His Little Lavender

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Chapter 26

Christopher’s PoV

Lavender was such a precious girl. No danger or pain could extinguish the positive energy she always seemed to radiate or could wipe the brightening smiles of her face that lit up the whole room. She was the first person you would look at when entering a room. Her natural beauty and shy personality made her a very likeable person.

But the pain and danger couldn’t extinguish the fact they were all fake. The fact ,that no matter how bright she smiled or how much positive energy she released, there was always a look in her eye that showed how every piece of her was breaking from the inside to the out.

The pain of that was heartbreaking to see, especially being her father. No father wants to see their child in pain. No sane one at least.

It hurts more knowing I could have been the one to have stopped the pain before it even happened but I was blinded by a fake facade. A polite-looking boy that I thought could never have caused the pain he did.

How wrong I was.

That polite-looking boy was the reason for my baby’s nightmares and the reason she looks at herself in another light now. Only her and him know exactly what happened in ‘there’ and it’s agonising to not know everything she went through. To not know how to help or make her feel better because I don’t know the exact reason she is feeling that way.

But ,even if it feels like I’m dying from curiosity, I will never push her to tell me. She will tell me when she is ready.

I know ,if I force her to, it will only cause her more pain and distress. I don’t want that. She deserves so much better than she has been given and I’ll ensure she’s given that until my last breath.

She deserved to be looked after and handled like the angel she is. Did Jonas do that? No but can he do that? Can Carlos do that? I hope so.

I was extremely cautious on my decision to let another man enter her life especially after ‘him’. What if Carlos hurt her again like Jonas did? Or even worse? I couldn’t be able to bare it. She had only just started getting better. I don’t want all the progress we had just made to absolutely go down the drain.

But I had to take a chance. I had to make a decision that may end good or end even poorer than last time. We’ll never know if we don’t try.

I can’t keep her to myself her whole life. She’ll need someone to look after her when me and Antonio can’t and I’m certain he’ll be able to do that. I’m certain Carlos can do that.

Even if I just met him, I know he’s nothing like Jonas. Instead of complaining when she panicked like Jonas did, Carlos calmed and helped her get better. Instead of making her do things I know will make her uncomfortable like Jonas did, Carlos let’s her go at her own pace and helped her along the way. He’s nothing like him and let’s hope he never will be.

The only reason I let her be around Jonas was because I thought he’d help her get out of her shell. I thought he’d help her experience the most of life. Not make her experience of life horrible. I didn’t intend for that. He wasn’t suppose to hurt my sweetheart. He wasn’t suppose to break her until it took years of therapy just for her to speak again. He wasn’t suppose to shatter her into millions of piece to never be put back together. I never wanted any of that and I’ll forever regret my decision to let him be around my sweet Lavender.

She had just fallen asleep and I could feel her soft breaths on my chest as she slept. I moved a piece of hair from her face. She looked even more peaceful when she slept. Like absolutely nothing could disturb her. Like the clear angel she was.

I looked at her neck to see clear markings on it. I moved her hair out of the way and saw even more of them. Were they hickies? Did Carlos give her hickies? What on earth were they doing in his room? I’m going to kill this boy.

I moved my eyes from her neck over her whole face. Her lips were in her usual pout and her nose scrunched up a few times whilst she was in dreamland. But her cheeks. Her cheeks were the thing that caught my attention. They were red. More red than usual. It looked like a hand mark. Was she slapped?

I tensed. Who the fuck slapped her? How didn’t I notice that earlier? Was it Carlos? It couldn’t have been. Was it?

I grabbed my phone from where I placed it on her bedside table before getting in bed next to her. I unlocked it and went to Damien’s number. It was only 9:30pm and him ,being the dedicated and busy man he is, I know he’ll still be up.

I pressed the call number and placed it against my ear. It rang for about 5 seconds before picking up.

“Hello Damien Reid here. How can I help you?”
I could hear the sound of pen against paper. He seemed to have just picked it up as he didn’t see my name.

“Hello Damien. It’s Christopher.”
I heard him place the pen down and the sound of his chair leaning back.

“Hello Christopher. What do I own the pleasure of you calling me this fine evening?”

“Well can’t I just simply call an old friend?”
He laughed and I chuckled along with him.

“Not when it’s during the time you usually spent with your family. So what can I help you with?”
I chuckled again.

“Well. It’s about your son.”
I could hear his chair move and I suspect he had stood up.

“What about Carlos? What has he done? Is this about your daughter? Did he do something to hurt her?”

“Damien. How did you know?”
Lavender began to stir beside me and hugged my chest harder. I started to stroke her hair again.

“What do you mean?”
He began to pace and I heard a door open on his side of the phone.

“About him and Lavender. It can’t have been that clear.”
He laughed.

“Well ,first of, you put him in the side side of the house of the house she was in. A boy and a girl in rooms next to each other. Wasn’t exactly hidden now was it?”
I could practically see him raising his eyebrows.
“Jennifer also told me how she was at my house today. In his clothes as well.”

“Wait what? Why the fuck was she in his clothes? And why does she have hickies all over her neck?”
I heard him move across the room.

“How about you ask him yourself?”
The movement of the phone could be heard and then I felt someone else take a hold of it.

“Hello Mr Rose. What can I do for you?”
Ah at leat he has manners. At lot like his father as well.

“Carlos. Let’s get straight to the point. Why the fuck does my daughter look like she’s been slapped? Did you slap her? And why on earth was she in your clothes instead of her own? And why the fuck is her neck covered in hickies?”
I heard his breaths get deeper.

“How fucking dare you accuse me of such thing? You-”
He was cut off.

The phone was quiet for a while. I was surprised by his sudden out burst. I didn’t expect him to get that defensive.

“Mr Rose. I apologise. I didn’t mean to get mad and blow up on you but the fact you could say I did something so horrid. I’d do nothing to hurt your daughter and to answer your questions. There was a girl at school called ,Candice, that did that. I found her in the library crying her eyes out so I went up to comfort and calm her down. I then saw the marks on her face and took her back to my home and iced them.”

The information made me even angry. Was she getting bullied? I tightened my grip on her and pulled her closer. She hummed in content and snuggled in further to me.

She tightened her grip on me.
Who’s Charlie?

“Was that Lavender? I heard her say Charlie. Is she alright? Is she hurt?”
Ah so he was Charlie. The concern he had for her was heart-warming

“Lavender’s fine. She’s currently asleep. Let’s get back to the main topic. Why did she slap her?”
I could tell he hesitated with his answer.
“Tell me Carlos. Don’t even think about lying to me.”

“Well Candice called her a desperate slut because of the fact she wears shorts skirts all the time. Lavender asked her if she was one because her skirts were shorter. She didn’t know she was insulting her. When she tried to apologise to her, Candice than slapped her.”

“Fucking bitch. Do you happen know her last name by any chance?”
Carlos chuckled and I smirked. I’m going to ruin that bitches life. She shouldn’t have done that. I’m going to make her regret even talking to my Rosie.

“I don’t recommend you do that Mr Rose.”
My eyes hardened. Was he protecting her?
“I don’t mean it like that. From what I’ve gathered, Lavender doesn’t really like people standing up for her like how you’re planning to. She prefers to keep to herself and stay out of the attention and you doing something to Candice will cause her a lot of attention. Don’t worry I’ll look after her.”
I could hear the honesty coating his voice.

Did she really feel that way? Is that why she never comes to business parties with me and Antonio? It must be. I didn’t know that. I just thought she was really shy. This kid has known her for about 2 days and already knows more than me.

“Just make sure she doesn’t get hurt. I don’t want her getting hurt again.”

“Of course Mr Rose.”

“And how about you answer my other questions now? What was she in your clothes and not her own? Why did she have hickies all over her neck?Did you do something?”
He nervously laughed and inhaled a bit of air

“It’s not like that Mr Rose. She was already asleep when we got back to my house and was wearing jeans. I didn’t want her to be uncomfortable so I changed her into some of my joggers and an old t-shirt. I didn’t look. I wanted to respect her and not cross any boundaries.”

I hummed in approval and nodded my head. I feel like he’s hiding something from me. I decided not to question it though. I knew he wouldn’t take advantage of her like that.

“And the hickies?”

“Do you really want the answer to that question?”
He asked me. To be honest, I really didn’t. I wanted to keep the image of my daughter as pure as I can.

“Thank you Carlos.”

“What for Mr Rose?”
He sounded genuinely confused.

“For looking after my sweetheart. For making sure she’s as comfortable as she can be. For just respected her for her.”
I looked down at her. She deserved all of that. I’m glad he could give her that.

“It’s no problem Mr Rose. She deserved so much more. I was only doing what any decent man would do.”
I inhaled some air. He didn’t do that. Well, he wasn’t decent was he though?

“I swear to fucking god Carlos if you do anything to harm her in any shape or form , I’ll give you an excruciating death no matter how close to your father I am. My children always come first.”
He awkwardly laughed and I heard Damian chuckle as well.

“Of course Mr Rose.”

“It’s Christopher. Call me Christopher.”

Lavenders PoV

I woke up with a blinding lights burning my eyes. I groaned and shoved my head into my pillows. I reached to touch the thing I was cuddling. I touched something weird. I looked up from the pillow and saw a note. I opened it.

I’m sorry I couldn’t be there when you woke up. I had a meeting with Mr Reid. You’re lucky Antonio had a major lecture early this morning so you don’t have him interrogating you.

I hope you have a good day and stay out of trouble. If you wake up before 6, there should be someone waiting for you downstairs in the living room.

Daddy xx

What did he mean someone was waiting for me downstairs? Was it Josie and Max? Maybe they wanted to see me after yesterday. I forgot to call them when I got in.

I got of the bed and placed my pink favourite slippers on. They had little bunny ears. They looked funny and pretty.

I opened the door and headed to the living room. I was humming to tune to “I want it that way”. I heard it while watching Brooklyn 99 the other day and it has been stuck in my head ever since.

I passed a mirror on my way there and saw just how bad my neck was. It was covered. I put my hood up and placed my hair around my neck to try hide it. There would be too many questions asked if they saw it.

I continued waking and entered the living room. I saw not only Josie and Max. There was also Braydon and Carlos. Max and Braydon were on a coach. Max was blushing at something Braydon had said. Josie was watching them with a suspecting look. Carlos was sat on his phone.

He looked up when he heard me come in.

The others noticed I had arrived and diverted their attention to me. Braydon was the first one to come to me. I was suddenly lifted in the air and pulled into a tight hug.

“LaLa. Oh my lord. You don’t even understand and how worried I was. You can’t do that. My heart isn’t strong enough.”
He set me down and looked at me with strong eyes.

When he said his heart wasn’t strong enough, he was being serious. Braydon was born with an unusually weaker heart than the usual heart. He can’t be under a lot of stress or else it will give out. That’s why he swims because it makes him relaxed and helps him stay calm.

“I’m s-sorry Dee.”
I looked up at him with big eyes. His softened.

“I can’t even resist that cute little face. You little munchkin.”
He grabbed my cheeks and pulled them. I slapped his hands away and giggled. He’s really funny and acts like my grandma sometimes.

He was pushed away suddenly. Now the twins were stood where he once was.

“Shut up Bray. I want to talk to her now so stop complaining.”

He huffed.
“I’ll go annoy Reid than.”

Carlos diverted his eyes to Braydon and sent him a glare. “You most certainly fucking won’t.”

“Charlie. B-bad word.”
He looked at me again with regret.

“Sorry angel.”
He sent a sad smile and I sent him a happy one back to make him happy. It worked as his turned into a little smirk that made me blush.

“Okay. You two stop.”
I looked at Josie with a blush and she winked at me and mouthed ’we’ll talk about that later.
“Anyway. How are you bumblebee?Reid told us what happened. Don’t worry when I see that flipping Candice next I’ll gonna bloody kill her.”
I could tell she was being serious. She was always serious about stuff like this.

In 5th grade, there was this boy that would always pull my hair and make fun of me because I wore glasses and was smaller than everyone else. One day, Josie went up to him and punched him square in the nose. He began to cry. I felt bad for him. He got hurt because of me. Josie got excluded for 3 days and then came back.

“Okay Josie. Calm down. Don’t want another remake of 5th grade. That poor boy.”
Braydon laughed and Carlos looked confused.

“What happened in 5th grade?”
Carlos whispered to Braydon.

“This boy was bullying LaLa so Jo punched him in the nose. His nose broke and she got excluded for 3 days. It was rite funny though. He was all crying and begging for his mum. I pretty sure I still have the video.”

Carlos’ eyes hardened and his jaws clenched.
“Ahh here it is.”
Braydon showed him the video and Carlos seems to get even angrier.

“Isn’t that Blake Robinson?”
Braydon laughed and confirmed it.

Carlos got even angrier. His jaw looked as if it would break and his eyes were burning with fury. He looked up at me and I gulped. Was he mad at me because I don’t tell him?

I gulped again and looked at the floor.
“I-I’m going to g-get changed for school. Welcome y-yourself to any food.”
I turned around and walked ,it sprinted, back to my room. My hood fell down in the process.

Before I could close the door, a hand appeared and stopped me. The door was shoved open and an angry Carlos was now in my room. He grabbed my cheek and made me look at him. His eyes softened but still held anger.

“Why didn’t you tell me he bullied you darling?”
I couldn’t control the tingles that erupted in my body because of how husky and deep his voice was. I squeezed my thighs and gulped.

“I-I didn’t think I-it mattered.”
His grip tightened but still didn’t hurt me. His other hand travelled down my neck and touched all the hickies.

“Of course it matters baby. Not only did he try to violate you, he also bullied you. He should of gotten way worse than a broke nose.”
His eyes now were completely clear of any anger and only showed worry. For me?

I hugged his waist and pulled him closer to me.
“It’s alright. I’m f-fine baby.”

He put his hands on my back and pulled me closer. We stayed hugging for a minute before he pulled away.

“You need to get changed for school. Let’s go pick out an outfit.”
I giggled and grabbed his hand before turning around and walking to my closet.

I felt a hand come down on my bum. I squealed and stopped. I turned around to him with a blush. He had a smirk and mischievous glint in his eyes.

“C-Charlie. What’d you do t-that for?”
He chuckled.

“You just looked so adorable and sexy I couldn’t resist. Plus you had the word ‘meow’ on your ass and my marking as clear as day on your neck. How couldn’t I slap it?”
I blushed harder. He winked and I turned around running into my closet. He chuckled and followed behind me.

I walked in and began to look at the different options of clothing. Most of them were light and pastel colours. I had them organised in colour order.

Carlos walked up to my pink section and began flicking through them. What was he doing?

His hand stopped and he took out something I couldn’t see. He walked over to my white section and looked through their for about 10 seconds before finding something. I just stood there confused as to what he was doing.

He turned around and in one hand was a plaited pink and black dress with a zip on the front. A cotton sweater in the other. It looked really pretty.

“Do you like it?”
He held it closer to me and I looked closer. It was a really pretty.

“It’s sooo pretty. Am I going to wear that?”
I looked back up at him.

“If you want to, of course. If not, then you can pick another outfit.”
I looked back at it and ,to be honest, I really wanted to wear it. It was gorgeous.

I nodded my head enthusiastically.
“Of course I’ll wear it.”
He chuckled and handed them to me. I stood there.

“What’s wrong? Why aren’t you going to change?”
He looked confused. I looked down and shuffled on my feet. He grabbed my chin and lifted my head back up.
“What’s wrong? You can tell me.”

I blushed and whispered out something incoherent.
“You’re going to have to speak up baby. I can’t understand you.”

“I need t-to get my u-u-underwear.”
He tensed his grip on my chin and then nodded and released it. I stepped back because his body heat was making me hotter.

He turned around and I stood confused for a few seconds before heading over to my pants draw quickly. I picked out more covering pants this time so something like last time wouldn’t happen again.

I turned back around and tapped Carlos’ back. He looked at me with a smile.
“How about you go get changed now and then we can go back done stairs?”
I nodded my head and then went into the bathroom.

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