His Little Lavender

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Chapter 37

Lavender’s PoV

We’ve been walking around Fifth Avenue for more than an hour and I haven’t even bought anything yet. Jessica has a bag from nearly ever store we’ve been in. She got Bruce to carry them. Poor guy. I did offer to carry some as well but he just said he was fine. I felt a little sorry. His arms were covered in them.

I would say that Jessica is quite a shopaholic. She literally looked at every article of clothing in every store we’ve been in. I’m surprised it’s only been an hour it feels like it’s been 6. My feet are killing me and I haven’t even bought anything yet.

Jessica has been picking out some outfits for me but they just weren’t my style. We both have two different clothing choices. She prefers more revealing and bold coloured outfits while mine are more covering and light coloured. I prefer skirts and flowy dress and she prefers tight dresses and short shorts. I prefer long-sleeve shirts and she prefers vest and short-sleeved tops. Completely different you see.

Some of the outfits she did pick out I really liked but wouldn’t look as good on me as they did in her hand. There was this one dress that came in two but it showed of my stomach and was really tight when I tried it on. Like really tight.

I was only going to get something casual like Carlos said. I asked him before we left where we were going so I knew what type of outfit I would need. He didn’t tell me but told me to get clothes I would usually wear. So casual clothes.

We were currently walking into Ann Taylor. I loved this store. They actually had jeans here that fitted me perfectly. Other shops would have ones that fitted my thighs but were too loses around my waist. Or they would fit my waist but were too tight around my thighs. I get all my jeans from Ann Taylor. Like every pair of jeans I own are from Ann Taylor. They’re also really comfortable to wear and don’t rub and irate my skin like others do.

Jessica pulled me over to the dress area and began to thrift through the racks. She picked out dresses and scrutinised them for a while and then put them back. I just looked around the room. I spotted the jeans rack and walked over to it. I don’t think Jessica had realised I had left. She still had her eyes stuck to the dresses that looked too revealing for me to even consider wearing.

I began to go through the rack. I picked out a few pairs but then put them away as I didn’t really like them. I grabbed a blue pair and brought them up to my eyes. They seemed to be in my size. They didn’t have any rips and were high-waisted.

I smiled and turned around. I was taken aback by an overly-cheering sales woman staring at me. She wore the usual black outfit that the employees wear here. Hers was tightened and enhanced her large breasts and wide hips. She was a really pretty woman with chocolate, clear skin and brown eyes. Her hair looked really soft and her edges were amazing.

She eyed me up and down and her smile disappeared.
“Darling. I don’t think you should be in here.”

I widened my eyes and looked around me to see if she was talking to someone else. Was she talking to me? Why wasn’t I suppose to be in here?
“Yes you. The tiny ugly one in front of me.”
She pointed her finger into my chest. Her nails were really long and looked as if they could claw my eyes out.

My eyes widened even more and I gulped down the fear in my throat. I wasn’t really good at talking to people I didn’t personally know. And why did she call me ugly? I knew I didn’t suit this outfit. It makes me ugly. I knew it.
“I-I’m not tiny or u-u-ugly.”
My voice came out squeaked and I blushed.

She laughed and threw her head back as she did so.
“Honey where are your parents? I didn’t think this store is quite in your budget.”

I blushed even more and looked down at my floor.
“Um-this s-store is in my b-budget. Every store o-on this street is. Also I-I’m a teenager so I-I’m not with my p-parents.”

She stopped laughing and glared at me.
“Okay honey. You need to stop playing with me and get out of this store. I’m not having some little ugly kid just come in to try clothes on that they can’t even afford.”

My head darted back up to her. Was she kicking me out? I shuffled on my feet and held the tears in. I wasn’t going to cry in front of. I wasn’t going to cry in front of her. Even if she did call me ugly. I was not going to cry in front of her.

“Melissa what do you think you are doing?”
They employee turned her head to the voice and I saw her gulp.

I turned to look at her as well. It was the manager. I knew her well from all the times I’ve been in here. Her hair was black and was cut short. Her lips were painted a deep red and it looked beautiful against her pale skin.

“Hello Mrs G-Grey. I was j-just telling this girl here t-to leave the store.”
She began to stutter and I could see the fear clear on her face.

I saw Bruce begin to approach us. I let out a sigh. Someone I knew. Jessica seemed to be to into the dresses she was eyeing to realise the drama going on around her. That wasn’t the case with some prying eyes though. They didn’t have any shame but look at us.

“Miss Rose are you alright over here? Should I call Mr Reid?”

I walked up to Bruce and stood beside him. I needed to be near some I knew at least a bit. I was getting a bit overwhelmed.

I looked up at him and took a deep breath.
“I-I’m alright Bruce. You don’t n-need to call Carlos. Just a-a small mistake. T-that’s all.”

He smiled at me and then looked back up at the two employees. The girl I now knew as Melissa was staring at Bruce and had her hands behind her back.

“I would like to know what the issue is here. Miss Rose doesn’t seem to have done anything wrong so why is she getting kicked out?”
Melissa opened her mouth but Bruce cut her off.
“And don’t use the excuse that this store is not in her budget. Yes this store is in her budget. Every store on this street is in her budget. She could buy this store. You get that privilege from being a Rose. And how dare you say she’s ugly. Where do you think you get the right to say something like that?”

Melissa’s eyes widened and so did Mrs Black’s.
“She called her ugly”
Mrs Black said. Bruce sternly nodded.
“Oh we are terrible sorry Miss Rose. She had absolutely no right to say something so horrid to you.”

I smiled at her.
“It’s q-quite alright Mrs Grey.”

She let out a breath of relief and then glared at Melissa.
“Go pack your stuff. You’re fired.”

Melissa looked as if she was about the burst into tears. She ran into the back room with her hands to her face. She was crying.

My eyes widened. Was she getting fired because of me? What if she needed this job? She can’t get fired because of me.

“Oh you d-dont have to do t-that. I’m sure s-she just made a m-mistake.”

Mrs Grey turned to me.
“Miss Rose it’s not just you that she’s done that to. She’s a rude person that I no longer want working in my store. She’s had that coming for a while now. Don’t worry it’s not your fault.”
I smiled at her.
“Well I hope you have a good rest of your time here. Anything you buy is on the house for the small inconvenience you had to go through. I just want to say I’m sorry for how rude she was to you.”

I shook my head.
“It’s a-alright and you don’t have t-to do that. I can pay f-for myself.”

She laughed.
“I know Miss Rose. Everyone in New York knows but think of it as a repayment for how rude my employee was. Enjoy the rest of you time I need to be going and checking the inventor now.”
She turned around and left with a wave.

I saw Jessica finally look away from her dress and look around. It seems she has finally noticed I’m gone. She began to look all around the store in worry. Her head wiped from side to side until her gaze landed on me. She let out a sigh of relief and walked up to me with a red dress draped over her arm.

“Lavender. You can’t do that to me. I was scared I had lost you. What would I do if I lost you DeDe? You’re my first friend in New York and my soon-to-be-sister-in-law.”
She pulled me into a hug. I blushed but hugged her back. Bruce walked away from us with his phone to his ear again. Who does he keep calling?

“Well come on we’re going to go try our clothes on. Them jeans are going to look absolutely gorgeous on you.”
She dragged me to the changing room. She was skipping while I was stumbling over my own feet.

We entered and walked into our own stalls. I changed into the jeans. That actually looked really good. The curve of my hip was really prominent. I turned to look at myself sideways. My gut stood out a bit. Maybe I should wear a sweater with this.

(These aren’t the actual jeans but this is a little representation of Lavender’s figure. She has a hour-glass body but think it’s called being fat because of her small height. Her hips are wide and so are her thighs. He waist is small)

“Lavender are you done?”
I took a breathe of courage and pulled the curtain open.

My eyes widened at what Jessica was wearing. It was a vibrant red dress. It had a deep v-cut and turned into a bow just below her breasts. It was a bit short but to be honest so were my dresses. I had no idea how her parents would let her out the house wearing that. She was 14. 14!!!

Despite that, it was a really pretty dress and matched her perfectly. I don’t know what she was buying it but I knew it would look amazing on her wherever she wore it.

“Wow J-Jess you look beautiful.”
She blushed a little and began to cover her face with her hands.

“Stop you’re making me blush. Buuuuut can we talk about those jeans for a moment-?”
She removed her hands and looked at me again.
“Your hips are amazing. I would love to have some like that. You’re hour glass figure is to die for and that tiny waist. Ahh I might just faints at how gorgeous you are.”
She put her hand to her forehead and leaned back a bit to mimic her fainting.

I giggled and blushed a deep red. I turned to the body-length mirror on the wall and looked at myself. I ran my hands down my hips. I guess it was a bit of an hour glass figure. I placed my hands on my waist and squeezed it. I turned around to look sideways again. I still didn’t like how big my stomach was.

Jessica appeared behind me.
“Lavender don’t look at yourself like that.”

I raised my eyes to her.
“Like what?”

Hers softened.
“Like you hate how you look. You are absolutely beautiful. Sure you may be bigger than other girls but let me tell you something.”
She leaned down.
“Men like to actually have something to grab at night. Not some stick-thin bitch that would probably break if you bent her the tiniest bit. And Carlos. He absolutely loves how you look.”

My eyes widened and I turned around to look at her.
“Jess t-that’s mean. Y-you shouldn’t shame other girls e-even if they are s-skinny. W-wonder how they feel about t-that.”

Her eyebrows lifted up. I know she was only 14 but I still wanted her to understand that not only is fat-shaming a thing but so if skinny-shaming. She shouldn’t do either.

“Sorry DeDe. I didn’t mean to offend anyone.”
I smiled at her.

“It’s a-alright Jess. Don’t s-say anything like that a-again without t-thinking it over first.”

She placed her hand on my shoulder
“Okay Lavender. Now come on we have the rest of your outfit to buy we can’t spend all day with me telling you every single thing I and many others love about you.”

She pushed me back into the changing room.
“Oh and you’re buying those jeans and wearing them tonight. We’re going to find a cute sweater or shirt to go along with it as well.”

And we did. 3 stores later. I had bought a pair of beige knee length boots at a shoe store a while ago. They felt really nice and don’t hurt my feet like other heel did.

We were in the car driving back to Carlos’ house now. We were singing to music again. Bruce had an entertained smile on his face as he looked back at us.

“Come on Bruce sing along.”

We were listening to One Direction again. Jessica was using a hairbrush she had randomly brought at a shop as a microphone. She was pointing it at Bruce with a fake sad smile.

He began to shake his head but eventually gave up and sang along.
“You and me got a whole lot of history. Ohoh. We can be the greatest team that the world has ever seen.”
I laughed and sang along to the rest. He had a very deep voice and it contrasted with both mine and Jessica’s high voice.

He would join in and sang along with us for the rest of the ride until we pulled up outside a tall building in the middle of New York. People were rushing around on the streets trying to get to places they so desperately needed to get to.

“Why are we at the company building Bruce? I thought you were taking us home?”

He exited the car and came to open both our doors.
“Carlos ordered me to bring you directly here after your shopping trip.”

I hooked my arm with his and so did Jessica as we made out way into the building. We had been doing that for the whole day so we wouldn’t get lost. Bruce hated it at first but got used to it towards the end of the trip.
“Ah that makes sense. Probably wants to make sure ‘his darling’ isn’t hurt.”
She looked at me and I blushed. Bruce chuckled and we walked pass the reception.

The inside was very posh and sophisticated. It was many blues and whites. I liked it. It wasn’t like my dad’s. It had a comfortable and homely aspect to it like every other building Mr Reid owned.

We entered an elevator. Bruce pressed the 14th floor. When we got to the 10th floor, Bruce spoke.
“So Lavender where do you think he’s taking you tonight?”
Jessica had been asking me that question all day.

“I don’t k-know. It’s n-no where fancy or h-he would have told me to get a f-fancy outfit.”
I looked up at him. He had a large smile on his face.

“So when should I expect kids?”
I blushed and looked at the floor. Jessica let out a loud laugh. The door binged and opened. We walked out.

Jessica’s laugh made everyone turn and look at us.

“We’re not h-having kids any t-time soon Bruce.”

His eyebrow lifted up.
“Any time soon huh? So you want kids with him?”
My mouth widened and so did my eyes. I was blushing so hard now I’m sure I looked like a tomato.

“Bruce s-stop it. I-I’m not having k-kids at the age of 17. You B-banana.”

He gasped and brought his hand to his chest.
“I thought we had something special Lavender. You just called me a banana. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forgive you.”
He wiped his fake tears away and turned the other way from me. Jessica’s laughter got louder.

I giggled knowing he was playing with me.
“I’m sorry B-Bruce. You’re not a b-banana.”
He turned back at me.
“You’re a s-silly mushroom.”

He smirked at me.
“Why you little-”

He ran towards me and I ran away. He grabbed my hips and spun me around. I was giggling so hard my lungs felt as if they were on fire. I was finally put down and I leaned over my knees to get some air.

“Oh my lord you two. It’s like watching two kids argue.”
Me and Bruce turned to her.

“Excuse me I’m a 25 years old man. I’m at not a child.”
Bruce had a straight face but I could see a smile trying to appear on his lips.

“Start acting like one than and I’ll stop saying you’re a kid.”
I gasped and so did Bruce. We looked at eachother.

“Don’t listen t-to her Bruce. You’re n-not a kid. You’re a 25 y-year old man.”
I hugged him and he patted my back.

“Thank you Lavender.”
I pulled away and smile up at him.

“Lavender, Bruce.”
I turned around to see Carlos standing there in a sharp black suit. He wasn’t wearing that this morning. He had an angry intimidating face.

He walked up to me and pulled my body into his. I fell onto his chest. His grip was tight. Was he mad? What was he mad at? Maybe he’s just had a bad day.

“Oop- that’s our queue to leave Bruce. Better go before he gets you killed.”
Jessica pulled at Bruce’s elbow and they walked. Why would Carlos kill Bruce for?

Before they got into the elevator, Bruce turned back around.
“Ignore what the bitch said in the shop Lavender. You’re not ugly you’re beautiful.”
I blushed and they entered the elevator.
“Oh and I expect kids before the age of 23. 5 years.”
He held up 5 fingers like I was some kid.

I blushed deeper and looked at my feet.
“Bruceeee stop it.”

I could hear his and Jessica’s laughter before the elevator door shut. It was quiet now and all I could hear was the clicking of keyboards. The atmosphere was quite awkward and tense. I hadn’t moved from where I was standing. Carlos still had his arm tightly attached to my hips.

I slowly looked up at him. He was already looking back at me with sharp eyes. I pouted and his gaze turned to my lips. He immediately dragged me down to hall. I was stumbling over my feet because of how fast he was going.

“C-Charlie slow down. I -I can’t walk that f-fast.”
He did slow down but we had already reached a door at the end on the hallway.

He opened it and we entered. It was an office. There was large desk in the middle. A wall of windows was at the back and I could see a good view of New York from it.

I heard the door lock before Carlos spin me around. He gripped my hips and lifted me up a bit so I had no choice but to wrap my legs around his waist so I wouldn’t fall.

My arms slithered around his neck and I looked at him with wide eyes.
“C-Carlos what are you d-doing?”


He sat down on his chair with me still on his lap.

His hand gripped the back of my neck and tilted my head back making my back arch. He began to kiss up my neck.

He got to my ear and pulled at my earlobe with his teeth.
“Who do you belong to little girl?”
His other hand moved to my bum and began to knead it. I moaned at the feeling. He smacked my bum.
“Answer me.”

“Yours d-daddy.”
He rubbed my bum again.

“Good girl.”
He squeezed it and began to kiss down my neck. I moaned quietly at the wetness building up in my panties.

“So tell me little girl. Why was some other man touching what was mine? He gripped your hips.“His hand moved to my hips.
“-The hips only I was suppose to grip.-”
He squeezed them and pulled me closer to him.
“-He made a blush appear on your cheeks.-”
His hand on my neck moved to my cheek.
“-A blush I was only suppose to make-”
He gripped them and made my lips pucker out.
“-So tell me. Why was some other man doing that to you instead of me?”

I blushed and grounded my hips against his to get rid of the dying feeling in my kitty. He groaned and brought my face closer to his.
“Don’t do that little girl.”

I did it again. His eyes hardened and he picked me up and placed me on his desk. He laid me down slowly and leaned over me.
“What did I say darling? Don’t do that and what did you do?”

I squirmed underneath him.
“I-I did it daddy.”

His hand moved down my body and he began to unbutton my jeans. A shiver ran down my body at his sensationally slow actions.
“You did didn’t you? Now what’s daddy going to do with his naughty little girl?”

He kissed down my body until he got down to above my private parts. He pulled my jeans down slowly and I was only in my underwear. He still made eye contact with me and he pulled my panties down with his teeth. It was so hot to watch him do that.

He disconnected his eyes from mine and looked at me. He was right in front of my bare lady parts. I tried to push my thighs together to cover myself.

He gripped them and spread them further apart.
“Don’t be shy darling. You look amazing.”
I blushed and laid my head down on the desk.

I could feel his hit breath against my kitty. I made me even hotter and I squirmed impatiently. I felt something hot touch me and I jolted up and gripped his head.

“Shh little girl.”
The vibration of his voice against my kitty made moan. The hot wetness began to flick at my clit and I pulled at Carlos’ hair as I moaned again.

I moved my hips subconsciously against him mouth. Carlos gripped them and held them done. I moaned at the force he used.

“Do you like that baby? Do you like when daddy’s rough with you?”
I moaned in response.

His tongue began to lick up and down and I pulled his hair harder.
“D-daddy oh.”
My breath hitched as he poked my entrance. His tongue began to go in and out as he moved inside of me. I moaned louder.

His hands moved from my hips to my thighs and he pulled them apart further. He was able to go deeper now and it felt even better.

I was able to move my hips against his mouth as well. His finger came up to play with my clit and the strong feeling in my stomach got stronger and I moaned louder and pulled his hair harder.

He gripped my bum and pulled me closer to his face. I felt myself let it all go as he began to knead my bum. I moaned so loud and threw my head back against the desk.

He lapped all my juice up and then wipes his mouth before coming up face to face with me. My face was flushed and I was extremely red. His hand cupped my cheek.
“You did so good darling. Good girl.”
He stroked my cheeks. He leaned down to kiss me and I could taste myself against his lips. I moaned at the taste.

He pulled away and helped me sit up. I was a bit sore and winced.
“Daddy. T-that hurts.”
I pouted and looked up at him.

His eyes softened.
“I know darling. I’m sorry. How about I take you back to your house and run you a nice bath before you get ready for tonight. How does that sound?”

I smiled at him.
“T-that sounds nice.”

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