His Little Lavender

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Chapter 12

Antonio’s POV

I made my way over to the East side of the house after making sure Mr and Mrs Reid were comfortable in the room I had put them in. The east side was Father’s side.He preferred that area as it looked over the woods and was that only place that was fully designed by uncle Nicholas before he passed.

Father was always close with his older brother. He used to tell tales of all the adventures they would go on to me and Lavender before we went to bed. He sound like a funny and good guy. He died before I was born in a boating accident in Brazil. Father was devastated according to Uncle Robbie. Hardly ate or slept.

Apparently, when I was born, father finally picked his act up and began doing everything in his power to make me happy and give me a life. When Lavender was born, he tried even harder as he used to say ‘princess’ deserve the best so I’ll give her the best’ Lavender has always been the light of our world.

I approached the large wooden door which had intricate patterns carved into it. I knocked three times before hearing a deep voice invite me in.

“Father. I have something important to discuss with you.”

He was sat on the sofa that looked out into the forest. His eyes were trained on the window with one of his legs crossed over the other. On his lap, there was a piece of paper that looked like a business contract. Probably about the deal he’s trying to make with Mr Reid.

“I suspect this has to do with the fact I put the Reid boy in Lavender’s side of the house, right?”

He motioned me over with his two fingers before patting the sofa next to him indicating he wants me to sit down.

I walked over and sat down. I put both my elbows on my knees and my face on one of my fists.

“I just don’t understand why you would put some random boy ,you just met, next to our precious Lavender. I mean we don’t know what his intentions are. What if he hurts her like Jonas did?”

He looked up at me with eyes full of anger. Shit.

“We do not bring that name up in this household Antonio. You know that-.”
I looked down between my legs and intertwined my fingers before muttering a soft sorry.
“-Anyway. I’ve seen the way Carlos is with her. He’s gentle and caring unlike that god-forsaken creature in prison. She needs someone to take care of her like that in her life.”

“But why father? She has me and you. Lavender doesn’t need another stupid boy who’s going to hurt her again.”

I was confused. Why wouldn’t we be enough for her?We have always been before.

“Antonio, my boy. We’re not always going to be around to take care of her. I’m not exactly getting any
younger you know-”

He dryly laughed.

“-When I die, you’re going to be taking over the business and trust me that’s a lot of work. Who’s going to be looking out for Lavender? I need to be sure there’s someone that will be there for her when I’m no longer alive.”

I saw what he was on about but I was still cautious.I had just met the boy a couple hours ago. How was I suppose to be able to trust him with my precious baby sister?

“I see where you’re coming from father. However, how do we know he’s any better than you-know-who? I mean we just met him. How are we suppose to know his intentions. What if he hurts her?”

I brought my gaze up from my legs and looked him him straight in the eyes.

“We don’t know that Tony. But we’re going to have to have some faith. The boy seems to have respect for Lavender. I mean I saw how he acted when she started stuttering and rambling. He just helped her breath and calmed her down before she had a panic attack. Not many would of or could of comforted her like he did. The fact he could me as Lavender has at least some trust for him. If she trusts him, so do I.

He placed his hand on top of my fist and sent me a brief soft smile. My legs stopped bouncing and I sent a slight smile back.

“Now how about you go off to bed and stop worrying about your dear sister. You know our Rosie. It’s not like her to be stood in front of some boy practically naked right now, is it?”

I stood up laughing.” That’s true. It’s definitely not like her to do that.”

He laughed along “it certainly isn’t.”

I walked over to the door and opened it. But before I exited, I turned around and said “I’ll always be there for our Rosie. No matter how much work I have. I’ll never stop worrying about her.”

I turned around and walked. I heard a faint “Me too son. Me too.” I closed the door and walked back to my room.

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