His Little Lavender

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Chapter 17

Lavender’s POV

After about 5 minutes, we began passing many luxurious house with perfectly done-up lawns. The grass was a perfect green but had some yellow areas. These houses weren’t as large as mine but weren’t as small as the average house either. Every single one had its own gate surrounding it and about 30 acres of land to itself. I could see in some of them there was at least one pool and sometimes maybe two.

I couldn’t help but to stare out in awe. These houses were beautiful. They were more homely, being made out of stone. They were all surrounded by trees and the wildlife made the place look more appealing. I wouldn’t expect Carlos to live in a place like this. He seemed like he would live in a more modern house in the city.

I liked the fact he lived here because, if he didn’t, I probably wouldn’t have ever seen this side of New York. The preserved cosy side. It was amazing.

“Wow. It’s b-beautiful” I muttered while moving away from Carlos to put my hands against the windows so I could get a closer look. He chuckled and I felt him move near my ear.

“It is indeed beautiful. But, do you want to know what’s even more beautiful?.”

I pulled back to look up at him to find him extremely close to my face. My cheeks turned a light pink and I had to clear my throat or else my voice would have come out as a squeak.

“What C-Charlie?” He moved closer to me and whispered.


I’m sure I was as red as a tomato right now. He was so charming and nice. I don’t know how he saw me more beautiful than all these gorgeous houses. It was near impossible.

I looked down and began playing with my fingers out of habit. I couldn’t hide myself with my hair as it was up so the blush stained on my cheeks was as clear as day.

My glasses began falling off my nose. I don’t actually need them for anything but reading but they looked really pretty and I wanted to wear them today. They make me feel more covered and a bit invisible.

I felt my chin being lifted up and Carlos’ long finger pushing my glasses back up. We just stared at each other. He sent me a soft smile and I couldn’t help but smile back at him.

His eyes were so pretty. They were a light shade of green but had a colour of dark green shadowing the edges. If you looked close enough, you could see the little flickers of gold that would shine in the light. It made his eyes look like they were sparkling. And overall made him look like an Angel. Maybe I should be the one calling him angel instead of him calling me it.

“Your e-eyes are pretty.“I suddenly blurted out.

After realising what I had said, I turned redder and my eyes grew as wide as a basketball. Fudge Lavender. Why would you say that? You sound so creepy. You can’t just randomly say someone’s eyes are pretty. It’s weird.

A deep chuckle broke me out of my own self-doubt and I looked up to see Carlos had a large smile on his face.

“What about my eyes are pretty angel?”

I lifted my head up a bit more and tried to look directly into his eyes

“W-well they are a r-really bright green and a-around the edges, they are d-darker. That m-makes them m-more mysterious. You also h-have little specks of g-gold that shimmer I-in the sun. It makes y-you look angelic.”
His smile dampened a bit. I began to panic. Have I upset him? Does he not like to be called angelic? Donuts Lavender.
“I-I mean I-it makes you l-look really h-handsome and c-cute. W-wait not cute. T-that’s not t-the right w-word. I m-mean attractive. Wait n-no. I m-mean”

I was full-on rambling now but I couldn’t stop myself. I didn’t want Carlos to be upset. However, when I kept talking, I just kept embarrassing myself. I called him attractive. But he didn’t like to be called angelic. I didn’t know how to describe him. Tony doesn’t like being called cute so I thought Carlos wouldn’t either. I didn’t want to make him mad or sad so I just tried to keep coming out with words the popped into my head when I thought of Carlos.

A warm object was placed over my lips preventing me from talking. I looked down and found it to be Charlie’s finger. I thought about biting it but thought about the funny video I had watched. (If you know, you know)

I didn’t want to hurt Carlos like the baby did in that video so instead I just stared at it in confusion. What was he doing? Was I annoying him? Maybe I was annoying him. He wanted me to stop talking so he put his finger over my mouth to close it. His other hand found its way to my hair and began stroking it.

“Lavender darling. Calm down. It’s alright. Take a deep breath and calm down.”
I did as he said and he began smiling at me. Him playing with my hair helped calm my nerves.
“Now listen. I’m not offended by you calling me angelic. It’s a wonderful compliment. I just wasn’t expecting it. Now know I’m not sad and I quite appreciate the fact you complemented me. I’m thankful you think my eyes are pretty and know I think yours are too. What did I say earlier about me getting mad at you?”

I looked at him and tried to recall the memories. An instant blush came to my face at the incident before. The fact I was rubbing my hand against his. Well his...thingy made me feel awkward. I didn’t know I was doing it. I was just trying to get up. I didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable with the fact I was practically laying over his lap. I was also scared I had hurt him and don’t want to cause him anymore pain.

The memories of what he said after also popped into my head. When he placed his thumb into my mouth to stop me from talking. I had the urge to suck it but refrained myself from doing so.

“You said t-that you w-wouldn’t get mad at me W-without a valid reason.” I questioned

“And angel is there any valid reason I would get mad at you right now?”

The hand stroking my hair lowered to my neck and angled my head so I was looking in his eyes. He squeezed it and once again a small moan escaped my lips. My blush deepened and all Carlos did was chuckle.

“Is there?”

“N-no Carlos.”

“Good girl.”

We once again began staring into each others eyes. This time we weren’t interrupted by me blurting something stupid out. We were stopped by the sudden nonexistent movement of the car.

Carlos reluctantly turned around to look out the window. When he saw where we were, he turned back around to me and smiled.

“We’re here.”

He opened the door and got out. I grabbed my bag of the floor and went to open my door but ,before I could touch the handle, it vanished. I looked up ,expecting to see Smithy there, but ,instead, I saw Carlos.

He had his hand out, offering me to take it. So I did just that. I placed my hand in his and he helped me out the car. The sudden contact made my body heat up and shivers to run down my spine. They were good shivers though like ever other shiver I have around him is like.

I placed my feet on the ground when I saw Smithy appear around the other side of the car. He seemed to be fixing his suit and looked like he was just about to open my door. When he looked up, he seemed shocked but it was soon replaced with anger. Was he angry at me? I didn’t think I had done something wrong.

Carlos’ hand slithered around my waist and pulled me into him. I blushed and hid my face into him and placed one of my hands on his chest. I could physically feel his muscles and abs through the shirt. They were so hard and defined.

I moved my hand a little upwards to feel a bit more when Carlos looked back down at me and winked. I blushed and smothered his side with my face making him laugh. I forgot he could feel me doing that.

He tucked me in closer and stared at Smithy as if he wanted to kill him. Does he not like Smithy? Why wouldn’t he like Smithy? He’s an amazing person. Sure, he makes me feel uncomfortable sometimes because of the way he looks at me like he did this morning. But he had been my personal driver for ages and I have gotten use to him. Well some parts of him.

“We won’t be needing you now Smithy. You can leave.” Carlos practically growled. I looked up at him confused. How were we going to get to school?

“Sir. It is my obligation to make sure Ms.Lavender gets to all her places so I’ll do as I am obligated.”

He seethed back with so much venom. It made me shiver and hide further into Carlos’ chest. I’ve never heard Smithy speak as mean as that. He’s always so nice and kind with me. He sounds scary when he talks like that.

I also didn’t like the fact he was talking like that to Carlos. He didn’t deserve that. Smithy had no right to be so mean when Carlos hadn’t done anything in the first place. Even if he had, he shouldn’t have been mean to him anyway.

“Don’t speak t-to my Carlos like that.” I mumbled out without a second thought. I tightened my grasp on his shirt.

When they both turned their attention to me, I cowered away and realised what I had just said. I really need to think before I speak. This is the second time today.

“Excuse me Ms.Lavender. May you please repeat what you said? I didn’t quite get that?” His voice had now taken to its soft tone again.

“I s-said don’t s-speak to my C-Carlos like that. I-it’s mean.”

A shocked expression took over his face and he looked like a gaping fish out of water.

I looked up at Carlos ,trying to see if I had done something wrong, but all I saw was a large smile and a look of adoration. I blushed and continued to hide myself in his chest. He tightened his grip on my waist and brought me as close to him as he could.

“So as I’ve said Smithy. We won’t be needing you anymore so you can leave.”

Smithy looked up at Carlos once more with a look of pure hatred before walking around to the other side of the car, getting in and driving off.

The look he departed with was so terrifying it made me want to cower away in a corner. He reminded me a bit of Jonas when he’s get mad. Jonas was scary when he was mad.

I felt myself being lifted off the ground and twirled in the air. I couldn’t help but giggle. My head felt dizzy but it was such a care-free moment that I just couldn’t resist. I didn’t know what was happening but it was fun.

I was finally placed back on my feet. I felt my body begin to fall when I tried walking. Before I could hit the ground, I fell into a pair of well-sculptured arms. I giggle once again.

“Wow. Calm down there darling. Don’t want to go hurting yourself.”

I looked at Carlos’ face and when I say I saw the actually definition of happiness written on it. I completely mean it.

His smile was so big it was blinding me. His pearly, straight teeth were on full display for me to see. There were little dimples that appeared on his cheeks, just below his eyes, that looked like the crater you would expect to find on the moon. His eyes had a certain sparkle in them that just radiated warmth and joyousness to anyone that just happened to be lucky enough to see into them.

I felt a sudden feeling in my chest when I looked in his eyes. A feeling similar to contentment. A feeling that made me feel as if I was the happiest person on earth. A feeling that I wouldn’t trade for anything else on this planet. Because it was just simply the most perfect feeling you could feel.

“My Carlos, huh?”

I couldn’t quite register what he was saying as his face was slowly advancing towards me and all I could do was stare at his lips. They were so red and full and looked as soft as a marshmallow. I wonder what they taste like. Do they also taste like marshmallows? I like marshmallows.

Just as our lips were about to collide, a sound of someone eating food disrupted my thoughts.

Wait a minute. Eating food? I turned to the side and saw that a child ,about the age of 12, was sat on the side of the street eating a bag of popcorn. He was staring intently at us.

“Well don’t stop because of me. Continue. Continue.” He motioned with his hands for us to go on.

My cheeks burned in embarrassment and I quickly scrambled my way out of Carlos’ arms. At first, he looked kind of sad but also confused. When he saw staring to the side of him, he looked as well and he seemed surprised.

“Is this the part where you two have an argument and break up? I love them parts because the couple always ends up together in then end anyway.” The little boy said still eating his popcorn. Where he got it from, I have no clue? Where HE came from, I also have no clue?

“Kid. What the fuck are you doing?” Carlos questioned before pulling me into him.

“Well here’s the story. I was simply watching a lovely, romantic film inside my house down the street. It was the cliche Bad Boy and Shy Girl complex. Anyway, suddenly, as it was getting to the best part, I heard my mum and dad fighting. I was like no thank you and up and jumped out the window. Like literally. Don’t need to hear that again. So, I was roaming around the streets with a big bag of popcorn when I saw you two just staring at each other. I was like that’s ‘what happens in all my movies before the kiss’ so I ran over here to watch since I couldn’t watch my film. The little, pretty lady then turned around and saw me and now we are here.”

While he was saying all this, he was doing little motions with his hands to go along with it.

I kind of felt sorry for him. His mother and father were fighting. It must be hard to hear that as a child. The two people that are suppose to be some of the closest people in your life, shouting and screaming at each other. If I was him, I would be crying in my room ,with a pillow over my head, right now. I don’t like when people shout at each other. It’s so mean and loud that it not only hurts my ears but also my heart.

I also kind of felt angry at the kid. Me and Carlos were about kiss and he disturbed it.

Holy beans! Me and Carlos were about to kiss. Holy Donuts. We were going to kiss. Like actually kiss. I don’t think I am ready to be kissed by him. But why was I leaning into to kiss him too then? What if he doesn’t like how I kiss? I’ve only been kissed once and it wasn’t very good. Why would he want to kiss me? There’s plenty of other prettier girl out there. I’m confused. I want to go back to bed.

“NATHANIEL BLACK. COME HERE THIS INSTANT.” A deep booming voice said from a neighbouring house.

I looked towards the kid and saw him tense. Was he scared? Why would he be scared? Was that his father?

“That’s my dad. Gotta go. Hope you two kiss and get married to each other. I’m rooting for you.” He exclaimed as he was running to a house two doors down from the one we were in front of.

I blushed. I secretly hoped that too kid.

“What a strange, strange kid.” Carlos sighed before leading me up to a large black gate behind us.

“He’s s-seems like a-a nice boy. I hope we see each o-other again. I like h-him.”

I said with a smile. I looked back to see if I could get a glimpse of him one last time. He was walking into another pair of gates ,like the ones we were approaching right now, but white and much smaller.

“Not more than me though angel. Right?” I just continued walking while he stopped behind me.

“Right?” I laughed and waited at the gates. He approached me and looked at me with firm eyes.

“Yes Charlie. N-Not more t-than you.”

A smile beamed on his face and he once again interlocked our hands before pressing the passcode into the lock and walking us through the gates.

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