His Little Lavender

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Chapter 36

Lavender’s PoV

Because Jessica was only 14 and Carlos and his parents had gone to their business building in the city, we had someone drive us and a bodyguard watching us at all time. The Reid’s were a lot more cautious than my dad. I used to have a bodyguard but ,when I took self-defence with Josie and Max at the age of 15, he eventually let me go out without one.

It was really awkward when you had some muscly man following you around school. No one else had one but because I was Christopher Rose’s daughter, the most well-known business man in New York, I needed one for protection. People would say I was a little snobby girl that needed someone to defend me. Just like they did when they saw I had a personal driver.

That’s why I took self-defence with Josie and Max so they had one less thing to tease me about. It took about a whole month for my father to agree to not letting me leave the house without a bodyguard. He still has police near my school to come if something extreme happens like a shooting or terroist attack.

I only ever need one personally when I’m going to crowded places like this where it’s easy for people to have access to me.

I was currently sat in the back seat next to Jessica. She was dancing to a One Direction song I knew of by heart from when me and Josie would play it on repeat years ago. Jessica tried encouraging me to sing and dancing along. Eventually, I had and now we were both vibing in the back of a car on the way to Fifth Avenue.

We were going to fifth avenue instead of the Manhattan mall because Jessica said there were better clothing shops there. I’ve never been there without either Josie, Max or Braydon and his mum. It’s quite a large area and a lot of people go there every day so it’s easy to get lost. There’s so many expensive and good shops there that it attracts all the wealthy people.

I had already contacted Smithy to drop my bag and card of outside the apple store at around 2pm. It’s currently 1:45 and we’re just pulling up down the street. I could see multiple people with bundles of bags hanging from their arms. We pulled up outside of the apple store. Smithy was already there. He stood leaning against the car with my bag hanging of his shoulder.

The driver came up to my side and opened up the door. I smiled warmly at him before getting out. Some people glanced at me. I hurried over to the car in front of ours and approached Smithy.

He turned around to me and looked around. Who was he looking for? A smile came to his face and his eyes travelled my body once again. I squirmed.
“Ms Lavender. It’s nice to see you again. You look absolutely gorgeous.”
I blushed on instinct and looked down at my feet and began to shuffled on them.
“Here’s everything you asked for.”

He held the bag out for me to grab. I looked up to him and took it and put it on over Carlos’ jacket. He gave it to me before we left. He thought I would get cold without it and he didn’t want me to get cold so he gave me it. I was thankful as it was a bit chilly today. There was no snow this time but a strong gust of cold air circling the streets today.

Jessica appeared next to me and hooked her arms with me. I looked down at it and then back up to her face. She gave me a large smile but it lowered when she turned back around to look at Smithy.

“Thank you. That’s all we’ll be needing now. You can go now. Shoo.”
Smithy’s eyes widened along with mine.

“I’m s-sorry Smithy. Thank you f-for bringing my s-stuff but you can go now. I w-wouldn’t want you t-to get any colder.”

His eyes snapped to me and he eyed the jacket I was wearing. He didn’t see very happy to see me wearing it. He peeled his eyes away from it and looked up at me. He looked angry. It was scaring me a bit.

I shuffled up closer to Jessica and then felt someone’s presence come into sight next to me. I turned to them to see the bodyguard Carlos had given us this morning. His name was Bruce and he was really big. Like really big. His muscles were massive and he was like 6′5 from down here. But, when I talked to him this morning, he wasn’t actually a very scary and intimidating dude. He was very kind to me and Jessica.

He was glaring at Smithy with a death-giving look. I could make any man pee his pants. Even I was scared a bit. Smithy looked absolutely terrified by the massive man.

Smithy looked back at me and Bruce’s eyes followed him too.
“Miss Rose are you alright. Is this man disturbing you?”
His voice was soft and so was his gaze.

I sent him a shaky small smile of reassurance.
“It’s alright B-Bruce. That’s just S-Smithy, my personal driver. H-he doesn’t mean n-no harm. He was j-just leaving anyway.”

I looked at Smithy with a desperate look. I didn’t want him to get hurt. He immediately made his way to the driver’s seat to leave.

I let out a little sigh and felt Jessica tug at my arm entwined with hers.
“Come on DeDe. We have a long day ahead of us and we need to get you the perfect outfit for your date with my twat of a brother tonight.”

My eyes snapped up to her.
“Carlos is not a t-t-t-twat.”
I didn’t really like saying that word. It was mean.

Jessica laughed and ruffled my hair a bit as if I was a little kid. I’m older than her. Sure she’s taller than me but I’m still older.
“You’re cute. Come on.”

I blushed at her comment and followed her to the first shop she went into. I saw Bruce take out his phone from his pocket and bring it up to his ear as he followed behind us. I wonder who he’s calling.

Carlos PoV

I didn’t really want Lavender to go to the mall by herself. Sure she had Jessica and one of our best guards with them but it would soothe my worry if I was with them too. But because of these stupid meeting this weekend, I couldn’t and had to go to them.

Sometimes I hate the fact that I have to take over my father’s business when he retires. It’s so much work and time that I could be spending with my darling.

I was currently in a meeting with my father and Mr Harding. He was a business man wanting construction on a house he’s building for him and his family. It’s a fairly large one in a newly constructed part of New York. My father owns all the land over there and has been building more houses on it. Mr Harding wants his house to be built at the end were there’s spare space that we haven’t built on yet.

The only problem is he isn’t the only one that had approached us with a proposal. We’ve had multiple business men and women around New York ask about wanting to build a certain building on there.

Because we’re the main construction business around New York and the fact my father owns the land, we’ve had multiple offers even one from Mrs Robinson. I wanted to decline hers immediately because of what her son, Blake, had done to my sweet darling but couldn’t as it wasn’t fair. She may have an actually good deal that would benefit our company so I reluctantly agreed to a meeting with her next week.

We were talking about the money that we would invest into his house and what he would pay us for the construction and land when my phone went of. Father and Mr Harding and his secretary turned their gaze to me. I pulled my phone out of my suit to see the bodyguard I had appointed to Jessica and Lavender calling. My eyes widened and a lump formed at the back of my throat. Why was Bruce calling? I only told him to call if there was a problem? Were they hurt?

I was snapped out of my dreadful thinking by my father’s voice.
“Son who is it?”

I looked at him dead in the eye.

His eyes widened.
“Well what are you waiting for? Go answer the goddamn call.”

“Is everything alright Mr Reid?”
Mr Harding’s genuinely worried voice questioned.

My father turned back to Mr Harding with a calm expression I knew he was using to cover his worried one up.

“Yes Mr Harding. Just a bodyguard of my daughters calling us.”
He nodded his head at my father.

“Well I hope she’s okay.”
My father nodded as well and then turned to me as I got up from my seat.

I headed out of the meeting room and answered the phone.
“What’s wrong? Are they okay? Are they safe?”

“Yes Mr Reid. They’re both safe and okay.”

I let out a sigh of relief. I don’t know what I would of done if something had happened to both my sister and Lavender.
“Why are you calling then?”

He paused for a short while and then began talking.
“Well when we arrived at Fifth Avenue-”

“Wait Fifth Avenue. I thought you were going to Manhattan Mall? Why are they at Fifth Avenue?”
I interrupted

“Jessica insisted to go there to get Miss Rose a ,quote on quote, ‘perfect outfit to impress her twat of a brother tonight’. Miss Rose wasn’t very happy with that remark. She defended you immediately saying you weren’t a twat.”

Bruce chuckled and so did I. My father looked at me strangely through the glass doors and then turned back to Mr Harding and began to talk again.

“So why are you calling again Bruce? If there’s nothing wrong, what’s the meaning for this call?”

He cleared his throat.
“When we arrived, Miss Rose had called someone to drop a bag off with everything she needed in it. His name was Smithy.”

My eyes hardened at what he just said.
“What did he do?”

“He seemed to make Miss Rose extremely uncomfortable. She would shuffle up closer to Jessica and grip her arm tighten. He didn’t really like to see her wearing your jacket either. He was extremely mad at her and that made her scared. I intervened before anything could happen. He has just left.”

I could feel a sudden rage build up in my body. How dare he make my darling uncomfortable? That fucking son of a bitch. The urge to kill him just seems to get stronger every time I hear his name. I want to bloody snap him in the heart with a knife. Thank god Bruce was there. Lord knows what could of happened if he wasn’t.

I suddenly felt the desire to punch something really bad. I turned around and punched the glass door opposite me. It shattered and I shook my hand to get rid if the glass on my hand. Blood began to pour out. I felt little ounces of pain spread over my whole hand and it felt as if it’s as on fire.

I winced and brought and handkerchief from out of my pocket to cover my hand. It turned a crimson red and every patch of white disappeared

“Are you alright Mr Reid?”
I took deep breaths in and out to calm my rage down.

“Yes Bruce. Are you sure they’re okay?”

A door opened behind me and I turned to see my father. He had his eyes furrowed and a worried look on his face. I nodded at him to reassure him I was okay. His gaze turned to the phone and he looked back up at me worried. I nodded again but this time to tell him that both Jessica and Lavender were okay. He let out a sigh of relief and then pointed to the bathroom down the hall to tell me to get myself cleaned up. I nodded and began to head down there.

“Yes Mr Reid. Both Jessica and Miss Rose are perfectly fine. They are currently browsing through dresses in Valentino.”

I sighed again.
“Well if anything else happens be sure to call me immediately.”

“Okay Mr Reid. Anything else?”
I walked into the bathroom.

“Oh and after they are done bring them to the office.”
I tuned the tap on and brought my hand underneath it. I winced as warm water showered over my cuts.

I hung up the phone and went back to cleaning the cuts off my hand.

It stung a bit but I was soon distracted by thoughts of my darling. I wonder what she would wear tonight. Maybe one of her cute skirts that she always wears. Or maybe them jeans that make her ass look absolutely wonderful. Maybe a dress that show how wonderful her legs are. I guess it will have to be a surprise for tonight.

I already know we’re I’m going to take her. It’s little fun place I found when I visited New York last year. I’m sure she’ll enjoy it there.

My cuts began to stop bleeding when I heard someone come through the doors. I turned to them and discovered it was my mother. She had bandages in her hands and a few wipes to clean the cuts up.

“I leave you alone for a hour and you go and punch a glass door. Seriously Carlos. What would make you so mad to do something so ridiculously dangerous you idiot?”

I rolled my eyes and she slapped me on the back of the head before taking my hand into hers and treating it.
“Ow sorry.”

She rolled her eyes and began to wipe my hands with antiseptic wipes. I wince.
“We’ll come on. Tell me what happened to make you so mad.”

My eyes hardened at the thought of that bastard.
“Some idiot that drives Lavender around keeps trying to hit on her. She met him at Fifth Avenue to get something of him. Bruce told me he was making her uncomfortable and was angry at her for wearing my jacket. The other week he accused me of making her uncomfortable because she wore jeans instead of a skirt. He makes remarks about how gorgeous and pretty she is. He just gets on my nerves so much and I wanted to punch him so bad so I punched that glass door instead.”
She had begun to wrap my hand now.

When she was done, she looked up at me with soft eyes.
“You care about her a lot don’t you.”

I instantly nodded my head.
“Of course I do. She one of the best things that has happened to me. She makes me forget everything when she smiles at me. She’s so genuine and beautiful not only outside but inside as well.”

Tears began to appear in my mother’s eyes. She hugged me and I hugged her back.
“Don’t let her go son. She makes you happier than you have her been since what happened. Don’t do what I did. Please don’t ruin it. You both deserve the happiness you give to each other.”
She rubbed my back and wiped away a stray tear that had escaped my eyes.

“I won’t mum. I’ll treat her how she deserves to be treat.”
She hugged me again and then kissed me on the cheek.

“I know you will son. I know you will.”
She patted my cheek and then left the bathroom.

I turned to the mirror to see my eyes were a little red. I cupped some water in my hand and washed my face. I straightened my suit out and then walked back into the meeting room.

They seemed to have wrapped up what they were talking about and Mr Harding was taking to my father. They turned to look at me. I cleared my throat and walked up to them.

“Sorry for the sudden disappearance Mr Harding. There was something important that came up that needed my attention.”

He smiled at me.
“It’s quite alright Mr Reid. I’m sure you had a reasonable explanation for leaving and punching that poor door. I don’t know what it did to you but it sure got what it deserved.”
I laughed and so did he and my father.
“Well thank you for meeting with me Mr Reid. I hope to hear a response from you in 2 weeks.”

He turned back to my father.
“It was nice to meet with you as well Mr Harding. Have a good rest of your day.”

He turned to leave with his secretary following behind him. I let out a deep breath and slumped into a chair.

“Are you okay son?”
My father placed his hand on my shoulder.

I looked up at him.
“I will be.”
He rubbed it before leaving the room.

He turned to me before he lay the room.
“Don’t let her go. You make each other happy. You both deserve that like everyone else. Even more.”
He said the exact same thing as my mother. I guess they were right.

I’ll never let her go. She’s one of them best things that has happened to me. She makes me so happy it’s unbelievable. Her smile alone can light up a whole room. Her giggle makes me want to cuddle with her all day long and not let her out of my grasp. I’ll never let her go. Never.

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