His Little Lavender

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Chapter 27

Carlos’ PoV

The daystarted out as normal as it could. Once Lavender was done getting changed, I made sure she had something to eat for breakfast. I didn’t want her to be hungry for the rest of the morning. She looked really small and I wanted to make sure she was healthy.

Throughout breakfast, Braydon, Josie and Max were all asking her questions. Some asking how she was and others asking what exactly happened with Candice.

At one point, Braydon even pointed out the hickeys on her neck. She blushed and looked down. I just smirked at her reaction. I guess she forgot to conceal them. She was so cute and would be all mine.

Josie looked up at me knowingly but still had a doubtful look in her eyes. I know she had a good reason to be skeptical. Whether is has to do with Jonas or ‘there’, I understand. She’s Lavender’s best friend and I’ll respect that.

Eventually, we all got in our cars and drove to school separately. Josie forced Max and Braydon to go in different cars. I’m pretty sure there’s something going on with them two and I think everyone else suspects it too. I don’t know if Max is gay though so I could be wrong. They were really close and Max would always blush at things Braydon says.

Braydon went in a car by himself while the twins went in their personal car. Me and Lavender went in my car. Only then did I see the colourful plasters that littered her arms. Why did she have plasters on her arms? Was she hurt? Why didn’t I see that before?

She placed her bag in the backseat of the car and ,before she could sit in it, I grabbed her upper arm and pulled her elbows up to my face so I could see if my eyes were seeing correctly. I made sure my grip wasn’t too tight. I didn’t want to hurt her more.

I was seeing correctly. She had plasters on her hands. I looked back at her face with a pained but angry expression. I didn’t like to see her hurt.

“Why do you have plasters on your elbows and hands?”

I leaned in forward and she backed up against the car. Her mouth dropped open and she placed the back of her head on the car so she could look up at me. She didn’t reply though.
“I said why do you have plasters on your elbows and hands?”
I leaned in further and gripped under her knee to pull her body closer. She widened her eyes and blushed. Her breaths came out ragged and she seemed to be getting a bit hot and heavy.

“C-Charlie what are you d-doing? We’re o-outside.”
She looked around us. Josie and the others had already left and her back was faced towards the house so they couldn’t see us from this side of the car.

I gripped her chin and pulled her face to look at me again. My hand travelled to her neck while the other travelled further up her leg. She tried to pull it away but I just tightened my grip on her.

“No baby don’t do that. Now ,if you tell me why you’re wearing plasters, then maybe just maybe I’ll consider letting go. But, until then little girl, you’re going to stay right where you are.”

She looked me in the eye and I could see the hesitation floating in them. I slowly glided my hand from her neck all the way down her body until I got to her hip. I gripped it and softly slammed her into her car. She released a soft, quiet moan.

I leaned into her ear and whispered huskily into it.
“Tell me little girl or I’ll take you right back into you’re room and spank you so raw you’ll be a moaning mess underneath me. We don’t want you being late for school, do we?”

She let out another breathly moan and I smirk against her neck. I began to kiss it and she tilted her head to give me better access. She didn’t seem as shy now. She was quite the opposite. A little sexy vixen in disguise.

“I-I tripped.”
Her voice rose and I could tell she wasn’t telling me the absolute truth. I just knew it.

I nipped at the skin just under her jaw and to the left of her ear. She moaned and squealed at the same time. It was a wonderful sound. My hand was getting higher and higher and I’m sure I could feel the heat coming of her pussy. How I wanted to just cup it and pleasure her until she orgasmed.

“Tell me the entire truth baby. Why did you trip?”
I licked the spot I just bit trying to soothe it and not cause her as much pain.

“S-Smithy scared m-me and I accidentally tripped o-over my own feet and hurt myself.”

I stopped all actions I was doing. My mouth stopped and so did my hand. Smithy. The fucking driver. Can this dude do anything right? First he bloody looks at her as if she’s his prey. And then he scared her causing my angel to hurt herself. I pulled back from her neck and looked directly into her eyes.

“What do you bloody mean he scared you?”
I gripped her thigh tighter and pulled her hips in closer to mine. Her eyes flickered down to my lips as I licked them. I really wanted to kiss her. She looked so fucking amazing today. Stop Carlos focus.
“Lavender what do you mean? How did he scare? Did he do something to you? I’ll kill him if he did. I’ll fuc-”

I was cut off. The movement of my lips became nonexistent. Instead, they were being consumed by Lavender’s. She had just kissed me and here I was stood, doing nothing. Fucking stupid idiot.

She was about to pull away when I began kissing her back. I pushed her further into the car and grabbed both her thighs, lifting her up so her legs were around my waist. Her arms were on my shoulders and then moved into my hair. It’s seems she’s forgot the fact that we’re outside now. She tugged on it and I moaned into her mouth. That felt so nice.

I gripped her hips harder and pulled her body closer to me. It was beginning to get heated.

She moved her hands from my hair and placed them back on my shoulders. She pushed them and I reluctantly released her lips from mine. I immediately missed her warmth and the taste of them.

“C-Charlie. There could b-be people watching. W-we can’t do this.”

She looked around and looked back at me with pleading eyes. I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable so I pecked her lips and placed her in the car. She looked up at me again with a blush. I reached for her seat belt and pulled it over her.

I closed the door and looked up to the house. There didn’t seem to be many cameras that I could see but the one I could was near the door and pointed in our direction. I looked at it and winked.

I walked to the other side and opened the door. I got in and put my keys in. Next thing I know, Lavender is leaning over me and doing my seat belt up. She looked up at me and blushed harder.
“I don’t w-want you getting hurt Charlie.”

My eyes softened and I leaned to captured her lips again. It was a slow kiss and only lasted about 15 seconds. I pulled away and she leaned back in her seat. She looked down and I could see an intense blush coating her cheeks. I chuckled and pulled out of the driveway. So adorable.

I grabbed Lavender’s hands and placed them on my lap. She started playing with my fingers and rings. She payed special attention to one on my pinky finger. It was a simple gold ring that had the letter R in the middle, standing for Reid.

(Just a R instead of a T)

She was playing with that one specific ring for the first 10 minutes until we got to a stop light. I turned to her and saw the intrigued look on her face. It was quite adorable.

I took my hand out of her grasp and she looked at me in shock and sadness. I slid the ring of and held her hand in mine.

“C-Charlie wait no.”
I looked at her dead in the eye with a look that said don’t-even-try. I slid the ring on her index finger and kissed it. Warmth once again radiated through my body.

She blushed and ,when I let go of her hand, lifted it up to her face and began examining it. Because her fingers were smaller than mine, the ring was able to fit on her index finger whereas it only fit on my pinky.

She looked up at me with tears eyes and my softened.
“Do you not like it angel? I can give you another one of mine if you want? Please don’t be upset. I don’t want you to be upset.”
I placed my hands on her cheeks and wiped the moisture from under her eyes.

She suddenly engulfed my chest in a big hug. It wasn’t as good as her others as she was restrained by a seatbelt and had to lean over the console to get to me but it still made my body heat up in delight.

“I’m not sad b-baby. I’m just shocked y-you’d give your ring t-to me. I mean it’s your ring. I-I don’t want to take it just because I liked it.”
Her eyes held gratefulness and pure awe. It was quite an overwhelming sight.

“It’s alright darling. I don’t mind and I’ll give you anything you want even if I have to go to extreme lengths to get it.”
I pecked her lips.

A loud honk could be heard behind me. I looked at the lights to see they had turned green. I started the car up again and took off in the direction of school.

For the rest of the ride, Lavender played with my fingers or the new ring on her finger. We arrived to school at about 8:10 am. The parking lot was very crowded and I didn’t know how my angel would hold up.

She looked around the area with cautious and anxious eyes and then they landed on me. They had a pleading expression in them that shattered my heart. I should of got her here earlier instead of getting distracted by our little make out session earlier.

“It’s alright darling. Remember I’m here. Remember your Charlie is here.”
I squeezed her hand before getting out the car with both her bag and my bag on my shoulder.

I walked over to her side and opened the door. She looked up with nervous eyes before taking my hand. I pulled her closer to me so she was hidden in my body. A lot of people were looking at us. Well her. Some had sneers on their face while others had sympathetic looks. What was going on?

As we began to walk towards the entrance, I finally heard the reasoning behind why the were staring at us so intensely. And let me say, it wasn’t for a good reason.

“Isn’t that the desperate hoe that’s paying the new kid to sleep with her?”

“She got slapped by Candice. Poor girl.”

“Look at the hickies on her neck. Such a whore!!”

“I wonder how much she’s paying him. I mean she’s not even that hot. She’s sooo fat.”

“Look at her thighs. There like tree trunks.”

“I heard she tried to get Blake to sleep with her the other day. What a slut!!”

If I could hear them, so could she and I’m sure she could as her grip on my arm and waist was extremely tight and almost painful . I rushed us into the doors so Lavender didn’t have to hear anymore of that absolute bullshit.

Before I could talk to her, she instantly bolted to the restroom. People in the hallway would move out of the way as they saw the short girl coming through. I followed behind her but ,because of her short body and the fact she runs for a sport, I couldn’t get to her before she locked herself in a stall.

I could hear the sniffles and sobs that escaped her mouth. It was heartbreaking. I knew she was trying to quiet herself as some of them were muffled.
“Darling please open the door. You know what they were saying wasn’t true. You’re not paying me to sleep with you. Don’t listen to them.”

I banged on the door but she didn’t open up. It stayed like that for 5 minutes with no answer. I eventually gave up and sat down with my back to the door. I placed my head in my hands and leaned my arms against my knees.

Why won’t she open up? She can’t really believe what they were saying? My innocent Lavender was anything but a desperate hope. In fact, she was quite the opposite. Even if she is turned on, she never acts on it. She waits for me to and ,even then, she’s cautious to continue.

The sobs that I could hear made me feel so much anger and sadness that it was painful. There felt like there was a tear in my heart so large it was bigger than The Grand Canyon.

Every breath I took made it even more painful. I just wanted her to open the door so I could help. So I could comfort and stop the tears I know were cascading down her cheeks right now. So I could hold her close and whisper the sweet words I know she needed to her in her ears. So I could make her feel the happiness I know she deserved. I just wanted to help her.

I sat there for another 10 minutes in silence until I decided to talk again.
“Darling please open the door. I just want to help you. Please let me help you.”
My voice sounded so broken it even surprised me. My eyes burned with tears I refused to release. I know we were way too late for our first period now but I honestly couldn’t care less. I cared about her more than I cared about my grades.

It was silent for a while until I heard her feet shuffle on the floor. I straightened my back on the door. The presence of it disappeared from behind me.

I quickly stood up and looked at her. It was worse than I thought. Her cheeks were a bright red and so were her eyes. They looked as if they had been burned with fire. Her lips were in the little pout she always does but only this time it was because she’s sad. Her nose was a bright pink and she looked like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.

My inside screamed in sadness. I hated seeing her so broken. It felt like there was a monster clawing at my insides to be released and cause pain on the ones that cause my sweet Angel pain. They deserved so much worse than that.

Another sob escaped her mouth and she came barrelling into me. Her hands weaved around my waist and her head dug into my chest. I was taken aback by the amount of force that just hit my body. But, I regained my senses and instantly hugged her back. I stroked her hair like I always do and pulled her in closer to me.

“C-Carlos. Why am I s-so unlikeable? W-why does no one l-like me? Am I r-really that ugly?”

I instantly pulled her away from me so she was looking up at me. I placed my hands on her cheeks.
“Absolutely not. You are the complete opposite of everything you just said. You are the most beautiful person I’ve ever met. Not only are your looks beautiful but so is your personality. No one can say they don’t like you because then they’d be lying to them self. You are the most likeable and wonderful I’ve ever met and don’t think anything else.”

She broke out into tears again and I just comforted her. I picked her up and rocked her body against mine. I was stroking her hair and whispering sweet nothings into her ears. Her sobs and cries had turned into sniffles and whines.

Her head was on my shoulder and her hands were draped around my neck. We stayed like that for the whole of the first period. Luckily, no one came in the bathroom. When the bell for second period rang, Lavender’s head rocketed up from my shoulder and nearly hit me in the face.
“C-Charlie. We missed the whole of period o-one. I’m soo s-sorry.”

I shushed her.
“It’s alright darling. As long as you’re feeling okay now, we can go to period two but only if you know you’re going to be alright.”

She quickly nodded her head and began trying to get down from my grip. I chuckled and placed her on the floor. She grabbed her bag and mine from where I threw them earlier and walked out the bathroom.

We got some weird stares from the people that saw us emerge from the bathroom together. Lavender cowered back into me and I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her closer to me to make her fell less uncomfortable.

We walked to period two which was science. I’m actually really good at science. It’s one of my best subjects. I don’t even have to study and I’ll get good grades in it. However, Lavender didn’t look as excited as she usually would for a lesson. I guess she didn’t really enjoy it that much.

As we entered the classroom, most people began whispering. My darling looked down at the floor and shuffle on her feet nervously. I nudged her shoulder with mine. She looked up at me. I sent her an encouraging look. She smiled softly at me before walking to her seat.

The whole of the morning was like this. We would enter a classroom and everyone would start whispering. Lavender would get anxious and forget what to do. I would have to comfort and motivate her to start moving and go sit down.

It only started to turn bad in the last period of the day which was PE. Like every other class, I had it with Lavender. Braydon and Josie also had it with us.

She was currently getting changed. I was stood near the girls changing rooms ,with Braydon, waiting for her to emerge from the doors.

Every other girl that would come out were dressed in really short shorts and a tight top. They’d send me a flirtatious smile and a look that begged me to fuck them. And they call my baby a desperate hoe. Looks like they don’t know the right definition.

Braydon would make some comment about their clothing before looking them up and down in disgust. Many girls also sent him flirtatious looks. I will admit he is an attractive guy but these girls need to have some respect for them self.

Eventually, she came out with Josie with her. She wore a pair of leggings that clung to her thick thighs. Her shirt was tight but also baggy at the same time. It didn’t stick to her breasts like all the other girls but showed you she had at least something there.

Her blonde, shiny hair was now up in a high ponytail and you could clearly see the hickies that littered her neck. This made a smirk appear on my lips. I don’t think she quite remembers they’re there. She’d be panicking right now if she did.

I saw Braydon sent me a knowing smirk before walking up to them.
“Lavender. Why don’t you look absolutely ravishing? A true beauty you are. Don’t you agree Reid?”

He looked at me in torment. What was I suppose to say? She looked more than ravishing. There were many words I could use to describe her but they weren’t quite appropriate to say around Josie and Braydon.
“Absolutely ravishing darling.”
I mumbled.

She blushed and looked down at the white 97s that she wore on her feet. Braydon chuckled and Josie laughed along with him. I guess they find her actions just as cute as I do.

“Don’t get all flustered on me bumblebee.”
She laughed and swung her arm around Lavender’s shoulder. Braydon looked at me.

“Absolutely not you man-child. Don’t even think about touching me Braydon.”
I sent him a deadly glare and he ran to hide behind Lavender.
I mumbled under my breath.

“Charlie. B-bad word.”
I looked up at Lavender and she had a cute glare on her face. Was she suppose to be scary? She didn’t look scary.

“I’m sorry darling.”
She smiled once again and skipped up to me. I put my arm around her shoulder where Josie’s once was and led her outside.

I could see everyone on the grass warming up. Girls were stretching out and trying to show all the boys their ass or tits. The boys were either trying to flex their muscles or admiring the girls. The teacher was just stood there looking at his phone.

Soon, the lesson started and we were doing rounders. Surprisingly, Lavender and Braydon both had strong hits. They did a full rounder even when I was fielding. I guess it’s because of all the swimming and running they do.

At the end of the lesson, Lavender had bent down to grab a ball when I heard someone wolf-whistle at her. She looked up and who the fuck was stood behind her? Blake-fucking-Robinson. The little roach.

“Damn baby. That ass looks juicy. Mind if I touch it?”
She stepped back and shook her head.

“Come on. Don’t be a bitch”
He continued approaching her
“With all the hickies on your neck, I’m sure you’re an amazing fuck. Mind if I go next? I’m sure I’ll make it the best night of your life.”

I was burning with fury. Who the fuck does he think he is? She rejects him but he still tries. This desperate man-whore. The best night of her life. I’m sure he couldn’t even pleasure a chicken let alone a full-grown woman like my Lavender.

As he was about to touch her, I grabbed his shoulder, turned him around and punched him. He stumbled back and held his nose. He looked at his hand and then back up at me.

“You fucking twat.”
He ran straight at me and tackled me to the floor. I was winded but turned it around so now he was on the floor. I began punching him over again. I took out all my anger and frustration out in him.

I only stopped when I heard her soft voice. The sweet tune that could make me do anything and right ow it was begging for me to stop. The sadness and pain in her voice brought me back to reality.

I looked down at Blake and all I could see was blood. There was blood on his face, blood on my hands and blood all over our clothes.

I looked up and saw a large crowd around us but the only person that mattered was the little girl with the blonde hair. She looked at me in horror and shock.

I couldn’t bear to see her look at me like that so I got up and ran.

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