His Little Lavender

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Chapter 25

Lavender’s PoV

We pulled up to the large Luxurious house I currently lived in. Just looking at it I realised just how different my house was to Carlos’. Mine was much bigger and way more lavish whilst his was comfortable and welcoming.

I’d love to live in a place like that. I do like living in my house. The extra amount of space and rooms we have makes it seem empty most the time. I don’t like feel empty because then I feel lonely and no one likes feeling lonely.

I heard the the driver’s door open and then the stones crunch under someone feet. The door beside me opened and Smithy appeared. He still had an angry glare on his face. I don’t know what he was angry at. Was it because I drove with Carlos to school and back from school today? I didn’t mean to hurt his feelings and make him angry at me.

He held out his hand but I didn’t take it. I don’t know why but it just didn’t feel right holding anyone’s hand but Carlos’. I didn’t feel the same warmth and good tingles in my body as I felt with Carlos. It also did it seem fair to him. I bet he wasn’t holding some other woman’s hand right now so I shouldn’t hold another man’s hand ,even though we aren’t even in a relationship.

So I grabbed the handle of the car and lifted myself out.

Smithy looked a bit hurt and shocked by what I had done. I didn’t mean to make him sad. Donuts Lavender way to go. You made Smithy sad. Just because you didn’t want to do something that made you feel bad and uncomfortable. Stop being so selfish.

“I-I’m sorry Smithy.”

He connected our eyes and I could no longer see hurt. I saw an unknown emotion close to the one Carlos has whenever we kiss but I like Carlos’ better. Smithy’s made me feel awkward. It made me feel uncomfortable again. I shuffled in my feet and looked to ground so my face was covered by my hair.

“It’s alright Ms.Lavender. But can I ask you something?”
He leaned into the car and grabbed my bag.

“Of course”

I lifted my head up and sent him a beaming smile. He lightly smiled back but his was more sinister and lust-filled. He leaned into the car and grabbed my bag before handing me it. I had no idea what he was going to ask but I would try my best to answer. As long as it made him happy.

“Who was that man you were with all

“That w-was....”
At the mention of Carlos, my cheeks instantly heated up with a deep red colour. All the memories from the things we did earlier flooded my brain overloading my ability to think. I can’t believe I actually did that, I couldn’t concentrate on anything else. He made me feel so flustered but good at the same time.

My heart felt like it broke when I saw the tear escape his eyes. He didn’t deserve to cry. He deserves all the happiness in the world. But that one tear showed he didn’t feel like he was the happiest person in the world. That one tear showed how he truly felt. That one tear showed all the guilt that filled his insides. I didn’t want him to feel guilty. I don’t know why he felt like that but I didn’t want him too.

“Ms.Lavender are you alright?”

I zoned back into the real world and saw Smithy insanely close to me. Like our chests were nearly touching.

I stumbled backwards in shock and to put some space in between us but ended up falling over my own two feet. My hands and elbows came in contact with the stones that littered our driveway. I felt a pain on my elbows and the palm of my hands. I looked at them and saw a red liquid oozing out my skin. I was bleeding.

Tears began falling out my eyes. That really hurt. My hands really hurt. I want Carlos. I want to go back to Carlos’ house. He’d make me feel better like he did when I woke up. He’d keep me safe. I want my Carlos.

I heard the door to the house open. Footsteps on the stones made me look up and I saw Tony running towards me with daddy close behind him.

He kneeled down beside me and placed his hands on my cheeks wiping away the tears.
“Rosie. Sweetheart. Are you alright?”
He looked really panicked. Probably because I was crying and also had slap marks on my cheeks. He looked down at my arms and saw I was bleeding.
“Oh fuck. You’re bleeding. What happened Rosie? Who did this to you?”

I looked up at Smithy ,unknowingly, to see he had an alarmed and worried look on his face. Was he worried about me or himself?

Antonio saw me looking at him and his eyes instantly hardened and his jaw clenched so hard I thought it would snap. He moved from beside and stalked towards Smithy.

“Did you do this to her? Did you hurt my baby sister? MY baby sister. How dare you? Who the fuck do you think you are? I will fucking kill you if you did.”
Antonio was right in Smithy’s face now and he had his finger pointed directly between his eyes. You could see he was blazing with anger. His voice had risen and he had to clench his other fist with anger. He ,like daddy, was really scary when he was angry.

Tony has always had bad anger issues. He has to do certain exercises to ensure he gets his anger under control and doesn’t hurt anyone when he gets angry. He gets that from daddy too but daddy has been able to control his more than Antonio can.

“Tony calm down. Don’t do something you will regret later on.”
Daddy put his hand on Antonio’s shoulder and rubbed it. Tony’s body tensed at the sudden contact before calming.
“How about you take Rosie up to her room and get her cleaned up? We don’t want them cuts getting infected.”

Antonio reluctantly stepped back from Smithy and lowered his finger. Smithy let out a breath of relief and his posture relaxed a bit. Antonio sent him one last deadly glare before turning to me with completely different emotions on his face. Worried and fear were the main ones I could make out. He never looked at me with anger or hatred anymore.

He walked up to me and picked me up bridal style. I laid my head on his collarbone and let the tears fall until there were no more. Better to let it out than keep it in.

“It’s alright Rosie. You’re going to be fine. Let’s get these cuts cleaned up,shall we?”

I lifted my head from is neck and sent him a smile. I loved Tony he was so loving and such an amazing brother. He constantly makes sure I’m alright and looks after me as if he was my second dad.

We entered my room. It was exactly how it was earlier. He walked us up to my bed and placed me on it. I snuggled into a pillow and slowly closed my eyes. I was so tired.

“Rosie sweetheart. Stay awake. I need to clean your cuts so stay awake a little longer for me sweetie.”
I sat up lazily and slowly nodded my head. He walks into my bathroom and came back out with a first aid kit. Every room in the house has one just incase.

He walked up to me and opened it. He took out an antiseptic wipe and gently help my elbows and hands in his.
“Okay Lavender. This is going to hurt a bit but don’t worry it will all be over soon.”
I nodded my head and he put the wipe on my hands.

I hissed in pain. My skin felt like it was burning over a stove and I couldn’t stop the tears that left my eyes because of it. It was really painful. My nose would sniffle up a few times and I could tell it pained Tony to see me like this. His eyesbrows were furrowed in sadness and he had a large frown on his face.

“It’s alright Rosie. Please don’t cry. I don’t want you to cry. It hurts me to see you cry. We’re nearly done now.”

I held my tears in because I didn’t want to make his feel sad. So I used all my strength and held them in even if I wanted to let them go. Tony sent me a proud smile and finished cleaning up my last elbow.

“That’s it. Now the fun part.”
He stuck his hand in the first aid box and when they came out they held two different types of bandaids in them.
“Okay so. Do you want apple bandages or Lavender bandages?”

I couldn’t choose. I liked both of them. The apple one was a nice lime colour with different types of apples on. The Lavender was a Lavender colour and had Lavender’s on it. They were both really pretty.

“Can I have both Tony? I can’t decide. It’s too hard.”
He chuckled and looked at me with a huge smile.

“Of course sweetheart. How about i put one Lavender bandage on one of your elbows and an apple bandage on the other? And put another apple one of your hand? That should be keep them clean.”

I nodded my head with a giggle and he peeled the wrapper off and put them on. He kissed the bandage and then kissed my cheeks when he was done.

“How do they feel? You’re cheeks?”
I looked down at my folded legs and began to fiddle with my fingers.

“They’re a-alright. Carlos put a c-cold towel on them s-so they wouldn’t bruise.”

He nodded but you could see he was angry. Did he not like Carlos? I want him to like Carlos. He’s really nice and takes good care of me. He also makes me feel and look nice too.

Tony got up from the floor and dusted of his trouser.
“Okay you go get changed for bed and then go to sleep. We’ll talk about all this in the morning.”

My smile dampened but I got up and went into the closet anyway. He wouldn’t go easy on me in the morning. He’d become a full-on detective. I might need to wake up earlier just so I’m not late to school. He’s going to be mad when I tell him I slept in Carlos’ bed and he changed me. Maybe I should just keep that part of the story out.

“I love you Rosie.”
I heard his gout from the door.

“I love you too Tony.”
I replied from the closet. I stood my head out and sent him a soft smile. He sent in back before turning around and closing the door.

I turned back around and began to look for some pyjamas. I wanted some fluffy ones. I always wear fluffy pyjamas when I’m sad. I found a pair of pink cat ones that had a hood and the word ‘meow’ printed in my butt. It fight that looked funny so i bought them.

I walked back out to my room and crawled into my bed. I placed all the blankets and pillows above my head correctly so I was comfortable. I grabbed my panda pillow and cuddled it. My eyes dropped close and I could feel the effects of sleep taking over my body.

But, just as I was about to fall asleep, I heard my door open. The small sliver of light illuminated one side of my room. I was too tired to get up or open my eyes so I stayed where I was, half asleep.

The side of my bed ,near my head, dipped and I felt someone begin to stroke my hair. I leaned into it and they chuckled.

By the laugh, I could tell it was my daddy. He used to do this all the time after I came back from ‘there’. He just wanted to make sure I was actually here and everything was alright. Sometimes I would have him or Antonio sleep in my room because my nightmares were too bad. That lasted for about a whole year before it started to settle down with medication and the therapy I was getting.

“I’m sorry sweetheart. You don’t deserve anything that has happened to you. It was all my fault. I shouldn’t have introduced you to him. I’m sooo sorry baby. I’ll never let anything bad happen to you again even if it costs me my life.”

I heard him sniffle his nose and felt his hand move to wipe away a tear. He was crying. My daddy never cries.

“D-Daddy. It wasn’t y-your fault.”
I sat up and hugged him from the side. He tensed up from shock and then hugged me back. We hugged for a few minutes until he pulled away.

I knew I had fresh tears streaming down my face. I just hurt me seeing someone take the blame for something that was obviously not their fault. He didn’t make me be friends with Jonas. Sure he was the reason we met but I was the one that begged him to let me be friends with him. That was my fault not his. It was mine.

“I-it wasn’t your fault daddy. It w-was mine. D-don’t blame yourself.”
I wiped away the stray tear on his cheek and then kissed it.

He got up and moved to lay on the over side of the bed next to me. He pulled me so my head was on his chest and continued to stroke my head. I snuggled in closer.

“It wasn’t your fault my sweet baby. It was his. He shouldn’t have done the things he did. You didn’t deserve any of it.”
I felt a tear escape my eye.
“I promise I’ll never let you go through something like that ever again and ,if I can’t protect you or something happens to me, know there will always be someone else there to. Whether it Antonio and Max or even Braydon and that Reid boy that has seemed to take quite a liking to you. You will always have people looking out for you sweetheart.”
He leaned down and kissed the top of my hair before moving it away from my face to see me. I looked up at him with a sad smile.
“Don’t cry my Rosie.”
He wiped them away and then kissed my cheeks.

“I’m sorry d-daddy I worried you. I-I didn’t mean to. I j-just accidentally fell asleep a-at Carlos’. I didn’t know what time I-it was.”

“I know sweetheart. You’d never purposely try to worry anyone. That’s just not the type of person you are. I’m always going to be worried about you. Not just you but Antonio too. You’re both special to me and my only kids. I care about you two more than I care about myself. So I’ll always worry when you come in late. When I don’t see you for a whole day. I’ll worry over everything.”

I smiled up at him and snuggled my head back into his chest. He placed his hand over mine and rubbed the pad of his thumb over the top.

“Thank you daddy.”

“It’s no problem sweetheart. That’s my job and anyway I’m sure Carlos will be able to protect you if I can’t.”
I blushed and started to push my head further in his chest to hide my blush.
“Don’t be shy baby. As long as he treats you right, I don’t mind. He seems like a good boy and I saw the way he treated and handled you during dinner. He seems like he truly cares for you. Just never be scared to come to me if he hurts you or does something bad. I’ll always be here to help you.”

“I understand d-daddy.”
He sat up and grabbed the blanket from beside me. He pulled it over us and placed his arm just over my waist to pull me in further.

“Goodnight sweetheart. You have a big day tomorrow. Get some sleep.”
I yawned and nodded my head. He continued to stroke my hair before I fell into a deep abyss of tiredness.

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