His Little Lavender

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Chapter 33

Carlos’ PoV

I could hear Lavender’s little moans from underneath me. It was the hottest things I’ve ever heard. They weren’t annoyingly high-pitched but a melodic sound. They were soft and were accompanied with her hard uneven breaths.

Her mouth hadn’t closed since I started. I felt her tighten around my finger and the feeling made me groan. I dug deeper and moaned a little at the heat that surrounded my fingers.

She laid her head so her cheek was placed against the bed. I took my hand off the curve of her hip and used it to gently grab her neck and direct her head to look at.
“Look at me little girl. Don’t turn your head away from me.”

We made eye-contact and I could see multiple emotions run through hers. They were wide and shone a magnificent bright blue. A little dimple appeared underneath it as she had her mouth open.

I curled my fingers and she moaned even louder. Ah. I guess I’ve finally found her sweet spot. I continued to hit that spot over and over again. She moaned even louder. The sound made me moan too and I felt myself become hard.

I removed my hand from her neck and gripped her hands from on my chest and pinned them above her head. She was laid completely bare underneath. Her back was arched off the bed and I had a clear view of her wonderful breast.

I began to kiss her neck. I bit and licked some areas that would soon bruise. She tilted her head to the side to give me better access. I took advantage of that and continued to kiss her while my fingers sped up.

Her hips grinded against my fingers and I groaned at the movement. Soon enough she’d be doing that while I’m in her.

I moved down her neck to her collarbone and sucked the skin on it. Her hands jerked in my grasp as I bit it. I tightened them and sped my fingers up.

I looked up at her and her eyes held lust and passion. She was biting her lip and her cheeks flushed a vibrant red. It was a beautiful scene.

I made my way up to her face and took the lips she was biting into my mouth. She looked at me with wider eyes. I stared at her directly in the eyes and rolled her lip in my teeth. I began to suck it and I felt her moan on my lips.

She mewled.

I removed my hands from restraining hers and gripped her hair.
“Wrong baby. Try again.”

Her cheeks flushed darker and her hips leaned into my moving hand more.

I curled my fingers and began to use my thumb to rub circles on her clit.
She moaned.

I took her lips into mine and kissed her. She moaned into my mouth and rode my fingers harder. I gripped her hair and moved her head to the side to get better access to her mouth.

Our tongues touched and she instantly submitted to me. I touched ever crevices of her mouth and danced with her tongue.

I finally curled and press her g-spot hard. She released my lips and leaned her head back onto the bed and arched her back more.

“Oh Daddy.”
She squeezed around my fingers and I felt her release on them.

I smirked as she finally fell back onto the bed and let out long breaths. Her eyes were closed and her hair was a bit of a mess and her neck looked like a canvas covered in red splotches with accents of purple and blue included.

I removed my fingers and brought them up to my mouth. She opened her eyes just as I put them in my mouth. She blushed harder and turned her head to the side again.

I took my fingers out of my mouth with a pop and then grabbed her chin to make her look at me again.
“Little girl don’t be embarrassed.”
I leaned in further.
“You taste quite exquisite.”

She turned even darker and squirmed underneath me. I removed my hand from her hair and got up. I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. She leaned her head tiredly on my shoulder.

“What are y-you doing C-Charlie?”

I stroked and rubbed her hair as we entered the bathroom. I placed her on the side. She leaned into the wall and then looked up at me. I rolled my sleeves up before going to start the bath.

I turned the taps and grabbed some scented soap from under the sink and some bubble mixture to place in it. She seemed like the type to enjoy them.

“You ,my darling, are going to have a bath so you don’t get an infection.”
She blushed as I turned back around.

Her legs were now crossed over and her hands covered her breasts. I don’t think so.

I walked up to her and removed them. I kissed each one of her breasts while looking her in the eye. She moaned a little and squeezed her thighs together.

“Don’t be shy now baby. You look absolutely ravishing.”

She blushed and pulled me into a hug. I was a little surprise but hugged her back instantly and placed my hands on her back to pull her closer to me. I was stood between her legs. Her hands were around my neck and mine were around her back.

We stayed like that ,in wonderful peace and happiness, until
I reluctantly moved away from her embrace and to check the bath. I walked backwards to check the temperature of it. The water was warm but not boiling hot.

I nodded my head and then walked back over to her. I knew she had washed her hair this morning so I took the hair tie of my wrist and put her soft hair in a bun so it wouldn’t get wet.

I picked her up. I could see the ring I had given her placed on the side near the sink.

I walked over to the bath and placed her in it. She got in and leaned backwards and sighed in content.

I turned around to leave wanting to give her some privacy to bathe herself when I heard her speak.

I turned back to look at her. She was looking down and ringing her fingers together in the water.
“Yes my angel.”

She blushed harder and looked up at me.
“C-Can you come I-in with me?”
My mouth opened wide and my eyes widened too. Hers did as well and she looked back down at the water.
“It’s a-alright if y-you don’t want to. It w-was a stupid question a-anyway. Forget I s-said anything.”
Her hair shielded her face so I couldn’t see exactly how she looked but I could infer she had a look of sadness in her eyes and embarrassment on her cheeks.

I would never say no to an offer like that. To have my darling in a bath with me. How could I? She was everything I had ever wanted in my life. She was beautiful, genuine, pure and all together amazing. It was not just her body that caught my attention, it was her innocent and happy nature that drew me in as well.

I took a deep breath and unbuttoned my shirt. I let it fall to the ground. She looked back up at me as I slowly removed my belt. Her eyes stayed glued to it and she flinched when it fell to the ground with a clang. I forgot about her fear of belts. I should have been more careful.

I frowned at myself but continued on my way. I removed my pants and they fell down before I stepped out of them.

She blushed and looked back down. I chuckled and approached her. I didn’t remove my boxers as I didn’t know if she was comfortable with that. I didn’t want to make her feel uneasy. That’s never my intention. Ever

I moved her upwards a bit and got in behind her. She was sat in between my legs and my hands laid on the sides of the tub next to her body. She slowly leaned back into me and placed her head in my neck. I kissed her shoulders.

“T-Thank you Carlos.”
I removed some of her hair from her face.

“For what my darling.”
She looked at me meekly.

“For everything.”
She pecked my lips and then laid back down.

I smiled and placed my hands around her waist to keep her close to me. She let out a sigh and we stayed like that for a while. She would sometimes play with the bubbles in the bath and pop the big ones and then giggle about it. She was one of the cutest people I have ever met.

After a couple minutes, I grabbed some lotion from off the side behind me. I gently sat her up and squirted some of the body lotion on my hands and began to spread it over her back. She sighed. I smoothly moved them over her shoulder, cautious of her scars. She would flinch sometimes when I pressed a sensitive area. I would apologise and carry on but be a little gentler.

I moved to her neck. I removed the hair from the side I was cleaning and placed it on the other side. I scrub and then did the same with the other side. I made my way down to her breasts. No matter how tempted I was, I didn’t do anything sexual with her. I just wanted her to relax right now. I’ll do that later

I cleaned her chest and the went down lower. I stopped just above where her uterus was located. I rubbed my hands in circles and then went lower. I didn’t touch her sexually and just cleaned her. She lifted her ass up a bit so it was out of the water. I held in a groan and took a breath in. Carlos calm down.

She then propped her legs on the side of the bath when I began to move to that area. I glided my hands down her legs and a trail of bubbles was left behind.

When I got to her toes, she giggled and wiggled them as I went over them.
“That t-tickles Charlie.”

I smiled and purposely went over them again with my hands just to hear her beautiful giggles. I would never get tired of hearing them.

I did the same with the other leg and then began to clean it off. I placed her back in between my legs. I didn’t really need to gather water up to clean all the soap off as it already came up to her breasts.

After she was done cleaning herself off, she turned around suddenly. Now she was straddling my lap and I could help where my mind was going.

“Darling what are you doing?”
I gripped her hips and she turned red.

She leaned over me to get the body lotion from behind me. He breasts pressed up into my chest. It made them look bigger. I looked away not wanting to violate or make her feel like I was judging her which I would never do.

She sat back down properly and squirted the body lotion on her hands
“You c-cleaned me so it’s o-only fair I clean y-you.”

She looked into my eyes and I could see the fear and worry in hers. My hands moved up to cup her cheeks. I rubbed my thumb on her cheek one before pressing a light kiss to her lips.

“Thank you angel but you really don’t have to.”

She frowned a bit.
“But I want t-to. Do-Do y-you not want me t-to?”

My eyes widened and I instantly brought her closer to.
“Of course my darling. I just don’t want to make you uncomfortable and that you have too feel like you need to do this because I did it to you.”

She smiled a little.
“Don’t w-worry Carlos. I-I want to.”

I smiled and kissed her nose. Lavender giggled and blushed. She then placed her hands on my shoulders and rubbed them. She traveled lower to my pecs and cleaned them. I sat up more so the water wasn’t covering the rest of my stomach. She cleaned my abs and I could see the battle going on in hers eyes. She was trying not to look but couldn’t help herself. I smirked and she turned redder.

She eventually moved lower and then stopped just above my covered crotch area. I heard her take a deep breath and then look up at me shyly.

I softly smiled at her.
“It’s alright darling. You don’t have to if you don’t feel comfortable touching it.”

She nodded and went directly to my legs. I was kind of thankful she didn’t. I don’t know if I would be able to control myself if I felt her tiny hands stroking my length. It would be too tempting to not try touch her.

I was also kind of disappointed and sad that she didn’t feel comfortable enough with me to touch me there. I know that is not her fault. From what I’ve heard, she’s been quite a lot but it’s just a little sad.

She rubbed the body wash all over my legs and then placed them back into the water. She sat me up so I wasn’t leaning on the side and leaned over my shoulder to clean my back. I took a deep breath in and gripped her hips. I had a clear view of her ass here. Her breasts were pressed right against my skin and I could feel her nipple directly on the skin of my shoulders.

She tensed but continued rubbing my back. I quite enjoyed the feeling. She stopped and I pulled her back down by her hips. She had an intense blush on her face and a tinge of pink was on mine too. Lord Carlos. Why are you blushing?

When all the soap was off my body, I stood up. Lavender looked up at me but immediately looked back down. I smirked knowing exactly why.

I got out of the bathtub before peeling my boxers of my body and wrapping a towel around my waist. I turned back around and Lavender’s blush had gotten 10x worse. I chuckled quietly and walked up to get her out the bath. I grabbed a towel from the side and wrapped it around her curvy but petite body.

Her eyes were on the ground and i lifted her chin up so I could peck her lips. She blushed even harder. If that was possible.

I exited the bathroom and went into my closet to get some smaller clothes for her. I picked up some old shorts and a t-shirt. I grabbed some shorts and boxers for me and put them on before going back to her.

I walked into the bathroom to see Lavender writing a smiley face on the steam on the window. I strode up to stand behind her. I wrapped my arms around her waist and placed my head on her shoulder. She jumped a little bit smiled when she saw me in the mirror.

“You see that there darling.”
I pointed to her reflection in the mirror. She nodded her head and looked at me in the mirror expectantly.
“She is the prettiest and the most amazing girl I have ever met.”

She blushed and looked down. I kissed her cheek and shoulder before removing myself off her back. I handed the clothes to her. She took them meekly.

Before I let go off them, I pulled her closer and she landed on my chest.
“After you’ve finished changing, we’re going to have a little conversation about how you knew the mayor?”

She looked up at me curiously.
“The m-mayor?”

She looked genuinely confused as to what or who I was talking about.
“Jeremiah Williams?”
I raised one of my eyebrows.

Her eyes widened and a gasp left her mouth.
“Jerry’s the m-mayor?”

I wrinkled my forehead in confusion.
“You didn’t know?”

She shook her head. I frowned a little. How didn’t she know who the mayor was? Everyone in New York knows Jeremiah Williams. He’s practically one of the most well-known men in the US.

“I didn’t k-know he had b-become Mayor. He n-never mentioned it.”
She pouted and her eyebrows wrinkled in sadness.

My first instinct was to make her feel happier. I never liked it when she was sad. It made me sad as well.
“I’m sure he meant nothing by it. Maybe it’s just slipped his mind and he forgot.”

She nodded her head and her pout drooped.
“Y-yeah that’s probably t-the reason.”

She took the clothes and I left the bathroom. I laid in the middle of the bed with my hands above my head and my feet crossed.

It was about 5 minutes before Lavender emerged from the bathroom. She had taken the bobble from out of her hair and used it to tie the end of the top up. She had drawn the string on the short tightly so they wouldn’t fall down. She looked adorable in my clothes. They practically swallowed her alive.

She walked up to me and jumped onto the bed. I pulled her down on top of me. She giggled and fell directly on top of me. Her head was in my neck and she was hugging my torso. One of her thighs was bent over my chest while the other was straight.

I began to stroke her hair and my other hand rubbed down her back. She snuggled further into me and hugged me tighter.

“So darling how do you know Jeremiah Williams? You two seemed close.”

She tightened her grip on me.
“H-he was J-J-Jonas’ brother.”

This time I tightened my grip on her. If he was that bastard’s brother, why was she so close and comfortable with him? Shouldn’t she have been caution and scared of him too?

“H-he saved me from t-t-there.”
She whimpered and I rubbed her back more.

“It’s alright darling. You’re not there anymore. You’re with me. You’re safe. Don’t worry.”
I kissed the top of her head and massaged her scalp.

She was silent for a while. We were just bathing in each others company and safety. Eventually, she spoke again.

“I would always g-go to their house W-when he went out. I-I was really close t-to Jia. She was p-practically an older sister t-to me.”
I could feel her smile faints my neck.
“When he t-took me to that p-place, Jeremiah W-was the one to find me and a-save me. That why I call h-him my saviour. H-He saved me. I-I wouldn’t be here t-today if it wasn’t f-for him.”
She had began to cry. I could tell as her tears rolled onto my neck and I could hear her little sniffles.

I stroked her hair and rubbed her back. She had been through so much. So much more than me. I couldn’t imagine the pain she felt inside. The pain she hadn’t been able to talk and express . That feeling building up inside her until she can’t take it anymore and she explodes. Whether it’s by her just crying or screaming at someone, she will explode unless she lets it out. Unless she talks about it and expressed everything she feels about what she went through and I intend to be the one to help her.

“It was s-so bad t-there Carlos. H-he was s-so nasty. I owe m-my life to Jeremiah. I can never r-repay him for why he’s d-done for me. N-Never.”
I hugged her closer to me.

“I know baby. I know.”
I brought her head up and wiped the tears away.
“He doesn’t expect you to repay him. It was his awful brother that did this to you. He felt as if he was making it up to you by saving you from him. He was able to make up for the fact he hadn’t notice what his own brother was putting you through. You don’t have to repay him darling. He will never expect you too.”
She broke down into tears again. Her lips were in a pout and her nose had turned red.

I brought her head back down into my neck and let her cry it. She needed to cry it out. There was no good in it for her if she kept it all inside. She would never be able to be truly happy if she had this gruelling sadness in her heart that wasn’t set free. And her of all people deserved all the happiness in the world.

I felt her breaths go even and I knew she had finally gone to sleep. I stroked her hair still and kissed the top of her head.

“I’ll make you happy darling. I promise. You deserve all the happiness in the world and intend to give it to your no matter what it takes.”

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