His Little Lavender

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Chapter 22

Lavender’s PoV

Oh donuts. What did I just do? What did I just do?

He kissed me. Carlos kissed me. Like actually kissed me. My first proper kiss. And let me say, it was the best thing to have happened to me in ages. His lips were soft but had a roughness to them at the same time that made me want more. I didn’t know I was rubbing on his...thingy until I realised he was the only thing under me and ,by then, my body was overwhelmed by the pleasurable feeling coursing through my veins to stop myself.

He made my body feel so hot and tingles to appear down in my kitty. When he kissed me for the second time, it was much rougher and deeper than the first time. He just made me feel weird down there and I felt like I needed to release something but I don’t know what.

When I finally did release it, I felt euphoric. My body was shaking and I felt like fireworks had exploded in my kitty. It felt so nice and amazing.

My mind was clouded with these feelings that I didn’t realise that I had called Carlos Daddy until he actually asked me what I called him. When I remembered, I was embarrassed and also a bit weirded out. Why would I call him daddy?

When I told him, he seemed almost relieved and glad that I had. Did he like that? Although it was a bit confusing to admit, I liked calling him it to. I don’t know why though.

The praise he gave me made me feel good about what I had done. Just his simple words of saying I was a ‘good girl’ made me feel good about myself. He just had so much control over me and I couldn’t help but let him. It was in my nature to did so.

I was absolutely mortified when I recalled we weren’t the only ones in the house and when Jessica, Carlos’s sister, knocked on the door. I was so loud. We were so loud. What if they all heard us?

I’ve never felt so relieved when he told me all the bedrooms were soundproof. I was also confused. Why would they all be soundproof? I thought only the mains would need to be.

“Angel. Do you want to go downstairs? We don’t have to if you don’t want to.”
He was so kind and understanding. I’d don’t deserve him.

I wanted to meet his sister. She seemed like a really nice person but what if she didn’t like me? What if she thought I was some spoilt little brat? Carlos wouldn’t be allowed to be around me if his sister didn’t like me. He would have to choose between me and her. I won’t let him have to make that type of choice. He deserves to be able to keep a good relationship with his sister like I do with Antonio.

In the end, I decided to nod my head as a yes. If she didn’t like me, I would be heartbroken but maybe she won’t. I can’t be that bad.

Carlos lifted us both off the bed. I was still on his hip. I tried to get down but he kept me there.

“Charlie I-I need to g-get my j-joggers.”
A knowing smirk appeared on his face and I blushed hard and hid my face in his chest before hitting it.
“S-Stop smirking a-at me C-Carlos.”

He laughed and brought my head out of his chest.
“Or what will you do little girl? If I remember, you were the one begging and whimpering for me to let you cum.”

I blushed even harder and wiggled in his grip.
“I-if I remember, y-you were the o-one encouraging m-me to continue s-so y-you could uh c-c-cum too.”

His eyes widened and his mouth dropped in surprise. He was caught off guard and that gave me a chance to get out his arms. I ran over to the bed and bent over it to grab the joggers.

I felt a presence behind me and soon Carlos’ body was pressed up against my bum. He bent over so his chest was directly against my back. He moved the hair from my left side of my face to my right side. He leaned into my ear.

“Don’t try being a cocky little girl because I can pleasure you so much and then ,just when you feel like you’re about to orgasm, I’ll stop Every time you feel like that I’ll stop until you’re begging me to let you cum. And even then I prolong it so much it’ll be almost painful. Do you understand little girl?”

He pressed my head on the bed so my bum was poking out and my back was arched. My head was pushed directly into the mattress. He was pressed up right against me that I could feel every dent and every muscle on his chest.

“I said. Do you understand little girl?”
He pressed me in harder and pushed himself against me further.

I whispered into his duvet.

“Yes, what. What’s my name baby?”
His hand started playing with the straps of my underwear. It was starting to distract me from how hot I was getting.

I questioned.

“Wrong answer.”
His hand travelled under the shirt I was currently only wearing until it was right above my breast. I could feel the heat radiating of it. He lowered his hand and began to circle my bud and then pinch it.

I squealed out in surprise. I wasn’t expecting him to do that.

His hand disappeared and he moved his hand from my head and let me get up off the bed. I stood up with both hand grasping the joggers. He turned me around and brought the back of his hand to my still sensitive cheek.
“Good girl. Now how about you go do what you got to do while daddy cleans up in here.”

I quickly ran into the bathroom. I heard Carlos laugh behind me and start moving around the door. I closed the door this time and pulled the joggers over my legs.

I wasn’t really able to admire it last time I was in here. His storage cabinets were made out of a dark mahogany wood. To the corner, was a large shower that could fit 5 people. To the other corner, was a massive bathtub that could fit a cow. Mine wasn’t even that big and I loved baths. I guess he needs a bigger one because he’s bigger. The walls were a dark red like his room. He had a black-tiled floor.

I did my business and I up to the sink, turned the tap on and washed my face. I searched through the draws to find a toothbrush. I found one and began to brush my teeth. I avoided the mirror as much as possible after the little episode I had earlier. I still can’t believe Carlos had to witness that.

I spat the toothpaste out and washed my mouth out with water. When I was gargling it, I saw a glimpse of the mirror. What surprised me were the dark marks covering my necks. They were all over. All different shapes and sizes.

I started choking on the water and went to spit it out in the sink. I was continuously coughed. I felt a large hand pat my back and hold my hands. I eventually calmed down and stopped coughing. My throat felt sore.

“Darling are you alright? Does anything hurt? Are you in any pain? Do you need me to get-”
I cut him off by hugging him.

“I’m f-fine Charlie. But I have a q-question.”
He looked at me confused and had his eyebrows raised.
“What are those on my neck?”
I turned around again to look in the mirror and pointed to my neck.

A smirk appeared on Carlos’ face and he began laughing. Why was he smirking and laughing? Is something funny? I don’t get it.

“Those baby tell everyone you are mine.”
I looked at him confused and had furrowed eyebrows and a small pout on my lips.
“They’re hickey angel.”

My eyes widened and my mouth dropped to the floor. He covered my neck in hickeys. What if my dad sees them? What is Antonio sees them? Why would he put hickeys on me?

“Why w-would you do that C-Charlie?”
I looked up at him with saddened eyes.

He seemed pretty upset and angry by my reaction.
“I did it so other men knew to back the fuck off and that you’re mine. You’re nobody else’s but fucking mine. These hickeys show men that your mine and they can’t touch you.”
His hand ran down my neck touching each one individually.

“But no other man w-wants me Charlie. Only you.”

His hand gripped my throat and pushed me into his chest. He made me look at him in the eye through the mirror.
“Baby every man wants you. You just don’t realise it. The stares of hunger and lust you get at school ,from everyone else, makes me want to rip their eyeballs out. They look at you as if they want to eat you. No ones allowed to touch you but me. These hickeys show that and ,if anyone tries to touch you, I’ll knock their teeth out.”

I widened my eyes. I don’t want him to hurt anyone. He may get hurt or get in trouble. And plus no one looks at me with hunger or lust. What was he on about?

“Don’t do t- that Charlie. You m-may get hurt or get I-in trouble. I don’t w-want that.”

His hand moved from my neck and travelled down my body until he got to my hand.

“Let’s hope men understand to not try anything on you and i won’t have to now, will i?”

He grabbed my hand and dragged me out the bathroom to the bedroom. What happened in here made a blush paint my cheeks. Carlos looked as if he had a large smile on his face.

We left the room and walked into a light hallway. His whole house was made from woods while mine was mainly made out of sandstone. We approached a pair of stairs that led to what looked like a foyer. We walked down it and went left. We walked into a living room. There were brown chairs in the front. Against the back wall, was a large fireplace that must lead to a chimney. A metal rustic chandelier hung from the ceiling. Books and family pictures stood on a bookcase in the back.

“This looks very h-homely.”
I commented while looking around.

“I know my dad prefers to have more of a homely and comfy home. Sure he likes to flaunt his money by buying a large house but he makes sure we’re all comfortable in it.”
A feminine voice replied. I turned around to see a girl that looked a lot like Mrs Reid approach us. She had the exact same brown silky hair and shining green eyes.
“Anyway I’m Jessica Reid. You can call me Jess. You must be Lavender. Lavender Rose?”

“Y-yes. It’s n-nice to meet y-you.”
She started to looks me up and down. I was beginning to get nervous. Did she not like the way I looked? I looked down at my body. I was just wearing Carlos’ clothes. Am I not allowed to do that? Does she know what we did? Did she hear us? Maybe she thinks i’m a desperate slut like Candice.

“Oh my lord. She’s even more adorable than I thought. Look at those chubby cheeks and large doe eyes. Her pouty big lips are to die for. And ,even in those joggers you’re practically drowning in, I can see you have the waist and ass I would literally kill Carlos for. Is it real?”

I hid my body behind Carlos and squeezed his hand a bit. She was overwhelming me with all she was saying. I don’t get it. Why is she complimenting me? I thought she didn’t like me. She was looking at me funny when we first met. And what does she mean is my butt and waist real? How wouldn’t it be.

“Jess stop you’re scaring her. And of course it’s real. She isn’t one of those fake hoes that you used to hang around”
Carlos hid me behind him with his arm and stood in front of me protectively.

“Oh shit sorry. I’m so sorry. You’re just really pretty and cute that I couldn’t help myself. But tell me how did you get a ass like that? What did you do?”
I looked up at Carlos and he was rolling his eyes.

“W-well I um r-run.”
I questioned. I didn’t really get how to answer what she was asking me.

“Jess stop asking her how she got and ass. Just because you don’t.”
I gasp and hit Carlos’s back

“C-Charlie no. T-that’s mean.”
He turned around and looked down at me with soft eyes.

“Sorry darling.”
He pecked my lips and I blushed.

“Omg you’re so cute together.”
I blushed harder and hugged Carlos’ waist to hide it. He wrapped his arms around me and hugged me from the side. I like it here. He’s warm. I wanna stay here. Forever.

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