His Little Lavender

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Chapter 34

Jennifer (Carlos’s mom) PoV

I was waking behind my husband as he opened the door. He held it open like the gentleman he is. I sent him a soft smile and entered the comfort of my own home. No matter how many years I wear heel I will never get over the pain I feel when wearing them for hours on end while walking. It’s excruciating.

I bent down and pulled them of my feet with a sigh. Damian chuckled and chucked the keys in to the bowl near the door.

“Here let me take them sweetheart.”
He took my heels and placed them underneath the coat rack.

“Thank you dear.”
I smiled at him and kissed his cheek. He smiled back at me.

A binging broke the silence of the house and my eyes moved down to his pocket. He dug his hand into it and pulled his phone out.
He unlocked it and looked as if he was texting someone. He looked a bit puzzled as to the contents on it.

“Who is it?”
I took my earrings out my ears and placed them in my little bag on my shoulder.

I turned around to look at him.

“Why’s he texting you at this time?”
I looked down at the watch on my wrist.
“It’s nearly 11 pm.”

“He’s asking if Lavender is here. She didn’t arrive home and Josie saw her leave with Carlos.”

I let out an ‘ah’ in understanding and nodded my head. I made my way up the stairs to Carlos’ room. Damian followed behind me. I stopped at his door and quietly and slowly opened it. I peaked my head in and let out a sigh of relief when I saw they weren’t doing anything that would scar me forever. However, what I did see made my heart burst.

They were laid on the bed in each other’s embrace. Lavender was cuddling him like he was a huge teddy bear. Carlos’ hands were around her like a protective cocoon. His cheek was snuggled into her hair with her head laid in his neck. Lavender was wearing his clothes and they looked as if they swallowed her whole due to the size difference between them. It was one of the cutest things I’d ever seen.

Damian moved beside me and the door was fully open now. He had the same expression as me. His eyes glinted with a emotion of adoration. He placed an arm around my shoulder and looked down at me unsurely.

“What’s wrong my love?”
I placed my hand on his cheek. He leaned into it and kissed my palm.

“Do you think he’ll be happy? I just want him to be happy.”
I softly smiled at him.

“She makes him happy Damian.”
I turned to look back at them.
“You should see the way she looks at him and he looks at her. It’s as if they’ve known each other there whole life. They both deserve happiness after what they’ve both been through.”

Damian looked at me confused.
“What do you mean what they’ve both been through? What’s Lavender been through? I don’t quite understand what you’re saying.”

I looked up at him again.
“The girls been through a lot that I do know. The scars on her shoulders say a lot about that. They were definitely made by a belt that’s for sure.”
My eyes saddened at the thought of this poor girl being hurt like that.
“And you didn’t see how Christopher and Antonio reacted when they thought she had gone missing. They sounded so worried and sad about it.”

“That’s a natural instinct dear. Wouldn’t you be worried and sad if Carlos or Jessica went missing?”

My head darted up to him.
“Of course I would. They’re my babies. But what Christopher and
Antonio were saying to her made me feel like it was more than just an instinct. They were genuinely worried that something terribly horrid had happened to her.”

He placed his hand on my cheek.
“What were they saying baby?”

“They were saying that she couldn’t worry them like that ‘again’. Antonio was saying stuff like ‘he couldn’t lose his baby sister again. Not like last time.’ Lavender had to calm Christopher down ‘before he had a heart attack like last time.’ It’s quite clear that something terrible happened to the poor girl for them to react so protectively.”

I looked at her and a little tear escaped my eye. She was such a pure and innocent girl. She didn’t deserve that. I know she’s probably been told that a lot but she doesn’t. No one does. I can’t believe someone would do something so terrible that it made her have scars like that. She had to convince her father that she wasn’t ‘there’ again. Wherever ‘there’ was, it didn’t sound like a particularly good place.

Damian wiped the tear away and turned my head to look at him.
“Don’t cry my love. I’m sure whatever she’s been through Carlos will be able to help her recover. She’ll be able to help him to. Lord knows he still hasn’t forgiven himself for that night.”

I nodded my head.
“He still gets his nightmares,you know? He had one a few nights back when Lavender wasn’t here.”

His eyes widened and he turned to look at his son.
“I thought they stopped a while ago when we moved here.”

“They stop when she’s here. She’s like a little dream catcher. When she’s with him, he doesn’t seem to remember or revel in guilt as much. She helps him forget and I’m sure he does too with her.”
I turned to look at them too.

We stayed silent for a while just standing in each others embrace. Lavender began to struggle in her sleep. Her body twisted in different ways. My body instantly jerked up. What was happening? Was she in pain? Did she need help?

“J-Jonas. P-please no. I’m s-sorry. I’m sorry.”
She whimpered in her sleep and suddenly jerked up. Her breaths came out ragged and she gripped her shirt. Her head looked all around the room. She didn’t seem to see us because we were in the dark and she was a bit away. The only reason we could see them was because of the moonlight that shone through Carlos’ window. She shuffled to the other side of the bed and brought her knees up to her chest. I could hear her sobs echo in the room.

I went to walk forward to comfort and calm her down when Damian pulled me back by my upper arm. I turned around with a glare. He put his hand to his lip and pointed behind me. I turned back around.

Carlos was now up. He seemed a little confused until he saw Lavender whimpering and sobbing beside him. He instantly picked her up in his arms and put her in his lap. He began to comfort her and calm her down. He rocked them back and forth and put her head in his neck. His hands began to stroke her hair again.

“Shh. Shh darling. It’s alright. I’m here. It’s Carlos. Your Carlos is here. You’re not there. You’re with me. Relax and take a deep breath with me Angel. Can you do that?”

She removed her head from his neck and slowly nodded her head. Carlos took a deep breath and so did Lavender. He let it out and she followed his actions. They did this a few times until her breaths evened out and her little whimpers quieted.

She laid back down on his chest and Carlos laid them back down on the bed. He was still stroking her back and hair.
“It’s okay my darling. Go to sleep. I’ll keep you safe. It’s alright. Just close your eyes and go back to sleep.”

He kissed her on top of her head and pulled her closed to him. She snuggled into his neck again and tightened her arms around his chest.

Carlos began to softly sing the lullaby I would sing to him to help him go the sleep. She hummed along with him and eventually the tune died down and I could tell they had gone back to sleep.

I looked up at Damian with wide eyes and a gaping mouth. He had the same expression. He put his arm around my waist and guided me out of the room. He quietly closed the door and we began to walk to our room in silence.

We got ready for bed and laid in bed. No one spoke. Neither of us knew what to say. I felt as if I had just interrupted one of their private moments. I knew I shouldn’t have been there but I couldn’t force my legs to move.

They were so close even if they’ve only known each other for a short period of time. The way he calmed her down so fast was amazing. It’s clear they had a strong trust between them. And the way he said he was ‘Lavender’s Carlos’ warmed my heart so much. They both care about each other a lot.

Damian was the first to speak.
“A poor innocent girl like her doesn’t deserve to suffer like she has. The nightmares she has look heartbreaking. She doesn’t deserve that.”
I turned my head to Damian. He was already looking at me with a grim expression.

“I know my dear but what can we do? It’s up to Carlos to help her heal. You saw how he calmed her down in there. He cares about her so much that it’s physically painful or him to be away from her.”
I sighed sadly and looked back up at the ceiling. He did too.

“Promise me something my love.”
He turned back to look at me.

“Yes dear.”

“Promise me no matter what it does to your business, no matter what happens you will never let Christopher or Antonio tear them apart. They are extremely protective of her. I know it won’t be easy for them to come to terms with the fact Carlos will be in her life as a lover. They need each other as bad as they need air. Promise me you will put them above your business.”

I looked back at him. He had a thinking face on before he came back to reality.
“It’s truly only Antonio we have to worry about. I mean Christopher wouldn’t have put them in the same wing of the house if he didn’t have at least a little trust in our son. And when we were in the office, he didn’t blow up like Antonio when they kissed.”

I nodded my head thoughtfully. I never really thought about it like that.
“Just promise me you won’t let either of them ruin what Lavender and Carlos have.”

“I promise.”
I kissed his lips and then placed my head and hand on his chest.

“I love you Damian.”

He kissed the top of my head.
“I love you too Jennifer.”

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