His Little Lavender

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Chapter 29

Lavender’s PoV

It has been 2 weeks since the incident with Blake and Carlos. When the principle had found out what he did, it was mayhem. Blake’s dad was shouting at Carlos’. Carlos’ mum was shouting at Blake’s. You could hardly hear yourself think.

The real mayhem started when my dad and brother arrived.


My ears hurt. I put my hands over them. They were screaming at each other. I dont like when people scream. My ears felt as if they were bleeding. I couldnt understand what anyone was saying. They were shouting at the same time

I was sat on one of the coaches in the principles office. Carlos was sat next to me and I was tucked into his side. He was stroking my hair and his other hand was stroking the outer side of my thigh to calm me down. He was whispering sweet words into my hair.

A loud bang was heard on the other side of the room. I shoved my head into Carlosside and let out a whimper. I didnt like this much noise. I didnt like not being able to hear myself think.

"Its alright darling. Its alright. Dont worry. Youre going to be fine.”
He pressed a kiss to my forehead and started massaging his finger into my scalp.It felt soo soothing. I leaned my head into his hand and wrapped my hands around his waist.

My body tensed against Carlos’. I knew who that was. That was Antonio. I hugged Carlos tighter. He was definitely angry. So so angry.

I lifted my face up a bit to look in his eyes. They softened significantly. He kissed my forehead again.

"Its alright baby. No ones going to hurt you. Im here. Your Carlos is here"
He wiped my hair away from my face.

"Mr Rose please calm down and take a seat.”
Mrs Pierce ,the principle, stood up from her chair.

Antonio looked as if he was about to blow up with how angry he was. His face was in a stone cold expression. His shoulder and fists were tensed. I could practically feel the fury radiating of him in waves.


Antonio began making his way over to Blake. Blakes body have tensed and a look of absolute fear covered his face. He looked as if he was about to pee himself.

I did pity him. No one deserved to be at the end of Antonios wrath. It was a truly terrifying feeling. One I experience too many times when I was younger.

Antonio was stopped before he could get in a metre distance of Blake. A hand appeared on his shoulder. I looked up to their face to see my dad. He had a look of anger on his face to only he could control it better.

"Antonio sit the fuck down.”
He glared at Tony. His eyes held coldness and fury. Way more than Tonys did.

"But Im going to fuckin-”

"Antonio I said sit the fuck down so sit in that fucking chair before I fucking kill you.”
I could see my dads grip tightened as a grimace appeared on Tony’s face and his shoulder dropped a bit.

He looked once at Blake before going to sit in one of the chairs. He looked over at me and Carlos. At first, he sent me a soft apologetic look and mouth aare you okay’. I didnt want to worry or make him feel guilty so I nodded. He sent me a soft smile.

He ,then, looked at Carlos and his eyes hardened once again. His eyes landed on Carloshands and his jaw tensed. He looked back up to his face and you could see the pure anger had once again come back. Only this time it had a more protective aspect to it. His hands were clenched on the arm of the chair and his jaw was tightened so hard I thought it would snap in half if he went any harder.

My dad took a seat next to him. The look of anger on his face was an unusual look. It made me tighten my arms around Carlos. I placed my cheek on his chest. He looked down at me and pecked my lips. I blushed. Everyone was in the room. My dad. My brother. His parents. Blake and his parents.

Antonio suddenly shot up from his seat and the death glare he was currently sending Carlos was bone-chilling. I whimpered and hid in his chest again.

"Antonio Rose. Sit. Back. DOWN.”
Dads voice raised and I flinched. It was such a loud and foreign sound. You hardly hear my dad shout.

"Fucking quiet your voice you idiots.”
I heard a gasp across the room. It was Blakes mother. Everyones eyes widened including mine. No one had ever talked to my dad like that. No one.

"What did you just say?”
Antonio threatened he began to approach Carlos. I wrapped my arms around him tighter. I didnt want him to get hurt. He was only protecting me. He shouldnt get hurt for protecting me.

He tried to get up from the seat but I wrapped my arms around him tighter to keep him next to me. If hes next to me, I know hes safe. He looked down at me and I shook my head. I didnt want him to fight Tony. I didnt want anyone to get hurt.

He nodded at me again and placed his hands on my hair and the outer of my thigh again.

"I said quiet your voices you idiots. Isnt it clear youre obviously scaring her? Is that youre fucking goal? To scare her? Because I think youre doing a bloody fantastic job of it.”

He looked back down at me and stroked my hair. I leaned into his hand subconsciously. I loved when he stroked my hair. It calmed me so much.

Antonios eyes once again landed on me and a wave of guilt and regret flooded them. His posture untensed. I didnt want him to feel upset. I knew he didnt want to scare me.

He looked back up at Carlos
"Dont think I havent seen the camera footage from this morning. You sneaky little bastard.”
He sneered at Carlos. What did he mean?

All Carlos did was smirk at him before looking down at me again and winking. I blushed and moved my head to snuggle into the side of his chest. He chuckled.

Tony reluctantly went and sat back down next to my dad. He sent me a smile coated in remorse. I softly smiled back.

"Okay. Now that youre all here I would like to inform you all of the incident that occurred yesterday afternoon.”
I moved my head from Carlosside.

I looked at Blake. He looked awful. A dark purple and blue colour surrounded both his eyes. A deep cut was on his forehead, lip, cheeks and eyebrows. You could see the dried blood crusting inside it. His nose had a cast on it and I suspected it was broken and had some serious damage done to it. He sat up unnaturally straight in his seat and I thought he was wearing a brace to help his ribs. I dont know if that was because of Carlos or Braydon. They both have very hard kicks. Maybe it was both of them.

I accidentally caught his eyes. They held a menacing and sinister look. A dangerous smirk appear on his swollen lips and it kind of made his cheek look bigger. His eyes travelled down my body and he licked his lips before unattractively biting his lower one.

I was wearing a flowey dungaree dress. It had buttons going up at the top of the shirt that flowed out at my waist. I wore a top that saidlittle cutie pieon it.

I thought the phrase was funny so I bought it. Carlos seemed to like it as well: this morning he said I was his little cutie pie. That made my cheeks heat up and I became embarrassed. I really liked it when he called me a good girl or his little girl. It made my stomach erupt in butterflies.

I squirmed in the coach because of how uncomfortable I felt understand Blakes gaze. I moved up closer to Carlos. He looked down at me in confusion. He followed my gaze and his hardened instantly. His hand found its way to my cheek and he guided my face so I looked up to him. My eyes held fear and his softened at the sight. A sad smile covered his lips. He kissed mine softly and then began to massage my hair again to calm me down. It worked.

"From what Ive heard from the students that witnessed the fight, Mr Robinson said something controversial and inappropriate to Miss Rose. She seemed to be uncomfortable by it but Mr Robinson didnt stop. Apparently, he was going to approach Miss Rose when Mr Reid intervened and started the fight. Mr Robinson retaliated and punch back.”

"What did he say?”
We all turned to look at my dad.

"Excuse me Mr Rose.”

"What did the boy say to my Rosie? He must have said something bad to make Carlos react in such way. So I ask again. What did he say?”
Mrs Pierce seemed uncomfortable and shifted in her seat.

Carlos tensed up beside me. No one talked.
"I asked a question and I expect an answer. So what did he say?”

Blake shrunk in his seat.
"That her ass looked juicy and then asked to touched it.”
It was Carlos that had replied. His eyes burned into Blakes head. Blakes fathers eyes widened and he looked down at his son in shock.
"He then called her a bitch because she denied. He said she must have been a good fuck and asked to go next. Said hed made it the best night of her life.”

A suffocating tension polluted the air before my dad began breathing heavily and he gripped the chair tightly, breaking the arm. The loud snap made everyones attention turn to him in an instant. I knew what was happening. The cruel rage that replaced his usual cheerful expression made chills run down my spine.

Antonio turned to look at him in concern.

Antonio went to place his hand on dads shoulder. He bolted up from his seat and directed his eyes to Blake.

His voice echoed of the walls. Im sure the whole school could hear it. He had such a menacing tone to him and his eyes were blazing with anger. I thought that Blake would of exploded with how red his face was. He was sunk so far into his seat that the titanic would be jealous.

Dad began to approach him with his finger pointed out. When he got close to him, Blakes dad stepped in front of him. He was a big guy but still not as big as my dad or Antonio. Dad stopped and looked down at him.

"I understand what Blake has done is unacceptably disgusting. He should not have said something so revolting to your daughter but what you are currently doing isnt exactly fair either. A grown ass man threatening a defenceless 18 year old boy. How is that fair or legal?”
It went silent for a while only my dads harsh breaths could be heard.

"Did that stop him? Did that stop youre son from saying something like that to my innocent little Lavender?”

"No It didnt but-”

"Exactly. So why should I give him that benefit if he didnt give my baby that? What would of happened if Carlos hadnt stopped him? He would of sexually touched her without consent. Hell he may have taken it as far as raped her.”

"Now thats taking it too-”
My dad put his hand up.

"I wasnt finished. Do you know why it would of ended like that? Because my Lavender was defenceless just like your son is now. So tell me why I should give him the pleasure of being treated different, huh? Why should I? Was my sweetheart given that pleasure? No she wasnt.”

A silence surrounded us once again. I hugged Carlos even tighter. Im sure I was suffocating him now but he never complained. Not once. He just comforted and calmed me.

"Mr Rose I understand how you feel but please dont subject one of my students. What he did was wrong but what you are doing is also wrong and highly illegal. You could go to jail for threatening and endangering a child.”
My dad looked at her plainly before laughing. She looked at him strangely.

"You do realise I own literally everything in New York. From hotels to malls to coffee shops to the local jails and prisons. So try. Try get me jailed. I can assure you you will not get far with it. Now heres what going to happen that boy with be expelled or suspended for at least a week. Carlos will get a detention for a day because of the damage he has done to the imbecile’s face. Me and my family will be leaving now. Hope you have a good day.”

Dad and Antonio stood up from their seats. They looked at me. I escaped from Carlosarms. I looked down at him sitting in the coach. I kissed his cheek shyly before running over to them. Dad put his hand around my shoulder and kissed my forehead with a soft tense smile. We walked to the door.

"Mr Rose you know i cant-”
Dad turned back around

"Oh did I forget to say. This is not negotiable. You will expel or suspend that kid or expect to find another job some time soon. Goodbye Sharon. Have a good rest of your day.”

We exited the office and walked to the car park.

Flashback over

I was currently laying on my bed like a starfish. Josie was rushing around my room trying to find the perfect outfit for me to wear.

Yesterday, Carlos had been able to somehow convince me to go to the yearly charity ball at town hall. I didn’t necessarily want to go because of how many people go every year. It was a ball that all the rich people would donate money to orphaned children of the world. It was such a good cause. I wanted to go every year but was too scared.

“Oh. My. God. This dress. This dress is the one. You’ve got to wear this one.”
I lifted my head of the bed. She dug her hand into my closet and came back out with a voile blue dress. The top was decorated with jewel little flowers. Around my waist, there was a small belt of pearls. There looked to be a deep slit up my thigh. That looked too high. My shoulders would be bare and the material for my arms were see-through.

I don’t necessarily know why I bought it. I think it was for my 15th birthday. It was real pretty dress but the slit up my thigh was too revealing and high. My shoulders were also fully revealed and you would see the scars on the back of them. Carlos hadn’t seen them before as I had always worn concealer on them when he was around. But I didn’t have any left. I used it all the other day to cover it up. I couldn’t hide them.

“Jo that l-looks a little too revealing for a f-fancy ball.”
She pulled me up of my bed to my displeasure.

“Bumblebee it will look beautiful. Don’t worry about it. Think about what Carlos will be thinking about when he sees you in this.”
What would he think of me? Would he think that I was beautiful like Josie does? Or would he think I was disgusting when he saw my scars? I didn’t want that.

“Bumbler don’t worry too much. He will think your just as much as an angel as he did yesterday and the day before. No matter what you look like that will never change.”
She placed her hands around me and hugged me. I hugged her back.

“Thanks Jo.”
She released me and stood back.
“It’s alright now how about we do your hair now.”

She pushed me into the bathroom. This is going to take a while.

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