.

Her ass stuck out and he could only imagine the things he would love to her in that position. He would love to be standing behind her right now, as bare as the day he was born, fucking her while pressing her head down onto the surfaces.

He couldn’t help the temptation inside him and looked back at her. Jesus Christ. The girl didn’t even know he was here and she’s still a goddamn tease.

Carlos had no luck calming his hard on so he just stood up and approached her. Her gripped her wide hips and pulled his innocent Lavender into him. She smelled just like she did earlier. Like lavenders.

She squealed and turned around to look up at him with wide eyes. Her chubby cheeks turned a dark shade of pink. So fucking adorable, he thought.

“Lavender. My sweet innocent angel.” Carlos groaned while staring into her crystal blue eyes..

He ran the back of his hand down her cheek and then her neck until he got above her breasts. Lavender shivered at the contact. She noticed his eyes were a deeper shade of green than usual. A burning lust was clear in Carlos’ eyes.

“Baby. Fuck.”

He pulled his angel into him and enveloped her into a large bear hug. He needs to have at least some contact with her to simmer down the need he had in his chest. Carlos’ head was in Lavender’s neck and he was tempted to started kissing her.

“Lavender do you know what the fuck you do to me?” He growled in her ear before nipping it.

Lavenders whole body burst into tingles and she released a gasp. She was scared her voice would betray her so she just shook her head.

“When you wearing shit like this-,”
He pulled back and gripped the end of her sleep wear.
“-you make me want to fucking throw you on that bed and spent hours worshipping your body-”

His hand found its way to her thigh and began travelling upwards. Lavender shivered at his words. Her body was shaking with delight and need.

Lavender pulled away from his embrace. But when she turned around to hide the blush she had on her face, Carlos gripped the back of her neck turning her around and pulling her up to his face close enough that they could feel each others breath in their face.

Unknowingly, she released a moan. Carlos’ eyes held shocked before he smirked while Lavender’s held embarrassment. His grip tightened and she ,once again, moaned.

“Do you like that angel? Do you like it when da- I grip your neck like this?” Carlos nearly called himself Daddy. He didn’t want to scare her off. Maybe she wasn’t into stuff like like.

Lavender stayed quiet. She was too embarrassed to answer. He had just gripped her neck and she moaned. Moaned. She was in trouble now.

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