His Little Lavender

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Chapter 13


Lavender’s POV

“C-Carlos.” I muttered.

Oh donuts. This is embarrassing. Why does it feel so good having his hands on my neck right now? There were multiple tingle that exploded in my special parts. They felt like they were burning and suffocating. I needed to find a release.

I couldn’t help making that sound. I don’t know why I did? I’ve never made that sound before. It was a mixture of a deep breath and a soft squeal. His hands around the back of my neck just made me feel things that it shouldn’t of. The shivers and the pleasurable feeling down below just made me frustrated and surprised.

“Baby. Did you try turning your back to me? What a naughty little girl you are.-”
He brought my face up closer to his and angled my head so I had no choice but to look into his eyes. There were so many different emotions in them that I had never seen before in my life.
“-the only time you’ll ever turn your back to me is when I am fucking you from behind. Do you understand angel?”

His grip tightened and I could feel my wetness on my thighs. My eyes widened and my blush got darker. What?

His hand grabbed the back of my knee and he brought one of my legs up so it was around his waist. The warmth of his fingers travelled up and the roughness of them just made me want more.

He moved in closer to my ear and growled ” Do. You. Understand. Angel.”

With each pause he kissed down my neck. Instinctively, I dropped my head back to give him better access. He smirked against my skin and began getting lower and lower. His soft lips against my neck felt so weird but good. I’ve never felt like this. It’s way better than what I’d feel reading those books.

“C-C-Carlos. W-What are y-you doing?” I breathlessly moaned out.

While he was doing this, his hands were travelling higher and higher. I could feel the burning sensation in my woman parts. I tried to squeeze my thighs together to get rid of it but just ended up squeezing Carlos’ waist.

He tutted against my neck. “No little girl keep them open for me.”

Little girl. That husky growl he had ,when he said that, made the tingles stronger. I liked that name. It just made me feel good. There was no reason why because I was certainly not ‘little’ but it just made me feel things.

His hands made its way up to middle of my thigh. I was sure he could feel the wetness that coated it. Oh donuts. He must think I’m weird. I mean who on earth gets like this after having someone’s hands on the back of your neck. It’s not normal. Especially when it’s with someone I just met today.

He groaned and the vibration I felt made me let out that sound again.

“Fuck baby. Are you wet for me? Do I make you wet my angel?”

He brought his face out of my neck and looked me directly in the eyes. His were practically black and had a very predatorial aspect to them. I instantly wanted to submit to him but I didn’t quite understand his question. Wet? What does that mean? I shook my head.

The confusion must have been clear on my face as Carlos removed his hand from my thigh. He took two fingers and dragged it across the top of it. What was he doing?

He was so close to my kitty that I was sure he could feel the heat radiating of it.

He brought his fingers up to my face and I could see the top of them were covered in the white liquid that I had released before. If it was possible, my blush deepened and I tried to look down but ,due to Carlos’ hold on my neck, I couldn’t.

“Angel this is what we call discharge. You were aroused and turned on by what I was doing and saying, so you got wet. It’s nothing to be ashamed about my innocent Lavender it happens to everyone. At least, now I know how much of an affect I have on you.” He winked at me.

He brought the fingers up to my mouth and asked me to open up. I shook my head no. I had already tasted it before and didn’t want to taste it again. I was just curious and didn’t exactly know what it was. It tasted like pineapples. I don’t know why. I never eat pineapples. I’d expect it to taste like apple because of how much apple juice I drink.

“Angel why won’t you open up for me?”

My eyes widened because of the surprised that swarmed my body by how soft his voice was. It was soothing and could put me to sleep.

I expected him to be mad at me for defying what he asked me to do. I wanted to lie about why I wouldn’t do it but one look from his strong dominating eyes, I knew I hadn’t the strength to.

“I-I already t-tried I-it.”

Even though i whispered that so quietly, Carlos must have heard me as a threatening growl emitted from his mouth. I jumped because of how sudden and scary it sounded.

He gripped both my thighs and hoisted me up so I was around his waist. I squealed in surprise. What’s he doing?

“C-C-Carlos put m-me d-down.” I demanded but he just turned around and walked me over to the bed.


He threw me on it before stalking on top of me. “Now little girl, you’re going to tell me who exactly made you wet before I fucking take you against this bed harder then you can imagine.”

My mouth flew open and my ears turned red because of how hard I was blushing. What does he mean who else made me wet? No one else has ever made me wet before except my books. Is that what he meant? But he said ‘who’

His eyes held so much anger that it became hard to breath. I looked at the position we were in. Him caging me like this reminded me of Jonas.

It suddenly felt like I was back there. I didn’t want to remember that. It hurts. Please make them stop. The memories kept playing and playing like a tape on repeat.

My breaths came out short and panicked. It felt like my throat was clogged up. I couldn’t breath. The ringing in my ears led me to not be able to hear anything Carlos was saying. But I knew he was trying to talk to me as his mouth was moving.

He got off me and brought me into his lap rocking me back and forth. The motion made me calm down and snuggle into his chest. He was warm.

My breaths evened out after a while and soon the feeling of sleep made my eyes flutter close once in a while. Carlos was stroking the back of my hair and would kiss the crown of my head sometimes.

“Lavender I’m so so so sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I can’t even express how bad I feel right now. I’m so sorry my sweet Angel.”

His voice was sincere and I could hear a hint of sadness in it. I didn’t want him to be sad.

“It’s not y-your fault C-Carlos. I-it’s just I r-remembered something I-I didn’t want t-to. I’m a-alright now.”

I wrapped my arms around his waist and curled up into his chest. He was comfy. My eyes drifted close. But before I went to sleep, I felt Carlos lay back and gently kiss my forehead.

“I’m sorry Lavender I’ll be better next time. Just for you Goodnight.”

And with that I went to sleep with a smile on my face.

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