His Little Lavender

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Chapter 31

Lavender’s PoV

“Finally. You two took your time. Antonio and Braydon have already left. If we don’t leave now, we’ll be late.”
My dad said as we finally arrived in the living room.

I blushed and looked down at my shoes. I can’t believe he heard us doing that. My dad. Is there anything worse? Nope. I can’t think of anything.

Actually, it would be worse if it was Tony. I’m pretty sure he’d knock down the door and rip Carlos’ head off if he knew what we were doing in there.

“Sorry dad.”
He stopped in his tracks toward the door and turned around to look at me. He looked a bit upset and confused.
Why was he sad? Did I say something wrong?

It was my turn to be confused. What does he mean by ‘dad’?

“You a-are my dad. Aren’t you?”
I began to panic. Is he about to tell me I’m adopted? Why now? Who’s couldn’t he tell me after tonight? Why couldn’t he have told me earlier?

“Yes. Yes I am but you usually can me daddy.”
I tensed and held Carlos’ arm tighter. I could hear him hide a chuckle beside me.

I blushed and looked down at my shoes. It didn’t feel right to call him daddy now. It just felt weird. Whenever I said it, I would remember every moment of me and Carlos together. The good and bad. The sexual and sentimental. I didn’t want that. I wanted to remember him for who he was not what Carlos had done.

“I g-guess I’m just getting a-a bit older now. You’ll always b-be my daddy though.”
He smiled and I could see the tears in his eyes.

“I guess you are.”
He walked out the door. Was he still upset with me?

I began to walk out as well when Carlos pulled me back.I twirled around and landed on his chest.. again.
“He may have been your first daddy but I’ll be your last and the only man you’ll call daddy from now on.”
I blushed. I’m pretty sure you could see it through the makeup by how red I was. He was so crude with his language. I kind of liked it though. I’d never tell him that. Never in a million years.

He laughed and smirked at me. I felt him leading me outside and to a black car. Inside, there was Josie and Max.

Max was in the driver seat, Josie was in the passenger seat and me and Carlos were in the back. Max started the car and we were on our way.

From time to time, the little vibrator would go off and I would grip Carlos’ arm tighter. It was quite a surprise to me the amount of tingles and pleasurable sparks that erupted in my body just because of a simple tiny device. I would sometimes move my hips in the seat to try get rid of the intensity of them but Carlos would hold them down, preventing me from doing so.

At first, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to put the little thing in. I didn’t know precisely what it did. I only knew that people used it while doing the dirty. When Carlos suggested it to me, I was instantly thinking of saying no. I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep my cool around all these people. What would happen if I had a vibrator on as well?

However, when he said he’d give me a surprise after, my decision per-swayed and I ended up saying yes. I love surprises. You never knew what you were going to get. But with Carlos, it just felt more mysterious and special. Like I was getting rewarded for making him proud.

Throughout the journey, it was so hard not to make a sound. He would change the intensity from low to high. One time he put it so strong that a little moan escaped my mouth. That made Josie turn around and ask if I was okay. I just said yes. My face was literally burning red. I was so embarrassed.

All Carlos did was smirk and chuckle quietly to himself. For the rest of the drive, the vibrator was on a very low level. I had gotten use to it and no longer squirmed at the foreign feeling of the buzzing. It felt more good than bad now.

Eventually, we pulled up to a luxurious massive mansion near the edge of New York. I had been here a few times before with my father and brother. It’s a community owned house and the mayor of New York currently resides in it. I don’t know who he is or must have forgot.

The black and gold gates guarding the front gave it a protected and lavish feel. It’s cream walls are elegant and harbour not even a speck of filth. The large blue roof towers over us all like we are little ants.

I leaned up closer to window and gazed in awe. I can’t imagine what it would be like to live here. It was such a beautiful place. The amount of space you would have would be ridiculous. It was double the size of my home and ,from what I remember, the inside is just as gorgeous or even more.

We stopped outside the door. There were multiple couples and family rushing in. I began to feel a little anxious. The amount of people here was more than I expected. There were so many. Cars scattered all across the parking area. All different types. Blue and red and black. Lamborghini and Ferrari and Porsche. They were a mixture of them.

I tightened my grip on Carlos and leaned back into his chest.
He looked down at me with a compassionate smile and kissed my forehead.
“It’s alright darling. You’ll be fine. Imagine it’s just me and you in there. No one else. Just me-”
He pointed to himself.
“And you.”
He pointed to me and then trailed his hand to my chest, passed my breasts, up my neck and lifted my chin up to give a gentle kiss. I blushed but kissed him back.

“Lord. Haven’t you two kissed enough today? I’m sure no one here wants a free porn video right now.”
I jumped and turned around to see Braydon leaning into the window. Max and Josie had already got out the car. I blushed.

Carlos wrapped his arm around me and pulled me closer towards his chest.
“Braydon. Fuck off.”

I whined. He looked down at me and placed a hand on my cheek.

“I know. I know. I’m sorry but he needs to fuck off. He interrupted me while I was kissing you. I wanted to kiss you.”
I blushed and leaned into his hand.

I heard a fake puking noise next to me. Braydon was doing a motion with his hands of him being sick.
“Damn. Screw this sappy stuff I’m going to find Max. Be sure to use protection. I don’t want any little nieces or nephews running around just yet.”
I blushed again and hid my head in Carlos’ chest. I’m surprised my hair didn’t get messed up because of it.

He just chuckled and kissed my forehead before getting out. Carlos walked around to my side of the car and opened the door. He held out his hand and I placed mine in his. I was pulled out of the car. Carlos held out his arm and I took it. I wrapped my hands around his bicep and leaned myself into him.

He began to lead us toward the doors. I could see a few people gazing at me in bewilderment. I don’t think they knew who I was. I didn’t expect them too either. No one really knew who I was. I liked it that way.

Some of them looked at me with pity or disgust. I guess that’s because of my shoulders. This was another reason why I wanted them to be covered. I didn’t want people to judge or look at me differently because of them. I guess I just got a little caught up earlier with Carlos to have enough time to do so.

I leaned into Carlos’ embrace to hide myself. He welcomed me and just held me closer.

We entered another pair of large double doors. There was a large staircase that led to a wide ball room. Many people were crowding around. To the back, there was a stage with a podium in the middle. A band was playing in the corner and I could hear the result of their hard work all around the room. A food table was to the left wall and a few teenagers gathered around there like bees attracted to honey. Multiple tables were dotted around the room.

Me and Carlos walked down the stairs. A few people noticed us. But ,when my dad approached us, they all turned around.
“Lavender sweetheart. Good to see you and Carlos finally arrived.”
He pulled me into a hug and then kissed me on the cheek. Suddenly, I felt the vibrator increase and I gripped him tighter.
“Are you alright Rosie?”
He pulled back to look at me. I was blushing hard.

I looked behind me at Carlos and he just smirked and I felt it increase.
“Yes d-dad I’m alright. J-just a little nervous.”
He sent me a soft and sad smile.

Carlos pulled me back towards him and I wrapped my hands around his bicep again. I felt more safe and at ease around him. The vibrator was still on and I pressed my thighs together as I felt my wetness begin to gather up.

I looked around the room to try distract myself of it and only now had I noticed just how many people were looking at us. There were so many unknown eyes directed towards me that I began to shuffle uncomfortably on my heels. The pleasurable tingles were suppressed and I was focusing more on trying to calm down.

I budged up closer to Carlos. He looked down at me sadly. He leaned down a bit and whispered in my ear.
“Remember what I said. Just you and me. No one else.”
I took a deep breath and tried to forget everyone else in the room except him.

“Okay Christopher. Me and Lavender are going to sit down. I don’t want to make her too overwhelmed.”
He pulled me away from my dad before I could say goodbye.

We made our way over to our designated table and sat for a bit. Carlos’ hand would rub my thigh and that made me feel better but also a bit...funny. Like I wanted him to touch me. The vibrator had been turned down and it was only a small buzzing now.

After a while, everyone else came and sat down. On our table, there was Josie, Max, their brother and dad , my dad and brother and Carlos’s parents and sister. I was sat between Carlos and Cody. Cody was Josie and Max’s brother. He had just come back from a trip to Spain to stay with his grandparents. They were very close.

A loud voice echoed through the halls. I didn’t really pay attention as I had no knowledge as to what he was talking about. I played with Carlos’ fingers and rings and the ring that was on my finger that he gave to me the other week. I hadn’t taken it of unless I needed to shower or take a bath.

A loud round of applause set off around the hall. I joined in not wanting to feel left out. I didn’t know what we were clapping for but I did it anyway. Everyone began to talk again. Waiters were walking around bringing out food.

One arrived at our table. The food was a grilled steak with a side of pasta and a fancy red sauce. I had no clue what it was but it made my mouth water. It smelt amazing.

A plate was placed in front of me. I picked up my fork and dug in instantly. The food touched my taste buds and exploded. It was so good. The steak wasn’t raw but not burnt either. The pasta was soft and the sauce had a tangy and spicy flavour to it. I couldn’t help but moan because of how good it was.

When the vibrator buzzed faster and Carlos’ hand squeezed my thigh, I began to cough and choked on a bit of steak. He quickly grabbed my glass of water and brought it to my mouth. I drank a bit and it help the food go down my throat. Carlos rubbed my back a bit.

“Are you alright Lavender?”
I heard Cody asked me. I turned to him with a happy smile but tears eyes. That was unexpected.

“Yeah. I-I’m fine. My throats a l-little sore but I’ll be f-fine.”
He placed his hand on my shoulder and kissed my cheek. He may only be 15 but he’s still taller than me. Most people are.

I turned back to Carlos and he looked at me with an apologetic look. Before he could say anything, a deep, familiar voice spoke up from behind me.

I turned around. I gasped in surprise. Jeremiah Williams. I can’t believe it. Jonas’ brother.

He looked no different. Absolutely no different. The same blinding smile that was able to mesmerise everyone he met. The same deep eyes that looked like melted chocolate. The same little dimples that appeared when he smiled.

(Had to include at least one of my husbands in this)

I got up from my seat immediately.
I ran up to him and hugged him. He stumbled backwards a bit but hugged me back with a chuckle. I heard multiple people gasp around the room. I began to fell self-conscious about my decision. Maybe I shouldn’t have just ran up to him and hugged him like this?

Before I could pull back, he tightened his arms around me.
“You still stuck with that stupid name I see.”
I giggled and pulled backwards.

“Of c-course Jer. What else would I-I call my favourite saviour?”
His smile dimmed a bit and his eyes moved towards my shoulders.

I walked backwards a bit and hugged myself. I knew what he was thinking. I didn’t want him to think of him. Tonight was suppose to be a fun night.

An arm appeared around my waist and I looked up to see Carlos. He sent me a reassuring and gentle smile. But, his eyes held a predatorial look though and his grip was tight on my waist.

“Lavender. He did them, didn’t he?”
He pointed towards my shoulders completing ignoring the man behind me. Carlos placed his arm over my shoulders to hide them as if he felt how uncomfortable I was.

I looked down. I knew who he was on about. How couldn’t I? He contained some of the features he did. Especially his eyes.

Jeremiah and Jonas always did have a strained relationship though. They had the same father but not the same mother. Their father was a bit of a- well how do I put this. He liked to sleep with multiple women even if he was married to one. I never did like that about him. You should always be loyal to one woman no matter what.

I shuffled on my feet and nodded my head. He let out a sad but frustrated sigh.
He looked so sad I once again approached him. Carlos was very unwilling to let me go but eventually did. I hugged him and he wrapped his arms around me too.
“I’m so so sorry Rosie. He was my brother. I should have known. You didn’t deserve that. If I had gotten there faster, you wouldn’t have gone through all that pain. I’m so sorry.”
He whispered in my ear.

I could feel the familiar feeling of tears building up in my eyes. I refused to let them fall. I didn’t want to cry anymore. I’ve cried too much.
“It’s n-not your fault J-Jeremiah. No one c-could of none he was g-going to do that. D-Don’t blame yourself.”
I rubbed my hands up his back.

A deep voice broke us out sad moment.
“Jeremiah. How have you been these past few months?”
I was the one that broke the hug. I wiped away the little wet under my eyes and sniffled my nose.

I walked back into Carlos’ arms and cuddled into his side. Suddenly, the intensity of the vibrator increased and I gripped onto his arm to stable myself. It was the highest it has been. I could hardly contain myself.
“C-Charlie what are y-you doing?”

Carlos’ arm slivered around my waist so I was leaning into him. I wanted to move my hips but didn’t as it would look strange to all the people watching.
“We’ll be talking about this later darling,”
He kissed behind my ear. The intensity lowered and I sighed and leaned my body fully into him.

There were a lot of people watching us. Like everyone in the hall. Some looked at me weirdly and others looked confused. Like they had no idea what was going on. I wouldn’t expect them to either to be completely honest. No one ,expected my family, Jeremiah’s family and Carlos, knew about Jonas. And even they don’t know everything.

I leaned in closer Carlos. Mainly to hide myself but to also make sure ,if my feet gave out, I would just drop to the floor like I had just fainted. That would be embarrassing.

It was my father who had interrupted us. He was approaching Jeremiah and when he reached him he pulled Jerry into a hug.

After he helped me get away from that place, my father has always been close to him and grateful to him. They have a very close but business-like relationship. I don’t exactly know why Jeremiah does but I know it’s important. He’s like a son to my father.

“Chris. I’m doing fantastic. How about you? How’s your family doing?”
They pulled away.

“I’m doing amazing. Antonio is being his usual moody, protective self”

Tony chirped up from behind me.
Dad chuckled and so did Jerome.

“Lavender been doing better.”
He leaned in closer so he could whisper.
“Much better since you helped her get away from that awful place. I can’t even express how grateful I am to you for that.”

Jeremiah’s eyes saddened and he looked back at me. Carlos’ arm tightened around my waist and he pulled me closer. I leaned my head on his chest.

A little, familiar voice suddenly found its way to my ears.
“Daddy. Is that auntie LaLa?”

I looked behind Jeremiah to see his 8 year old son Jerome. He was the exact copy of his father. Same eyes. Same smile. Same dimples. He looked nothing like his Korean-based mother.

When he saw me, he ran up to me. His little tuxedo made him look so cute and smart. I couldn’t get over how much he had grown since I last saw him.
“Auntie LaLa.”
I giggled as I bent down.

“Jerome. How is my f-favourite little man doing?”

He ran into my arms and I fell backwards onto Carlos’ feet. I looked up to him to see him smirking down at me. I was practically sat on his feet. He kneeled down beside me and helped me back up. I blushed and looked down at the little man in my arms. Jerome was hung onto me like a koala bear.

“I missed you so much auntie LaLa. I haven’t seen you since-.”
He pulled his head out my chest and did his thinking face. His finger was on his chin and his eyes were looking upwards.

They brightened and he looked back at me.
“Since mommy gave birth to Nia. She’s g-gotten so big now. You have t-to see her.”
He began to stutter because of how fast he was talking. I giggled.

“Calm d-down Ro. I-I’ll see her soon. Don’t worry.”
His eyes brightened and he placed his eyes on my cheeks. I looked at him confused and amused.

“You’re stutter has gotten better LaLa. I’m so proud.”
I giggled and blushed. He was 5 years old and still did a better job of making me feel better than any person my age.

Josie and Max awed behind me.
“Thank y-you Ro. I’ve been practising j-just for you.”
I walked back to my chair and sat down with him on my lap.

He giggled as I tapped his nose.

“Yes my l-little man.”
He hugged me and I hugged him back.

I made eye-contact with Carlos who was now sat back down beside me. He had a look of adoration and amusement on his face. His eyes sparkled under the light. He look so handsome in his suit. It fit him just right.

He smirked and winked at me. I blushed. Jerome’s grip tightened on me. I looked down at him to see him glaring at Carlos.
“Auntie. That big man is looking at you weird. I don’t like it.”
I laughed and pulled him away from my chest gently.

“It’s alright b-baby. That’s Carlos. M-my err my”

“I’m her boyfriend.”
He stuck out his hand. I blushed and looked down at my lap.

Jerome looked Carlos up and down as if he was inspecting him. He hummed and shook his hand. They stared at each other a bit before Jerome pulled away and looked behind me.
He squealed. He began to wiggle in my lap. I handed him over to Cody.

“Hello Jerome. How you doing?”
I turned my attention back to my now cold food. Awww I didn’t get to eat it all. I really wanted to eat that. It tasted so good. A small pit appeared on my lips.

A warm hand appeared on my thigh.
“You looked so sexy. Imagine what it will be like when you have your own kids. When you have my kids.”
I blushed and looked up at him with wide eyes. Was he serious? He can’t be. We’re too young for that.
“In the near future darling. In the near future. Don’t worry.”

I sighed and slumped back into my seat.
“That doesn’t mean we can’t have a bit of practice until then”
I bolted back up in my seat when I felt the vibrator get higher agin. I placed my hand over my mouth to contain a moan.

This was going to be a long night.

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