His Little Lavender

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Chapter 21

Carlos’s POV

When I felt Lavender begin to stir and move in her sleep, I instantly closed my eyes and pretended to sleep. I had been awake since 5pm and had spent the last hour just admiring her. I was stunned by how beautiful she was. Even if her cheeks were marked with a hand mark and her eyes were burning with a light red colour because of the amount she had been crying, I couldn’t think about her in any other different light. She was simply just as beautiful as an angel.

When she finally woke up and began trying to escape my grasp, I just tightened it wanting her to stop and lay here for a while. I only wanted to stay in her embrace for a little while more.

She didn’t stop so I did the first thing I could think of. I brought her whole body on top of me. Her knees were on either side of my waist and her head was placed on my pecs. She weighed absolutely nothing.

I could imagine the blush that was on her face right now. Especially since I’m only wearing boxers and she isn’t in her normal clothes anymore. Would she be mad at me for changing her? I hope not. I wouldn’t be able to fucking stand it if she was.

She once again began to wiggle on top of me. Only this time she was practically grinding herself against me. I couldn’t control where my thoughts were going. And I’m sure ,if she could read my mind, she’d be a tomato right now.

I finally decided to release her from my grip. Maybe she just needed the toilet. She quickly got off me. To quick for my liking. I instantly missed her warmth and the feeling of content that brimmed my body when I was around her.

I turned over and tried to find a pillow to cuddle just so she knew how much I missed cuddling her, which I really did.

The soft pitter patter of her footsteps against my floor led me to the conclusion that she had just made her way to the bathroom.

The door was left open and I had a clear view of what she was doing by the position I was on the bed. She was just standing in front of the mirror. Her hands were placed on her cheeks and I could hear her hiss from the pain she must feel because of the sensitivity of them. Her eyes were brimming with tears and it looked like some had already fallen. When was she crying? I didn’t hear her crying this morning.

“Come on Lavender. Just smile.”

She tried to smile but it crumpled. The look of pain and hatred in her eyes was painful to see. What was she doing? Why was she forcing herself to smile?

She tried to smile again but it failed. And so did every other smile she tried to plaster on her face.

“Come on Lavender. Just smile. It’s not that hard to smile. Stop being useless.”

She pointed at the mirror and slammed her other hand down on the side. She’s going to hurt herself. I could feel my eyes burning with tears. Why did she think she was useless? Why was she forcing herself to pretend to be happy? She didn’t deserve fake happiness. She deserved real happiness. Why wasn’t she happy?

Her cheeks were covered in the tears that her eyes had released. She was in pain. A pain I would never be able to understand. A pain that I wanted to help heal. A pain that made her feel the emptiness of true happiness.

“You’re useless. So so so useless. Stop being a crybaby and smile.”

I sat up and began to approach the bathroom. She wasn’t useless. She wasn’t a crybaby. She was human. Every human cries and that’s natural. Who made her feel this much pain in her heart?

I approached the door and looked in the mirror. We made eye contact and her eyes widened. She quickly turned around and plastered the fake smile that I knew wasn’t genuine on her face.

“Hello C-Carlos. H-How did y-you sleep?.” She looked down at her feet refusing to look me in the eyes. Probably to hide the tears threatening to fall.

Without a thought, I ran up to her and engulfed her small figure in my large arms. I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist so she wouldn’t fall. I would never let her fall.

She looked at me with confusion and I got a clear look of her face. Her cheeks were stained with tear streaks and the slap marks from early that I still don’t know who from. Her eyes were a bleeding red, worse than this morning, and held tears she refused to released.

It absolutely broke my heart to see her in so much pain. Her smiles and little laughs hide how she truly feels perfectly.

“Lavender my sweet baby. Just let it out. Let it all out.”

She looked at me in surprise before the tears she refused to let fall finally did. One after the other. Over and over again. I didn’t stop her because she needed this. She needed to let it all out before it consumed her from keeping it in anymore. I didn’t want her to be in pain all the time. I wanted her to actually feel joy. Whether it’s just a tiny bit or as big as a football pitch, she deserved to be able to feel cheerfulness without having that pain constantly lingering in the back of her mind ready to consume and take it away from her in the blink of an eye.

Her finger began scraping at the skin of her arms. They began to turn as red as her eyes. The long scratch marks were heartbreaking. Why was she hurting herself? I didn’t want her to be hurt.

I restrained her hands to stop her from harming herself anymore.
“Stop darling stop. Don’t dare do that to yourself. Don’t. Please stop. Lavender Stop.”
I begged and the hurt was evident in my voice.

She stared in my eyes and the sadness I felt while looking in them made feel thing I thought I would never feel. She made pieces of my heart crack. Her eyes were glistening with tears.

“I-I’m s-s-sorry Carlos. I d-didn’t mean t-to make y-you s-sad. I-I’m s-sorry.”

My eyes softened and I cupped her cheeks in my hands.
“Darling. The only reason I’m sad is because you think you’re useless. You don’t need to pretend to be alright. You don’t need to fake a smile everyday. I don’t want that. I want you to actually mean it with all your heart.”
I pointed at where her heart is and pulled her head up so I looked me directly in the eyes
“So don’t ever apologise. You are an amazing beautiful girl that any man would be lucky to have. I mean I’m one hell of a lucky man to even be talking to you. You’re so wonderful that it makes me jealous. Don’t ever think you’re anything different because you’re not.”

I kissed her forehead and she began crying. Did I do something wrong? I didn’t mean to make her cry again. I wanted her stop crying not continue crying

“Charlie. I-I don’t w-wanna leave. I-I wanna s-stay here W-with you. I-I don’t wanna g-go back t-there.”

Her body shuddered and her pleas and begs made by heart break into piece. Where was ‘there’? Why was she so scared of it? I’ll never let her be in pain anymore. She’ll always have me. I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.

“Don’t worry Angel. I will never let you go back there. Never.”

I connected our forehead and pulled her directly on top of me so she was straddling my lap. She looked so fragile and vulnerable. Her head moved to nestle into my neck and I stroked her hair. That always seemed to calm her down.

She pulled my hand up to her face and sucked on my thumb. I guess she really was fragile right now because the Lavender I knew wouldn’t do that. She’d wait for me to and I don’t mind that: she deserved to be given everything she wanted.

I just wished she’d have the confidence needed to ask for it. She needed to not only be confident in others, but in herself. I wanted her to look in the mirror and see that amazing girl I see. I wanted her to see someone worthy of being happy. Someone worthy of being loved. Someone that was loved by everyone.

We stayed like that for a while with her just laying on top me sucking on my thumb while I stroked her hair and her back making sure she was as comfortable as possible.

Suddenly, a knock was heard on my door before it opened. The light flowed in and I had to move my face into Lavender’s hair as it burned them. She pushed her head into my chest and quickly wrapped her arms around my chest. I wrapped mine around her back and brought her as close to me as I could. Her mouth released my thumb to my dislike.

“Why hello lovebirds. You have been up here for around 4 hours and I’m still haven’t been introduced to the beautiful lady that was brought up here. I want to meet her Carlos.”

I groaned and felt Lavender tighten her grip around me. I kissed her forehead and looked up at the little bitch that had barged into my room.

“Jess fuck off. We’re trying to sleep.”
Lavender lifted her head and glared at me. It looked cute.

“Bad l-language Charlie. B-be nicer.” My eyes softened significantly and I rubbed her back again.

“I’m sorry baby. I’ll try not to use bad language anymore.”
I kissed her nose and she giggled adorably. She rubbed it and smiled up at me. I guess she had calmed down from her little crying session from earlier.

“T-that t-tickled Charlie.”
A mischievous smirk appeared on my face.

“Did it now? How about this?”

I flipped us over and began to tickle her stomach. She erupted into a fit of laughter and squirmed underneath me. Her cheeks were turning red and her eyes were filling with tears. But only this time, they were of happiness.

“C-C-Carlos s-stop. I can’t b-breath.” She was gulping for air and I decided to stop my torture and let her have a rest. I got off from on top of her and sat beside her.

A large smile was covering half her face and her hands were wrapped around her stomach. Little giggles would escape from her mouth sometimes.

“OH. MY. GOD. THAT WAS SO CUTE.” My head snapped to the door. Fuck! I forgot she was there.

Her phone was in front of her face and it looked like she was recording us. My angel began to blush and she sat up and scrambled to hide herself behind me. Her hands wrapped around my waist from the back and she pressed her face into my back.

I glared at Jessica and placed my hands on Lavender’s.
“Jessica go away. We’ll come down in a minute. Just leave us alone.”

She lowered her phone and a small pout was on her face. She didn’t look nearly as cute as my baby when she pouted. She turned around but before she left, she showed me the middle finger.

“You little-”
Lavender squeezed my waist and I stopped my sentence before I said something bad in front of her.

I moved her from behind me and placed her on my lap. Her face was as red as a beetroot. I don’t know if it was from how much she was laughing or because my sister saw us. Either way she looked adorable.

“C-Charlie. Who w-was she?” My angel peered up through her long lashes.

“That, my darling, was Jessica. My sister.”
Her faces showed surprise.

“Isn’t y-your sister in N-New Jersey s-still?”
Her eyebrows furrowed cutely and her lips contorted into a pout.


I couldn’t get my eyes to leave her lips. They were just so full and I wanted to kiss them so bad. I wanted to feel their softness. I wonder what she tasted like?

I unknowingly started to lean in. Lavender’s eyes widened and her blush deepened but she didn’t move away. I was thankful for that. I saw her eyes flutter close just as I was about to touch her lips.

And then it happened. I kissed her. My first proper kiss with her.

It’s clear she had no clue what to do. Her lips didn’t respond to me. I started to move mine and eventually she got the hang of the movement.

The sparks that erupted all over my body were mind-foggling. My body felt a strange warmth and I couldn’t think straight.

Her lips were so soft and smooth. They tasted like apples and I couldn’t get enough of it. I could sit here and kiss her forever.

At first, I kissed her softly and placed one of my hands on her cheek ,gently, making sure not to hurt her, and placed the other around her waist.

I pulled away and looked at her. My angel’s eyes were closed but ,when she felt my absence, they slowly fluttered open. Her lips were swollen and her cheeks were burning with a blush.

She moved to straddle me and placed her arms around my neck, connecting them together at the back. I pulled her in again and kissed her deeper. Both my hands pressed against her back and made it arch. Her breasts pressed against my chest.

One of my hands travelled up to her neck and grabbed the back of it. I angled her head to the side and prodded her lips with my tongue. She refused to open.

The hand currently on her back moved to her ass and slapped it. She moaned on my lips and ,if I said it wasn’t the hottest thing I had heard, I’d be lying.

My tongue moved into her mouth and she didn’t even try battling me for dominance. She just submitted and let me have full control of the kiss. I touched ever aspect of her mouth and danced with her tongue. It was ,far by, the best kiss I’d ever had.

It began to get hot and Lavender started moving her hips against my dick. Oh my fucking God. This girl was trying to kill me.

I could feel myself begin to get hard. My boxers got tighter and by how Lavender sped up I’m sure she could feel it. I don’t think she necessarily realised what it was she was grinding on.

She disconnected her lips from mine and threw her head back while softly moaning and whimpering. I wasn’t done though. I attacked her neck with kisses and she continued to grind against me.

I hooked my fingers in the joggers she was wearing and slowly slid them down her legs. I wanted to make sure she felt the most of it and there are way to many layers between us. So ,if I have to be in my underwear, so does she. She didn’t try to stop me either. I threw them behind me on the bed.

She moaned and she sped up again.

The sound of her moaning my name made me growl. I nipped under her ear and then started to kiss around, trying to find her sweet spot. As I hit a certain place just below her jaw and ear, a loud moan filtered from her mouth. She slapped her hand over it and looked at me with wide eyes. But she didn’t stop her hips.

I grabbed her hand and moved it away.
“Don’t you fucking dare hide your moans from me little girl. I want to hear them all.”

She just nodded obediently and placed her hands back on my shoulders. I started kissing her sweet spot and her moans grew louder.

I could feel the familiar feeling building up in my dick. Her hips dug deeper into my cock and I moaned into her neck.

My hands travelled into the back of her underwear and planted them self on her ass. I squeezed it and she moaned. I used this as an advantage to me and pressed her closer onto me. Her hands gripped my shoulders tighter and she moaned ever louder.

“Oh Carlos. I-I feel w-weird.”
She looked in my eyes and hers showed her worry.

“It’s alright little girl. Just keep going. You’re nearly there. I’m nearly there.”
I practically moaned out.

She didn’t need to be told twice.

Her hips moved faster and deeper. I grabbed them and placed her so my dick was directly hitting her clit. Her eyes rolled back and she threw her head against my shoulder. She began to bite it. The pain just made the pleasure more enjoyable.

I could feel myself getting closer and closer to cumming. I just needed a little more and I’d get there. The look on her face as I pleasured her flashed through my mind but i still wasn’t able to release.

Lavender threw her head back as she came. Her mouth wide open releasing moans.
“Oh....daddy. Yes.Daddy.”

My eyes turned dark and I came along with her. I could feel my boxers dampen. A loud moan left her mouth and she placed her head back in my shoulder and bit me to quiet herself. I didn’t care. I just moaned her name and gripped her hips tighter. She rode her orgasm out and then relaxed into my shoulder.

We were both breathing heavily and my grip didn’t loosen on her hips. She just called me daddy. My little girl just called my daddy.

That name did many things to my body. I felt myself become hot and heated. It felt like I was completely on fire. I’m sure my moans grew louder after she said it as well.

I moved my hands from her hips and grabbed her back of her neck. I pulled my angel from on my neck and placed her face right in front of mine. She looked tired and her hair was sticking to her face. Her eye lids were drooping and her mouth was in a tired pout.

I tightened my grip and her eyes widened.
“What did you call me little girl?”
Her eyes wavered from my eyes to in between my eyebrows. I squeezed her neck tighter and brought her face closer.
“Answer me darling or do you want me to punish you?”
The dark, dominating tone of my voice was enough to make her answer.

She gently whispered.

“Say it louder baby.”
She once again hesitated but when I squeezed her neck again she replied.

She blushed intensely.

My eyes hardened and I snaked my arm around her waist. I pushed her into my chest and wrapped my arms around her tightly. I’m sure I would of taken her right there if I didn’t.

“Good girl. Such a good girl for daddy.”
I brushed her hair with my fingers and massaged her scalp.

“Y-You’re not m-mad.”
She moved her head up a bit to look me in the eyes. They didn’t waver this time though.

Mine softened and I placed one of my hands gently on her cheek.
“No darling. I’m not mad. I’m glad you called me that. I didn’t think you were into that.”

“I W-wasn’t.”
I was confused.

“Why did you call me it then?”

She reluctantly looked me in the eyes and struggled to tell me an answer.
“I-I don’t k-know. I-it j-just felt r-right in the m-moment. You treat m-me so nice a-and are so g-gentle with me. T-that’s what I-I imagine a d-daddy t-to be l-like.”

I caressed her cheek softly with my thumb. She leaned into it.

“You did so good Angel. Daddy’s proud of you.”
She blushed extremely and looked down.

I saw her eyes widen when she heard knocking on my door.
“If you two are done doing whatever you’re doing in there, I want to meet Lavender. So hurry up.”

She blushed so hard she looked like she was about to explode.
“S-she-she- she can’t”

“No she can’t hear us baby. All bedroom walls in this house are soundproof. Only I get to hear those wonderful moans of yours. I told you I’d hear them.”

She blushed and hid her face in my chest. I chuckled and just held her close.

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