His Little Lavender

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Chapter 4

Carlos’ POV

Who the fuck is Jonas? She seemed scared of him by the way she tensed up by only hearing his name. Did the motherfucker hurt her? He better not have fucking hurt my angel. She’s too much of a nice and bright person. How could people even consider trying to hurt her?

I was currently following my innocent lavender to World History. I showed her my schedule and it appears we have all of the same classes except on Thursday where I have Rugby and she has track. Many people think just because I misbehaved sometimes that meant that I was stupid. I actually did really well in school. Always scoring A’s or A+’s

To be honest, I should of guessed she does track. Her legs are amazing. I image what I would be like to have her thick thighs beside my hips as I pound into her. The heel of her foot digging into my back as she reaches her high.

She’s dragging me along by my hand because I don’t know where I’m going. I don’t think she notices it yet but she’s practically holding hands with me. When I make her mine fully, I intend to be holding her hand all the time no matter what. I don’t how I’m going to fully make her mine but I will no matter what. And no man and I mean no man will get in my way.

When we went arrived at the classroom, a lot of prying eyes turned to us because of the fact I’m “the new hot boy”. Girls would sit there staring at me with lust-filled eyes while whispering to the girl next to them. Boys would either glare at me for taking all the girls’ attention or be eyeing My Lavender up and staring at her breast. Who do the think they are? Fucking mongrels. They don’t stand a god damn chance.

I’m really fucking starting to despise the outfits she wearing. The tight top clung to her big breasts like a second skin and the short skirt ,that didn’t even reach her knees, made it easy for the wind to accidentally blow it up and show everyone her barely covered pussy. No one but me should see that. No one.

Lavender must of been uncomfortable with the attention as she dropped my hand and began walking away with her head down. As she walked past a desk, I saw some stupid jock purposefully push his pen off the desk.

“Oh shit sorry Baby. Can you pick that up?” That fucking son of a bitch. He better not be doing what I fucking think he’s doing.

Lavender being the kind innocent girl gave him a soft smile and then went to pick up the pen but before she could bend down, I went up to her and stood behind her. Her ass was on my crotch. I bent down and pulled her up by her waist. Even though the situation is shit, I couldn’t help imagine all the different ways I could pleasure her in this position.

“What the fuck do you think your fucking doing?-” his eyes widened and everyone turned around to look at us. I tightened my grip on Lavender’s thick hips because of how angry I was and leaned to the side of her so I was in front of the little twat and whispered menacingly to him “- ever fucking try something again like that on my angel and I’m gonna bloody shove that pen down your throat.”

I leaned back up and saw everyone with wide eyes staring at what’s going on. I didn’t want to scare the angel in my arms so all I did was threaten him. She seemed really soft and if I hurt someone in front of her, I knew she’d be scared of me.

I grabbed My innocent lavender by the upper arm and pulled her to two seats at the back. I took off her bag and pulled out her seat. She sat down thanking me before getting her stuff out. I sat down in my own chair.

My jaw and hands were clenched so hard I thought they were going to snap. Who the fuck does that to someone? Imagine what would of happened if I wasn’t there. Everyone would of been able to see that wonderful round ass of hers. The sexy lace thong she’s wearing doesn’t help either. Fucking disgusting bastards. Has this bloody happened before? I swear to fucking God if this has happened before I’m not scared to get bloody expelled on my first day.

I felt eyes drilling into the side of my face. This made me even more agitated and before I realised I turned around and snapped “What.”

Her eyes went wide and she looked down. Her hands began fiddling with the end of her skirt. She once again tried to shield her face with her hair. But this time it was to hide the tears and not the blush. My gaze soften when I saw a stray tear fall down her cheek.

“Shit. Lavender I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to-” I grabbed her chin with my two fingers and lifted her head up. With my other thumb, I wiped away the tears that had fallen before kissing her forehead. I felt her cheeks heat up and could only imagine the colour of her face.
“-It’s just what that boy tried to do to you got me so fucking angry.” I explained as I glared at the blonde-haired jock that sat at the front. He moved uncomfortably in his chair as he felt my scorching gaze on him.

“You s-shouldn’t swear a-as much.” A soft whisper interrupted my process of creating different ways of killing the imbecile.

“Excuse me”

“You s-shouldn’t swear as m-much. Daddy s-says it’s dirty and m-mean.” She innocently mumbles before playing with skirt again.

The way she says Daddy made my dick harden. Fuck. Imagine her chanting that while I pleasure her for hours on end. The look on her face as her eyes roll back and her mouth opens releasing them heavenly moans I die to here. Jesus I need to calm down before I fucking cum just at the thought of her.

“Sorry angel I’ll try not to. Just for you.” She looked up at me and smiled. Her smile was so bright and contagious I couldn’t help but smile at her too.

“Can I a-ask you a q-question?” She shifted uncomfortably in her chair and began biting her lip. Jesus Christ this woman is trying to kill me. I leaned forward and pulled her lip out from between her teeth.

“Don’t do that.” She looked up at me shocked before beginning to blush profusely. I chuckled at her cute reaction. So adorable. “Go ahead my angel.”

She cleared her throat and looked up at me again “Why d-didn’t you let me p-pick that pen u-up? I w-was just t-trying to help that b-boy. I didn’t k-know I had d-done something w-wrong.”

My jaw clenched as I remembered what the little fucker tried to do. “You didn’t do anything wrong my innocent lavender.” I gave her a tight-lipped smile trying to convince her.

“Then w-why didn’t y-you let me help h-him? I was only picking h-his pen up.” She questioned again. I looked down at her and sighed before running my hands through my hair making it even messier.

“My angel. That fucker-” she looked at me with a little glare that was more cute than scary. “-sorry that jerk purposefully pushed his pen on the floor.”

Her big blue eyes glistened with confusion. “Why w-would he d-do that though?”

“He did it so he could look under your skirt-.” I gritted through my teeth. Her lips parted and a gasp escaped into the cold autumn air. Why was that so hot? ” -and the choice of underwear you decided to wear today, doesn’t exactly help you in anyway-” I smirked as she turned a dark crimson. She was just so easy to make blush and it made her look even cuter. “-The only person that should ever see you wear that is me from now on. No one else” If possible, her eyes widened even more and she turned an even darker shade of red.

“Carlos t-t-that’s so....c-crude and i-inappropriate.” I chuckled at her embarrassment. The sound made multiple people turn to look at us in shock. Damn been here for no more than 10 minutes and they already think I’m incapable of laughing.

The teacher entered the classroom and almost every students groaned. For the whole lesson, I wasn’t paying any attention. I was either admiring how beautiful Lavender looked while concentrating or play with her hair which she seemed to enjoy as she kept leaning into my hand. Whenever Lavender tried concentrating, she’d sometimes furrow her eyebrows which meant she was confused. She’d also bite her pen or lip instinctively when she was listening intently. That made me imagine things that would not be suitable for her ears.

Lavender’s POV

I don’t really like attention. It always makes me anxious and scared. Like what if I mess up and everyone laughs at me? I don’t want that. It’s humiliating. That’s why I hardly come to any of the events my dad or brother hold or go to. There’s always a spotlight on “Christopher Rose’s gorgeous mystery daughter”. It’s quite haunting because ,what if I go out there ,and disappoint people because I’m too ugly, too fat or too short to be this “gorgeous mystery daughter”.

So when everyone turned to look at me and Carlos as we entered the class, I decided to leave him because I thought he would go sit with the jocks or the pretty girls at the front. Hardly anyone wants to be seen with the socially-awkward small girl only Josie, Max and distant friend called Braydon.

I walked down between the tables when I heard something hit the floor and then someone ask me something. “oh shit sorry baby. Can you pick that up?”

I turned to my left and saw a group of jocks sitting there. They were all wearing the same jacket, blue and white with a polar bear on the back, and had the same smirk plastered on there face. The one that had spoke to me was Blake. He’s known as the golden boy and has been in an on-and-off-relationship with the popular girl, Candice, for the whole of high school. The way he called me “baby” made me cringe and get a bit awkward.

He was asking me to pick up the pen he accidentally dropped on the floor. So I gave him a small smile and bent down to get it. However, before I could even get half way, I felt someone come up behind me and grip my waist. I tensed. They pulled me up so my back was to their chest.

“What the fuck do you think your fucking doing?-“. By the sound of the voice and the tingles that danced down my spine, I discovered the person that stopped me was Carlos. Why did he stop me from picking up the pen? His grip on me tightened and I felt more tingles travelled through my body. Blake’s eyes widened wider than Jupiter and you could visibly see him gulp.

“- ever fucking try something like that again on my angel and I’m gonna bloody shove that pen done your throat.” What he said made many people gasp. I was shocked. Why was he being so mean I was only trying to help him? Did he do something wrong? Did I do something wrong?

Before I could ask, he gripped my upper arm and pulled me over to the desk I normally sit at. He helped me get my backpack off and pulled my chair out. I mumbled a thank you and started getting my equipment out.

I could tell he was angry and agitated at something. Oh God. He’s angry at me. I looked up at him trying to think about what to say. Does he want an apology? Maybe I should apologise. But what am I apologising for. I was only helping Blake out by picking up his pen. Suddenly, I heard him harshly snap at me. I realised I had been staring at him for a while.

I looked down and began playing with the ends of my skirt. Something I do when nervous. He doesn’t want to be my friend anymore. I don’t know what I did. Is it because I tried helping that boy? Why is he angry at me for that?

A few traitorous tears escaped before I could stop them. Stop crying Lavender. It’s pathetic. No one likes a crybaby.

“Shit. Lavender. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to-”

Before I could wipe them away myself, he gripped my chin and pulled my face up to look at him. The soft look that relaxed his face calmed me. Regret and guilt swam in his eyes. He used his thumb to wipe away my tears and then kissed my forehead my cheeks glowed a light red because of the intimate action.

“-It’s just what that boy tried to do to you got me so fucking angry.” I don’t understand what he did. He only asked me to pick up his pen? Is he not allowed to ask me that? And why does Carlos swear so much? It’s not good for him.

“You s-shouldn’t swear as m-much.” I softly whispered still looking down.

“Excuse me”

“You s-shouldn’t swear a-as much. Daddy s-says it’s dirty and m-mean.” I began playing with my skirt again. I realised how childish it was to still call your dad daddy and blushed for the hundredth time today.

“Sorry angel I’ll try not to. Just for you.” The smile that was on my face was ginormous. He’d do that just for me. He smiled at me too and his beautiful dimples and straight teeth made an appearance

“Can I a-ask you a q-question?” I asked before uncomfortably shifting in my chair. I don’t want him to get mad at me. Unknowingly, I began nibbling on my lip. It’s something I also do when scared or nervous.

“Don’t do that.“He grunted and pulled my lip from teeth. His finger stayed on my lip before disappearing. “Go ahead my angel.”

I cleared my throat and looked at him again. “Why d-didn’t you l-let me pick t-that pen up? I w-was just trying t-to help that b-boy. I didn’t k-know I had done s-something w-wrong.”

His jaw clenched and I realised I probably said something wrong and now he’s going to shout at me. “You didn’t do anything wrong my innocent lavender.” He gave me a tight-lipped smile. If I didn’t do anything wrong, then why did he stop me? .

“T-Then why didn’t y-you let me h-help him? I was only p-picking his p-pen up.” He sighed and ran his hands through his already messy hair. This made my body heat up and a feeling appear in my stomach almost like butterflies.

“My angel. That fucker-“I glared at him “-sorry that jerk purposefully pushed his pen on the floor.”

. “Why w-would he do t-that t-though?”

“He did it so he could look under your skirt-.” He gritted through his teeth. I let out a gasp. What? ” -and the choose of underwear you decided to wear today, doesn’t exactly help you in anyway-“my cheeks flamed up again. I forgot he had seen my very small underwear earlier “-The only person that should ever see you wear that is me from now on. No one else” Huh?

“Carlos t-t-that’s so....c-crude and i-inappropriate.” All he did was chuckle and smirk at me.

Just then, the teacher entered the classroom and almost every students groaned. He began writing stuff on the board and I copied it down. A warm hand massaged my hair and I sighed. That’s so soothing. This happened for the whole lesson. I would be writing down notes and Carlos would be massaging my hair. I tried to get him to do the work but he said he already learnt about it so I just let him continue playing with my hair

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