His Little Lavender

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Chapter 16

Carlos’ POV

Sitting in the car, I felt calm. I had my angel under my arm, tucked into my body. Her mere presence made me calm. If she wasn’t here, I’m sure I would have mullered that fucking driver in the front. Smithy I think his name was. A fucking pathetic name for a fucking pathetic man.

The way his eyes were travelling down my Lavender’s body ,like he wanted to take her right against the car, made me want to claw them out. He payed special attention to her legs as well. Who did he think he was? She was practically squirming under his gaze.

And how dare he accuse me of making my poor baby uncomfortable. The nerve on him. I wasn’t the one that was plainly checking her out. Did he do that everyday? He was her personal driver after all. I swear if he does I’ll personally kill him myself.

The only satisfaction I got from that interaction was the pure jealousy and disgust on his face when he saw my arm around her waist. The way his eyes narrowed onto it like ,if he stared at it hard enough, it would disappear. I would never disappear from my angel’s life. No after just meeting her.

I frankly just realised he didn’t necessarily know where we had to go. I didn’t exactly want to talk to the dude but I also didn’t want to make my angel late for school.

I moved Lavender’s head of my shoulder so I could sit up . She looked up at me with confusion and a pout took over her lips. Fuck.

“Don’t pout little girl.” I ran my finger over her lips smooshing them in the process. She began to blush.

“W-why Charlie?” I looked directly in her eyes and gravitated towards her.

“Unless you want to use them lips to suck something a little more interesting than an apple juice box, I suggest you listen to me and don’t pout little girl.”

Her cheeks got redder and she began squirming in her seat. I saw her squeeze her thighs together and rub them. My little girl was aroused.

I decided to stop teasing her for a while and let her cool down. I leaned forward and knocked on the tinted glass that was between the front and back seats.

“Charlie what are you doing?”

The glass lowered and the idiots voice grumbled from the driver’s seat.

“What would you like sir?” He stooped at traffic lights and turned to me.

“I’d just like to inform you that we won’t be going directly to the school. Please drop us of at 25 Greeve Lane.”
I peered behind me and saw Lavender looking out the window at the buildings. She seemed to be fascinated by the architecture. I didn’t want her to listen to what I was about to say.
“I would also like you to stop looking at my girl like she’s a piece of meat.” I growled.

His eyes widened and he had to clear his throat. “What do you mean, sir?”

“You know exactly what I mean. Look at her like you did earlier and I will fucking rip your eyeballs out.” I leaned in further so I was practically in his face.

“Are you alright Charlie?” Lavender’s soft voice said behind me. I looked at her and sent a soft smile and a wink.

“Yes angel. Just telling Smithy here that we need to go to my house first, isn’t that right Smithy?” I practically spat his name.

He looked like he was about to piss himself. “Y-yes Miss L-Lavender. Sir here w-was telling m-me the a-address to h-his house.”

“Okay” she replied before looking back out the window again. A bright smile broke out on he face as if she had just seen her favourite celebrity on the sidewalk.

I turned around and glared at him before moving back to sit down. He put the glass up and began driving again.

“What are you smile at angel?” She turned towards me and I placed my arm around her again bringing her into me.

“I just saw a very f-fluffy dog. It was so cute. Daddy won’t let us have a d-dog because ,one time, Tony had a hamster and it somehow e-ended up in the washing machine W-with the laundry.” A frown broke out on her lips. I don’t want her to frown.

“Well I guess you’d like to know I have a big fluffy white husky.”

Her frown turned into a smile and she looked up at me with wide eyes. “No way.”

“Yes way darling.”

“Can I meet him?” Her eyes were literally pleading with me to let her.

“Sadly, he is on his way here with my sister Rebecca. So you can’t right now.”
Her smile saddened a bit
“But you can some other time. How does that sound angel?” I bumped my shoulder with her and her smile came back again.

“Yes please Charlie.”

Her eyes were glowing with happiness and her smile was brighter than the stars. I liked this look on her. It was so contagious and cute. I pulled her closer and pressed a kiss to to her hair again.

With my other hand, I began to rub her thigh just to make her a little flustered.

I saw her eyes widen under her glasses and a gasp left her lips. She looked up at me and i swear the facial expression she was making made my dick twitch.

Image her looking up at me with widened eyes with my dick in her mouth. Her tongue dancing along my tip. Saliva running down her chin and my hand in her hair, pushing her further and further until I cum right in the back of her throat. Fuck Carlos. Stop.

I moved in my seat trying to make the tightness in my pants disappear. Lavender bit her lip and ,as I was about to pull it out from between her teeth, the car swerved and pushed her right onto my lap.

Lord have mercy I’m about to bust ( just added a little meme reference there if y’all don’t mind)

Her face was on my thigh and one of her hands had made its way onto my crouch to balance herself. Her glasses were in between my thighs. Because of the position we were in, her ass had perched out a bit and all I could do was imagine what it would look like with her over my lap and me spanking it.

“Donuts. I-I-I’m so sorry C-C-Charlie. I didn’t m-mean to.” She began to move her hand against my dick and I couldn’t help but groan.

“Oh n-no are you a-alright Charlie. Y-you sound like y-your in pain. D-d-did I hurt you? I-I’m soo s-sorry”

I couldn’t concentrate on what she was saying as she kept rubbing her hand against my crouch while trying to get herself up. The friction she was making made me throw my head back and release a moan. She didn’t stop though.

I placed my hands in her hair and brought her face up to me. I’m sure my eyes were clouded by lust.

“Fuck little girl. Do you fucking know what you’re doing with your hand right now?” She looked down and ,when she saw where it was, her eyes widened. Her hand instantly vanished from on my dick and a blush heated her cheeks up.

“C-C-Charlie. I’m so s-sorry. I-I didn’t know I W-was touching y-you there. P-please d-don’t be m-mad at me. I d-didn’t mean to. I s-swear Charlie. I’m s-s so-” I pulled her hair again and made her look at me. Her lips parted and I stuck my thumb in her mouth to make sure she could talk. The heat and wetness of it made my body heat up.

She closed her mouth.
“Now angel. I know you didn’t mean to and I’m not mad you. You don’t need to apologise. It wasn’t your fault so please don’t. Know that I won’t ever be mad at you without a valid reason. Do you understand?”

“Yes Carlos.” She mumbled against my thumb. Some saliva ran down her chin.

“Good” I pulled my thumb out her mouth and wiped the drool of her chin before placing it in my mouth. Lavender squealed and hid her face in my shoulder. I chuckled at how adorable and shy she was and ,for the third time, put my arm over her shoulder and pulled her closer to me before kissing her forehead.

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