His Little Lavender

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Chapter 19

Carlos PoV

I swear this school just loves making me sit in fucking meetings for hours on end. I came here to just simply talk about rugby and what position I played in my old school and somehow this old man has found himself talking about what the best equipment to use is.

I’ve been sat here for ages. It’s making me become agitated. My legs are shaking. My fingers are tapping against the arm rest.

All I want to do is go be with my angel. I could of been there about 10 minutes ago but ,because this man thinks that heavy shoulder pads are bad, I’ve been sat here having to listen to him rant about it for them 10 minutes

All I know about him is his name is Lincoln Black and he used to be a massively well-know quarterback in the NFL when he was younger. He played rugby for about 7 years but sustained a bad injury on his shoulder causing him to have to quit. I guess he must have loads of money if he decided to just teach school rugby. I mean he could be coaching a national NFL team but he choose to teach high school kids. Who would not take that opportunity?

“Reid. What do you think?”

My eyes focused again and I looked up at him with a look of boredom. He may be some famous quarterback but he sure knows how to talk someone’s ear off.

“Do you want my honesty sir?“I questioned.

“Of course Reid.” He gestured with his hand for me to continue and leaned back in his chair with his arms crossed and eyebrows raised

“I have absolutely no clue what you just said.” I imitated him.

A large smile grew on his face and he began to laugh.

“Like I expected.”
He stood up. I stood up to hoping he would dismiss me.
“Well I can see you don’t necessarily want to spend anymore time in here so I’ll let you go meet the girl that you’ve been waiting to see.”

“Thank yo-wait a minute. How do you know I’m going to meet a girl? I mean I could be going to get some food or I could be going to meet a guy.”

I questioned with an eyebrow raised. I honestly had no clue how he knew. Maybe he’s seen me with her.

“Well there’s a certain look in your eye that’s telling me that you want to go see someone special and I’m guessing you’re straight so it has to be a girl.”
Okay this mans got to be joking. There is no “special look in my eye”. Who does he think he is? A fucking psychologist.

And that was highly homophobic. I might be gay. I mean sure I don’t look gay but neither does Braydon and he is.

“I also saw you with my best runner, Lavender, earlier so I’m guessing it’s her. You two seem very close.”

I look him dead in the eye and we just stay like that for 5 seconds before I finally spoke.
“I’m not answering that.” I turn around and walk out the door.

Halfway down the corridor, I hear him yell from behind me.
“I didn’t even ask you anything.”

I turned around a yelled back.
“There was a certain sparkle in your eyes that told me so.”

I heard his throaty laugh and a small smile graced my face. Maybe he isn’t so bad after all. Just needs to learn to shut up sometimes.

I wondered around the halls for about another 5 minutes just trying to find this goddamn library. I guess she didn’t feel up to going and sitting in a room full of people today especially when they’re all talking about the fact that we arrived together. I had one dude ask me how she was in bed this morning while leaving science. It took all my strength to not fucking punch his nose but I couldn’t do so as Lavender was right behind me. I didn’t want to scare her.

As I turned a corner, I saw a girl that I recognised as the popular girl. Cady. Katie. Candy. I don’t know.

She looked like a slut to me. The skirt she was wearing didn’t even go mid-thigh. The tight low-cut top that stuck to her fake chest made me think it was suffocating her. I’m sure her lip surgery had gone wrong because her lips just looked wrong in general. And the heels that were strapped on her feet looked like a death trap. One misstep and you’ll break your ankles in them long ass sticks.

My plan was to just ignore her and try not be seen. I simply just wanted to get by in peace.

But no. God thought it would be fucking funny to make this girl approach me. I mean you can’t be blessing me one minute and then cursing me another dude. I haven’t got the time or patience’s for that.

“Heeey Carlos.” Her strangled voice croaked. Was she trying to purr because that is not a purr?

Imagine my angel purring. I bet it sounds amazing. Especially if it’s while she’s under me.

“Hello. Have you seen Lavender?” I didn’t want to talk to her but maybe she’s seen her and can tell me where I can find her.

I saw her face harden and a sickly sweet smile form on her face.

“Lavender who?” She titled her head to the side and began running her index finger down my arm. I took a step back because ,first of, I didn’t want her skinny ass fingers touching me and ,second of, I’m sure I was about to suffocate because of the amount of perfume that was invading my senses. Tone it down lady.

“Lavender Rose. Small about 5′4 or 5′5. Silky blonde hair. Glasses. Small button nose. Big pouty lips. Blue doe eyes. Small waist. Wide hips. Big as-”
I was beginning to get carried away as I imagined her glorious face and amazing figure.

“Okay okay I know who you’re talking about? What do you want with her?”

She looked down at her awfully long, bright pink, false nails. She looked up at me and eye me up and down while biting her lip. It did nothing to me like how it would if Lavender was biting her lip right now. The desire to have Lavender’s lip in my teeth instead of hers. Oh damn.

“Can you tell me where she is? I need to see her.” She looked up at me and ran her hand down my chest. Jesus Christ take the hint. I don’t want you. I took another step back.

“Why would you need that desperate slut when you have me?” My eyes hardened and I’m sure ,if I tightened my jaw any firmer, it would snap.

Slut. How fucking dare she call my angel a slut. Lavender didn’t even know what it meant to be wet until yesterday. How the fuck can she be a slut? If anyone’s a desperate, it would be this fake ass hoe in front of me. The fact she needs to dress up in all these revealing clothes just to get men to want her, shows exactly how desperate she is.

“Who the fuck do you think you are? How is my angel a desperate slut?” She laughed. She fucking laughed.

“Have you seen what she wears?Them skirts tell men exactly what type of girl she is. A fucking desperate hoe that wants someone to fuck her. Hard and rough.”
she leaned in closer to my face and whispered
“She just likes to play the innocent girl so more men find her appealing. Don’t actually tell me you fell for it.”

Her hand once again went to touch my chest. I grabbed the stick-like thing and held it with a firm grip. A gasp left her lips and she looked down at it as if she never seen anything like it.

“You’re going to fucking listen to me. Ever say anything like that about my angel again and I’m gonna fucking kill you. I don’t care if you’re a girl. I will kill you..”
her eyes widened and she generally looked terrified.
“And ,if anyones a desperate hoe, it would be you. The fact you need to actually dress up so proactively to get a man’s attention is disgusting. Have some more respect for yourself.”

I pushed her hand away from me and walked away.

“You’re going to end up just like him. Just like Jonas.”
I stopped in my tracks and turned around.
“A man that gets too addicted and does everything to keep something that will never be his. You’re going to end up exactly where he is. In prison.” With that, she turned around and left.

What does she mean become too addicted? Did they date? Did he do something to her? Why’s he in prison for?

My head was clouded with thoughts and ,when I finally found the library, it was pounding because of how hard I was thinking.

I opened the doors and was greeted with the silence I expected. The man at the front desk looked to be asleep. A quiet sniffling could be heard from an area to my left. Small whimpers and groans surrounded that area.

I decided to go and see who it was and if they were okay. What I didn’t expect, was to find my little girl curled up against a book case crying her heart out. Her knees had been brought to her chest. Her once messy bun was now covering her face and it looked like she was scratching her arm. There were long red lines marking her once perfect pale skin.

“Angel.“My voice came out as a whisper and I saw Lavender’s body shudder because of a sob.

I raced up to her and dropped my bag on the floor without a care in the work ,except her. I sat down and brought her in my lap so she was on my hip. I put her head in my neck and rubbed her back. My other arm was enclosed behind her hips ensuring she couldn’t fall back.

I could feel her harsh breaths on my neck and the sounds of her sobs made my heart break. Her hands encircled my upper chest and she brought herself closer to me than I thought possible.

After a while of her calming down, I finally asked the questions burning on my tongue.
“Lavender darling. What happened. Why are you crying baby?”

I pulled her head from out of my neck but she still refused to look me in the eye. I gripped her chin and tried to lift it but she was being stubborn and wouldn’t let me.

“Little girl. Don’t fucking test me.” A shudder ran down her spine and she squeezed my waist even tighter with her legs.

I once again tried to pull her face up by her chin and she let me. When I saw her face, I was outraged. Her eyes were brimming with tears and looked as red as a Rose. The little pout on her lips would normally turn me on but now I only felt sadness and fury in this moment.

What made me become absolutely fuming were the clear hand marks on her cheek. Blush no long adored her cheeks. No it was fucking hand marks. Someone slapped her. Someone slapped my angel.

“Little girl who the fuck slapped you?” Her eyes widened. She shook her head and let out a whimper.

My heart whimpered too at the sound and my eyes instantly soften.
“Please tell me darling. I don’t want you to be in pain. Let me help you.”

She placed her head in my neck again and I started stroking her hair. After a while, when all the whimpers and sniffles had calmed down, she looked up at me again and sent me soft smile. I could see it pained her as her eyes slightly closed in pain but that didn’t stop her from trying to reassure me she was find.

I stood up with her still on my hip. I grabbed ,not only my bag, but also hers and began walking out. The librarian had now woken up and looked at us in shock and pity. I just rolled my eyes. If he had done his fucking job, maybe my baby wouldn’t be in pain right now. Fucking pathetic.

“Charlie w-what are y-you d-doing?” She perked her head up from my neck and looked at my face. I looked at her and smiled.

“We need to get them cheeks of yours iced. We don’t want them getting bruised now, do we?” I placed her head in my neck again and began stroking her neck.

“O-okay Charlie.” She whispered and began to yawn.

From what I knew, the first aid area was all the way on the other side of the school. But that meant having to go through a whole load of people to get to there and I know she wouldn’t want that.

So, I headed to the parking lot and made my way to my car. I opened her door and gently placed her down. She whimpered and began reaching her hands out for me.

“It’s alright baby. I’ll be right here. Don’t worry.” Her hands lowered and her breaths evened out.

I desperately wanted to keep her on my lap while I drove -so I was always as close to her as I can be- but I knew that wasn’t safe. I mean what if we got in an accident? She wouldn’t be a
safe. Consequently, I left her where she was.

I made my way to the driver’s side and got in. I turned to look at her and saw she had curled herself up into a small ball. Her hands surrounded her knees and I couldn’t see her face as her hair was sprawled all over it.

I leaned over to the back and chucked our bags in there. I turned back around and started my car. I ,once again, grabbed Lavender’s hand and placed it on my thigh.

While driving, my mind finally caught up with what had happened. My angel was slapped. Who slapped her? When I find out, I’m going to kill them. Was it Cady, whatever her name was? Was she the one that made my baby break down and nearly suffer a panic attack?

I didn’t like seeing Lavender like that. The tears cascading down her cheeks ruined me every time I saw a new one. The redness now brimming around the edges of them made her look as if she was high. And the whimpers and sobs that escaped her mouth cracked my heart every time I heard the sound.

Where was her usual happy smile? Where were the blushing cheeks I had gotten used to seeing every time she was flustered? Where was the sparkle in her eyes that made me happy by just looking in them?

I guess Mr Black was right. There is always a small sparkle to be seen in the eyes of every person. And it pained me so much to see the sparkle that used to be present in Lavender’s eyes be destroyed.


I pulled into my driving space and saw that no one was home. Good. I don’t want them asking questions about the girl I had met yesterday and why she was currently sleeping on me. That would be too confusing and hard to explaining with me not even knowing the full story myself.

I parked and got out the car. I walked over to her side and opened the door. When I lifted her up, she groaned and whined.

“Shhh shh it’s alright. It’s just Carlos. It’s just your Carlos.” She calmed down and placed her hands in the same place as before.

I placed her on my hip again and led her head to be in my neck. Her thumb disappeared into her mouth just like it did the other night.

I stroked her hair and stared down at her in awe. She was so beautiful and such a innocent and pure creature. She didn’t deserve this. She didn’t deserve to be hurt whether by that ‘Jonas’ or by some twat that slapped her. She deserved so much more.

I opened the door. The silence I expected was interrupted by the sudden barking of a certain animal. I looked to the side to see a large, white ball of fur racing towards me. His tongue was hanging out his mouth and a wolffish smile was on his lips. Ronnie.

His crystal blue eyes ,that were nearly as bright as my angel’s, sparkled in the sun. His pearly white fur made him look large than he actually was.

He looked like a cute, little fur ball but he didn’t actually like new people. So, when he smelt my little Lavender, he instantly began to growl and snarl at her. I turned to the side and placed my hand over her head so he couldn’t see her.

“Ronnie stop it.” I said. He growled at me again and his face turned into a large snarl.

“Ronnie come her right now and be a good boy. Now.”
I looked up to see Jessica. She was pointing to the ground and had a very serious look on her face. Ronnie began to whine and ,with one final look at us, turned around and made his way over to my dear sister.

“Good boy. Now go to the backyard. You can go adventure in the woods.” She pointed her hand to the door and a smile played on Ronnie’s lips. He darted to the door and ran out.

I laughed and looked back at my younger sister. She smiled but it disappeared when she saw the person in my arms.

“Who’s that?”
She began approaching me but I took a step back and tucked Lavender’s head back in my neck instinctively. She stopped walking and held her hands up.
“I’m not going to hurt her. I just want to know who she is and why she’s here?”

I turned to the side so she could see her and moved the hair away from her face.

“This is Lavender. Lavender Rose.”
Jessica moved forward to get a better look at her

“Awww look at her. She’s soo cute. She looks beautiful. Wait-”
Jessica’s eyes darkened and she looked up at me with so much anger it could burn my soul.
“Why does she have slap marks on her cheeks? Did you fucking smack her? Why would you smack such a cute creature?”

I stepped back and placed my head on her hair again, placing her head further into me.

“How dare you assume I’d hurt her? I’d never hurt someone as beautiful and innocent as her. And to answer you’re question. I don’t why she got slapped but I can tell you she didn’t deserve it.”

I stroked the hair away from her face and she began to whine and move. I smiled and kissed her forehead.

“You like her? Omg you like her?” She squealed. She was jumping up and down and clapping her hands.
“Oh my days. You like her. You likkkkke her. Ha.”

Lavender moved in my arms and I could tell she was going to wake up if Jessie kept talking like this. So I decided to shut her up, not if for her but because I couldn’t deal with her squealing right now.

“Shut up. You’re going to wake her up.”
I sneered and began to make my way to the stair case.
“I’m going to my room. Don’t even think about disturbing me Jess.”
I sent her a threatening glare and she just smiled.

“Sir yes sir..”
She saluted. I shook my head. As I was mounting the stairs, I heard her whisper.
“Omg he likes her. I can’t believe this.” She raced into the kitchen.

I walked to my room and opened the door. It was fairly plain. Opposite to Lavender’s soft light colours, my room was mainly dark with dark red walls and deep mahogany furniture. It was mainly just red as that was my favourite colour.

There was a bed in the middle with red sheet covers. A tv was floating just above it, at the end. It was attached to the wall by a sturdy metal bar. My desk was to the side of the door and a drawer of clothes were to the other side. A door on my right led to a bathroom and a door on my left led to a closet.

I placed her gently on my bed so I wouldn’t hurt her. Should I change her? Would she be mad at me for changing her? She won’t be comfortable wearing these clothes to bed ,especially those jeans.

I decided I’d just change her but only look at her face so I was respecting her body. I walked in to my closet and grabbed a pair of my old sweats and a t-shirt. I walked out and went back over to her.

First, I slipped the jeans she was wearing off. She would sometimes move and squirm in her sleep but not wake up. I put the joggers on and continued staring at her face. Then, I removed her large jumper.

“Fuck.” I looked to the sky and took a deep breath. She’s not wearing a bra. There’s no bra straps on her shoulders. Why isn’t she wearing a bra?

It took all my restraint and strength not to look but I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable and disrespect her boundary’s so I continued looking at her face. I placed her hands through the holes and then lowered it on her body. She moved and turned to the other side trying to get comfortable.

“C-Carlos.” She mumbled. Her hands were reaching out trying to find me.

“It’s alright darling.I’m here. I’m here.”

I walked into the bathroom and grabbed a small towel. I dampened it with cold water and squeezed the excess water out. I went back over to Lavender and gently placed it on her cheeks. She flinched because of the sudden coldness and she moved her head , whimpering.

“Shhh shh it’s okay. Don’t worry baby. It’s not going to hurt you. I’m right here.” She settled down and fell back into a deep sleep.

I quickly removed my clothing and jumped in bed with her. I was only in my boxers but I didn’t want to be away from her anymore so I just got in.

I brought her closer to me and she instantly snuggled into my side. We were in a position similar to the one yesterday. Her thumb was in her mouth and ,just like yesterday, I removed it and replaced it with mine. I moved her head into my shoulder and kissed her hair. I made sure the towel was still on her cheeks and ,even though it was cold against my skin, I didn’t dare move it or her.

“I’m sorry baby. I’m sorry I wasn’t there to protect you. I promise I’ll be there next time. I promise they’ll never be a next time. Goodnight.”

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