His Little Lavender

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Chapter 40

Lavender’s PoV

We drove in silence on the way home. Before we got in the car to go home, Carlos brought me to a really nice and cozy restaurant. It wasn’t anything fancy but it had a comfortable and homely feel to it. The interior was like one of them cottages and it had a bit of a retro aspect to it. The colours were soft but the furniture was quite unique and bold; completely opposite. I loved it.

The food there was amazing too. I had chicken with chips and the chicken was done fabulously. Not too burnt but not to raw. The chips had cheese on them and were crispy. Just how I liked them. Carlos had steak and a salad side. His steak looked amazing but really red. I don’t know much about any meat but chicken so I didn’t know if that was a normal thing with steak. The salad looked normal too ;lettuce, carrots, tomatoes. The usual stuff you would have on a salad.

There weren’t many people there and that made my experience there even better. I didn’t really like packed and crowded rooms and preferred to be with close friends and family. I’m thankful Carlos took that into consideration when deciding where to take me to eat.

I also learnt a bit more about him while we were in there. I learnt his favourite food was steak and his favourite colour was red. He prefers crime documentaries over action films and likes to play rugby(which I already knew)and badminton(which was quite a surprise as I quite liked badminton too). He’s never had a massage before and doesn’t like agitating noises like clicking pens and feet tapping against floors. I was a bit shocked at some of this information. I didn’t expect him to play a sport like badminton. He looked like he played sports that were rougher like football and rugby.

I looked out the window saw we were driving through his neighbourhood now. I was beginning to get bored. It was dark outside and the radio said it was approximately 10:13. We had been out for around 3-4 hours.

I turned to Carlos and grabbed the hand he had on my knee and brought it closer up and onto my thigh. I placed it there and played with his rings.

They were really interesting. The patterns and intricate designs intrigued me. He had some with colours and the little swirls the gems would have were gorgeous. They were like nothing I had ever seen before. I took the ring I had on my finger off and placed it on Carlos’ fingers. It’s only fit on his pinky and I blushed at the obvious size difference as it fit on my middle finger. I placed my hand above his and his were so large. I giggled and blushed more.

I jolted up a bit when he squeezed my thigh. My hand gripped his hand that was on my thigh a bit and my eyes darted up to his face. I could see him smirking and a clear look of amusement. Heat consumed my cheeks and I cleared my throat. His hand moved further up and was getting higher and higher every second.

I hadn’t realised he had pulled up into the land around his house until I felt him park the car.


He turned to me and unbuckled my seat belt quickly and hastily. He gripped my hips and pulled me to straddled his lap. My arms landed on his shoulders and I looked up at him with large eyes and a shocked expression. A gasp left my lips and he groaned.

One of his hands that was on my hip moved down to my bum and he squeezed it. I whimpered a little. He smirked and he began to rub my bum before landing a firm smack to it. I squeezed his shoulders firmer and arched my back a bit. A loud moan escaped my mouth.

His other hand moved up to my face and he grabbed the side of my cheek to bring my face closer up to him. His eyes were clouded with lust and he looked soo good.

“You’re such a responsive little girl. Do you like it when daddy smacks your amazing large ass like that?”

I bit my lip at what he had said. His eyes moved down to my lip and he stared at it for a while. He used his teeth to bring it from between my teeth into between his. He rolled my lip in his teeth while still making direct eye-contact with me. This made my blush harder and heat to build up all over my body.

He released it.
“Answer me Lavender. Do you like it when I smack your ass? Does that turn you on little girl?”

His hand on my cheek and the one on my ass moved to the top of my jeans before going inside them. His cold hands against my warm skin made me shudder. He travelled down to my bum and gripped it. I squeezed his shoulder and closed my eyes a little when he began to knead my bum in his hands.

He pushed my body in closer to his and I could feel something poking directly into my kitty. The contact and friction I felt made me moan and arch my back more. I moved my hips a little to get more friction. Carlos moaned in my ear and it made my body hotter.

I moaned loudly.
“Y-yes d-daddy.”

He smirked and stopped the movement of my hips. I whimpered a little.
“Is that a ‘yes’ to my question little girl? Or were you just enjoying the pleasure I was giving you so much that you couldn’t stop yourself from moaning my name?”

He pushed me by my bum in closer to him and I whined a little at the feeling down there. I moved my hips a bit to relieve it. Carlos groaned a little and he pushed me in further.

“You’re such a desperate little girl. Daddy’s desperate-”
He moved closer to my face.
His lips were nearly touching mine.

I could feel his hot minty breath fanning against my face. I was breathing it in and I could taste the mint in my mouth. I shuddered a little and Carlos noticed. He grinned down at me.

He suddenly opened the car door and picked me up. I looked at him a little shocked. My breathing was still heavy and I stopped moving my hips.
“C-Charlie what are you doing?”

His smirk widened and he squeezed my bum again from still inside my jeans.
“Don’t worry darling. The fun isn’t over yet. Let’s just get a little more room.”
He winked and walked to the door.

I blushed and looked around us nervously as Carlos put the keys in the door. I didn’t want anyone to see us especially since Carlos’ hands were currently placed directly on my bum. That would be awkward to explain to his family.

He moved one of his hands and used his index finger to guide my face to look at him.
“No one’s home. You don’t have to worry. No one can see us or will hear us.”

I blushed harder and hid my face in his shoulder as he made his way up the stairs. He chuckled and I soon heard the sound of a door opening and a lock being turned.

Carlos began to walk again and he lowered himself down onto the bed with me still on top of him. My thighs were either side of him and he was leaning back on his arms. Mine were placed on his chest and I was blushing intensely.

“Now where did we leave off darling? I believe you have way to many layers still on little girl. Let me help you out there.”

His hands moved from my bum to the top of my sweater. I followed his movement as he slowly lifted the jumper up and over my head. I lifted my hands up so I was fully out of it. Carlos looked at me with such a strong emotion I felt like cowering away into a shell. But not in a bad way in a good way.

His eyes were directed at mine and he slowly traveled over my face and down to my breasts. My chest was rising up and down heavily and that made my breasts move up and down. His eyes darkened and I blushed harder.

I built up the bravery and my hands moved down to the bottom of his shirt and I tugged at it, indicating that I wanted it off. He smirked at me. I blushed and lifted it up. I could see his abs and the heat in my cheeks got more intense. He sat up and helped me get him out his shirt. He was now underneath me bare-chested and I was on top of him only in my bra.

He grabbed my hands and placed them down onto his abs.
“Go on. Feel them little girl. They’re all yours.”
He whispered that directly in my ear and that didn’t help the blush on my face. In fact, it only made it worse.

I looked up into his eyes reluctantly. He was already looking at me. I looked back down at my hands and began to move them up and down his chests slowly. My fingers would move in the dents of his abs and it felt so nice. He was so muscular. Carlos must have thought it felt nice too as his head was leaned back and he was breathing heavily.

His neck was completely bare to me and i got an idea. I gathered up all my courage and leaned down to kiss it. He tensed underneath me and went rigid. I began to get worried. Was I doing something wrong? I had never done this before.

He moaned. The sound of his voice encouraged me to continue to travel more kisses down his neck.
His hand moved to my hair and he started to tug at it. I moaned a little but didn’t stop.
“What are you doing to me little girl?”

I stopped what I was doing and looked up at him. My eyes were wide. What did he mean ‘what was I doing to him’? Was I doing something wrong?

“What d-do you mean? A-Am I doing it wrong? I didn’t mean to. I only wanted t-to make you feel g-good too like you do w-with me”
My lips pouted and I puffed my cheeks out. Donuts. I was doing it wrong. He didn’t find pleasure in that Lavender. What were you thinking?

Carlos’ hand moved to my cheek and he leaned my head up to look at him. My pout was still present and it wouldn’t go anyway any time soon.

His fingers moved to my lips and he ran them along my lips before prodding at them. I opened and he put them in.
“Close and suck.”

I did and he sent me a small smile. I blushed a little and began to suck his two fingers. He watched me intently and pushed them in further. I continued to suck them and gagged when they went a bit down my throat. He groaned and gripped my hair. I opened my mouth a little as my head was now tilted backwards and my back was arched a little. His fingers were still in my mouth and I could feel a little dribble down my chin.

“You didn’t do anything wrong Angel. I didn’t mean it in a bad way. The opposite actually. You were making me feel good. You always do. Don’t forget that.”

He removed his fingers from my mouth and wiped the dribble from my chin with his thumb before placing it in his mouth. I blushed a little and he smirked.

I looked down at his neck and saw some red marks. I chewed on the inside of my cheek. I looked back up at his eyes hesitantly.
“What’s wrong Angel?”

I looked back down at his neck and shyly asked
“Can I-I do it a-again?”
His eyebrows rose a little and he looked a little shocked. I began to panic a bit. Did he not want me to?

“Are-are you sure darling? I don’t want to pressurise you into doing it.”
I nodded my head a little and blushed harder.
“Go ahead then.”

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes a little. I opened them and moved back down to his neck. I lightly kissed it. He leaned to the side to make it easier for me. I travelled along his jaw and sucked. He moaned quietly and grabbed my hair. I moaned too and sucked harder.

I let his skin go with a pop and kissed down lower. His Adam’s apple was clearly visible and I kissed along it. His moans got louder.
He gripped my hair harder and I moaned again. I sucked his Adam’s apple and he leaned his head back further. I licked like he would do to my skin and then moved to his collarbone. I spent more time on this. I sucked and bit at his skin. I was doing what he did to me on him hoping I was doing something right as I had never done something like this before.

He seemed to be enjoying it though as he would moan or grab my hair harder. This only encouraged and made me more confident.

When I bit him one last time on his collar bone, he flipped me over so I was underneath him. His eyes were half-closed in pleasure and he was panting heavily.

I looked at his necks and saw all the red marks on it. I blushed in embarrassment and smiled at my achievement at the same time.

He noticed as he smirked to.
“I’m guessing you left many marks on me judging by the blush and smirk you’re wearing now while looking at it.”
I looked into his eye and blushed harder. He chuckled and moved closer to my face.
“Guess it’s my turn now.”

He moved down to my neck and began to kiss it lightly just like how I had done to him. My hands instantly gripped his hair just like he had done to me. He sucked and bit me hard. I moaned and tilted my head to the other side. I wrapped my thighs around his waist and brought him in closer. His hands gripped them and he moved his hips into me while still sucking on my neck. His...thingy was rubbing into my kitty and I couldn’t help but moan louder.

“Daddy. Y-yes.”
His hands unbuttoned my jeans and he pulled them down gradually. He was still kissing, sucking and biting at my neck whilst doing this.

My mind was completely fogged up and I let him do whatever he wanted. He ,next, removed his pants and he was now only in his boxer briefs whilst laying above me. He moved his head from my neck and looked down at my body.

He groaned and closed his eyes. His fingers grabbed the band that went along my stomach and he pulled it back before letting it snap back onto me. I whimpered a little.

“Little girl. When you wear shit like this, I can’t control myself. You’re somehow innocent and sexy at the same time.”

He looked me directly in the eye and I was full-on beetroot now. I was so red that a tomato would even be jealous of me.

He kissed my neck again and moved to the top of my breasts. I moaned and pulled his hair more. My legs were still around his waist and he grounded his hips into mine. Because of the lack of clothing now, the feeling was more intense and stronger. I moved my hips against his as well without a care in the world because of the suffocating feeling I felt down there.

His hand arched my back a little so he could get to the clasp of my bra on my back. He unclipped it easily. Even quicker than I could. My breasts pooled out and I was tempted to cover myself in front of him. He began to kiss them before I could. When he kissed my nipple, I moaned loudly because of the sensitivity of it. He took it between his teeth and bit it whilst kneading the other one. I moaned louder than before and laid my head back on the bed and arched my back further off the bed.

“Moan for me little girl. Let daddy hear your moans.”
He bit my nipple and I whimpered and moaned at the same time. The pain of it only made the pleasure better.

He moved to my other breasts and did what he did to my other one to that one. He kiss and bit my nipple making moan after moan come out my lips. This only encouraged him as he sucked or bit harder. His hips were still moving against mine and so were mine.

I arched my back further off the bed and he held me down by my hips.

“Patience little girl.”

He went further down my body and began to kiss my stomach. He took the band in between his teeth and pulled it back. I looked down at him with hooded eyes to see him already looking up at me. He released the band and I jolted as it flicked against me. He smirked up at me and winked. I would turn darker but my cheeks were already burning.

Carlos moved down to my underwear and began to kiss over them. I moaned loudly and gripped his hair. I bent my knees further to the side and pushed my hips in closer to his face. He held them down. He continued to kiss over them teasing me.

I whined and tried to move my hips. His hands tightened on them.
“Little girl don’t fucking whine. You just need to be patient. Daddy will give you the pleasure you desire soon.”
I whimpered and stopped trying to move my hips.

I trusted Carlos enough to know he was telling me the truth. He continued to kiss over my underwear. He moved my thighs onto his shoulder and he began to bite and suck there like he did on my neck. I liked that feeling even more than my neck. His lips on my thighs only made me hotter. I forgot about all my insecurities and just let him do whatever he wanted to me.

I arched my back off the bed and moaned a little. Carlos stopped what he was doing and looked up at me.
“Lavender. I want you to touch yourself.”
My eyes widened and I looked down at him. What did he mean touch myself? Don’t I do that everyday?

He grabbed my thigh and kissed it gently.

“I want you to touch yourself. I want you to do the things I do to you to yourself. Do you understand?”
I gasped. What? Why did he want me to do that? I didn’t even know how to do that. My eyes were wide and Carlos moved up to my face. He placed his hand on my cheek and rubbed it.
“You don’t have to darling. I just wanted you to feel the pleasure I could give to you without me actually doing it.”

My breath hitched a little. Was I ready for that? I’ve never done anything like that to myself before. I’m only just getting used to Carlos doing it to me. How do I even do that to myself?

I looked him in the eyes and saw care and pleasure in his.
“H-how do I even d-do that?”

His eyes widened and he cleared his throat.
“You-you know how I put my fingers in you the other day-”
I blushed at the memory. I’m sure I could see a hint of pink on Carlos’ cheeks too.
“I want you to do that to yourself. I want you to finger yourself and imagine it’s me.”

I was confused. Why did I have to ‘finger’ myself and imagine it was him if he was right in front of me to do it to me? What’s the logic in that?

“Why do y-you want me t-to do it if you c-can do it yourself?”
He smirked and I blushed at how that sounded. It was like me practically just asking him to do it instead.

He leaned in further.
“Because I want to see the look on your face clearly while you pleasure yourself. Because I want to hear the moans coming out your mouth as you imagine it’s me. Because I want to sit here and hear you moan my name as your fingers move inside you.”
I moaned as his hand cupped my kitty suddenly. His finger moved up and down and he prodded at my entrance.
“What do you say little girl? Do you want to?”

I took a deep breath and nodded. Carlos looked a bit shocked but quickly got over it. He moved from above me and sat just at the end of the bed. I moved further up the bed and looked at him.

“Trail your hands down your body Lavender”
I did that. I moved my hands down my face, between the valley of my breasts and to my underwear.
“Begin to rub yourself.”
Carlos leaned back and looked at my hand.

I blushed and moved my hand against my underwear. I let out a quiet moan at the friction and went faster. I heard Carlos groan and he was still looking at my hand.

“Remove your underwear Lavender and play with your clit.” I stopped my hand and looked down at him. His eyes were hooded and he looked like a wild animal. His breathing was heavily and he had his lip between his teeth.

I slowly moved both my hands to the band of my underwear and pulled them down to my ankles. I had to remove the band on my stomach first before moving the rest.

I slowly closed my eyes and spread my legs open. He could clearly see me now but I trusted him. I knew he wouldn’t do anything bad to me. He never had before. I wanted to give him pleasure like he did with me.

I slowly trailed my finger up and down my wet kitty. I moaned and arched my back a little. I could feel my wetness drip onto his bedsheet but I was too clouded by my own lust to even care right now. I was so wet my finger just moved easily.

I stopped at my clit and circled it. A louder moan escaped my mouth and I just imagined it was Carlos’ mouth instead of my fingers just like he told me to. I imagined his tongue to be circling my clit like my finger was just now. I imagined his fingers to pinch my clit like my fingers were right now. I imagined his hand to make me moan as loud like my fingers were right now.

I could hear Carlos’ moans and groans echo through the room as well and that just encouraged me. I looked at him briefly as he was rubbing his...thingy through his boxers. His eyes were still intently watching my hands and he was breathing heavily.

I blushed and laid my head back on the bed. I slowly travelled my hand down my kitty and to my entrance. I prodded at it and moaned as tingles erupted through my body. I slowly slit my finger in and groan at the sudden fullness I felt. I gradually began to move my finger and I began to feel pleasure like when Carlos had done this to me last time.

I went faster and my moans grew louder. So did Carlos’ and I could clearly see the tent he had in his boxer’s.

My body shook a little as the pleasure got more intense. I had no idea I could do this to myself. I’ve only ever experienced this much pleasure with Carlos. I was still imagining him and I couldn’t help but spread my legs more.
“Oh daddy. Yes more.”

Carlos moaned louder and he had taken his length out his boxers now. I blushed darker and just stared at it. I had never seen one of them before. Why was it so long? It just stood up. There were veins running up the side of it and it glistened with something.

Carlos placed his hands on it and began to move them up and down. He threw his head back and moaned.

My body tingled with more sparks and I began to move my finger again but faster and deeper this time. We were both moaning each other’s name and any other sound in the room was drowned out by our noises of pleasure. I carefully added another finger and it made me moan louder than before. I moved my hips against my hands and twisted them a bit. This caused me to hit a certain place inside me and my body erupted with more tingles and a suffocating feeling began to build up in my stomach.

I began to move my fingers against that one place and the pleasure I got from it was amazing.
“Daddy. Yes just there. Keep going just there daddy.”

I went faster and curled my fingers a little to get better access to it. I gasped as the feeling in my stomach began to untwist. A loud moan escaped my mouth as I relaxed onto the bed. I was panting heavily and my legs dropped down onto the bed to.

I looked at Carlos to see he was already looking at me with tired eyes and a satisfied look on his face. His...thingy wasn’t standing as tall up now and there was white liquid on his thighs. Just like the only that was on mine.

Carlos sat up and began to approach me. He hovered on top of me and stroked my cheek.
“You did so good darling. I’m proud of you. Such a good girl.”
He cooed as he stroked my cheek.

I leaned further into his hand and closed my eyes. I was so tired.
“Thank y-you Daddy.”
He smirked a little and got up from on top of me. I reached my hands out to him.
“No daddy. Come b-back”
I made grabby hands at him as if I was a little kid. My body and brain was so tired that I couldn’t control how I acted. I didn’t want him to leave me though. I wanted to cuddle with him like all the time we had cuddled before.

He smirked at me.
“It’s alright angel. I’m just getting a towel to clean you up with and some clothes to dress you in. Don’t worry I’m not leaving you. Give me a minute.”

I slowly nodded my head and laid back on the bed. I snuggled into the quilt and closed my eyes slowly. I felt Carlos return and he was now wearing some boxers. He began to wipe my thighs with a cloth. I blushed and cuddled the quilts more.

Carlos laughed.
“Don’t be shy darling. It’s alright. There we go and you’re done.”
I moved my head from the quilt and looked at him. He had perfectly thrown the cloth into a laundry basket. Maybe he should try playing basketball too.

He sat up and carefully sat me up to. I groaned a little and shook my head.
“Shh Shh darling. Let me put this shirt on you and then we’re done. You can go to sleep then.”
I nodded my head and let him put one of his shirts on me.

It smelt like him and I used my hand to bring it up to my nose. I smelt it and sighed.
“I like y-your clothes Daddy. T-They smell just l-like you.”

He laughed and slowly laid me down onto the bed. He laid down next to and removed the quilt from underneath me. Carlos placed it over me. I moved closer to him and laid my body on top of him like I did every time. He placed one of his hands around my waist to keep me close to him and the other in my hair and began to stroke it gently. I snuggled in closer to him and sigh.

Carlos had stopped moving his hand in my hair and It had come down to my cheek.

I hummed and looked up at him with tired eyes.
“Yes daddy.”

His eyes lit up a little and a smirk appeared on his face. I was too tired to try figure out why he was smirking at me.
“I’m so proud of you darling. You’ve been through so much and you’re still the most beautiful and pure girl I’ve ever met. I want you to promise me something.”

I was already blushing.

He stroked my cheek lovingly.
“Promise you won’t leave me. I don’t know what I’ll do if you ever do. You mean so much to me. I don’t want you to leave me.”

He looked so sad right now. I sat up a bit so my thighs were on either side of him like earlier and I placed my hands on his cheeks.
“I promise C-Charlie. I won’t leave y-you. Never”
I kissed his lips and he kissed me back. He pulled apart and I laid back onto his chest.
“Promise you w-won’t leave me e-either.”

He stroked my hair.
“I promise darling. I won’t leave you.”

I snuggled more into his chest and closed my eyes to let sleep overtake me.

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