His Little Lavender

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Chapter 24

Carlos’ PoV

We began making our way to my room. Her father seemed awfully worried. Too worried. I get he is overly-protective of her but he sounded extra protective of her And what did she mean by she wasn’t there anymore? Was that the place she was panicking about going back to earlier? Why would it have been Christopher’s fault she was there? How bad was it?

My head was pounding with thoughts when we approached the door to my bedroom. She opened it and I could see a light blush play on her cheeks. She was thinking about earlier. To be honest, so was I. I couldn’t get it out my head. I didn’t expect her to sound that good. Imagine what she’ll sound like when we actually have sex. It must be phenomenal.

I felt her tap my shoulder and begin to shuffle on her feet.
“Errr Carlos w-where are my clothes. Y-you know the ones I wore to school?”
A deeper blush stained her cheeks and she placed her arms around her chest.

I smirked and began to make my way to the closet. I walked to a pair of folded clothes on a stool and picked them up. I walked back out and couldn’t see Lavender where I left her. I looked around my room and saw her looking at my photos. There were a few of me and Jessica and our parents. There were a few of my friends back in New Jersey.

“Charlie. Who’s t-that?”
She pointed to a picture I couldn’t see.

I walked up behind her and saw she was pointing at a picture that I treasured the most. Just looking at it made my eyes sting with tears. It was a long time ago. Exactly 3 years ago but the memories never fade. Never.

“Charlie are y-you alright? Y-you look sad.”
She placed her hands on mine and directed my body so I was facing her but my eyes never left the photo. I just couldn’t forget.
“Baby p-please don’t cry. I d-don’t want you to cry.”

I peeled my eyes away from the image that triggered memories i prefer to forget. I met hers and I could see the concern glistening in them.
“It’s alright b-baby. It’s alright.”
She placed her hand on my cheek and began comforting me.

A tear escaped before I could help it. She wiped it away with her thumb and sent me a soft smile . She got on her tiptoes and placed a chaste kiss on my lips. I smiled down at her and chaste kissed her back. I didn’t want her to worry about me. She didn’t need to. I was fine.

She blushed and looked down. I handed her the clothes and turned around to let her change. I wanted her to feel comfortable and not obligated to let me see.

It took her about 3 minutes before she tapped me on my shoulder to inform me I could turn around. I turned around and saw she was wearing the outfit she was wearing earlier. My clothes were dangling from her hands.

“H-here you go.”
She handed them to me and began shuffling on her feet.

I took them from her and made sure I touched her fingers lightly. I just wanted to fluster her. I also just wanted to feel the wonderful warmth that invaded my body whenever we made contact.

She turned darker and looked down at her feet. I found it cute that she thought she could hide her blush from me. She looked cute when she blushed. Like the absolute Angel she really is.

“Come darling.”
I took her hand and pulled her out of my room. We began to make our way to the stairs but before we could get there I heard her shout.

“Charlie s-slow down.”
I looked behind me and saw she was practically running to catch up with my long strides.

I stopped instantly and Lavender bumped into me. Oh fuck.

She rubbed her nose in pain and looked up at me in surprise.

“Ah shit baby. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”
I placed my hands on her cheeks and leaned down to kiss her nose. She giggled and I smiled down at her.

“T-that tickled Charlie.”
She giggled and looked up at me with a shy smile.I smirked and kissed her nose again just to hear her giggle again.

“Stop I-it Charlie.”
She hit my hand away and tried to move away from me.

“Ah ah no darling. Stay right there.”
I placed my arm around Lavender’s waist and brought her closer to me. She placed her hands on my pecs to steady herself. Her cheeks were flaming right now.

“C-Charlie what are you d-doing?”
She tried pushing me away and putting some distance between us.

I brought her in even closer than before. Our lips were practically touching. I could feel her hot breath against my lips. My eyes briefly darted down to her lips before meeting her eyes again. Only my eyes were darker and full of lust this time.

“Little girl don’t try pushing me away. I’m not ever going anywhere so don’t try.”

I brought one of my hands up to her cheek and began to stroke it. She leaned into me and softly closed her eyes. It was moments like these that I was truly able to treasure Lavender properly. I mean in do treasure her everyday. But it’s these times that I’m able to see just how vulnerable and fragile she is. It just makes me want to protect her more.

I’m not looking at her body and imagining what I could do to her. No my mind is completely blank of dirty thoughts. Instead, I’m thinking about how much of an angel she really is. She looked so angelic in my arms. And I intend to keep her here forever. No matter what.

“Carlos, Lavender. The driver has arrived. You might need hurry up with whatever you’re doing.”

I could actually hear the smirk playing on Jessica’s voice. The little bitch. I swear there are some day that I just want to strangle her because of what she says and does and right now is one of them.

“C-Charlie I need to go.”

My eyes, once again, flickered down to the movement of her lips before moving back to her eyes. I could feel a shiver travel down her body and I instinctively smirked at the movement. My little angel was turned on.

The hand on her cheek moved down to her neck and began soothing the smooth skin. I loved seeing my hickeys on her usually pale skin. The dark bruising colour stood out and was clear.

I felt angry and a bit betrayed when she asked me why I did it. Did she not want to be mine? Why would she be angry at me for it?

I needed to tell she was mine. She needed to know she wasn’t anyone else’s and would never be from now on. Only mine. And those hickeys would make sure that people knew that and wouldn’t try anything on her. Because lord forbids what I’d do to them when I find out they did touch her in any way.

My thumb found it’s way to her soft spot and lightly pressed some pressure on it. Her mouth opened and a soft moan came out. I smirked and pressed down harder. Let’s have a little fun before she goes. I pressed harder.

My eyes darkened and I licked my lips in anticipation.

The way she called me daddy made me burn with lust and love. The fact she trusted me enough to even be confident saying that made the hairs on my arms stick up. I knew she was all new to this but I’m glad I could be the first one to experience this with her. I intend to be the last one to.

“There we go little girl moan my name. I want to hear you.”
I leaned into her ear and nipped at her. She squealed and I could imagine the blush that covered her face.
“Do it.”

“C-Charlie your mum a-and sister are downstairs. W-what if they hear u-us. We’re are in the m-middle of your hallway.”
My jaw tightened at this revelation. I didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable and think she needed to put herself in this situation just to make me happy. I didn’t want that. She deserves the respect and love that she thinks she doesn’t.

I released my thumb off her soft spot reluctantly and moved it down to her hand. I grabbed it and moved my arm from around her waist.

I began to walk to the staircase but only slower this time so Lavender was right next to me. She was looking at the floor while walking and her hair was covering her face.

I began waking down the stairs with my angel by my side. Her small hand was in my large one and I could feel my body flame with adoration for this little darling next to me.

Jessica was by the door impatiently tapping her foot and staring at her phone. When she finally saw us approaching her, she threw her hands up and let out a over-exaggerated sigh.

“Finally. Lavender’s driver has been waiting outside for about 8 minutes while you two decided to take you’re time.”

I could feel Lavender tighten her grip on my hand and cower back a bit. She moved in closer to my side and her other hand began to grip my wrist. I placed my other hand on hers and began to soothe her.

“Jess stop. Can’t you tell you’re scaring the poor girl.”
My mother appeared beside Lavender and slowly crouched down to her level. Lavender was about up to my mother’s shoulders and she was just up to my pecs.
“It’s alright child. How about you start heading home now. Don’t want to worry your father anymore. Lord knows what he will do if you’re home any later.”

Lavender moved her head from my side and sent her a shy but soft smile in return. My mothers eyes softened and she smiled back before standing up fully again and dusting down her dress.
“Know that you’re always welcomed in my house love.”

My mother moved a bit of hair that’s was covering Lavender’s face and placed it behind her ear. Like usual, she blushed and I could feel her tightened her grip on my hand once again.

“Come on darling. Let’s get you to your car.”
I began to lead her out of the door. She shyly waved to my mother and sister and they waved back.

I looked up ahead to see the little shit from earlier. I fucking forgot he was her personal driver. This dude just keeps getting on my nerves. Her had a sly smirk on his face as he leaned on the car.

I redirected Lavender to my car. I knew I wouldn’t be able to drive her but her school bag was in the car and I’m sure her phone was in there.
“Charlie where a-are we going?”

She tugged on my arm and I looked down at her. I let go of her hand and I saw a small frown replace her shy smile. Her eyebrows furrowed and she pouted. She looked cute

I unlocked my car. I leaned in and grabbed her bag. I leaned back out and locked it before turning back around to her.

I opened her front pocket and saw her phone in there. I grabbed it and saw she had a picture of her and Antonio as her front screen. It looked like they were in a flower field. Lavender was on Antonio’s shoulder and she wore the biggest smile on her face I’ve ever seen. Antonio had an equally as large smile. They didn’t look that young either. This was probably taken about 1 or 2 years ago.

I pressed the home button to see she didn’t have a passcode. I went to the phone app and typed my phone number in it. I handed her the phone and bag before taking her hand again and leading her to the car. I made sure to keep some distance from that twat before stopping.

“So baby. I’ve put my phone number in there so if you need anything. I mean anything. Just call me. No matter what. You can call me whenever you want.”

I squeezed her hand in reassurance and sent her a small smile. She smiled back up at me.
“Okay C-Charlie. I understand.”

“Good girl”

She blushed and leaned up to kiss me on the cheek. She then tried to walk away from me and go to the car. I grabbed her hand and spun her around so she was facing me again. Our chests were touching each other and her hands were on my pecs.

“Now that isn’t a proper goodbye kiss ,is it now little girl?”
My index finger seductively travelled up her body. I didn’t care if that stupid driver was watching. At least then he’d know to stay the fuck away from my Lavender.
“Come on.”
I leaned in.
“Give Daddy a proper goodbye kiss.”

She blushed and looked up at me with wide eyes. I leaned down and placed our lips closer but still not touching. I wanted her to take the first step. And she did.

She leaned up so our lips connected. It wasn’t a steamy kiss like the ones from earlier. It was slow and smooth. I of course was taking control of the kiss. Her lips followed my movement and before my tongue could invade her mouth, I heard someone clear their throat from beside us.

Lavender instantly moved back from my lips but because my hands were around her waist, she couldn’t moved entirely back from me.

I sneered at the fucking roach.
His eyes widened and he clearly gulped down a stone in his throat.

“I need to take Ms.Lavender back home. So ,if you could hurry up, we can get back sooner.”
He looked at me knowingly and I clenched my jaw. I am so close to fucking shooting this mongrol.

“You fucking son of a bi-”
Lavender’s hand moved over my mouth. I looked at it before looking at her weirdly. She had a grimace on her face.

“Carlos n-naughty words. Be nicer.”
My eyes softened and I sent a regretful look in her direction. I forgot about that.

She removed her hand from my mouth and placed them on my chest to push herself of me. I removed my arms from around her waist and let her move backwards. It kind of hurt. I didn’t want her walking away from. Especially when she was angry at me.

“I’m sorry baby. I didn’t mean to. I promise I’ll try harder.”
I sent her a regretful look and latched into her hand again before she could leave.

“I know you will C-Charlie”
She placed her hand on my cheek and pecked my lips. I didn’t want her to leave me. She was the only good thing in my life.

But she did just that. She left. Sure it would only be for a few hours. But them few hours would most probably excruciating long.

She began to walk to the car and opened the door. Before she could get in, I sent her a small wave and a little kiss. She blushed but waved back. I could see her lips move in a kissing movement. I grinned and watched as she closed the door.

I peeled my eyes from the door and looked at Smithy. He had an evil glare directed in my direction. His eyes were narrowed and his lip was titled upwards in a snarl. I sent him a sharp look back before sending him the middle finger. He looked shocked but then just walked over to the door. He opened it and got it. I then heard the engine starting and saw the car disappearing in the distance. I only went in when the car completely disappeared from eye sight. I needed to know that she would be safe. I couldn’t bear it if something happened to her.

“You are so whipped. I’m not even lying.”
I groaned and turned around. Jessica was stood there with a large smirk on her lips.

“Fuck off Jess. I don’t have time to argue with you.”
I walked towards the door.

“What would sweet Lavender say if she heard you swearing?”
I stopped in my track.

What would she say? Probably something like ‘Charlie bad words’ or ‘Carlos be nicer’ I loved the fact she despised swear words. It just showed how innocent and pure she really is.

“Screw you Jess.”
I continued on my way and I ignored. Jessica’s hyena laughs from behind me. I would be whipped for my little girl any time of the year as long as I had her beside me for it.

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