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His Little Lavender

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Chapter 3

Carlos’ POV

I’ve been sat in this goddamn office for 25 minutes with absolutely fucking nothing to do while my dad and new principal sort out the arrangements and paperwork needed for me to transfer to this hellhole. Like this one is going to be any better than the last one. Or from the last time I was here.

I used to live in New York before my dad moved me, my sister and my mum to New Jersey when I was 12. He says it would help him grow his business and find better clients. Like hell it would. We only moved because mum cheated on him with the next door neighbour so we left to make sure it wouldn’t happen again. He won’t say that though. Too proud of himself. I didn’t even find out from him. It was my Aunt Loise (my dad’s sister) that told me when I asked a few days after my 16 birthday. I was so disgusted at my mum that our whole relationship burned down. Like why would she do that to dad after everything he’s done for her? And what about me and Jessica? How could she that to us?

We moved back to New York about 4 days ago because one of dad’s old clients offered a deal that he couldn’t refuse and it was better and easier if we moved here than him having to go back and forth for a whole year. Also because I got kicked out of my last school for lighting the principal’s office on fire. He deserved it though. He would always perv on my little sister. He’s lucky I didn’t light him on fire instead.

As the principal stopped talking and turned around to get something from the shelf behind him, dad leaned back in the chair, looked at me and rolled his eyes. Looks like he’s as bloody bored as me. It’s his fault anyway. He decided to do it last minute so we had to wake up extremely early as dad had a meeting at 8 and I needed to be signed in before 8:30. The time school starts.

“Okay this should be the last one. Sign your name here and we should be done.” The principal said while handing my dad a piece of paper that I had no idea what was about. He skimmed over it before signing and handing it back to the balding fat dude in front of us. “Thank you Mr.Reid you can leave. I just need to have a talk with your son, Carlos, about the rules we follow here.”

I internally groaned while my dad got up and left with a smirk I knew to well. He was laughing at me on the inside. Fucking twat. Now I’ve got to sit here for another 15 minutes talking about some useless rules that I bet half the students here don’t even follow and it’s not even 8 yet. For fucks sake.

For the next 20 minutes, the principal went over rules like no violence, no inappropriate behaviour, no swearing and always wear suitable clothes that’s not too revealing. Like anyone actually follows these. We’re teenagers for heavens sake. We’re obviously going to go against them.

Finally, he finished and let me leave. I’m sure if I was in there any longer, my head would of exploded with boredom. I opened the reception door and pulled out my phone, going to check the time, when I bumped into a small body and heard someone fall on the floor.

“Owie.” I heard a soft voice travel through the halls. I looked down ready to shout but what I saw made my heart melt. An angel. A literal angel was on the floor in front of me. Her plump pink lips were in a pout while her hands were wiping the tears off her cheeks. Wait a minute. Why is she crying? I didn’t hurt her, did I?

What’s even worse was her skirt had ridden up and I could see the lavender lace thong that barely covered anything underneath. I felt my dick switch a little and my jeans began to feel a bit small. Little fantasies began running through my head and I began wondering what she looked like from the back. Her skirt gone and her bent over- woah. Wait a moment. Calm down. Don’t want to get too excited now.

As she finally realised, she removed her hands from her face and quickly pushed her skirt down. Her chubby (already pink) cheeks turned a deep crimson red and her electric blue eyes widened. What I would do to have her look like that while underneath me.

I cleared my throat and came to my senses. I extended my hand as she was still on the floor. “Come on. Let me help you up.”

Her widened blue eyes looked up at me and I was frozen. They were magical. Her eyes were like a lake of water that would be the home to many majestic creatures. They reminded me of the sky on a sunny and cloudless day. There weren’t powerful enough words to describe how gorgeous her eyes and she was in general. Her wavy golden hair was in front of her face. It looked like a brighter shade than the sun. Her petite button nose snivelled as she held in her tears. Her ravishing pink lips were in a pout that tempted me to kiss her even more. She was an angel.

She reached out her hand and placed it in mine. The mere contact made my whole body warm up as if I was sitting next to a live fire. My brain became all fuzzy. Damn what the fuck’s happening to me?

I pulled her up a little to hard and she stumbled falling on my chest. I could feel her erect nipples on my shirt and my arousal got worse. Her little pale hands were on my pecs and she was looking up at me with eyes wider than the sun. Hopefully, the next time she looks at me like that is when I’m fucking her in bed.

“S-Sorry.” I heard her squeak before rushing backwards to make some distance between us. Her voice was like a melody to my ears. Better than any of that crap teenagers listen to today. It was so hypnotising. I could listen to it all day.

“I-I’m soo sorry I b-bumped into you. It was a-a accident. I didn’t h-hurt you did I? Oh darn I hurt you, d-didn’t I? I-I’m sooo sorry.” She stuttered out while tears fell down her cheeks. Oh God I made her cry. I didn’t want her to cry.

I instantly became alarmed “Why are you crying angel? Beautiful goddess’ shouldn’t cry.” I soothed while bending down a little and wiping the tears off her cheeks.

She blushed and looked down. Her hair shielded her face but I could still see the red on her cheeks no matter what. Her blushes was gorgeous.

“I hurt. I d-didn’t mean t-to.” Her sweet voice muttered while she moved around on her feet. She thought she could hurt me. A sweet petite angel like her couldn’t hurt anyone if she tried.

“Angel you didn’t hurt me. You couldn’t if you tried. It should be me asking you that. You took a nasty fall.” Her cheeks reddened even more if possible either from the embarrassment of falling or the fact she realise I had seen what’s under her skirt.

“I-I-I’m fine sir Thank y-you.” The word sir made me feel things it shouldn’t have. Come on Carlos get your head out the gutter. She didn’t mean it like that.

“I’m Carlos Reid. But most people call me Reid.” I introduced myself with a smile. A fucking smile. I hardly ever smile.

“I’m Lavender. L-Lavender Rose. You can c-call me what you w-want.” ‘How about mine’ is what I wanted to say. Her name fit her perfectly. She smelt like I was walking through a field of lavender.

“Lavender is such-” Before I could continue, a female teenagers came running down the halls. My angel turned her head around and I could see the beautiful smile that graced her face.

Lavender’s POV

It was a 10 minute drive from the mansion to the school. It was currently 7:40 am. I always liked to get to school earlier than everyone else. When I was a freshman, many people looked at me weird and called me a snob because I had a private driver. Some would try to be fake friends with me just because I had money.

I honestly wouldn’t mind that because at least I’d have more than 2 friends but Josie and Max said that’s not a healthy friendship and I shouldn’t be friends with people like that. So I get to school earlier to make sure no one see I have a personal driver and makes fun of me.

Pulling up outside the school, I heard Smithy open the drivers door and walk around to open mine.

“I can open m-my own door you know S-Smithy. You don’t a-always have to. That just g-gives you more w-work and I d-don’t want to do t-that to you.” I said as he opened the door and helped me out.

“Ms.Lavender that’s my job. And what type of man would I be to let a pretty girl like you go through all that effort.“I blushed and he chuckled. Reaching into the car, he pulled out my pastel lavender backpack with roses on and helped me put it on. “Have a good day at school Ms.Lavender and remember what Mr.Antonio says ‘stay away from the boys Rosie’ ” he mocked Antonio in a deep voice. I giggled and started skipping away not before waving and saying goodbye.

Opening the doors, I walked towards the library. I was holding the straps of my backpack and looking down at my feet giggling at the way I walk. It was funny. My left big toe would be slightly pointing in whereas my right one would be straight. Tony always did say I walked weirdly.

Suddenly, I felt myself walk into something. I must have been distracted by my feet and forgotten to turn a corner and accidentally walked into the lockers. I fell on the floor and landed harshly on my bum. It really hurt. More than when I bumped foreheads with Antonio this morning. I might have a red mark on my bum cheek now. Oh gosh!

“Owie” I used my hands to wipe away the pathetic tears that accidentally escaped. I’m such a cry baby. Stop crying Lavender. It didn’t hurt that much.

Looking down, I realised my skirt had ridden up and you could clearly see my pretty lavender underwear. I removed my hands from my face and quickly pushed it down and hoped no one saw what had happened. But then, I heard someone clear their throat and a deep, masculine voice echoed about the halls,
“Come on. Let me help you”

I looked up and found myself looking into a pair of deep green eyes. They were like the forest. I always loved the forest. It’s such a peaceful and natural place to be. Hardly been touched by man.

He had a really sharp jaw line and I wonder if it could cut my fingers if I ran them along it. His nose was a bit wonky and looked like it had been broken. That must have hurt. His coal-black hair was messy but it made him even more handsome.

I put my hand in his out-stretched one and felt a tingle go down my spine. That was funny? But I like that feeling. It made me all giddy and happy.

He pulled me up with too much force and I fell on his chest. My breasts were right on him and my hands were on his pecs. Realising he might not liked being touched, I pulled away and stumbled backwards.

“Sorry” I squeaked before looking down at my feet trying to figure out how to talk to him. I haven’t talk to many men except my family. “I-I’m soo sorry I b-bumped into you. It was a-accident. I didn’t h-hurt you did I? Oh darn I hurt you, d-didn’t I? I-I’m sooo sorry”

Tears began leaking out of my eyes at the realisation that I probably hurt him when bumping into to him. Why am I hurting everyone today? I’m so darn useless. What if he hurts me back for hurting him? I don’t want to get hurt. I probably hurt him when I fell on his chest too. I must have. I’m a really heavy person and it must have hurt when I suddenly hit him like that.

“Why are you crying angel? Beautiful goddess’ shouldn’t cry.“He said bending down to wipe the tears of my face. I blushed and tried to hide myself with my hair. Why is he being so nice? I just hurt him. He should be being mean to me.

.“I h-hurt you. I didn’t m-mean to.” I mumbled and began shuffling on my feet..

“Angel you didn’t hurt me. You couldn’t if you tried. It should be me asking you that. You took a nasty fall.“Oh god he must have seen my underwear. That is so embarrassing. They were really revealing as well.
He probably saw my kitty. Daddy says no one should ever see that until I am 30. I know what he means. He doesn’t want me to do the nasty until I’m 30.

“I-I-I’m fine sir Thank you.”

“I’m Carlos Reid. But most people call me Reid.” He looked at me with a smile. He had a really nice smile. There were dimples on his cheeks and his teeth were extremely straight and white..

“I’m L-Lavender. Lavender Rose. You can call me w-what you w-want.” I replied and tucked a piece of hair behind my ear and held onto my backpack strap. He made me really nervous and shy..

“Lavender is such-” he began before getting interrupted by a familiar scream. I turned around a bit and a bright smile graced my face.

“BUMBLEBEE.” Josie ,one of my best friends, exclaimed before launched at me to give me a hug. We nearly landed on the floor but I was able to keep on my feet.

“Careful Josie you’re gonna hurt her. You know she can’t hold your weight like most. She’s just too little and cute.” Max ,my other best friend, said before pulling Josie of me and pulling me into a hug. He had gotten bigger and had more stomach muscles. He always gave the best hugs. So warm and safe.

“Welcome b-back guys. How w-was G-Greece.?” I welcomed and began moving backwards to get a little room but bumped into a chest. I forgot Carlos was behind me. He chuckled and just stayed where he was so we were back to chest. His chest was hard. Harder than Tony’s and Max’s.

“I’ll tell you about that later after dinner. But how about you introduce us to your new friend behind you. He looks fairly... friendly.” Max began suspiciously eyeing Carlos up. He was 6 foot but Carlos was probably 6′2. He had bigger muscles than Max and his biceps were bigger than my thighs which was practically impossible.

“Josie, M-Max this is C-Carlos Reid. Carlos t-these are my best f-friends Josie and Max. T-They’re twins.” I giggled. They hated it when people knew they were twins. They liked being their own individual person without one being known because of the other. So they avoid telling people they’re twins even though many people guess because of the noticeable resemblance to each other.

“Carlos huh-“Josie began. She leaned back into Max and tried to whisper.” Do you think he’s like Jonas? He looks like another Jonas.”

At the mention of his name, I instantly tensed. Jonas was a really bad person that I knew 2 years ago. He’s in prison now but he still scared me. I used to get bad nightmares about him and it got to the point where either daddy or Antonio would have to sleep with me or I wouldn’t be able to sleep at all.

Carlos must have felt my nervousness because he grabbed my hands and held them with his behind my back. He started playing with my fingers and that made me feel another tingle. I love these tingles. They make me forget everything.

Before anyone else could talk, the bell rang and herds of teenagers began stomping into the hallway.

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