His Little Lavender

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Chapter 18

Carlos’ PoV

Lavender was currently skipping up ahead of me. Our fingers were interlocked and the warmth that sizzled in my body, made me feel contentment. She was dragging me along like a puppy on a leash. If it meant I’d be able to be near her, I’d forever be a puppy on a leash for her.

The way she defended me against Smithy made my heart warm. I’m sure it had skipped a beat when I heard the words that danced out her mouth. ‘My Carlos’. A phrase that will always belong to her. A phrase that will never roll on anyone else’s tongue. For, I was hers. I was her Carlos and I will forever be.

Let’s not even mention that strange kid. I mean who sits on the side of the street watching two people ,you don’t even know, about to kiss? With fucking popcorn. Popcorn. My life isn’t a bloody film and he was watching and predicting it as if it were.

A small fraction of me was kind of feeling sorry for him. He left his house ,or shall I say jumped out his window, just because he couldn’t bare hearing his parents fighting. The pain of hearing the shouts must shatter his heart as I knew ,no matter how strong I was, it would shatter mine.

I cleared my head and looked up to see we had approached my house. It was completely different to my angel’s. Instead of the lavish white sandstone that made up her walls, mine were made out of a friendly brown stone. Large plants and trees grew along side the structure and many of them were starting to die due to the harsh September weather.

I don’t know what she’d think of it. Compare to hers, it was so regular. While here’s was lavish and modern, mine was more homely and suburban.

Lavender stopped in her tracks and just stared up at it. Her mouth was open and her eyes wide. Was she shocked? Surprised? In awe? I have absolutely no fucking clue

“Close your mouth darling or you’ll catch flies.” She did so but a blush also accompanied it. She turned to me and a light smile painted her lips.

“Your h-home is beautiful C-Charlie. It l-looks so f-friendly and c-comfortable. Are w-we going inside?
A large smile erupted on my face. So she did like it.

“Why thank you my Angel but we won’t be going in there just yet.” I led her over to my car that was park just to the side of the house.

“What a-about your s-school stuff C-Charlie? You c-can’t go t-to school w-without it.” Her worry about my education made my heart melt and pulse race.

“Don’t worry darling. All my stuff is in my car from yesterday so we won’t be needing to get it from in my house” I pulled out my phone and looked at the time
“It’s currently 7:30 anyway and we don’t want you being late now, do we?” Her eyes widened and she looked at me in shock.

“7:30?” Her surprised voice questioned.

“Yes darling so how about we start going now?”

We approached my car and a gasp lest her mouth.

“Oh d-donuts you h-have a Porsche. It l-looks so pretty.”

When I say I was quite surprised, I was. I didn’t expect her too know the type of car it was. The look of love on her face for my car made me feel jealous. Fuck sake Carlos. You’re bloody envious of a car. It’s not even a fucking human. Get a grip.

“Tony and Daddy w-would always talk about cars. I just p-picked up on what the different types w-were.” Her cheeks burned with embarrassment.

“And I thought you couldn’t get any hotter.”

I opened her door. She looked at me in surprise but then eventually hurried in after I winked at her, trying to hide her blush from me. I chuckled, closed her door, went to the driver’s side and got in.

When I sat down, Lavender had her phone in between her hands and was staring intently at it. What was she looking at? I peered over and saw her texting someone. Her lips suddenly disappeared in between her teeth.

She looked up at me and had confused glinting in her eyes. I leaned forward and pulled it free.
“Don’t do that.”

She squirmed in her seat and lowered her head to conceal the blush adoring her chubby cheeks that I love. I laughed, leaned back and turned the engine on. It roared. I looked behind me to make sure it was safe and then reverse out of my parking space and left my house.

We were driving for about 20 minutes ,with Lavender softly humming to the radio, when I heard a ping. I looked to the side for a moment to see Lavender’s phone once again lit up and ,like lightning, her hand darted out to look at it. Almost instantly, her little fingers danced across the screen to reply.
My curiosity got the better of me.

“Who are you texting darling?” I looked out the window and turned the corner to the main part of the city. We were about 16 minutes away from school.

“Braydon.” She replied and began tapping her finger against her thigh. Braydon?

To not only calm her down but to calm me down, I grabbed her hand and placed both of them on my thigh.

I saw her eyes continuously flicker from her phone to my hands. A blush once again adored her cheeks. How cute!

“Why are you texting him for?” I questioned.

I played with her fingers to calm myself down. I didn’t like that dude. He would always look and talk to her as if she was his girlfriend. And the way she blushed at his compliments made my soul burn with jealousy. That blush belonged to me. It was mine. She was mine.

“He k-keeps asking if I-I know if y-you’re g-gay or s-straight.”
My eyes widened

“He’s gay?” I looked over at her when we approached a stop light.

“Y-yeah didn’t you k-know.”

She looked at me with expecting eyes. That made so much sense now. Why would her father let someone so flirty around her? Unless he’s just a plain fool, I thought he was trying to play Cupid for his daughter. That’s what I thought he was doing with me anyway.

“No I didn’t.” The light turned green and I started driving. We were about 5 minutes away from the school now.

“Yeah he c-came out as gay about a y-year ago.” She said. Her fingers played with mine subconsciously as she stared out the window. She was just so adorable.

“Why’d he ask if I was gay or straight for?” I was generally curious. I think it’s pretty clear that I was straight.

“W-well he asked b-because he t-thinks you’re h-hot.” A dark blush tainted her cheeks and a shudder ran down her spine.

My mouth was wide and I kept glancing at Lavender like I was expecting her to say she was joking with me. Lord have mercy. Please tell me this man isn’t trying to get with me. I’ve never experienced that before.

“Well I’d like to assure you that I’m perfectly straight.” We were beginning to drive into the school parking lot.

I noticed Lavender sinking lower down into her seat as more people saw my car approaching. I looked at the time on the radio and it displayed 8:15.

Oh shit! I forgot she didn’t like people seeing her when coming into to school. Sure I wasn’t her personal driver. But, I was driving a rather expensive car and the fact she was arriving with the ‘hot new kid’ didn’t make the matters any better.

“Darling it’s alright. Calm down. Nothings going to happen when I’m here with you.”
I parked my car and turned to look at her. She was sat cautiously staring out the window while biting her fingers. I don’t know why but I found that so cute. I grabbed her hands and held them in my mind.
“It’s alright. Don’t worry. Just remember that I’m here. You’re not walking in alone. I’m here.”

She looked at me and then just nodded lightly. I took that as the sign to exit my car and go open her side of the car.

Lavender’s PoV

When I saw all the people looking at Carlos’ car as we arrived, my insides bubbled with anxiety. I don’t like this. They’re all going to stare at Carlos and ,because I’m next to him, there eyes will naturally be drawn to the small figure next to him. I don’t like attention. What if they judge me? Will they call me nasty name?

I unknowingly began biting my fingers, another bad habit I have. I felt a large warmth engulf them and lower them away from my mouth.

I looked to the side to see Carlos looking at me with worry.
“Darling it’s alright. Calm down. Nothings going to happen when I’m here with you.”
He parked the car and turned to me fully.
“It’s alright. Don’t worry. Just remember that I’m here. You’re not walking in alone. I’m here.”

His words of encouragement made me feel better. I also didn’t want to disappoint him by being a baby. I don’t like disappointing people. So, I nodded my head.

He left the car ,with his bag over his shoulder, and walked over to my side. The door opens and a firm hand appeared where I once was. I reluctantly placed mine in his. He sent me a reassuring smile and I couldn’t help but smile back. He leaned over my shoulder and grabbed my bag and put it on the same shoulder as his.

When I saw a lot of people staring at us, I gripped onto Carlos’ full arm and leaned against him to try hide myself.

He lowered his head and whispered once again a ‘it was going to be alright’ in my ear before kissing my cheek. Under his touch, they darkened and I leaned in farther to hide it. He chuckled and stroked my hair.

I hadn’t noticed we had already began walking but ,when I looked out from his arm, I saw we were near the entrance of the school. I looked behind me to see not as many people staring at our retreating figures.

We opened the doors and entered the bustling halls of City-Side High school. All around me were massive teenagers. Some looked twice the size of me -like Carlos- while some looked smaller. I suspected them to be in a lower year than me though.

In front of my locker, there were my 3 best friends. When they spotted us, I saw them let out a breath of relief.

“Finally, we have been here for 10 minutes waiting for you. What took so long?” Josie questioned.

“Well t-there were a-a lot of people I-in the parking l-lot and I-I-I got s-scared.”

Their eyes soften immediately and a small smile appeared on Josie’s face. Carlos’ other hand appeared above mine ,which was still clung to his arm.

“Oh bumblebee. It’s okay. Are you alright though?”

“Yeah” I squeezed Carlos’ arm and he ,in return, squeezed my hands. I smiled up at him and he smiled back.

“Awww. So I’m suspecting he isn’t gay. What a shame?”

I turned to look at Braydon and saw he had a sad but teasing frown on his face. I giggled and shook my head.

“No D. He’s straight.” I rested my head against his bicep.

“Lucky for you then.” He rolled his eyes before laying his arm across Max’s shoulder. They looked at each other. Max began blushing mad and a smirk appeared on Braydon’s face. Interesting.

The bell screeched above us and I jumped a little. Carlos rubbed my hands to calm my nerves down.

“Goodbye. Me and Lavender are going to head to class.” I waved at them and said my goodbyes.

Before we left, I heard Josie mumble a small “it’s not fair they have all the same classes together. We don’t even have one with her. Why does she have to be so smart?” I let out a little giggle.


The next few periods were overwhelming. There were a lot of people staring at me and Carlos than there yesterday. There was also word going about how we arrived. People would say we were dating and that we had done some ‘stuff’ together. I don’t necessarily know what they meant by that. Carlos just told me to ignore them.

When lunch finally rolled around, I was mentally exhausted and didn’t want to go to the canteen for more people to look and judge me. I decided I would sit in the library. Hardly, anyone sits in the library nowadays.

Carlos had to go see his rugby coach about rugby try-outs this year. I didn’t want to leave him but I also didn’t want to be a nuisance either.

“Are you sure you’re going to be alright darling. You can come with me.” He said with anxiousness and worry written on his face.

“It’s alright. I’ll be in t-the library. Y-you can come find me after. D-don’t worry Charlie.” I replied with a soft smile.

“Okay I won’t be long.” He reluctantly said. He kissed me on the cheek and then left. For the hundredth time today, I blushed.

I made my way to the library. When I got there, I opened the door and the sound of silence graced my ears. So peaceful. I began heading to the romance section.

We had a big library meaning a large range of different books but my favourite were romantic and mystery. There’s just something so enticing and amazing about them genres that drew me in instantly.

I had been sitting on the floor ,reading a new book I found, for about 5 minutes when I heard the clacking of heels echo through the silence. I didn’t think much of it and continued reading.

The sound stopped. In front of me, I saw a pair of really tall heels appear. I hesitantly looked up and saw someone that I had never personally talked to. Candice, the queen bee.

Her perfectly blonde hair was pin-point straight. Her lips were a bright shade of pink. Her clothes had absolutely no creases and ,even though it was freezing outside, they were very rather revealing.

She coughed and looked down at me as if I was dirt. To be nice, I got up of the floor and stood in front of her. I pushed my glasses up my nose and lowered my head.

“Hello again Lavender. How are you doing?”

She questioned with a sickly-sweet wide smile. She used to hang around with Jonas. I remember her to be a nice pretty girl

“H-hi again. I’m doing g-good. H-how about y-you?” I replied with a small wave.
Her eyes held disgusted and she scoffed. Huh?

“I have no idea how he likes you so much. You stutter like a freak and look like one too.”

I was taken aback by what she said and the smile that graced my lips vanished instantly. Why was she being mean? She wasn’t like this before.

“E-e-excuse me.” I mumbled with wide eyes. A freak? I wasn’t a freak, was I?

“You heard me bitch. So tell me how much are you paying him to be close to you. I can’t imagine all the diseases you have.”

She stepped closer to me and placed her hand above my head to block me in. I held the book closer to my chest and widened my mouth in shock.

“W-W-what do y-you m-mean?” I questioned. She once again scoffed and eyes me up and down.

“Answer the damn question slut! How much are you paying that new kid , Carlos, to sleep with you. That’s what you did with Jonas, wasn’t it?”

A evil sparkle appeared in her eyes. Tears burned in the back of my eyes and my mouth turned dry. I’m not paying Carlos to sleep with me. We only slept in the same bed together. I don’t know how she knew that though.

I didn’t sleep with J-Jonas either. He scared me too much and would look at me funny.

“I-I-I’m not.” I muttered and lowered my head.

“How come he’s hanging around you then? No one liked you so why would he? Them disgustingly short skirts you wear make you look like a desperate slut.”

She sneered. I flinched back because of her harsh words and tone. I’m not a desperate slut. Does Carlos actually like me or is she right? She’s probably right. Why would he like me? I’m so weird.

“B-b-but you’re s-skirts are s-shorter than mine s-so are y-you a s-slut?”
I questioned without thinking. Oh donuts! I just called her a slut. That so mean.
“I-I’m s-so s-sor-”

I began but was cut off by the searing pain that burned my cheek. My head whipped to the side and my hands flew to the side of my face that was now incredibly hurting. Ow.

“Y-you s-slapped me” I said and looked up at her with tears in my eyes. Her eyes held anger and her face was a fierce shade of red.

“You fucking bitch! How dare you call me a slut! I don’t know who you think you are but you’re going to listen to me. Stay the fuck away from Carlos or I’ll do worse to you than Jonas did. Do you understand?”

My eyes widened at her threat. She knew. She knew what he did. How did she know?

My head whipped to the other side and my other cheek was overcome with the same pain as before. The tears in my eyes finally fell and my lips stuck out in a upset pout.

“I said . Do you understand?”

Not wanting to get hurt again. I nodded my head. She smiled and walked away. I leaned against the bookcase and fell down crying. I held my knees to my chest and just cried my heart out. The pain in my cheeks became dumb and the pain in my heart took over.

I’m a slut. I’m a bitch. I don’t deserve to be around Carlos. I don’t deserve all the good things I have. I don’t deserve to be here.

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