His Little Lavender

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Chapter 38

Carlos’ PoV

When we arrived at the Rose mansion, I did exactly what I told her. I ran her a warm bath and let her relax her muscles after what we did.

I just couldn’t control myself. I didn’t like seeing Bruce touch
her like he did. The way she blushed and laughed until her lungs gave out made my body burn all over with jealousy.

He was a happily married man with his first kid on the way but I just couldn’t help but feel envious. I was the only one that was suppose to make that certain blush paint her cheeks. I was the only one that was allowed to touch and grab her hips like that. Only me.

And the fact he was talking about expecting kids before the age of 23 confused me. Did she want kids with me? What were they talking about in that elevator?

I would absolutely love to have kids with her. Imagine her carrying my child. Her protruding stomach and the little woddle in her walk. She’d look even more beautiful than she was right now.

But I wanted to have them later on in life. Both me and her have our whole life ahead of us. Her doctoring career and my business career. We wouldn’t be able to look after a child and study at the same time. But I would love to have kids with her sometime. I guess we could have some practise in the meantime.

Talking about practise, she looked so beautiful laying there on my desk. Her hair sprawled out and her face flustered from the foreign emotions she felt at that moment. The way she pulled at my hair made me hotter and more turned on. The arch of her back made her ass perch out and I could help but knead it. She was so sexy but innocent at the same time.

I was walking down the stairs thinking about the place I was taking Lavender tonight. She was going to love it and I was so excited to see what she brought to wear tonight. Whatever she wore, I knew she would look utterly gorgeous.

I got to the bottom of the stairs and was walking towards the door when I heard my name be called from behind me. I turned around to see Christopher standing there in all his glory. His hands were stuffed in his usual blue suit and his blonde hair was gelled back.

He made me a bit nervous and intimidated. My girlfriend’s father wanted to talk to me. Girlfriend? I never actually asked her to be my girlfriend.
“Christopher. What can I do for you today?”

I walked up to him and stood about 2 metres away. He motioned his hand towards the seats and walked over to take a seat. I followed behind and sat on the couch opposite him.

“Let’s get to the point.”
He placed his leg over the other one. My hands began to get sweaty. Was he going to ask about the date tonight? Was he going to give me the intimidating father talk?

“She had a nightmare the other night didn’t she?”
I let out a sigh of relief. He didn’t ask about the date. I had no idea how I was going to answer him if he did.

I also didn’t know how I was suppose to answer this question either.
“Yes. Yes she did. How did you know?”

“Your mother called me this morning to tell me.”
I nodded my head and hummed. So she heard Lavender.
“Do you know what it was about? Did she tell you?”

My eyes moved to look him directly in his eyes. I could see the sorrow and hesitation in them.
“Yes. She told me that it was about him and that he was punishing her for something. She was back ‘there’”

His eyes widened and he placed his head in his hand.
“Did she tell you anything about where ‘there’ is?”

I shook my head and leaned back in the coach and laid my hands on the arms.
“How was she after? Were you able to calm her down?”

I smiled at the memory of what happened that night.
“Yes I was able to calm her down. I sang a lullaby my mother used to sing to me.”

He softly smiled at me.
“Thank you Carlos.”

I smiled at him.
“You don’t have to thank me. I will always look after and calm her down when she needs.”

He smiled at me larger.
“That’s exactly why I’m thanking you. You have been there for her more than most people in her life. Please look after her and I hope you have a wonderful date tonight.”
Her stood up and dusted the dust of his trousers.

He walked away and just as I stood up he spoke again.
I looked up.
“Just because I give you my blessing doesn’t mean I won’t kill you if you hurt her. She is my little baby and I will fucking stab you 50 times if you break her heart. Do you understand?”

I sternly nodded.
“Of course sir.”
He nodded back at me and walked out the door.

I let out a breath of relief and walked out to my car. Damn that dude is intimidating. I felt like I was about to fucking die with the intense stare he was directing at me.

Lavender’s PoV

I got out of the bath when my fingers began to get all shrivelled and wrinkled. That was about an hour that I had spent in there. I just couldn’t get out. It was so hot and my body felt so relaxed.

I wrapped a towel around my body and walked into my closet. I picked up the jeans and sweater I had brought today. I walked up to my secret draw and pulled out some underwear and a bra.

I walked back into the bathroom and changed. I put my underwear and bra on. They were a white lace and had a strange band above my uterus that I had no idea what was there for. The bra was very supportive and didn’t hurt me as much.

I grabbed the sweater and jeans and wore them. The jeans were a light blue and were high waisted. The sweater was a brown, beige and grey colour. It was a turtle neck and showed a slither of my stomach.

My hair was still wet so I took my hair dryer from out of my draw and blow dried my hair. It took about 10 minutes to dry it all because of how much there was and how thick it was. I loved my hair. It covered my face whenever I needed it to. It came to just above my bum and I (or Josie) could do so many different things to it.

I was finally done and was about to put my hair drier away just as my door opened. I nearly dropped it on the floor but caught it before it hit. I turned towards the door to see an angry Josie. Oh donuts.

“Lavender Rose. Why on earth was I not informed that you were going on a date with a certain someone tonight? And why was I not welcomed in the shopping trip with you and Jessica? I wanted to help you pick out the perfect outfit for your date.”

Her lips were turned in a frown and she placed her hands on her hips. I gulped down some air. She looked so sad. I totally forgot about telling her. There was just so much that happened today and last night. It was overwhelming and took over every thought in my mind.

“Jessica I-I’m so so sorry. I t-totally forgot. S-so much happened over t-the last few hours it j-just slipped my m-mind.
I’m sorry.”

I walked up to her and hugged her chest. I didn’t want her to be sad because of me.
“It’s alright Bumblebee. I understand. I see you and Jessica did a good job with picking out an outfit. You look wonderful.”
She pulled away and looked over my body. Her eyes glistened happily.

I blushed and looked down to hide his blush.
“Oh lord we need to do something with your hair. You can’t go on your date with it like this. Come. Come.”
She pushed me towards the mirror and pulled all of my hair accessories out of my hair draw.

She was stood there for a while just trying to decide what to do. Her hand was on her chin and she was rubbing it. Her eyes widened and she stopped moving her hand.
“Oh I got it.”

She moved behind me and just pulled two strands of hair from my front to the back. She twisted them a bit and connected them at the back. It was nothing extreme but still made me look better.

“You look amazing Lavender.”

I blushed.
“Thank y-you Jo.”
She grabbed some mascara from the side and began to carefully apply it to my eyelashes. I kept them open and trusted her enough but to poke my eye balls out any time soon.

She touched up my lip gloss and turned me to the mirror. I examined myself to make sure I looked my absolute best. I was a bit nervous for this date. Carlos was so great and I wanted to be my best for him to.

“Don’t worry Bumblebee. You look beautiful and I’m sure Carlos will think so too.”
I blushed and looked down while playing with the ring on my finger.

I heard a knock at my bedroom door and my head darted up.

“He’s here.”
She squealed as she jumped up and down clapping her hands together.

I had one last look at myself in the mirror before taking a big deep breath and exiting into my bedroom. I was so nervous he was right outside my bedroom door. I took a deep breath.

Jessica appeared behind me and placed her hands on my shoulders. He head was above my shoulder.
“Don’t worry. You’ll have a wonderful time.”

I walked up to the door and gripped the door knob. I turned it slowly before pulling it open.

I looked up and there he stood. He wore light blue ripped jeans. He had a grey hoodie under a black leather jacket. His hair was messed up. He looked so handsome I could faint.

“Wow Lavender. You look amazing.”
I opened the door further and leaned up to kiss him in the lips. He kissed me back and placed his hands on my back to pull me closer. I wound my hands around his neck and pulled the hairs at the bottom of his hair.

“Okay okay. Calm it down. Move and I’ll get out to ensure I don’t see anything that will cause me to have to bleach my eyes.”
I pulled away from Carlos’ lips and hid my face in his chest because of the burning blush on my face.

Carlos looked behind me and glared at Josie. He pulled me closer and I wrapped my arms around his waist.

Josie pushed past us and walked down the stairs.
“Don’t do anything I would do Bumblebee.”
I blushed harder and Carlos laughed.

We stayed there in each others embrace for a while before he pulled apart.
“How about we get going now? It’s quite a drive to where we are going tonight?”

I nodded my head and released him from my grasp. He gripped my chin and lifted my head up.
“Use your words darling.”

I blushed.
“Yes Carlos.”

He leaned down and pecked my lips.
“Good girl.”

I blushed harder. His hand caressed my cheek and then travelled down my body to my hand. He grabbed it and pulled me out the door.

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