His Little Lavender

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Chapter 30

Lavender’s PoV

When we entered the bathroom, Josie forced me into the shower. She waited outside whilst I showered and got changed. She may have been my best friends since diapers but I’m still not comfortable showing my body around her. Around anyone actually. Especially with the scars that I have yet to have removed.

I had to call her back in when I put the dress on. There was a little zip at the back that I couldn’t reach. That frustrated me soo much. Why couldn’t it be at the side? That would be so much easier.

When she walked through the door, you could physically see her eyes widened in shock. A gasp left her mouth before she placed her hand over the top of it.

What. Do I look bad? Maybe it’s my shoulders? Maybe it’s my thighs? Maybe it’s just me over all. I knew I wouldn’t look good in this dress.

On the other hand, she was sporting a dress that was the complete opposite to mine. Thick silk pink dress. Like me, she had a high slit running up to the top of her thigh but she looked good with it .Unlike me, Josie had smaller boobs and bum but her waist made it so she had the perfect hourglass look I wanted to have.

Her hair was in elegant curls and fell just below her breasts. She had gone full out with her makeup. She had a pink eyeshadow look with fake eyelashes. Her highlight shone and practically blinded me. She outlined her lips to make them look bigger and coated them with a pink lipstick.

“Jesus Christ bumblebee. You look gorgeous.”
She ran up to me and pulled up the zip. She twirled me around causing the ends of the dress to swirl. It looked amazing.

So she didn’t think I looked bad. Maybe she just lying to me to make me feel better.

I was standing in front of a mirror and I must admit the dress was fabulous. The little belt of pearls kept it tight around my waist. The voile sleeves were see through and you could see my arms clearly. My only problem was the slit and my shoulders. Like I expected, it was very high. My shoulders were exposed and you could see the marks.

I placed my hand on top of them. A tear escaped my eyes before I could stop it. I’ve cried so much this last week. It’s ridiculous.

I just couldn’t help it. I hated remembering what he did to me. I hated it when he used a belt. It made it ten times worse than his hands. The metal clasp of it always made me bleed. He only used it when I was extra naughty. That wasn’t much as I knew what would happen if I was.

Josie’s hand covered mine and I looked at her eyes in the mirror. They were soft and held a sympathetic glint.
“It’s alright Vee. You still look as amazing as you did before you got them. Nothing has changed. Nothing ever will.”
She wiped away my tear. I turned around hugged her once again. She stroked my hair and then let me go.

“You look a-amazing too Josie. Like a r-real princess. Antonio will be l-lucky to have you.”
She blushed and I giggled.

“Bee that was ages ago. You know I don’t like him now. He’s practically my brother.”
I laughed and she blushed even harder.

Two years ago, Josie had a massive crush on Antonio. It was so cute. Her cheeks would glow red at even the smallest bit of attention he would give her. Whether it was just looking at her or talking to her, everything he did made her blush. Me and Max would just laugh about it. She got over it when Antonio met a girl named Harmony. Jo was heartbroken when they got together. She got over him though.

Antonio and Harmony only broke up about a year ago when Tony found out she was only using him for his money and fame. He absolutely despises gold diggers especially after mum. He was so distraught that even I could feel his pain. He truly loved her. That made me sad as well. How could she do that to him? Tony didn’t deserve to be sad or hurt like that. No matter what he did or treated me like in the past.

Josie cleared her throat and then pulled out her phone. Her eyes widened.

“B-bad word Josie.”
She looked at me regretfully.

“Sorry Bee. I meant lord we only have half an hour to do your hair and makeup. We need to hurry up.”
She rushed out of my room and came back with a makeup bag and some hair products.

After about 25 minutes, I was able to feel my face and see myself again. I don’t know how people do this everyday. It’s painful.

I looked in the mirror. I had a straight forward blue and silver eyeshadow look. With a lot of persuasion and bribery, Josie was able to put false eyelashes and winged eyeliner on me. I was scared she’d accidentally poke my eyeball out with the eyeliner or glue my eyes shut. Now that would be a complete disaster. My lips were a light pink gloss. I worn a simple low ponytail with a little headpiece leading down to it. It looked pretty.

“Wow Jo. I-It looks pretty”
I walked up closer to the mirror and touch my face. I truly did look beautiful while looking like this. She must be a witch. You can’t see any of the little freckles that scattered my cheeks or the scar on my hairline I got when I was five. Max pushed me of a tree. Tony and dad wasn’t very happy about that.

I looked down at my shoulders and my smile dimmed. She hadn’t covered them. She hasn’t covered my scars. I thought she would cover them with some of her concealer. I wanted her to cover them.
“Jo why didn’t y-you cover them? They m-make me look bad.”
I turned around to look her in the eye.

Hers softened. I knew she was pitying me and I didn’t want that. I don’t like pity.
“They don’t make you look bad. They make you look strong.”
She placed her hands on my shoulders but I flinched. My shoulders were very sensitive especially when bare.

“Carlos w-won’t like them.”
I whispered.

“Your going to have to speak louder Rosie. I can’t understand you.”
I looked at the floor and shuffled on my heel-covered feet.

“C-Carlos won’t like them. He’ll think I’m ugly if he sees them. I don’t want him to think I’m ugly. Please cover them u-up Josie. I don’t want anyone e-else to see them. I-it will make dad and A-Antonio look bad to.”
Tears threatened to fall but I didn’t want to ruin Josie’s wonderful makeup so I held them in.

“Darling. I would never think your ugly. Not in a million years.”
My head darted up to the door. There he stood in all his glory. Carlos.

Carlos’ PoV

It took a long amount of time for me to convince Lavender to be my date to the annual charity hall. I knew she wasn’t necessarily comfortable with all the attention and the amount of people there but I wanted her to get out. I didn’t want her to always be scared of large crowds and loud noises. To always be stuck in a cage because of her fears. I wanted her to get over them. I know it will take more than one night to do that but everyones got to start somewhere, don’t they?

I had been sitting in the living room of my darling’s house for about 10 minutes. I wore a blue 3-piece suit. The first three buttons of my shirt were undone and you could see my chain. My hair was slick back fashionably.

I was looking at a picture I took the other day of my angel. She was sitting in a little field of flowers. I found it the first week I moved here. On her nose, there was a little purple butterfly. She had the most beautiful and largest smile on her face. I could hear the little giggles that escaped her lips right now.

I looked up from my phone when Antonio walked in. He wore a traditional black suit with a white shirt and black tie. I could feel his eyes burning into my skull. I know he doesn’t exactly like me. The nasty glare he is looking at me with right now says it all.

I didn’t know if it’s because he doesn’t trust me or because of what Jonas did to her in the past. I don’t want him to think of me like that. I don’t want to Lavender think of me like I’m Jonas either. Cause I’m not. I’ll never harm her unless it’s to pleasure her. I’m not some bloody abuser. That Jonas is a fucking coward that took out his anger on a sweet innocent angel. She didn’t deserve that. No one does.

“You don’t deserve her.”
He said. I looked up from my phone in confusion. Was he talking to me?

“Excuse me.”
He put one of his legs over the other and placed his entwined hands on them. He looked directly in my eyes.

“You don’t deserve her. You don’t deserve my sweet Rosie.”
His eyes softened when he said her name.

Its clear he cares about her dearly. The over-protective nature he has towards her is a clear sign of it.

“I know. No one does. She’s too much of an angel to be on this god-forsaken planet. She deserves so much better than what’s she’s been given in life.”
His eyes widened.

“So she told you. About him.”
I lifted my eyebrows.

“Are you talking about Jonas?”
He sat up straight in his chair.

“We don’t say his name in this house. Its practically a law so don’t say his name around Lavender or my father unless you want to die. Literally.”
My eyes widened but I just nodded my head.

We sat in silence for another couple minutes. It was quite awkward. Neither of us had anything to say to each other.

I decided I’d go and check on Lavender to make sure she’s alright. I got up from the coach and made my way to the stairs.
“Where do you think you’re going?”
I turned back around.

“My darling’s room. What’s it to do with you?”
Her stood up from the couch.

“What’s it to do with me? That’s my sister and you expect me to just let you go up there while she’s getting changed. You must be fucking delusional.”
He chuckled darkly. I turned back around and made my way up to the stairs.

“Don’t worry I’ll be sure to add a few more hickies to her collection. Thankfully, there’s not a camera in there so you don’t have to see all the sinful things I’m about to do to her this time. I’m going to have her moaning under me when I’m done don’t you worry.”
I got to the top and sent him a little wink. His face reddened and I could see the steam streaming out his ears. It was a funny sight.

“You little bast-”
He ran towards the stairs. Before he could get on the first step, Christopher appeared in front of him blocking him from getting to me.

“Antonio sit back down. You know he’s only trying to rile you up. What’s will Lavender say when you hurt her boyfriend? She won’t be very happy, will she?”
He huffed and sent me one last glare before going to sit back down.

Christopher turned to me and I could tell he was angry.
“You won’t be such things to my Rosie in this house, do you understand Carlos?”

“Bit too late for that Mr Rose.”
I replied. His eyes widened.

“What do you mean? What did you do?”
His eyes held even more rage. I didn’t want to be at the end of that so I began to walk away. I seem to have an obsession of walking away nowadays.

“I don’t think you want to know that. Didn’t you say you wanted to keep the image of your daughter as pure as you can?”
I shouted down the hall. I heard him huff before walking away.

I chuckled quietly. I don’t think Lavender would appreciate me telling her father everything we have done together.

There hasn’t been a lot of sexual activity since the day she met my sister. We have been taking it slow and learning more about each other. There was some times when we kissed and made out but we never took it any further. I knew she wasn’t ready and I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable.

I reached her door and knocked. I heard murmurs from inside and decided they must be in the bathroom from how quiet they are. I opened the door and went in.

There were loads of dress piled on her bed. It looked like a rainbow with all the different varieties of colours scattered on it.

The little teddy I brought her the other day was at the top of all her cushions. It was a small apple. She has been sleeping with it ever since. It’s taken over my fucking job of being her cuddle buddy. She’s rather cuddle that god-forsaken apple than me now. How’s that fair?

To my left, I could get voices and one in particular caught my attention. My angel.

“C-Carlos won’t like them. He’ll think I’m ugly if he sees them. I don’t want him to think I’m ugly. Please cover them u-up Josie. I don’t want anyone e-else to see them. I-it will make dad and A-Antonio look bad to.”

My eyes widened. How could she think I would ever think she was anything less than beautiful? She was the literal definition of it. Even if these things she wanted Josie to cover up were hideous, they could never make her hideous. Nothing could.

I walked towards the bathroom door and opened it. Inside, there was Lavender and Josie staring at each other. My angel looked as if she was about to cry.

She looked gorgeous. The dress she worn was tight around her waist extenuating her hips. The high slit up her leg showed off enough skin to make any man entranced by her beauty. The see-through sleeves made the dress look majestical. Her shoulders were bare. And there were scars. Scars? How hadn’t I seen them before? Was that what she wanted Josie to cover up?

They didn’t make her look any less beautiful though.

“Darling. I would never think your ugly. Not in a million years.”
Her head lifted up from the floor as fast as lightning. I’m surprised her neck didn’t break. She looked surprised and a bit shocked to see me.

I finally got a good look at her face and hair. The eye makeup she wore made her crystal blue eyes pop. The long false eyelashes made them even bigger. Her lips shone with gloss. That made the desire I had to kiss her even stronger.

I walked further into the bathroom and Josie began walk out to give us privacy. She sent me a strong but sad look on the way out.

I turned my attention back to Lavender and saw her shuffle on her feet again. The heels she wore were blue as well and weren’t that tall either only about 3 inches. They still looked painful to walk in.

I pulled her into a hug. Cautiously, to make sure I wouldn’t ruin her hair or make up.
“Darling you look absolutely beautiful. You always do. Never. Never think I think any less. That’s not true. You’re the most gorgeous girl I have ever met.”

She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me closer. I knew she was trying her hardest not to cry because of the make up she was wearing. To be completely honest, she didn’t need it. She looked amazing without it.

She pulled away from me and hugged her hands around herself.

I wanted to touch them but didn’t know if she felt comfortable with it or not. They might be sensitive. I don’t know how I never saw them before. Maybe she concealed them. I mean I’ve seen her naked a few times. And she sometimes wears pyjamas with no shoulder coverage. But never outside clothing.

“Can-Can I touch them angel?”
I reached my hand out carefully. I didn’t want to scare her. She didn’t move away and I took that as my queue to proceed.

I placed my hands on her scars. She flinched a little. I went to remove my hand but she pulled it back.
“D-Don’t worry. I’m fine.”
I sent her a soft smile and rubbed them.

They felt rough and a little ragged. The scars look liked they hadn’t been made my a hand. Definitely not by hand. They wouldn’t of turned out like this . A knife. No too large. Maybe a piece of clothing.

A belt. He took a belt to her. He used a fucking belt on my little girl. A. Fucking. Belt. The marks lined up perfectly to a belt. That would explain why she was always tense or cautious when I held a belt or removed one from my trousers before we cuddled.

My grasp must have tightened on her and she whimpered. I released her and she stumbled back a little.
“Baby. I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to.”
I approached her again and she let me. I took a hold of her hand and kissed them both softly. She blushed.

“It’s a-alright Charlie.”
She was too sweet and forgiving. I love and hate that about her. She can’t always forgive someone for what they’ve done. That won’t get her anywhere and she’ll always have toxic people in her life if she does.

“It’s not though. I shouldn’t of hurt. Whether it was on purpose or accidentally. I shouldn’t have done it. You don’t deserve that.”
I dropped her hands and walked back with my head directed to the floor. I didn’t deserve her. No one does. I just can’t let her go and never will.

She placed her hands on my cheeks and brought my head done to kiss my cheeks.
“I know c-Charlie. But you didn’t mean to. You c-can’t beat yourself up because o-of that.”
She smiled up to me. I was suppose to be the one comforting her but here she is comforting me. Bloody hell.

“Baby you look beautiful. Have I told you that yet?”
She blushed and moved her hands of my cheeks. I missed her warmth instantly. I wanted her touching me again.

Before she could fully move away from me, I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her closer to my body. Like every other time, her hands landed on my pecs and she stood on her tiptoes a bit because of our height difference.

“C-Carlos. What are you d-doing?”
Her blush had intensified extremely. My hand trailed down her hip to her leg. I rubbed up the slit in her dress. Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open

“Shhh little girl. Just relax.”
My hand travelled further up until it was nearly touching her. I could feel her warmth. I looked into her eyes. I could see a bit of hesitation.
“It’s alright. I won’t hurt you. It’ll be alright.”
Her eyes showed hesitance no more and I continued on my trail.

My hand covered her pants and I was cupping her pussy in my hands. A breathy moan left her mouth and I smirked. I began to rub her through her underwear. She moaned even more.

“Do you like that little girl? Do you like when daddy rubs your pussy like that?”
I stopped the movement of my hands.

She pushed her hips into my hand. I chuckled and pushed her up against the door.
“Such a desperate little girl. Beg me. Beg daddy to touch you.”

She looked into my eyes. My spare hand moved up to her hip and slammed her into the door again. She moaned.
“Do it baby. Do it for daddy. Beg me.”
I whispered in her ear. I pressed kisses down her neck again.

I lifted my head from her neck.
“P-lease touch me. Touch me d-daddy. I want you to t-touch me. Daddy p-please.”
Her hips bucked up against mine. I could feel myself become hard.

“Such an obedient good girl.”
My hand moved her underwear to the side. My finger began to stroke her up and down. I groaned.
“So so wet. Is this all for me little girl? Did daddy make you wet?”
My other hand moved her underwear down and it fell to the floor leaving her bare. My whole hand covered her and began to stroke. She moaned even louder.
“D-daddy oh yes.”

She leaned her head against the door. I moved my lips to her neck and kissed it. I bit and left some hickies in some places. At least I kept my promise.

She moaned even louder and her hands pulled my hair. I groaned and moved my lips up to hers. I was about to connect them when I heard a bang at the door.
“Carlos I swear to god. If you’re bloody having sex with my daughter in there, I’ll fucking kill you with my own hands. What did I tell you earlier?”

I groaned and threw my head back. Lavender was looking down with red glowing cheeks. Unfortunately, not the cheeks I wanted to glow red.
“No Christopher. I am not having sex with your daughter. Just simply trying to make her feel good.”

“Is there a difference? I think the fuck not so come out. We’re leaving soon anyway.”
I heard him walk away and Lavender’s door close behind him.

I released her and bent down to get her underwear. I looked up. “It’s a nice view down here darling.”
She closed her legs instantly and went even redder. I chuckled.

She whined. I stood back up, pulling her underwear up as well. I grabbed her cheeks. She looked me directly in the face and had wide eyes.

“Don’t whine at me little girl.”
She blushed and nodded her head. I leaned in further.
“Do you wanna play a little game baby?”
Her eyes held uncertainty but she nodded anyway.

I dug into my pocket and pulled a small little vibrator. I wasn’t sure if she would be up for it but I brought it anyway. Lavender looked at it in confusion and then looked back up at me.
“C-Charlie what’s that?”
I smirked.

“That, darling, is a vibrator.”
She blushed and looked back down at it in surprise.
“You are going to put it on and wear it the whole night.”
Her eyes widened even more.
“For punishment and after I’ll give you a little surprise.”
She hesitated a bit but nodded anyway.

I moved my hand back down to her vagina and put it directly on her clit. She blushed at the contact and squirmed. I removed my hand and pulled out my phone. I went into the app and put it in the lowest setting. Her body jolted and she gripped my shoulders.
“C-Charlie that feels funny but g-good.”
I smirked and played with the ends of her hair.

“That’s what it’s suppose to do baby. It won’t be on the whole night but ,throughout tonight, I’ll turn it on but only when you’re with me, okay?”
She nodded and I stepped away from her to give her a little space to move from off the door.

She got off it and straightened her dress out. She walked up to the mirror to check her makeup.
Her hands touched the newly made hickies on her neck.

I chuckled and hugged her from behind.
“I just couldn’t resist. Your neck looked so bare. Literally begging to hold my mark.”
I nipped just below her ear and she squealed.

“Carlos. You know T-Tony won’t be happy about t-this.”
I groaned

“Your brothers never happy about anything I do. Fuck him.”
She gasped and turned her head towards me.

“C-Charlie bad word. No swearing.”
I pouted a little.

“Sorry baby. I’ll try to stop but I can’t guarantee that.”
I smiled and it was her turn to huff.

It was quite cute. She crossed her arms over her chest and furrowed her eyebrows to try look mad. Her foot stomped on the floor.

“Are you giving me attitude Lavender?”
I pulled her closer to me and whispered in her ear from behind.

She muttered. Her cheeks turned darker.

“I think you are darling. I thought your were going to be my good girl tonight?”
Her body instantly turned around.

“I am. I s-swear I am.”
Her eyes widened in panic.

I cupped her cheeks. I didn’t want to make her too panicked.

“I know Angel. I know you’re
going to be a good girl. You’re always a good girl. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to worry you.”
She relaxed in my arms and leaned into my hands. I rubbed her cheeks making sure not to smudge the makeup.

“I’m sor-”

“Carlos I swear to god. Hurry up unless we’re going to be late.”
This time it was Max who interrupted us. I groaned and Lavender giggled.

I removed my hands from Lavender’s cheeks and held my hand out for her. She took it with a light blush.

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