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His Little Lavender

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Chapter 2

Lavender’s POV

“Lavender sweetheart wake up.”

I heard someone faintly whisper in my ear. I didn’t want to wake up. I was having such a good dream. There were trees made out of cotton candy. Rivers made from apple juice. And the ground was made from chocolate. I mean who would ever want to leave here. I certainly don’t.

“Lavender wake up right now” someone said louder while pushing me, making my body move side to side. They were ruining my dream. How could I eat the cotton candy when I couldn’t keep still? I just want cotton candy.

“Lavender get up or I’m swear to sweet baby Jesus I’m gonna drink your apple juice.”

Some said again even louder. I just wanted to sleep- wait a moment did they say my apple juice? MY APPLE JUICE.

I instantly shot up like a firework on bonfire night. I felt this searing pain in my forehead. I collided with my intruder’s , or shall I say brother’s, forehead. We both started groaning and I laid back down onto my pillow rubbing my forehead. That hurt like really bad. I might have a red mark. Oh darn!

Suddenly, Antonio (my brother) began laughing and fell backwards ,onto the floor, laughing and holding his ribs as if he was protecting them from someone kicking them. Why is his laughing at me? I didn’t mean to.

“It’s not f-funny Tony. You said y-you were gonna drink my a-apple juice. N-Now you’ve made me hurt my head and your f-forehead. Oh no-”

My voice began cracking and tears started gathering in the corners of my eyes ready to fall like raindrops on a rainy day. I looked up at his forehead and saw a red mark forming where I hit him. I’ve hurt him. Oh no I didn’t mean to. He’s never going to forgive. Why couldn’t I just wake up? Stupid lavender. Stupid.

“Oh no A-Antonio. I hurt you. I sw-wear I didn’t mean to. It-t was an accident. I thought you-u were gonna drink my apple juice. I p-promise I d-didn’t mean to.”

I reached out to touch his forehead but thought otherwise as I knew I would hurt him more by touching it and retracted my hand.

As tears started cascading down my chubby pink cheeks, he instantly got up off the floor and knelt down beside me and started apologising. “Rosie sweetie. I know you didn’t mean it. I know you would never purposely hurt me. I’m sorry I said I was going to drink your apple juice. It’s just that dad told me to wake you up and you wouldn’t wake up. That was the only way I could think to get you up. I’m so sorry Rosie”

He looked really cute with his lips in a pout and his eyes starting to shine with fake tears to persuade me. He always faked crying when trying to get me to do something or believe him. I hate when people cry. He looked like a puppy. Yeah a puppy.

“Y-You look like a-a puppy.”

I started giggling while pulling the large blanket of my legs and getting off the bed even though my body moaned not to. I walked up to him and pulled his cheeks apart like a grandmother would do to her grandchildren.

“A c-cute little puppy, you a-are? Aren’t you? S-Such a cutie.”

I cooed at him forgetting everything that happened a few minutes ago and the pain in my forehead.

Swatting my hands away, he cleared his throat and got up of the floor, wiping the imaginary dust off his jean-covered knees. He looked at me from his 6′1 height ,which was quite tall compared to my 5′2 height, and started to fake glare at me.

“I’m not a cute puppy. I’m a handsome man. A very handsome and sexy man.”

He started flexing his muscles which looked ginormous. He looked like one of those bodybuilders off the shows he watches on television after I go to bed. I sometimes sneak down to see what he watches as he doesn’t allow me to watch gory or scary films. They scare me anyway.

“You’re n-not a man. You’re m-my cute l-little puppy.”

I said before jumping over my bed and running through the bathroom door and locking it. I knew he was gonna try to get me to say he’s a man by tickling me and it was too early for that sort of pain and exercise in my opinion.

I heard large footsteps approach the door. Then, a large fist came down on it continuously.


I could practically hear the smirk on his face. He made it so obvious he wasn’t mad. And if he was mad at me, he couldn’t stay like that for long. He just loved me too much..


I heard my dad’s voice boom from the kitchen . What he said made me burst out into a fit of giggles. He would always torment and mess about with Antonio. They were so alike with their striking blue eyes, bright blonde hair and muscular build. Tony was almost a carbon copy of Daddy but he doesn’t like to admit it even though it’s true.

It’s always just been me Daddy and Antonio. My mother, or Linda as I like to call her, walked out on us when Daddy’s company had a little difficulty when I was 4. She came back about 2 years later when his company started getting much more recognition and fame. My dad just kicked her out and called her a gold digger. I haven’t seen or heard from her since. That’s for the best. Tony says she was a mean lady that didn’t care for anyone but herself and he didn’t want someone as toxic as that around me as I’m growing up. This is why I love him. He’s soo thoughtful and amazing

After he was finished cursing Daddy out for a few minutes, I heard Antonio’s elephant footsteps walk away and go down the stairs.

Daddy says I should never say the bad words Tony says as they are really dirty and mean . I don’t know why Tony says them though. He’s not dirty or mean. I asked Daddy and he said that Tony just never listens to him and is disrespectful . That made me laugh as I know my brother isn’t disrespectful and is one of the nicest people I know.

I walked out of the bathroom and picked up the outfit I set out last night on my dressing table and took some pretty lavender undergarments out of my draw full of pretty underwear . I grabbed my phone and speaker and started playing my usual playlist before going back into the bathroom and turning the shower on.

I took my nightgown off and put it in the laundry basket under the sink. I got in the shower and started cleaning myself and put lavender scented shampoo and conditioner on my hair and washing it out. I loved the smell of lavender. It’s just so soothing and fantastic.

I got out of the shower and dried my body before putting my lavender undergarments on and then my brown and blue plaid print pleaded skirt and cream coloured jumper. I don’t know why I wear such nice underwear. It just makes me feel pretty.

I hand-dried my blonde wavy hair and then chucked the towel in the laundry basket. I grabbed a bit of concealer to hide the new red mark that now adored my forehead. Before walking downstairs, I grabbed my speaker and phone and turned the music of.

“Ahh Lavender, my sweet daughter, are you excited for your first day as a senior.”

Daddy said as I went to grab a piece of toast off a plate on the kitchen side. I walked to the fridge and got a bottle of apple juice out and put it in my backpack that was on the hook near the kitchen. I would sometimes forget it so Antonio put it there so I would always have it before getting breakfast.

You see I was a 17 year old girl starting my senior year at City Side High-school in New York. My brother Tony is 3 years older so he’s in his 3rd year of college studying business. He’s going to take over daddy’s business after he retires. I want to be a doctor and then one day own my own hospital. I know that may sound ambitious but to me it’s a dream that I aim to achieve and hopefully will achieve.

“Yeah d-daddy I’m so excited. I can’t wait to see t-the twins again. Is S-Smithy driving m-me today?”

I asked hopefully. Smithy was a 23 year old man that has been my personal driver for 5 years. He’s like an older brother to me and he has a wonderful sense of humour.

“Yes sweetheart. I have an early meeting and Antonio has already drove off back to college-”

he looked down at his wristwatch and straightened up

“- well look like it’s time for me to leave. You should probably start going now it’s 7:30 am and I know how you live to get there before 7:45”

he walked up to me and kissed me on the cheek

“have a good first day Rosie and stay away from boys. Oh and before I forget. We’re having dinner with my business partner tonight so make sure to come straight home. Uncle Robbie and the twins will be there.”

“Okay d-daddy.”

I replied. I heard the door closing and a car leave the driveway. I finished my toast and grabbed a napkin to wipe the crumbs off my face before grabbing my bag and walking out of the house.

“Bye M-Mr and Mrs G-Greyson. Have a g-good day.”

Mr and Mrs Greyson were an elderly couple that were the 2 of 5 of our house maids and cooks. They made sure all the rooms were clean after use and breakfast, lunch and dinner were served on time. They have been here since we first moved in when I was 5.

My dad co-owns a multi-millionaire company. He started it with my uncle Robbie when they were 19. Uncle Robbie isn’t actually my real uncle but him and my dad are as close as brothers so me and Tony class him as an uncle . Uncle Robbie’s wife died of leukaemia about 4 years ago. He has 3 kids. A set of twins. Max and Josie are the exact same age as me and Cody who’s 15 years old. We all grew up together and have all been best friends since. I’m closest with the twins since they are my age but Antonio is closer with Cody because he likes to spoil him. Which I think is unnecessary.

“Bye dear have a good day.”

They both replied before I closed the door. I skipped over to the large black SUV and found Smithy waiting with the door open.

“Good m-morning Smithy hope you’re having a w-wonderful day.”

I greeted him as I approached the car.

“Thank you Miss Lavender. After seeing you, I’m sure I’ll have a marvellous day.”

He wore a grin on his face and held out his hand to help me into the car.

“Thanks Smithy y-you really k-know how to m-make my day.”

He laughed then winked at me which made me blush on instinct. I wasn’t used to having this much attention from any man but the men in my family.

He closed the door then got in the front and we were off to City Side High School.

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