His Little Lavender

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Chapter 35

Lavender’s PoV

I woke up with a searing headache. I don’t know if it was because of the way I was slept or because I was crying in the middle of the night. I brought a hand up to my head and groaned while rubbing it. It didn’t get rid of the pain one bit.

My motions stopped as I thought over what I had just said. I was crying in the middle of the night. That means I must have had a nightmare. And if I had a nightmare, I must have disturbed Carlos.

Donuts. I was doing so good. I hadn’t had one in a month and then they just suddenly appear again. Maybe it’s because I’m not taking my medication anymore. I thought I didn’t need them. I was doing perfectly fine. I wasn’t waking up at random times of the night anymore. I wasn’t crying or screaming in the middle of the night anymore. I seemed fine.

But it looks like I wasn’t. I could still remember what it was about. It wasn’t a very good one either. It was like every other dream I had. I was back there. He was there too. It was one of my worse memories there.

I felt Carlos begin to stroke my hair again. I looked up to see him already looking down at me. He placed his hand on my cheeks and leaned down to kiss me. I placed my hand over my mouth and he kissed my hand instead. He opened his eyes and looked down at me curiously.

“M-morning breath Charlie.”
He grabbed my hand and pulled it anyway from my mouth.

“I don’t care if you have morning breath. I want to kiss you so I’m going to kiss you.”
He leaned down and captured my lips before I could stop him.

It wasn’t a heated kiss more like a slow sensual one. My searing headache was soon forgotten about. It only lasted about 10 seconds before he pulled his lips away. I opened my eyes and I knew there was an intense blush on my face.

He smirked down at me and placed my head on his shoulder.
“How are you doing darling?”

I let out a deep breath against his neck and felt him shiver underneath me. Was he cold?
“I’m fine C-Charlie. I didn’t mean t-to wake you last night.”

He placed a finger under my chin and lifted my head up.
“Don’t ever be sorry for waking me up. If you need anything, wake me up. I mean anything. I’ll always be there for you even if I’m not there personally. You can call or text me. Don’t be scared to.”
He kissed my forehead and then both of my cheeks.

I slowly escaped from his grasp and sat up with crossed legs. He followed behind me and placed his arm around my shoulder. I laid my head on his.
“Do you want to talk about it angel?”

I sighed and placed my cheek in his shoulder so I was facing him. He looked down a at me and we were merely a metre apart.
“It w-was bad Charlie. I W-was back there. H-he was there t-too. I d-didn’t do anything wrong b-but still got p-punished for it. H-he got the b-b-belt again. I s-swear I didn’t do anything. I-I was a good girl.”

He leaned his forehead against mine.
“Calm down Lavender. I know you didn’t do anything wrong. You’re always a good girl. My good little girl.”
I blushed.
“He shouldn’t have punished you anyway. If you did do something wrong, he should of handled it differently. Not in any violent way.”

I nodded my head against his. We stayed like that for a while. I could hear the ticking of the clock against his wall drown out any other noise in the room.

A little thing like that held the knowledge to so much more.

It held the knowledge to time itself. And no scientist knows what time truly is. No physiologist. No doctor. No one . Only that little thing on the wall and many more around the world as they tell the time and time is one of the most important things in life.

You never know how much time you have left. Maybe for how much time you’ve left on an exam. Maybe for how much time you’ve got to keep the muffins in the oven. Or maybe for how much time you’ve left until it’s your time to go. No one knows except thousands of little clocks around the world. No one knows time. No one ever will.

A sharp knocking broke me out of my little rant inside my brain. I lifted my head off Carlos’ shoulder and looked up at him curiously. He looked at the door before telling whoever it was on the other side of it to come in. The door slowly opened and Jennifer’s head soon appeared. She had a bright smile on her face and her eyes looked relaxed and joyous. Even if she was in her 40, she didn’t look a day over 30.

In her hands, there was a tray of breakfast. On it, was pancakes, fruits, juices and apple juice. My eyes lit up at the sight and I gasp. I hadn’t had apple juice for a whole day. A WHOLE DAY. That’s so long. I’ve missed the lovely flavour of it eating away at my taste buds. I’ve missed it so much.

Carlos laughed at my enthusiasm and got up out of bed to help his mother bring the tray over. I instantly missed his warmth.

“How are you two this morning? I hope you slept well.”
She directed her eyes to me and I bent my head in embarrassment. Did she hear me? Did I wake both of Carlos’ parents up? I didn’t think I was that loud. Maybe I was.

“We slept wonderfully mother.”
She nodded her head and headed for the door again.

Before she left, she turned back around.
“I suggest you call your father Lavender. You know how protective he is of you and it’s currently-.”
She looked down at the watch on her wrist.
“-12:43. You may want to do it fast. He hasn’t heard from you all morning and must be worried.”

My eyes widened and I immediately nodded my head. I didn’t think we slept in that late. My little late night nightmare must have tired us both out.

She left the room with a little wave. Carlos placed the breakfast (or lunch) next to me before getting back up to get my phone. He handed it to me and I called my dad.

It was the usual. He would ask if I was okay and that I was being treated well and respectfully. I would tell him I’m fine and having a good time.

The only time I had to lie was about where I was sleeping. My dad thought I had a room of my own in the Reid house when really I was sleeping in the same room as Carlos. I didn’t want to make him mad so I lied.

I didn’t like to lie but I really like sleeping in the same bed as Carlos. He’s so warm and makes me feel protected and safe and ,if my dad or Tony found about that, they wouldn’t allow me to stay in the same bed as him let alone the same house as him. So, it was better to lie.

After about 7 minutes, he hung up the phone with an ‘I love you’. I placed it on the bedside table next to me and then turned to Carlos. He was on his phone to but must have felt my eyes on him as he looked directly at me. I ducked my head down quickly and a blush painted my cheeks.

He chuckled and I heard him move on the bed. I felt a presence behind me and a pair of arm gripped my hips and picked me up. I was placed back down between his legs. He leaned over me to get the tray and that was placed on my lap.

Carlos gave me the decision to pick what I wanted first. I instantly grabbed the apple juice and poured some into a cup. I ,next, got some pancakes and strawberries. I got the syrup and whipped cream and spread it all over the top. I sat up and looked back down at my creation. It looked delicious and I couldn’t wait to try it. A smile graced my lips and I licked them too.

I looked up at Carlos expectantly to see him looking down at me already. His eyes held an unusual but calming feeling. A light smile was on his face. It was so genuine and cute that I wanted to grab his cheeks and squeeze them together like Nia did. I restrained myself from doing so and just blushed.

His smile turned into a smirk at my reaction and he began to get some food. He got orange juice and pancakes with blueberries, strawberries and chocolate syrup. After he was done, I picked up my fork and knife and began to eat. Each bite was soo good and delicious.

There was still some strawberries in the bowl. I grabbed the whipped creams and tilted my head back to squirt it in my mouth. I placed a strawberry on top and ate it. I giggled at the flavour. It was soo sweet and tasty.

Carlos squirmed behind me and I turned to see if he was alright. He was already looking down at me and his eyes held passion and lust. It was quite an intimidating look. I blushed.

He lifted his thumb up to my mouth and I followed his ever movement. He wiped a bit of cream off the side of my mouth and then placed his thumb in his mouth and licked it clean.

I blushed harder and looked back down at my food. I wanted to eat it but couldn’t stop thinking about what Carlos had just done. It was so weird but I liked it at the same time.

I felt something nudge my mouth and looked down to see a fork with some pancake on. It was Carlos holding the fork and he was trying to get me to eat it.
“Open you’re mouth darling.”

I did as I was told and opened my mouth. He put the fork in and I began to eat the food off it. He picked up a strawberry from the bowl and brought it to my mouth. I pulled backwards and looked at him.
“I can f-feed myself Charlie. I’m not a b-baby anymore.”

He moved his hand away and gripped my chin.
“You’ll always be my baby.”
I blushed and looked away once again.
“And I’d like to ask if I could feed you? I quite enjoy being able to look after you.”

I nodded my head slowly and we resumed what we were doing. Carlos would pick some food up and bring it to my mouth to eat it. I never one ever saw him bring anything to his mouth for him to eat.

I grabbed some blueberries from his plate and turned around to put them near his mouth. He looked at them confused and then looked at me.

He opened and I put them in. He closed his mouth and began to eat them. I decided ,instead of having to turn around all the time to be able to feed him, i’d just stay sitting sidewards. So, I sat up a bit and turned to the side a bit to sit on his hip. I placed my legs around his waist. His arm moved to my back to keep my close to him.

I leaned down again to grab some food for him. I brought it to his mouth and he ate it. This was how we spent our lunch. Both of us feeding each other and taken occasion sips of our drinks. It was such a peaceful and enjoyable lunch.

After, we just laid in bed in each other embrace. No one talked. We didn’t need to.

Carlos spoke first.
“Do you want to go on a date?”
I looked up at him in surprise. Was he asking me on a date.?

He looked down at me.

“I’m asking if you want to go on a a date with me. I just realise we haven’t officially been on a proper date. So would you, Lavender Rose, do me ,Carlos Damian Reid, the honour of going on a date with me?”
His eyes held a glimpse of fear and excitement.

I giggled and my eyes lit up too
“Y-yes. Of course. I would like to go on a date with you.”

He smiled at me and then kissed my lips. I kissed him back too before stopping. What was I suppose to wear? I had nothing to wear for a date. How was I suppose to go on a date without a date outfit?

“What’s wrong darling?”
He placed his hand on my neck and leaned my head to look up at him.

“I-I don’t have anything to w-wear How am I-I suppose to go on a d-date with nothing t-to wear?”
I began to panic. Will I have to cancel it? I don’t want to cancel our first date.

“Calm down darling.”
He stroked my neck a little to calm me down. It worked and I let out a long breath.
“How about I ask Jess if she wants to take a trip with you to the mall? You can pick out something nice there to wear.”

My eyes widened. Going to the mall with Carlos’ sister. Would she want to go with me? Maybe she doesn’t actually like me. I didn’t want to bother her. Maybe she had other plans for today. I don’t want interrupt them just because I need someone to go to the mall with me. I could always go with Josie.

“I d-dont want to interrupt what she had p-planned today. I-I could always g-go with Josie.”
He shook his head and before he could reply, a loud bang came from the other side of the room.

I turned to see the door had nearly flung of his hinges and Jessica was stood there. She looked out of breath and was panting.
“Of- course.I’ll g-go to the-mall with you L-Lavender.”

Me and Carlos looked at each other in confusion and then back to Jessica and then back to each other.

“Jess. How did you even know we were taking about that? You’re room is all the way across the house from mine. There is no way you could of heard us.”

Her eyes widened and she stood up straight.
“Don’t question it Carlos. Don’t question it. Just know that I would love to go to the mall with my soon-to-be-sister-in-law.”
I blushed and shoved my face in Carlos’ shoulder to hide my blush.
“Bonding time is just what we need. You’re always keeping her to yourself. I hardly get to see her or spend time with her.”

She was pouting now but it instantly changed into a large smile.
“Oh. My. God. You need some clothes. Come with me right now and I’ll find you some. You can’t be going out in Carlos’. They’re way too big in you. You need to flaunt that sexy figure you have.”

I blushed harder and felt someone grab my arm. I was pulled off Carlos and landed on my feet. She pulled me towards the door and I looked back to Carlos with a wary face. His was worried and amused. He was finding this funny.

I stuck my tongue out and he narrowed he eyes onto it. I blushed and instantly ran willingly out of the room before he did something to me I knew Jessica wouldn’t necessarily appreciate seeing her brother do.

We arrived in Jessica’s room and it was what I expected. The whole room was a mess. Clothes were scattered everywhere. Books were thrown carelessly on the floor. Her bed quilts looked like someone had tried wrestling with them which I guess she had.

She headed to her closet and began to rummage through clothes. She would mumble random words to herself and the throw a piece of clothing she didn’t like away.

After about a ten minute wait, she finally emerged with an outfit she seemed to like. She thrusted it in my hands and pushed me into her bathroom without letting me get a word out. She was quite and energetic and fast girl for her age. She had more energy in her whole body than I did in my pinky finger.

I looked at the outfit she had picked out. It was a pair of light jeans. There was a white top and another too that looked like it went on top of it. That one was a deep blue and had little white flowers patterned all over it.

I put it on and looked in the body-length mirror. This outfit was really nice but stuck to my body a lot. My stomach was showing and I didn’t like that a lot as it showed my birth mark.(author here. I actually do have a birthmark on my stomach. It’s really big and seeable)

“Lavender are you done? Can I come in?”
She knocked at the door. I look at myself once again in the mirror to see if I looked at least a little presentable before saying she could come in.

The door opened and Jessica soon stumbled into the bathroom. She had changed into a pair of ripped light jeans and a motor bike t-shirt. She wore thick doc martins on her feet that made her even taller than me even if she was 3 years younger than me.

She came to stand next to me and tenderly placed her hands on my shoulder. Probably cautious of my scars. She turned me around to look in the mirror.
“Wow. You look gorgeous DeDe.”
Her mouth was wide open and so was her eyes.

I looked back at the mirror and focused hard to see what looked nice about me today. I guess the jeans did look a little nice on me. The colour really matched my skin tone. The white shirt matched my blonde hair and complimented it so much. I didn’t look that bad. I still wasn’t that fond of the outfit.

“Y-you look fabulous t-too Jessica”
She turned a little pink and just waved her hands in the air. Was she blushing?

“Ohh hush you. Just call me Jess. Jessica is wayyyy to long and formal.”
She laughed and I laughed along with her.

She was a really nice girl and gave off such a positive aura. I guess today won’t be as bad and awkward as I thought.

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