His Little Lavender

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Chapter 14

Carlos’ POV

Waking up at about 4 am in the morning like I usually would, I found myself being cuddled by my innocent Lavender. Her whole body ,except for her right leg, was laid on top of me. My lower shoulder was a pillow for her head and while one of her arms was over my shoulder, the other was placed in front of her face enclosed by her hair. She felt as light as a feather even if she was a curvy, full, little vixen.

The end of her sexy short nightgown had risen and I could clearly see her perfectly round smooth ass. Due to her being pressed up against me like she was, her breast were being pushed up and looked like they barely fit into what she was wearing. I pulled her closer and kissed her forehead. She began to move and then snuggled back into my chest.

The moments we shared last night were flooding into my half-awake brain. The way she responded to me touching and talking to her like that made a smile appear in the dark. Even if it was dark in here, i’m sure you could see how bright it was.

The moans that left her mouth when I kissed down her neck made it grow. The feeling of her wetness against her thigh. My body swelled with satisfaction when I felt her wet skin. The fact that I had effected her that much made me feel a sense of pride.

But that feeling of pride and satisfaction was extinguished when I heard someone else had already made her feel like that. Made my innocent little angel feel the need and lust I hope I had made her feel last night.

My body was coarsing with anger. I thought she was pure. The way she acted and reacted to things I did made it fairly clear. Well at least I thought it did.

Even if she wasn’t, that wouldn’t make any difference. It’s just the fact that I wouldn’t be the first one to touch her in such a way that made her whole body erupt in flames made me feel preditorial and possessive. I pulled her even closer and hugged her tighter.

I had no right to judge or get angry at her for something that was her choice. I had just met her. But the anger coursed through my veins before I could stop it.

That’s my biggest regret. Because my anger got the best of me, I was the reason my sweet Angel had a panic attack. I was the reason my baby struggled breathing. I scared her.

I never wanted her to be scared of me like everyone was back in New Jersey. To never be able to look at me without feel a sense of fright inside of her like they did. Sure I wanted her whimpering underneath me. In pleasure not pain.

When I looked into her crystal blue eyes, they were ushering with tears and the ones that were able to fall made my heart break every time I saw a new one. The deep breaths she had to take to ensure she would be able to breath felt like knife wounds to my chest. And the look of terror in her eyes made my body feel like it had been set alight a thousands times over.

It took her around 10 minutes to settle down and even then I could still see the tear stains on her rosy cheeks. My body was overflowed with guilt. I had never meant to make her cry. I was the reason my innocent lavender had a panic attack.

When she told me it wasn’t my fault and she had remembered something that she didn’t want to, a fraction of my brain was confused. What had happened to this sweet little angel to cause her to have a panic attack? Was she only saying that to make me feel better?

I moved a strand of her silky soft blonde hair away from her cute face. She looked even more peaceful and heavenly when she slept.

My heart awed and my eyes softened when I saw what she was doing. The thumb that was hidden under her hair was currently engulfed by her mouth. The slow motions of it moving back and forth showed she was sucking on it.

My mind wasn’t full of dirty thoughts at this action this time. It was swarmed with how beautiful and cute my little girl was. The button like nose that was placed in the middle of her face would sometimes scrunch up adorably whilst she slept. Her pink chubby cheeks would go in and out as she continued sucking her thumb. The shiny blonde hair that scattered across her face made her look like the angel she was.

In the spur of the moment, I brought the hand that had somehow sneakily founds its way onto her perfect round ass up to her face. Not before giving it a firm pat.

I removed her thumb from her mouth. Her face contorted into a look of distress instead of the peace it once was. Without waking her up, I put my thumb into her mouth and she relaxed again. She began to suck.

The feeling of her on top of me ,with one of my arms around her back and the other being sucked on by her, made me feel at peace. I relaxed my cheek into her hair and let sleep overtake me once more.

The second time I woke up was at about 6am. I feel a small movement by my side. Lavender was wiggling and trying to get out of my grasp. I don’t think she realised but my thumb was still in her mouth.

“Angel stop moving. Go back to sleep.” I groaned before pulling her closer to me.

She tried to speak but her mouth was muffled by my thumb. I open my eyes a bit to see her reaction. I saw her face twist in confusion before her eyes widened and she blushed.

She tried to release my thumb from her mouth and pull back from it but I just pulled her closer and kept it there.

“Shhh little girl. Keep it in there and go back to sleep.” I closed my eyes again pretending to go back to sleep when I really was just trying to keep her close to me.

She was able to move back and take my thumb out her mouth to my displeasure.

“C-Carlos we have t-to get ready f-for school-”
I opened my eyes and looked into her electric ones.
“- a-and I’m s-sorry for-”
She motioned down to my thumb and hid her face with her hair.
“- I-I didn’t realise I-I was d-doing that. I-I’m s-sorry.”

I gripped her chin and made her look at my face.
“It’s quite alright Angel. Just some practise for what the next thing of mine you’ll be sucking.”

She looked confused and then her blush deepened. I just chuckled and released her from my arm. She got up and scrambled to get out of bed.
“Carlos that’s s-so dirty.”

I realised she barely stuttered while saying that.
“Don’t worry I’ll go gentle.” I winked with a smirk.

She ran into her closet and shut the door. I chuckled before getting up from her bed and leaving to the room I had originally been placed in.

I entered the closet and tried to pick out something good but decent to wear to school. There was a large variety but hardly any casual clothes. Mainly suits and tuxedos.

I was able to find a white t-shirt, some black jeans and a black denim jacket. I grabbed a pair of white shoes and headed to the bathroom.

I walked in the other door and saw the clothes I had placed on the side earlier had gone. Shit! Someone knew I spent the night in Lavender’s room. Oh fuck. What if it was her father or her brother? I’m so dead. But it may have been Mr or Mrs Greyson. We never know.

I turned on the shower in hopes it would be able to relax my mind of who could possibly know. The soothing hot water poured down my body and actually helped a bit.

After about a 5 minute quick shower, I exited and placed a white soft towel around my waist. I cleared the mirror and looked at myself. I removed the towel and began to rub my hair trying to get rid of the wetness. I dried my body and put on the outfit. I grabbed the comb from yesterday and just combed my hair so it was smooth. After, I used my hands to mess it up

I walked out the room and over to Lavender’s door. I heard some movement on the other side and knew she was still inside. I couldn’t hear any music so she wasn’t in the shower. I knocked and after about 15 seconds i was going to knock again when it opened to reveal my little angel.

She wore a pair of black denim jeans that really hugged her hips and most probably looked amazing with her ass. Her breasts and chest was being hidden by an oversized cotton jumper. She looked magnificent.

She barely wore any make-up ,except for mascara, and that made her look more natural and beautiful. Her hair was up in a messy bun and she had a pair of large glasses on her nose. They made her look adorable.

When she saw me checking her out, she tried to hide herself behind the door. Shy little thing. I chuckled.

What baffled me is I expected her to be in a skirt? She said she really liked to wear skirts and wore one everyday

“Angel why aren’t you wearing a skirt? I thought you said you wore one everyday.” I questioned

Her eyes widened and she hid further behind the door.

“I-I did Charlie. B-but it l-looks really cold t-today so I thought I-I’d wear j-jeans.”

I just had a feeling she was lying to me. Her voice was unusually high and her eyes refused to make eye contact with me.

“Why are you lying to me little girl?” I questioned while fully opening the door to look at her.

She briefly looked up at me with widened eyes and I could see a look of panic swimming in them.

“I’m not C-C-Carlos.” Her voice again rose and she began looking at the floor while shifting on her feet.

I gripped the side of her neck so my finger where just below her ear and my thumb was under her chin.

“Why don’t you tell d- me the truth little girl before I pull you over my lap and spank you.” Shit I nearly messed up again.

I don’t know if I was being really forward especially after last night. But she had to know she couldn’t lie to me or get away with it.

A deep blush adored her cheeks. Looking in my eyes, I could see the cogs in her brain working and it looked like she was having and internal debate inside of her trying to decide whether she should tell me or not. Eventually, her more submissive and shy side won and she told me.

“W-well I didn’t w-want what h-happened with B-B-Blake to happen a-again so I wore j-jeans instead of a s-skirt today.”

I pulled her into a hug and started to stroke her head. She shouldn’t have to change what she wears just because someone made her feel uncomfortable in it. That’s not right for anyone.

“Angel you shouldn’t change how you dress just because someone made you uncomfortable in it. If it makes you feel good and you like it, you wear it and if anyone and I mean Anyone tries anything today, I’ll just do what I did with that fucker and probably even worse. Don’t worry”

She looked up with so much adoration and her eyes held gratitude. But I could also see a tinge of guiltiness.

“I d-don’t want you to g-go out of your way to h-have to be a-always there. I-I wanna defend m-myself. You d-don’t to have to burden y-you’re self with me.”

I instantly gripped her cheeks to make them pucker out and brought our faces closer.

“Listen here and listen close. You are not a fucking burden little girl. I will always be there to protect you when you aren’t able. I understand you want to stand up for yourself but there are going to be some people that are stronger and more powerful than you that you can’t protect yourself from. I’ll always be there to protect you from them. Understand little girl?”

She had shock and surprise written all over her face..

“I said do you understand little girl?” I looked directly in her eyes she just nodded her head. A grin broke out on my face. “Good now let’s go get some breakfast.” I pecked her puckered lip.

I released her cheeks and took her hand and leading her out the room. I was relying on my memory from yesterday to navigate to the kitchen.

Before we got to the stairs, I turned around.

“Oh I think I forgot to tell you how ravishing you look this morning angel. I could just eat you.” I winked.

She looked down and blushed. I chuckled and began stepping down them with her follow not short behind me.

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