His Little Lavender

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Chapter 32

Lavender’s PoV

“Lavender. So nice too see you again”
I turned around to see Jia ,Jeremiah’s wife. She held a cute 5 month old baby on her hip.

She didn’t look a day over 17. She never has. Her and Jeremiah had been married for 3 years. I can still remember their wedding like it yesterday. It was so beautiful. It was a blue wedding. There weren’t many people there. Only close family and friends. She had the prettiest and most amazing wedding dress I had ever seen.

Today, she wore a tight pink dress. The top was frilly and I really like it. It fell down to the end of her knees but looked fabulous on her. She was so beautiful. I have always wondered how she got such clear and wonderful skin. It was amazing. Her brown, soft hair fell down to her waist and had soft curls.

I was standing to the edge of the ballroom. Carlos had gone of to talk to some very important business clients. He didn’t want to leave me but I convinced him I’d be alright by myself.

I didn’t want him to miss out on an opportunity because he was babysitting me. That wasn’t fair even if I did want him to stay next to me. He always did make me feel less anxious and calmer especially when there were a lot of people around like right now.

I exclaimed. She laughed and pulled me into a side hug. I have always been close with Jia.

Whenever Jonas would go out, I would go to Jia’s and Jeremiah’s house. We would have a fun little girls night together. I miss them nights.
“I-Is that Nia?”

I looked down at the baby on her hip. She was the cutest thing I had ever seen. Her skin was darker than Jia’s mainly to do with Jeremiah’s dark skin tone. She had a bundle of dark curls tousled on her head. Her head laid on Jia’s shoulder and her eyes were sleepily closed. A little yawn escaped her lips.

“She’s cute, isn’t she?”
I looked up at her. My mouth was gaped open and eyes wide in adoration and excitement. She truly was cute.

“Y-Yes. She’s so c-cute. I can’t believe how b-big she has got since I last s-saw her.”
She smiled.

An adorable little sound came from Nia. I looked down and my eyes widened. Her eyes were now open. I could see her brown eyes ooze like melted chocolate. She looked up at me and a little smile appeared on her face.

“Oh my donuts.”
I awed again and moved my finger up to her face. She gripped it in a soft, gentle grip and began to bite it. I giggled.

“Do you want to hold her?”
I looked at Jia with wide eyes.

She nodded her head and handed her over to me.

I carefully held Nia and placed her on my hip. She looked up at me with a wide smile. Her little teeth on the top and bottom of her mouth were showing and it made her even cuter. A large smile erupted on mine. I couldn’t help the little giggle that escaped my mouth. She was so cute and adorable.

She giggled as well and made a grabbing motion with her hands. She grabbed my cheeks and began to pull. It hurt a little bit but I didn’t mind. It was just so cute that I didn’t have the gut to stop her cuteness.

Her dark little curls would bounce up and down as she moved on my hip. Her eyes were wide. She wore a dress that had little white flowers covering the top of a beige dress. The bottom frilled out and had multiple layers. It fit her so perfectly. A cute little dress for a cute little baby.

I turned around just as Carlos walked up behind me.

He looked a bit taken aback to see the baby in my arms. He stopped in his tracks and looked between both of us. His lips quirked up a bit and his eyes shone with an unfamiliar light.

Nia made grabbing hands to Carlos and began to lean to him. He looked a bit shocked and confused as to what to do. His eyes widened and his mouth gaped open.

“H-hold her Charlie.”
I gave her to him and she instantly stuck to him. She clung to Carlos just like Jerome clung to me. Like a koala. I laughed at that thought. I couldn’t get the image of a koala clinging onto Carlos of my mind. It was funny.

Her little legs were wrapped around his waist and her tiny arms around his neck. She began to bounce on his hip and gripped onto the collar of his shirt. She giggled and did the same thing she did to me and squished his lips to make them pucker.

He chuckled and bounced her up again. I couldn’t take my eyes of the scene. It was so wholesome and endearing. A grown man holding a cute baby on his hip. I would never imagine Carlos in a scene like this.

He had a large smile on his face and was laughing along to the unknown words and noises that Nia was making. He looked so happy and free like this.

“You have a good one there Lavender. Nothing like that bastard Jonas.”
I flinched as Jia viciously spat his name.

The fact she actually said it and how she said it scared me. I never did like hearing his name. It brought back too many memories. Not good memories either.

I turned back around to look at her. She placed a hand on my shoulder. I flinched because of my scars. She sent me a regretful look before removing it. I sent her a soft, thankful smile in return. She smiled back at me.

I looked down at my heels and blushed at what she had just said . I played with the ring on my finger. I guess he is mine. I think he is anyway.
“I-I know Jia.”
I turned back around to look at them.
“T-trust me I know.”

Carlos looked up at me and we made direct eye-contact. We just stared at each other with wide smiles on our face. It was as if the world around us didn’t exist. Like it was just him and I. No one else.

His smile was so large and bright that I couldn’t believe how happy and handsome it looked. How happy and handsome he looked. His hair had been messed up by Nia’s chubby little hands playing with it. I could see little red nail marks on his cheeks where she had grabbed and pulled at them. His collar was messed up but it only made him look better.

I couldn’t believe how amazing he looked. I had never really looked at him like I was now. Like there was no one else to distract or disturb me. He never did look more happier than he did in this moment. Never did he look more care-free and genuine.

“Jia we need to go.”
I reluctantly peeled my eyes away from Carlos and looked at Jeremiah.

He was walking towards us with a sleepy Jerome on his shoulder. His head was on his father’s shoulder and his arms were wrapped around his neck. Jeremiah’s hand were supporting his bottom to make sure he wouldn’t fall as he slept.
“It was nice to see you again Lavender. And good to meet you
Mr Reid.”

He looked at me and sent me a soft smile. Jia walked up to Carlos and took Nia off him. She refused to let him go and whined and moaned as she was pulled off him.

She gripped his arm and pulled herself back towards him.
“It’s alright Dove. We’ll see each other again.”
Carlos peeled her hand of his arm and Jia was able to get her. Jia walked away as Jeremiah approached me. I could hear Nia’s cries as they exited the hall along with a few other guests too.

Jeremiah stood in front of me.
“Please stay safe Lavender. Don’t go getting yourself in trouble again.”
I sent him a sad smile and hugged the side of him that’s want being covered by Jerome.

“I W-will. I promise Jerry.”
I pulled back.

“I know Rose. I know you will.”
He kissed my cheek and then followed after his wife.

Carlos’ arm wrapped around my waist and I was pulled into his chest. We began to make our way to a more secluded area in the corner of the room. I stumbled along with him as my feet hurt walking in these heels all afternoon.

I looked up at him with a blush. He looked down at me and then kissed my lips. I blushed harder but kissed him back.

The vibration got intenser and I quietly moaned into his mouth. I forgot about that. My hands gripped his shirt tightly and I leaned into him more. His hands gripped my hips tighter.

He released my lips and smirked at me. I looked down and blushed. I can’t believe i had just done that. In front of all these people.

I leaned into him more. To hide myself from everyone and I could feel my legs begin to give out because of the little vibrator. I needed to lean into him so I knew I wouldn’t fall to the ground like a weirdo.

Carlos’ arm tightened around the waist and I was practically leaned fully onto him and he supported my body completely.

The vibrations were strong and I couldn’t take the feeling anymore. I needed to release it.

I whined lowly and gripped Carlos’ arm to get his attention. He looked down at me with sharp eyes. I whined again and he pinched my waist. He gave me an intimidating look. One of Carlos’ hands disappeared into his pocket and then ,suddenly, the vibrations increased and got stronger. I bit my lips to stop the moan from escaping my mouth.

“Keep whining little girl and you’ll get an even worse punishment.”
I looked up at him with wide eyes. He can’t be serious.

He looked down at me with an expression that showed me exactly how serious he was being.

I didn’t care though. The vibrations were overwhelming and I couldn’t control myself anymore.

He looked at me and his eyes narrowed even more.

He gripped my chin and leaned into my ear.
“Are you still fucking whining little girl? Daddy doesn’t like it when his little girl is being bratty.”

His hand gripped mine and he pulled me out of the room. I stumbled over my feet a few times. He was going so fast I couldn’t keep up. We walked back up the stairs.

I looked back and caught Josie’s eyes. She looked at me with a confused and worried expression. I just shrugged my shoulders and gave her a reassuring smile to try make her feel better. I knew whatever happened Carlos would keep me safe. He would never let any harm come to me.

We exited the big room and walked to the doors that led to the outside. We opened them ones as well and left. I could see we were making our way over to the car we had taken here. There was no one around. It looked as if it was deserted.

He pulled out a set of keys and unlocked the car.

I stopped in my tracks and pulled at his hand.
“C-Charlie. Where are we g-going?”
I looked behind me.
“What about J-Josie and Max? How will they g-get home?”

My hips were suddenly grabbed and my back slammed into the side of the car. My head leaned on the car as I moaned and look up into his face. Carlos’ body towered over mine. One of his hands was grabbing my hip while the other gripped my cheeks and squished them making them pucker.

He leaned down towards my face.
“Don’t ask questions darling. Max and Josie will be fine. I’m sure they’ll get a drive from Braydon. No more questions now.”
He pecked my puckered lips and then leaned backwards. I blushed.

He opened the door that was beside me and helped me get in. He walked to the other side and got in. He placed the key in the car and started it. We pulled out of the parking space and left.

We drove in silence for a while until we stopped at a traffic light. My eyes had began to droop but ,when I felt the buzzing again, I jolted up in my seat.

I gripped the seat hand tightly to stable myself and moaned. I looked towards Carlos with a blush. He just smirked and increased the intensity.

I couldn’t help the movement of my hips as they moved against the seat. Carlos’ eyes darted down to them and then back up to me.
“Little girl. Stop.”
My movement slowed but didn’t stop.

I leaned my head on the seat and turned to look at him. In this position, my back was arched.
“Charlie. I-it feels weird. I c-can’t.”
I gripped the seat harder and moaned again as a shiver ran down my body.

The buzzing cooled down and I stopped moving. Carlos’ hand appeared above mine.
“It’s alright baby. I’ll help you feel better when we get to my house. Just be a little patient for me,okay?”
He squeezed my hand and then brought it up to his lips and kissed it.

I blushed and leaned into my seat and nodded my head.
“Use your words little girl.”

I blushed harder.
“Yes Daddy.”

He smiled at me and then leaned into to kiss me again.
“Good girl.”

He sat back in his seat and began to drive again. We drove for another half an hour before we reached his house. He exited the car first and walked around to my side. He opened my door but before I could get out myself, he picked me up and placed me on his hip.

I blushed and looked at him.
“I’m not a b-baby Charlie. I c-can walk by myself.”

He looked me dead in the eye.
“You’re my baby so I’ll carry you whenever I want unless it makes you uncomfortable of course. Does it?”

He smirked at me and I hid my face in his shoulder to cover my blush. He laughed and made his way to the door.

He opened it and we walked in. The silence in here was defeaning. You would be able to hear a pin drop it was that quiet. All lights were turned off and it was pitch-black except a few lamps scattered around the hallways that looked like little fireflies in a large forest of darkness.

Carlos walked up the stairs I now knew led to his room. We turned multiple corners before appearing in front of it. He turned the hands and opened the door. He shut it and I heard the lock click as well.

‼️‼️Okay okay okay.‼️‼️
Just a little warning.
The part ahead will be a little steamy
Who am I kidding.
It’ll be steamy as fuck.
‼️‼️So you’ve be warned.‼️‼️

I was pushed up against the door in an instant. Carlos was in between my thighs and I was almost eye-level with him. His hand pulled the hair tie from my hair and it fell down my back. The hair piece dropped to the ground too causing a dinging sound to echo through the silent room.

He gripped my hair and pulled my head back to reveal my neck to him. He placed kissed up and down it before he made his way to my ear.
“What did daddy say about you whining?”
I moaned as he bit my sweet spot.

I didn’t answer and he pushed me into the door again. I let out a moan as the pain and pleasure made tingles erupt all over my body.
“D-Daddy said that I-I shouldn’t w-whine.”

He hummed against my neck and kissed around my sweet spot. I let out a breathy, long moan.
“And what did you do little girl? What did you do after daddy said not to whine?”

He bit my neck again and then licked where he had bit me.
“I-I whined a-again.”

He released his grip on my hair and my head fell down to look at him. He looked directly in my eye.

His hand that was in my hair moved to my neck and he gently grabbed it.
“Why did you disobey me little girl? Why?”
He was so close to my face that I could taste his minty breath in my mouth. His eyes were much darker and ,even though the room was pitch-black, they still seemed to shine.

He squeezed my neck.
“Answer me little girl or you won’t like what happens.”

“I wanted y-you too make the tingle g-go away like you did l-last time.”
I blurted out. I instantly began to blush after what I had just said registered in my brain.

I saw him smirk. His hand on my hip moved and pressed on my back to make it arch. My breasts pressed into his chest and my head leaned against the door.

He moved us and began to walk us over to the bed. I felt my back gently make contact with the duvet. His body crawled over me. One of his hands was at the side of my head so he could support himself. The other one was running up and down my body sending shivers down my spine as he did so.

He looked me in the eye and then brought his hand to my face and began to outline it.
“If you wanted me to touch you little girl, you should have said. I would have been more than willing to do so.”

I blushed underneath him as his hand travelled back down my body until it made its way to the slit in my dress. He placed his whole hand on it and slid it up my thigh removing any of the fabric that was in his way. I arched my back a bit as he got closer and opened my mouth to let out a gasp.

“Did you want me to touch you like this?”
His hand got closer and closer. Anticipation built up in my body.

“Or like this?”
His hand cupped my sex and I let out a moan. His cold hand felt sensational against my warm heat even if it was above my underwear.

His hand moved to my hip and moved my underwear down my legs.
“Or maybe like this?”
He placed his whole hand on my bare kitty.

I moaned loudly as he slid his finger up my slit. I arched my back more and leaned my head back. My eyes closed and I could hear Carlos let out a groan.

His finger went up and down before stopping at my clit. He removed the vibrator and then pinched it and I jerked on the bed in surprise.
“Keep your eyes open little girl. I want to see your expression while I pleasure you.”
I blushed and looked at him.

His finger moved upwards and prodded at my entrance. I moaned loudly at the mere contact of it.

He slowly slid inside me and I groaned at the unusual feeling of fullness. I squeezed him and moved my hips.
“Relax darling. Just relax. You’ll be fine. I won’t hurt you. Just relax.”

I took a deep breath and relaxed a little.
“Good girl.”

He slowly moved his finger and I moaned a little. He groaned and sped up at bit. I arched my back more and pushed my hips further into him.

His other hand gather all my dress up to my hip and then spread my knees further. I whined as the cold area made contact with my heat.
“Shh it’s alright darling. It’s alright.”

He added another finger and I groaned again but this time it was because of the pleasure. The movement of his fingers made me feel amazing. It made me feel something I had never felt before. A unusual fullness and sensational pleasure. It was a wonderful feeling.

His thumb rubbed my clit and I arched my back fully of the bed. Carlos moved the sleeves off my arms and down my body. He removed his fingers and I whined at the sudden loss of contact.

He looked me directly in the eye
“What did I say about whining little girl?”

I blushed.
“You said t-that I shouldn’t w-whine.”

He removed my dress fully and I was completely bare underneath him. He could see ever single aspect of my body. It made me feel a little nervous. No one has ever seen me this naked and made me feel so good about it. No one.
“Exactly. So why are you whining little girl?”

He gripped my thigh and spread it apart. He placed himself in between my legs. His lips moved to my collar bone and he kissed and bit my skin. I placed my hands on his head and pressed him further into me.

He gripped my hands and placed them above my head.
“No darling. No touching. Now answer my questions and I’ll continue.”

I moved my hands in his grip and he squeezed my thigh a bit in warning. I looked him his eyes and blushed.
“I-I wanted you to t-touch me again. I d-didn’t want you to s-stop.”

He smirked at my embarrassment. His hand on my thigh travelled up my body and gripped my hips.
“Such a desperate little girl. Wanting daddy to touch her all the time. Well I shouldn’t leave her unsatisfied now ,shall I?”
His hands moved down to my kitty and he continued.

Oh donuts.

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