His Little Lavender

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Chapter 39

Carlos’ PoV

The music played in the background but all I could focus on was the soft hum of my angel’s voice. She was nodding her head along to a song on the radio and hummed the tune. It wasn’t exactly anything difficult but still it sounded so beautiful coming from her.

Her eyes were closed and her head leaned towards me. When I saw her earlier, she looked so majestically gorgeous. The sweater she was wearing made her look innocent but sexy at the same time because of the way it stuck to her breasts like a second skin. Her jeans showed off the curve of her hip and I couldn’t even describe how amazing she looked in them. Her hair looked as soft and silky as it usually would but seemed to have a new shine and sparkle to it. I could tell she was wearing make up but it wasn’t lathered all over her face like some girls would do. That’s their choice but I just love the fact the Lavender is so naturally pretty and doesn’t try to cover it up with cosmetics.

I felt her grab my hand and she once again began to play with my fingers and jewellery. I looked away from the road briefly and glanced down at her. Her eyes were now open but she was still nodding her head and humming to the song.

This has turned into a thing she always did when we drove somewhere. She would be so intrigued with my hands and rings that the time seemed to fly by for her. I found it so cute that something as small as that could make her so curious and interested that she completely lost all knowledge of what was going around her.

We were nearly where I was taking her tonight. I was glad she hadn’t put difficult shoes on and only a pair of knee-length beige boots as she would be taking them off and changing into a different type of shoe when we got there. Where I was taking her was in a more not-known part of New York. It was a safe and well-off area but not many people knew about it. The only reason I knew about it was because a old friend of mine took me there last year during summer break.

I turned a corner and saw the building we would soon go in. I pulled up in the parking lot and parked the car.

Lavender was still playing with my fingers and humming along to the song that was now playing on the radio. I could tell it was that new Harry Styles song, Golden because Jessica had been playing it all day since it came out. I’m sure I know all the words of by heart because of how much I’ve heard the song over the past week.

I turned the car off and gently placed my hand on my darling’s cheek and lifted her head up.
“Darling we’re here.”

Her eyes widened and she turned to look out the window on her side quickly. I chuckled and unbuckled my seat belt and got out the car.

I walked over to her side and she was still looking out the window. I opened her door and unbuckled her seat belt before helping her out of her side of the car.

She shyly looked up at me and then kissed me on the cheek quickly. I laughed again at her cute behaviour and kissed her on the cheeks as well. I saw them turn a vibrant pink and she began to play with the ring on her finger. The one I had given her.

I took that hand in mine and entwined our fingers. She looked up at me with a smile and I sent her one back in return. I pulled her towards the door and half way she placed her other hand on my bicep so it was as if she was hugging my arm to her. I looked down at her. She was truly a pure gem.

I walked up to the door and gripped the handle. I pulled it open and we walked in together as she was still gripping onto my arm. I knew she was nervous as she was hesitantly looking around at the few people that were still here. It was later on and not many people came here at this time.

“Charlie w-where are we?”
I pulled her further into the building and she let go of my arm to look up at me.

“We, my darling, are at a rollerskating ring.”
Her eyes lit up and she looked around.

They landed on the actual skating ring and she clapped her hands together. She turned back around to me and hugged my body.
“Thank y-you Charlie so much. I’ve always wanted t-to come to one of these.”

I chuckled and stroked the back of her hair.
“It’s alright my love. I’m happy that you’re happy.”

She leaned up and kissed my lips slowly. I kissed her back .

“To be in love.”
Lavender pulled her lips away from me and turned to the side.

I turned to look at my the person I was about to kill. I groaned and threw my head back when I saw who it was. This child I swear to God. I have no idea how he is always where we are. He just seems to appear everywhere me and Lavender go. I am actually starting to believe he’s a fucking wizard at this point.

“Nathaniel h-how are you doing?”

Lavender pulled away from my embrace and approached the devil’s child. He always ruins our moment. I don’t think I quite like him as much as I did at the start.

My darling hugged him and he hugged her back. He looked at me with a knowing smirk on his face over her shoulder. He stuck his tongue out. That little fucker. I’ll rip the tongue out in a minute. Little cocky bastard.

I stuck my middle finger up and shot him the stink eye. He made a shocked expression and sent me fake sad smile and sniffed his nose sadly.

Lavender pulled away from him concerned.
“Are you a-alright Nate? Are y-you sick? Upset?”

He smirked at me. I swear to god I’ll kill him if he tells her. I know she’ll be mad at me especially since he’s only a child. I sent him a pleading angry look.

He looked back at Lavender.
“I’m alright Ven. Maybe just a cold. It’ll go away in a few days. Don’t worry.”

She let out a sigh and hugged him again. I unhardened my glare a bit. He smirked over her shoulder again before she pulled away. She walked back to my side. I placed my hand around her waist and pulled her closer to me. Nathaniel’s smirk widened. This kid was starting to get on my bloody nerves.

“C-Charlie be nice. He’s j-just a kid.”

I pulled my glare away from Nathaniel and looked down at Lavender softly. I sent her a forced smile and nodded my head before kissing her forehead. She blushed and hugged my body closer so her cheek was on my chest.

“Lavender. Carlos so nice to see you here.”
I looked behind the kid to see Coach Black approach us. He had a woman on his arm that I suspected to be his wife.

Nathaniel turned around and I saw him tense when his eyes landed on the woman. She was looking at me and Lavender weirdly. Her posture was very wealthy and proud. Her black hair and dark nails were flawlessly done and she had not a single speck of dust on her outfit that I could see. She seemed to be quite a prestigious woman that liked every thing to be perfect and clean.

Lavender’s arms tightened around me and she dug her head further into my chest. I started to stroke her hair thinking she was nervous because of the new person.

“Coach Black nice to see you too. Why are you here?”

He was about the reply when the woman interrupted him.
“We’re here from our Nathan’s Birthday. He wanted to go somewhere new and decided to come to this building.”

She flew her hand up in the air and looked around in distaste. So she was a snobby bitch as well. Nathaniel sunk into himself a bit at her voice. I made eye-contact with him and could see embarrassment and fear in them. Why was he scared? Did he not like his mother?

My eyes softened. I may hate the boy right now for ruining mine and Lavender’s moment but I didn’t like to see that look in a boy’s eye that was as young as him. He was too young to fear his parents. No one should fear their parents anyway. No matter how old they are.

“What are you two doing her?”
I looked back up at Coach Black. He was looking between me and Lavender expectantly. He had a knowing smirk on his face as if he already knew the answer to his own question.

I could imagine the blush on her face. I smiled brightly and played with the ends of her hair.
“We’re here on a date. Lavender’s never been to a rollerskating arena so I thought she’d enjoy to go here on our first date.”

He smiled at us and nodded her head. I saw that his wife didn’t seem to have the same expression of her face. She was looking at us confused and a bit horrified.

“Wait a moment. How old is she? She looks like a kid.”
Lavender tensed around me and I tightened my arm on her waist.

Coach Black turned to his wife. He had a look of horror on his face. Probably because she just accused me of dating a minor.

“I-I’m not a kid. I-I’m nearly 18.”
I looked down at Lavender. She had peeled herself of me and was standing up straight beside me holding my hand.

The woman looked at her body up and down. Her eyes were subjective. Was she judging my angel? She was. I glared at her.

“Sorry dear. You are just so small that you look like a child.”
Lavender blushed and began to play with her sweater. That’s something she does when she’s nervous.

I rubbed my hand up and down her waist to soothe her nerves. She let out a deep breath and then sent me a small smile. I sent one back at her and winked. She blushed darker and looked down at her feet.

I chuckled quietly and then turned back to Coach Black and his family. They were all looking at us. They turned away when I looked at them.

“Anyway we should get going. We’ve still got a reservation to get to. I hope you have a wonderful date and have fun.”
I nodded my head at Coach Black. He walked to the door with his wife on his arm.

Lavender moved to hug Nathaniel again and I saw her whisper something in his ear. His shoulders tensed a little bit but relaxed soon later. She pulled away from his ear and sent him a soft smile. He kissed her cheek and I pulled her back into me.

“Okay your pushing it a little to far now kid.”

I glared at him as I practically attached Lavender to my side. He laughed and I heard Lavender giggle a little too. I looked down at her in awe. Her giggle sounded like heaven itself.

Nathaniel followed after his mother and father and walked out of the building. I pulled my darling from my side and kissed her cheek where he kissed her.

She giggled.
“C-Charlie don’t be jealous. I-I’m on a date with y-you not Nate.”
I smiled a little at that fact and pecked her lips. She blushed and looked down. I chuckled at how cute she was and lead her to where we would get out rollerblades.

There was a man there that looked to be around 25. He had brown hair and blue yes. He looked up when we approached the desk. His eyes travelled down my body before travelling down Lavender’s. I tightened my grip on her hand.

He sent us a small smile.
“Hi my names Joseph. What can I do for you two this evening?”

Lavender politely smiled at him and I just gave him a straight face. He seemed to get a bit anxious.
“We’ll have 2 tickets and a size 11 and-”

I looked down at Lavender and she gulped a little.
“A size 4 1/2 please.”
Her voice was quiet and soft but he still heard her.

He sent her a soft smile.
“Of course dear.”
She smiled at him. My jaw clenched. Carlos calm down. They’re just smiling at each other. Nothing else. You don’t want to scare her. Calm down.

I relaxed my face and looked at him expectantly. I pulled my card out and gave him it. He swiped it and then gave it me back with a receipt. He walked over to the rollerblade rack and grabbed ours. Hers were extremely small to mine. Just like she was in real life. I smiled at that thought.

He put them on the counter and I grabbed both pairs with one hand while that other one was still keeping my darling near me.

“Have a good evening.”
Lavender smiled at him and waved as we walked off. He waved back.

I walked us over to a bench where we could change our shoes. I let go of her hand and she sat down. I placed her shoes next to her and then sat down on the other side. She shyly smiled up at me. I smiled back and kissed her lips again.

She blushed and began to pull her boots off. I pulled my trainers off and carefully put my rollerblades on. I tied my laces just as she was putting her other one on her feet.

I sat up to my full height and just watched as she did what she was doing. She tied her laces and then sat up straight removing any loose hair that had covered her face. I smiled at how cute she was. She turned to me and blushed harder when she saw me already staring. I chuckled and stood up before offering my hand out for her to take.

She hesitantly looked at it.
“Don’t worry darling. I won’t let you fall.”

She smiled at me and reluctantly took it. I pulled her up slowly and her eyes widened. I could see she was scared and worrying a bit because of how hard she was holding on to my hand.

I placed my other hand on her waist and steadied her out.
“Just relax and stop moving your feet. I’ll help you move.”
She let out a sigh and looked up at me.

I slowly moved my feet and her hand shot out to grip onto the wooden banister next to her.

She grabbed my hand tighter.
“It’s alright just follow what I’m doing. One foot in front of the other and push off and glide. Do that.”

She looked up at me scared.
“I won’t let you fall darling. Don’t worry I’ll catch you.”

I nodded my head and she nodded hers too. She let out a big sigh and slowly moved one of her feet while still holding onto the banister and tightly holding my hand. A smile appeared on her face when she didn’t fall. She looked up at me with such a glee that I couldn’t help but smile back. She moved her other foot and started to move a bit. She looked so proud and happy of herself that my heart swelled with happiness at the sight. She was a beautiful woman.

“Now let go of the banister and do it without it.”
She looked up at me with wide eyes and began to shake her head no.

“C-Charlie I can’t.”
I shook my head and squeezed her hand in reassurance.

“Yes you can. Remember I’m right here to catch you if you fall. Don’t worry.”
I sent her a gentle smile and her face of worry softened a bit.

She hesitantly let go of the banister. I could see her panic a bit. I squeezed her hand to let her know I was still here. She took a deep breath in before moving forward. I moved with her ready for if she falls.

She moved her other foot and began to glide a bit too far. I pulled her back a bit. She smiled at me embarrassed. I kissed her cheek and she blushed again.

She tried again and did better. She got more confident and moved further. Her smiled widened.

“Carlos see I-I’m doing it.”
She looked back at me with a smile as large and bright as the sun.

“Yes darling you are. Now let’s actually get into the ring and enjoy ourselves.”
She nodded her head. I pulled her to the ring by her hand. I went slow so she wouldn’t fall. She was actually doing pretty good considering this was her fist time. On my first time, I fell straight on my face and nearly broke my wrist. Wasn’t exactly my proudest moment.

When we touched the wooden floor, Lavender gripped my arm fully and pulled herself closer to me. The wooden floor was much easier to slip on than the carpet. I peeled her fingers off my bicep but kept her hand in mine. She looked up at me panicked.

“Don’t worry. I’m here. Just push and glide. Push and glide.”
I sent her a reassuring smile and she gave me a smile unsure one back.

Lavender took a deep breath in and then took off. I was still beside her side the whole time just incase I needed to catch her like I promised.

She didn’t fall but seemed to be getting the hang of it. Her strides were getting more assured and she had more faith that she wouldn’t fall. She went a little faster and I followed her pace.

She turned to look at me.
“Charlie I’m d-doing it. I-I’m really doing it.”

Her smile was so wide and she looked so proud of herself. I smiled back at her just as big and proud. I truly was. It’s not easy to try something new and actually keep going at it. I’m proud of her for not giving up and being determined to actually succeed.

We skated around for about an hour and a half. Lavender had gotten so good at it in a short amount of time. It took me about 3 hours to actually not fall on my ass every time I moved.

I saw she was getting a bit tired so we skated over a bench on the side of the skating ring. Lavender’s face was red and a permeant smile has been etched on her lips since she got the hang of how to skate by herself.

Some loose bits of hair was scattered on her face and she was panting a little bit. She pulled of her rollerblades and put her normal shoes. I did the same. Her eyes brightened and she pulled her phone out her pocket.

“Come on b-baby. We’ve got to t-take a photo.”

She went on her camera and angled the phone sideways so it got both of our heads in. I placed mine next to hers ,just above her shoulder. She was sticking her tongue out so I did the same. She took the picture.

She pulled the phone down and looked at it. Her smile got larger and she giggled again. Her eyes sparkled in the light and she looked like a true angel.

“Do you want something to drink darling?”
Her head whipped to me and she nodded her head.

I placed my head on her cheek.
“Use your words darling.”

She blushed.
“Yes b-baby.”

My smile widened. I wouldn’t admit it but I loved it when she called me pet names like baby. It just made my heart warm with an unfamiliar feeling.

“Good girl.”
I leaned down and kissed her. It only lasted for 5 seconds before I pulled back to stand up.
“I’ll only take about 5 minutes. Stay here,okay?”

She nodded her head and then remembered what I said.
“Yes baby.”

I smiled at her and then strode over to the snack bar. I got there and looked at the drinks they served. I ordered an apple juice as I knew she loved them. I got a sprite.

I turned back around as I was waiting for them. She was still sat there. She was looking down at her phone with a ridiculously large smile on her face. She looked so gorgeous and happy.

I turned back around just as our drinks arrived. The woman serving me placed the drinks on the counter. I handed her my card and she smiled at me before taking it. After a few seconds, she handed me it back with a receipt. I took it and the drinks and headed back to Lavender.

I looked back at her but one thing was different. She wasn’t alone. There was a man sat beside her. Another man stood leaning against the side of the skating ring looking annoyed and angry at the other man.

I felt the same when I saw Lavender’s expression. She looked terrified. I could feel my muscles tense and my jaw clenched harder than ever before. He was making her nervous. She didn’t like to talk to people she didn’t know. She was scared. I’ll fucking kill that idiot.

I walked over to them. When Lavender saw me, her eyes widened in relief and she let out a sigh.

“Baby. You’re b-back.”
The 2 men turned to look at me.The one leaning on the railing smirked at the one that was sitting on the bench.

The one on the railing was about 5′8 with blonde hair and brown eyes. He had freckled scattered over his cheek. He looked to be about our age and wore a hoodie and jeans. He looked at me knowingly like he knew I would turn up. I recognised him from school. He plays rugby with me and plays left wing. I also have seen him in some of mine an Lavender’s lessons.

The other was about 5′7 with blonde hair and green eyes. He had a piercing on his nose and eyebrow. He wore a vest with jeans and looked a bit irritated and annoyed at my presence. I didn’t know who he was but he looked like a fucking douche.

“Darling. Is that man disturbing you?”
She nodded her head and got up to come to my side. I wrapped my hand around her waist and placed her head in my chest. I stroked her hair gently and kissed her forehead. She let out a sigh of solace.

I looked up from her head and straight at the man that had now got up from his seat on the bench my darling was sitting on earlier.
“I recommend you fucking leave before I punch you to death.”

His face reddened and he pathetically puffed out his chest to make himself look bigger compared to me. In my opinion, he just looked more ridiculous.

“Are you threatening me?”
He began to walk closer to me and Lavender.

I pushed her behind my back and felt her little hands grip my shirt tightly.
“No. I’m fucking promising you. Leave or I’ll bloody kill you. Ask you’re friend over there-”
I nodded my head to the other man. His head jolted up and he looked alarmed.
“- if you don’t believe me. I’m sure he saw what I did to Blake Robinson. He can tell you everything,”

The mans eyes widened and he gulped a little. Lavender’s hands tightened on my shirt and I moved my hand behind my back to rub them a little to calm her down.
“You’re the o-one that nearly killed Blake R-Robinson.”

I nodded. The one I now remembered as Lincoln snickered under his breath.
“Yes I am. So leave unless you want to end up like him.”
He stumbled back a little before heading for the door.

Lincoln finally spoke before he could leave.
“Hey wait. You’re forgetting something.”
He approached the man.

I thought he would go with him guessing they were friends. Before the unknown man could turn around himself, Lincoln gripped his shoulder and turned him around himself before landing a hard punch to his nose. The man screamed out and gripped his nose that was now gushing with blood. Lavender’s arms encircled my waist and she pulled herself impossibly closer. I could tell she was scared by what was going on because of how hard her grip was.

“What the fuck Lincoln! Why the fuck did you punch me for?”
His nose was still bleeding and didn’t look as if it would stop anytime soon.

A lot of people were looking at the scene before them and were quietly whispering to the people next to them. Some of the staff members went to approach the two angry men but others pulled them back scared they would get hurt too.

“I thought you would be smart enough to actually know who that girl was? I guess I was wrong.”

The man’s eyes darted to me and he tried to look behind my back at Lavender. I moved myself so I was fully covering her. He sent me a nasty glare that I returned with an even nastier one.

“Who is she? Some slut that you hooked up with.”
I could feel Lavender shudder behind me and I placed my hand on her one around my waist. I rubbed it soothingly.

I was fucking fuming. How dare he call her ‘some slut’. I’ll bloody kill him in a minute. Before I could do anything, Lincoln’s fist made contact with the man’s body again only this time he aimed for his stomach. The man doubled over onto the floor before scrambling up a minute later quickly.

“That ‘slut’ is Lavender fucking Rose.”
The mans eyes widened and I saw him gulp down the fear building up in his throat.
“Yes. Lavender Rose. Not only is Braydon going to kill you so is her father and brother so get running along before I do it myself or even let Carlos over there do it himself. Wouldn’t want that now?”

The man’s eyes widened before he fled for the door. The people around kept looking at us.

Lincoln turned towards them.
“What the fuck you looking at? Want to end up like that?”
Everyone’s eyes widened and they began to go back to what they were doing earlier ,only this time a little more cautious of what was going on around them incase Lincoln decided to approach them.
“Like I thought.”

Lincoln looked at me and Lavender. His eyes still held anger but it was less intense now. He took a deep breath and closed them for 10 seconds. He opened them and his usual smile was back.

He approached us and I held Lavender closer to me. He noticed that and held his hands up in surrender.
“Hey hey. I’m not going to hurt her. I may be stupid but I’m not stupid enough to hurt Lavender Rose. Braydon would have my head for that.”

He laughed and I felt Lavender release her grip on me slowly. She peeked her head from behind my back slowly as if she wasn’t sure of her actions. I wasn’t either but wanted her to make her own decisions.

Lincoln’s eyes darted to Lavender and they softened. He waved at her and she shyly waved back from behind me.
“Yes Braydon. I swim with him sometimes when I’m not playing rugby. He speaks about you a lot. I’m pretty sure I know you better than most people at the school because of him.”

He laughed and raked his hand through his hair. I heard him hiss and he brought his hand to his face to inspect it. I could see a bruise forming and a bit of blood. He shook it a little and I could see pain written all over his face. He looked back up at us and smiled. He was masking his pain.

Lavender moved from behind my back and stood by my side. I was sure to keep her close not wanting to have her away from me after what just happened.

“T-Thank you for what y-you did to that man. A-And for trying to get him t-to leave me alone early.”
She kindly smiled at him.

He smiled back.
“No problem little lady.”
His phone went off and he pulled it out from his back pocket. He cursed under his breath.

“I got to go. Seems like my dear brother has called my father about what just happened.”
He rolled his eyes and turned his phone off.

My eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

His smiled brightened.
“The dude I just punched. Been wanting to do that for a while. He’s a dick and deserved it anyway.”
Lavender gasped and her eyes widened. Lincoln’s did too and he hurried out an explanation.
“Oh no. He does deserve it. You’re not the first girl he’s tried to get to sleep with him. Disgusting man he is. Well I better get going. My old man isn’t going to be that happy at me for injuring his pride and joy.”

He rolled his eyes once again before walking out the door with a wave. Me and Lavender just stood there for a while. We didn’t know what to say after what just happened. I wanted to ask her if she was okay but was till shocked.

“W-well that was a lovely f-first date.”
The tense atmosphere broke and I chuckled and looked down at her. She was already looking up at me with a small smile and a particular sparkle in her eyes. Only she would make a joke out of this. She always did make things happier.

“You are one strange woman Lavender. Any other person would be shocked right now but ,no, you’re making a joke out of it. I like that about you.”
She blushed and pushed her cheek into my chest to hide it. I chuckled again and kissed the top of her head.

“C-Can we go now? I’m hungry and t-thirsty.”
My eyes widened. I pulled something out of my pocket.

“I believe I forgot to give this to you.”
I handed her the apple juice I had brought. Her eyes brightened and she instantly grabbed it.

“T-thank you Carlos.”
She unscrewed the lid and began to drink it.

She pulled the bottle from her mouth and there was a bit on her chin because of how fast she was drinking. I wiped it away with my thumb. She looked at my thumb and followed it to my mouth. Her cheeks grew darker and I chuckled at her reaction.

“Come on darling. Let’s go get you something to eat.”
I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the door.

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