His Little Lavender

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Chapter 41

Carlos’ PoV

We were back at school now. We were off school for 2 weeks for Halloween break. On Halloween, me and Lavender just watched scary movies together. It was really cute to watch them with her as she would cuddle up with me and hide her face in my chest if there was something scary in the movie. I loved having her near me. I did offer to watch other movies but she refused.

At the near end of the night, I asked her what she wanted to watch and she eventually told me. We ended up watching Princess and The Frog (Author here. This is one of my fav Disney movies. It’s so underrated. I love Tiana) She would sing along to all the songs and it was adorable. I couldn’t concentrate on the movie because I couldn’t stop watching the little facial expression she would make half way through. She was so pure and enchanting.

She was struggling to keep her eyes open nearing the end and ended falling asleep just before the movie finished. I brought her on top of me and made sure that she was comfortable before falling asleep myself.

We were pulling up to the school and ,like every other time me and Lavender were in a car together, she was playing with my fingers and rings. I parked the car and gently placed my hand on her cheek. She looked up with a blush. I loved her blush. It was amazing.

I chuckled and got out. I walked around to her side of the car and opened the door. I held out my hand and she took it. Her blush got darker as she looked at my neck. There were hickies there from the other night. They hadn’t quite faded yet. Ever since she had first given me them, every time I would give hickey’s to her she would give them to me. They were all over my chest and so were hers.

I pulled her to my chest and she clung to my arm. The gossip about her had gone down a little and no one really looked at us when walking into school but they were today. The were keeping an intent eye on Lavender and I could tell it was making her nervous. She was squeezing my arm tighter and my arm around her waist was tighter too. Lord. What’s happened now?

I was walking us to the front of the school when I caught sight of someone. His eyes were stuck to Lavender. His nose looked to be broken and so did his arm. He had faded bruises on his not broken arm and face. Blake.

My body burned with anger and I stopped in my tracks to just stare at him. My face had a sneer on it. He moved his eyes from my darling to mine. He had a malicious glint in his and a horrid smirk on his face.

I tightened my grip on Lavender. She looked up at me and then to where I was looking. She tensed up and held onto me tighter.

“I wouldn’t if I was you Carlos. He has police watching him incase you try to hurt him again. Fucking pussy.”

A person had appeared on the other side of Lavender. I peeled my gaze from Blake to the figure. It was Lincoln. He had his arms folded across his chest and it made his muscles bulge. He was looking at Blake too and then turned to look at us.

“L-Lincoln. How are you?”
Lincoln looked down at her with a soft smile on his face. He seemed like a good guy. He had bandages around his fist and blood stained it. Are they from the other night? I thought they would have healed by now.

“I’m doing quite alright little lady. How are you?”

Lavender giggled and she blushed. Lincoln smirked more.
“I’m a-alright.”
Lincoln ran his hands through his hair.

“Well that fantastic isn’t it? I have to be going. I have swimming 1st period and can’t be late. Thursdays are stressful.”
He huffed and sent a mocking salute to Lavender. She giggled again and blushed lightly.

“Bye Lincoln.”
She waved a little.

“Bye little lady.”
He waved back and nodded his head to me.
“Bye Carlos.”
I nodded my head back at him and forced a smile.

He walked off to the swimming building and me and Lavender continued on our way to the main building. I tried ignoring the glances of passing students but couldn’t when I felt Lavender stiffen every time someone new looked at us. She would hold my arm tighter and shuffle closer to me.

I gently placed my hand above hers ,which was on my bicep, and stroked it. She looked up at me and I sent her a soft encouraging smile. She sent one back and we made our way to her locker. I could see there were already two people waiting for her there. I’m guessing it was Josie and Max because of the strikingly similar brown hair they had and Braydon was probably already in the swimming building like Lincoln.

Lavender smile brightly and left me to run towards them. I missed her warmth but just let her go. Only this once though.

They turned around at the sound of incoming footsteps. They smiled too and opened their arms. She ran into them and they all hugged each other.

“Bumblebee. We’ve missed you. It’s been ages since we saw each other last.”
Lavender pulled away from the hug with a large smile. I made my way to her and wrapped my arm around her waist. Max and Josie looked up at me and smiled lightly at me. We weren’t close but all got along for Lavender’s sake.

“I-I know. We have to d-do something together soon. I m-miss our time t-together.”
She frowned a little and looked at her feet. I rubbed her waist soothingly and she shuffled in closer to my embrace.

Josie and Max smiled at each other and then at Lavender.
“How about tonight? We can have one of our movie nights. Me, you, Josie, Braydon. You can even bring Carlos. The more the merrier,”

Max looked so excited with a large smile and so did Josie. Lavender looked up at me with wide eyes and a massive smile.
“Do you want t-to come Carlos? Pleaaaase. ”

She pouted her lips out and widened her eyes. It was so hard to say no to her. She looked so cute like that.
“Of course darling. How could I say no to that adorable face?”

She blushed and hit my chest playfully. I chuckled and smiled down at her. Josie and Max laughed too before the bell went off. We went our separate ways. Me, Lavender and Josie went to science while Max forced himself to go to maths.

It was a pretty ordinary day. Nothing really happened. We had pe today as well. I prayed it would go normal but God just didn’t seem to ever listen to me.

When I was getting changed, I had a lot of people commenting on the hickies. They would say shit like.

“Damn the innocent ones are always the best”

“Lord. Had a little too much fun Reid?”

“Fucked her yet Carlos?”

I had to fucking squeeze my fisted so hard at that voice. Don’t punch him Carlos. Don’t punch him. You won’t be let off as easily this time and who will make sure nothing bad happens to Lavender if you’re not there? Calm down and walk out.

I took a deep breath in and out to calm myself down. My fisted and jaw was clenched so hard that I felt they would break.

“Don’t be jealous Robinson. It’s not his fault your not going to get any pussy looking like that. Oh wait. It is.”
I looked to the side of me to see who had spoken. It was Braydon. He sent a smile my way.

“I’m surprised there still letting you get changed in here Lloyd. Never know when you fags may be perving on us straight men.”

Braydon’s face turned stone cold and he stood there frozen. I ,myself, was burning with rage. How fucking dare he?

I turned around with such a hatred that I immediately made my way to Blake and gripped his neck. I pushed him against a wall and got right in his face.

“You fucking son of a bitch. Calling someone a fag. I don’t give two shits if you’re still injured from the last time you decided to be a little twat. I’ll fucking kill you here and now. What gives you the right to call him a fag huh? Nothing so keep your bloody mouth closed unless you want me to cut your tongue out.”
His face was turning red and his eyes were wide. He was gasping for air and gripped at my hand with his one hand that wasn’t injured.

I felt someone place their hand tenderly on my shoulder. I whipped my head around to feeling the need to kill them as well. I relaxed when I realise it was Braydon. He had a sad and reassuring look on his face.

“Carlos put him down. You don’t want to get done for murder this young. It’s alright. He’ll get what’s coming for him. Karma’s a bitch.”

I reluctantly released my hand from Blake’s neck and he dropped to the floor like a sack of potatoes. He placed his one normal hand on his throat and rubbed it. His face was getting back to its normal colour.

Braydon squeezed my shoulder then let go of me. I rolled my shoulders and turned around.
“Any of you have something to say about Braydon getting changed in here? You’ll end up worse than him. I can assure you.”

They all shook there head in fear and answered with scared no’s.

“And say anything about my Lavender again and I’ll fucking rip all your dicks off and shove it down your throat.”
They nodded their heads again in fear and replied with scared yes’s. I nodded my head, grabbed my shirt, put it on and made my way out of the changing rooms.

I stood outside leaning against a wall waiting for Lavender to come out. My fist had loosened and so had my jaw.

Braydon came up beside me.
“Thank you Reid. You don’t know how much shit I’ve got for changing in there.”

I turned my head to him. His eyes were casted to the ground. He was kicking a rock with his feet. I knew it hurt him. Women aren’t the only sensitive ones. Men have emotions too and I can see Braydon was feeling a lot of sadness and pain. Being a gay man, it isn’t easy. You get so much shit from it and for no reason. I ,personally, don’t care who you love as long as it’s healthy for you, I’m fine with it.

I placed my hand on his shoulder and he looked up at me.
“It’s alright Braydon. They can all go fuck themselves. They’re all a bunch of pussies. Don’t listen to what they say or call you. I would also like to apologise for saying the f-word. I’m straight myself and have no right to say something so offensive to your community.”

He shook his head and laughed.
“You may look like a bad guy Reid but inside your a true teddy bear.”
I glared at him and he put his hands up in surrender.
“It’s alright. I know you didn’t do it out of spite.”

He sent me a smile and I sent one back. The girl’s changing room opened and I ignore everyone until I saw my darling come out. She wore leggings and the school’s pe shirt. She looked beautiful.

She looked around and smiled when she saw me and Braydon. My anger instantly disappeared and I smiled back at her. She skipped up to us and stood beside me. I leaned down and softly kissed her lips. She kissed me back and blushed.

I smirked and pulled away.
“Come on darling. Let’s go.”
She took my hand and led me over to the field.

“See. A giant teddy bear.”
Braydon whispered as he walked beside me. I sent him a death glare and he chuckled.

I was sure to keep Lavender close to me for the rest of that period. I made sure she was away from that prick Blake. I would glare or give him the death glare if he even tried to look in our direction. He was stupid to not have learnt from his first lesson or his second one. I wasn’t scared to give him another if he tried again. I’ll be sure to make it hurt even more.

Braydon was there too so he was able to keep her safe too. That made me feel a little better. I actually like him a little. More than any of her other friends. He was a funny dude. I didn’t like him at the start because I thought he was flirting with my darling but ,when I found out he was gay, I relaxed on the protectiveness around him. He always lightens the mood and makes me laugh.

I pretty sure he likes Max as well. They seem extremely close to be just friends and Max is always blushing and becoming flustered when Braydon is around. He’s not doing a particularly good job at hiding it.

School had ended now and I was taking Lavender to my house. I needed to get some pyjamas and my stuff for tomorrow. I was going to give her one of my shirts as well to sleep in. I remember her saying she loved my clothes because they’d smell like me. She can take all my clothes if she wants. I wouldn’t stop her

We arrived and I could see a familiar car in the drive way. I stared at it for a while trying to figure out who it belonged to. Lavender was distracted by playing with my fingers and rings.
My eyes widened as it clicked. Dear lord. She had to come now, didn’t she?

I took a deep breath and got out the car and then helped Lavender get out the car too.

She looked at the other car in the driveway inquisitively.
“Who’s c-car is that Charlie?”

I placed my arms on her waist and held her close to me. Our faces were close together and I could see her cheeks heat up with a blush.
“You’ll just have to find out soon but I must warn you. The person you’re about to meet is quite a handful so if you get too overwhelmed just tell me or squeeze my hand or waist okay and we’ll leave early”

She nodded her head.
“Yes d- Charlie.”
She blushed harder at her slip up and I smirked.

I leaned in further.
“Were you about to call me daddy darling?”
Her eyes widened and she blushed harder.
“Don’t be embarrassed. We’ll have plenty of time to have you exercise that word tomorrow. In the bedroom.”

She gasped and hid her face in my chest quickly. I laughed. I loved making her flustered. She just looked so hot and cute. I couldn’t help myself.

I walked us over to the door and opened it. Warmth flooded out and into our face. I shivered a little and helped Lavender out of her coat. I could hear the sound of talking from the kitchen.

I placed mine and Lavender’s coat on the rack and then took her hand into mine. I squeezed it as she looked up at me nervously.

I guided us into the kitchen. There were 3 people in there. My mother, my father and someone new. My mother’s eyes moved to me and Lavender and they lit up.

She came from behind the counter over to us.
“Lavender, Carlos. How are you doing? A good day at school?”

She pulled me into a hug and kissed my cheek and then did the same to Lavender. She blushed and hugged her back.
“It w-was alright Mrs Reid. H-how was your day?”

My mother waved her hand in the air.
“Lavender. Please call me Jennifer. We need to get those formalities gone if you’re going to be my daughter-in-law in the future.”

My eyes widened and I could hear my father’s booming laughter from behind my mother. Lavender blushed harder and shuffled on her feet.

I held her closer to me and my mother’s eyes lit up.
“Wait a moment. Our Carlos is engaged. Oh. My. God.”

The other person stood next to my mother and looked between us. Her hands were together and her eyes were wide. My father just continued to laugh and watch us from afar.

“Aunt Loise. Wait-”

I was cut of by her squeals as she looked down at Lavender who was currently hidden in my side.
“Ahh look how cute she is. She’s so small. Her hair is wonderful. And those blue eyes- Ahh. Carlos you’ve got lucky with this one. She polite too.”

Lavender squeezed my waist and cuddled her face further into my chest to hide herself. I instantly looked down at her and stroked her hair to calm her down. She was overwhelmed.

My mother’s eyes widened and my father stood up alerted.
“Okay Lulu. I think that’s enough now. You’re overwhelming the poor girl. No. They’re not engaged. They’re just dating. Calm down.”
My father stood beside my mother and placed his arm around her waist. He looked at Lavender softly.
“Carlos how about you take Lavender to your room to let her have a breather? You can come back down when you’re ready.”
I nodded my head and led us up to my room.

I could hear my aunt asking what she had done wrong as we made our way up the stairs. I opened my door and guided her over to the bed and sat down with her on my hip. She placed her head in my neck and sucked her thumb. I’ve learnt this is something she does when she’s nervous. It’s mainly only when she’s alone or with someone she trusts. She doesn’t do it a lot. Only when she talked about Jonas or ‘there’. She must be really nervous and shaken.

I replaced her thumb with mine and she let me. I stroked her hair and moved her further into my neck. I let her lay there for a while so she could calm down.

“I’m sorry darling. If I knew she would have been that excited, I would have warned you more.”
I massaged her scalp.

She lifted her head from my neck and I could see a tear leave her eyes. I wiped it away and stroked her cheek with the back off my hand.
“It’s a-alright Charlie. I-I’m sorry I ruined your m-meeting with your aunt again. I-I was just a bit overwhelmed b-by all she was saying and the fact I-I didn’t know her. I’m sorry.”

I shook my head and held her cheek firmly.
“It’s not your fault Angel. Don’t apologise. You did nothing wrong.”

She blushed a little and placed her head back into my neck. I let her and rubbed her back this time. She brought my hand up to her face and sucked my thumb again. I cooed at how cute she was when she’s vulnerable.

We sat there for about 10 minutes just in each other’s embrace. Lavender let go of my thumb and looked up at me.
“You n-need to get your stuff. I-I don’t want us t-to be late.”

I chuckled and stood up. She was still on my hip. She tightened her legs around my waist and wrapped her arms around my neck. I kissed her cheek and watched as it turned a light pink.
“Charlie. S-Stop it.”

I laughed and walked us into the closet. I went over to my shirts and jumpers and placed Lavender in front of them. She looked up at me confused and gripped my hand. She likes to have contact with me most times. I don’t really mind it.

“Pick the ones you want and we can take them over to your house now.”

Her eyes widened and she shook her head instantly.
“Charlie. I-I don’t want to take y-your clothes. You need t-them.”

I squeezed her hand and looked down at her sternly.
“Lavender. You said you liked my clothes so pick the ones you want and you can have them.”
She shook her head and walked away from the rack. I gently pushed her forward.
“I’m not taking no for an answer. I have plenty of other clothes. If it makes you feel better, I can pick some out for you.”

She looked up at me with a blush and shyly nodded her head. I smiled at her and kissed her lips.
“Good girl.”
She shuffled on her feet and played with the ring on her finger. So cute.

I walked over to my draws and pulled out a bag. I put some joggers in for me tonight. I grabbed a tank top and boxers. I took my deodorant, aftershave and charger. I lastly walked up to my t-shirt and hoodie rack where Lavender was stood watching me move. I grabbed 3 random hoodies that I’ve worn a lot and one of my favourites. I took about 4 t-shirts and placed them all in the bag.

I turned back around and Lavender’s eyes were wide and her cheeks were burning. I chuckled and took her hand. I kissed the back of it.
“What’s mine is yours darling. Don’t be shy to ask for something.”
I dropped the bag and pulled her closer. My hands grasped her hips and her hands landed on my chest. She gasped and looked up at me. I leaned in to her ear and could feel the heat from her cheeks radiate to mine.

I took her earlobe in between my teeth and she lightly moaned. I pulled back and swiftly took her lips into a passionate kiss with mine. She kissed me back and trailed her hands up my shoulder to my hair. She tugged at the ends and I moaned into the kiss. I pulled her in closer to me by her hips and she stood on her tip-toes.

The kiss was getting quite hot and heated. I could feel the temperature in the room rise. I prodded her lips with my tongue to make them open. She kept them closed. I groaned onto her lips and picked her up. She wrapped her legs around my waist and continued to kiss me. I slammed her into the wall behind us and she moaned. I took this as a chance to get my tongue into her mouth. I made contact with her tongue and she didn’t stop me from dominating the kiss. So submissive.

We stayed there ,against the wall, kissing for a while before Lavender pulled back needing air. She was panting heavily and her face was flushed red. I took heavy breaths in too and placed my forehead against hers. I made eye contact with her and just stood there staring into her eyes.

“I-I think we s-should get going or w-we’ll be late.”
Lavender whispered quietly. I nodded my head against hers and pecked her lips. She blushed even more.

I placed her back on the floor and gripped her shoulders to steady her out. She looked up at me with a blush and I smirked. She grabbed my hand and led us out of the closet. She grabbed the bag of the floor and held it.

“Lavender darling. Let me hold that.”
She shook her head and I stopped in my tracks as she held the doorknob.

She looked back at me nervously as if she thought I was angry at her. I rubbed my thumb over her hand to assure her I wasn’t.
“Y-you always carry my b-bag so I want to c-carry yours.”
I smiled gratefully at her and pecked her cheek. She blushed and looked down at the floor.

“Thank you darling. Such a good girl.”
She shuffled on her feet and peered up at me through her eyelashes.

“You’re w-welcome Charlie.”
She opened the door and pulled us out. I liked this new confident side of her.

She walked down at the stairs slowly and I walked beside her. The bag was still in her hand and I was tempted to just take it out and hold it but didn’t want to upset her.

We got to the bottom and I expected her to go directly to the door but she walked towards the kitchen again.

I looked at her confused.
“Lavender what are you doing?”

She stopped and looked at me shyly.
“I W-want to meet your a-aunt. I want to properly I-introduce myself.”

My eyes widened and I used my hand to move some hair that was in front of her face behind her ear.
“Are you sure? You don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

She looked at me eagerly and nodded her head.
“I want to m-meet her. I promise.”

I chuckled.
“Okay darling. Go on then.”
She pulled me towards the kitchen again and I followed after her amused.

My father was the first one to notice our presence this time and he smiled at Lavender. She smiled back and waved. He waved back with the hand he was holding his glass with.
“Hello Lavender. Are you feeling any better?”

She smiled brightly and blushed a little.
“I’m feeling m-much better Mr Reid. Thank y-you.”

He laughed.
“Call me Damian, Lavender. Enough with the formalities. What have you got in your hand there?”
He nodded his head to the bag she was carrying.

Lavender looked down at it and then back up at him.
“Oh t-this is a bag.”

My mother and aunt laughed and my father smiled.
“I know that dear but what’s in it?”

Lavender blushed and shuffled back into my chest. I placed my arm around her waist. My father looked up at me concerned. She probably feels like they’re laughing at her. Like there’re making fun of her. I rubbed her hip soothingly.

“My clothes are in there. I’m staying at Lavender’s tonight.”
My mother raised her eyebrows.

Lavender smiled again.
“We’re having a-a movie night w-with my other friends.”

My aunt awed at her and walked in our direction. She stood in front of us and looked down at Lavender softly.
“Hello Lavender. My names Loise.”

She held out her hand. Lavender looked at it and then up at me. I smiled at her and nodded my head towards my aunt’s hand. She looked back at her hand. She slowly took it in hers and shook it softly.
“H-hello Loise. I-m Lavender R-Rose. Sorry f-for earlier.”

My aunt’s eyes softened and her mouth opened in awe.
“Its quite alright. We all have moments like that. I’m must say you’re a gorgeous girl Lavender. I love your hair. Carlos is lucky to have you.”

She blushed and moved into my chest more. I chuckled and stroked her hair. They all looked alarmed. They probably thought she was panicking again. I shook my head at them and they visibly relaxed.

“Thank y-you Loise. You’re very p-pretty. I like y-your eyes. They’re like Carlos’ but d-darker like Damian’s.”

My mother laughed and turned towards my father.
“Told you his were lighter than yours. You and your sister’s are darker than his.”

My father hugged and gulped down the rest of his drink. He placed the cup on the side and straightened his suit out.
“You win this time Jen but I’ll win next time.”

My mother scoffed and straightened up too.
“We’ll see Damian. We’ll see”
My father nodded towards her.

My aunt looked as if she was trying to stifle her laughter and turned to us.
“That’s what happens when two Leo’s get married. You better head off unless you want to see the intense staring challenge they’re about to have.”

I laughed and Lavender giggled. I said my goodbyes to my aunt and so did Lavender. I pulled her out of the kitchen and to the door. I let go of her hand and grabbed her coat and mine. I helped her put hers on before putting mine on. She opened the door and let me go first. I exited and so did she. I took her hand and unlocked my car. I opened her door and she stepped in. I walked around to the driver’s side and sat in. I started the car and we were off.

Lavender’s PoV

I really liked Carlos’ aunt. She was a beautiful and kind person. She really is. I was just a little flustered when she kept calling me beautiful and pointing out my features. I had never met her before and she was saying I was gorgeous. I didn’t know how to take the situation and panicked. I do that a lot. I guess it just a defence mechanism I have.

We were in the car for about half an hour before arriving at my house. Josie, Max and Braydon were already there as I could see their cars parked outside. I grabbed the bag from beside my feet and bounced in my seat. I love the sleepovers we have. It is always so fun and Braydon brings his mum’s amazing cooking. She makes the best brownies. I would never get sick of them.

Carlos opened the door and I instantly raced out of the car. I ran towards the house but Carlos held me back by my hand.
“Slow down darling. You’ll hurt yourself if you go to fast.”
(That’s what he said. Sorry I had too)

I blushed and smiled at him. He chuckled and ruffled my hair before pulling us towards the door. I huffed and sorted my hair out again. Why does everyone have to mess it up?

I opened the door and stepped inside the lavish house. The floors were perfectly polished and so were the walls. Carlos helped me out of my coat and put his and mine on the coat rack we passed as we went towards the stairs that led to the downstairs rooms.

We walked down them and I pulled him towards the cinema room. We had all of our movie nights in there as it was bigger than my room and had more spaces we could sit on.

I heard Josie and Max fighting and Braydon’s laughter before I even opened the door. When I did open it, they all turned their eyes to us. Carlos’ hand was still in mine and he squeezed it.

“Lavender. How dare you deprive me of your presence for this long? I felt as if I was dying without you here?”
Braydon placed his hand to his head and pretended to faint.

I giggled.
“We s-saw each other in pe earlier B.”

He froze and looked at me coldly.
“Still to long ago.”

I laughed and Carlos chuckled. I led us over to the bathroom attached to the room and forced him inside before giving him his bag.
“C-Change into your pyjamas and then come o-out and I’ll get changed after.”

He smirked and took the bag.
“Why not get changed with me? Nothing I haven’t seen before.”

He winked and I blushed. They all laughed at me.
“Smooth dude.”
Braydon shouted from behind me. Josie smacked him on the back of the head. (Another little TikTok reference there)

I shook my head quickly and closed the door. I could hear Carlos’ laughter from behind the door. I blushed harder and walked over to the others. We sat in silence for a while.

“Okay this is awkward. I’ve got a question Lavender?”
I looked at Max and reluctantly nodded my head.
“Are you still a virgin?”

My eyes widened and I started to choke on my own breath. Braydon laughed and Josie hit Max on the chest. He groaned and sent a glare to her.
“What I just wanted to know? You never know what they get up to in their free time? For all we could know, she’s no longer a virgin.”

Braydon was still laughing like a hyena and he sound like a dying dog because of all his wheezing. I was trying to cool down my face by wafting it. I took deep slow breaths so I wouldn’t choke.

Josie looked at me curiously. Her eyes were squinted and she leaned in further.
“Mmm you have a point. She does have hickeys all over her neck and so does Carlos. Are you a virgin bumblebee? It’s alright if you’re not.”

I widened my eyes and looked between all three of them.
“Seriously. I-I’m still a v-virgin. I haven’t had s-s-sex yet.”
I whispered shouted at them.

Braydon laughed again. That’s his reaction to everything. To laugh. Max was hiding a smirk and looking behind me. Josie was biting her lip to hide a smile.

“Nice to know darling.”
I stiffened and closed my eyes. Please say Carlos isn’t behind me. Please say Carlos isn’t behind me. Lord please I beg of you.

“Carlos is b-behind me isn’t he?”
They all nodded their head and I let out a deep breath before standing up and turning around.

He really was stood there. His joggers hung low on his hips and the tank top he wore showed of the sides of his chest. His hands were stuffed in his jogger pockets and he wore a relaxed sly smirk.

I blushed even darker and ran into the bathroom. Carlos laughed and so did everyone else . I closed and locked the door and laid my back against it. Oh donuts. Oh donuts.

I got up of the door with a sigh and walked towards the bag Carlos had placed on the side. I grabbed one of his hoodies. It was a dark blue one with some words written on the back in white. It smelt so much like him. I put it on. It fell to just above my knees. The arms were too long and I had to roll them up a bit.

I went through the draws to find some knee-length socks that I usually keep in here. I always forget them upstairs when we have a movie night and am too lazy to get them so I always keep at least two pairs down here for emergencies.

I opened the last draw and saw them. I grabbed them and rolled them up my legs. I grinned at myself in the mirror and quickly put my hair in a messy bun before leaving the bathroom.

They were all laying on the sofas. Josie had her own. Max and Braydon were together and Carlos was on the one I usually took. He looked towards me when he heard the door open and light come through. His mouth dropped and his eyes glistened. I blushed and looked down at the floor shyly. I shuffled on my feet. I heard Carlos whisper something under his breath but I couldn’t hear him as he was too far away.

“Maybe we should just watch these two instead of some movie. Their life seems way more interesting and sappy.”
I blushed and Carlos cleared his throat.

Braydon and Max laughed at what Josie had said. I giggled a little and ran over to Carlos. He opened his arms and I sat on his lap like I usually would. He placed my head on his chest and kissed the top of it. I blushed and snuggled closer to the warmth his body emitted.

I heard Braydon aww. Carlos sent him a glare before laying the blanket over me. He leaned against the cushioned arm of the sofa and laid me on top of him. We were in our usual position with me on top of him, my knee bend a little, one of his arms around my waist and the other in my hair.

Max clapped his hands and the lights turned off. Josie had the remote and she turned the massive television on. We watched loads of movies. We started with Avengers: End Game. The marvel movies were one of the few violent movies I could watch as Max said to my dad ‘they were to legendary to not watch’.

I loved Iron Man and me and Max were sat there crying when he died. Like why? He was such a good person. Why him? Why not Starlord? He’s the one that ruined the whole plan in Infinity War. Why?

Carlos had to calm me down and Braydon had to calm Max down. I couldn’t take it anymore and absolutely cried my heart out at the funeral.

“Max t-this is y-your fault.”
I hiccuped half way through and had to wipe my tears away.

“Why’s it my-my fault?”
He looked at me confused.

“You’re t-the one that said t-to watch this. You w-were the one that got me so i-invested in this franchise that I-I can’t help b-but not cry.”
My tears had nearly all dried up and I glared at him.

He gasped and placed his hand on his chest.
“Do you think I would watch this again if I knew Iron Man would die? Iron Man? It would be painful enough the first time. Why would I watch it a second? And it’s your fault you got to so engaged in the franchise. You shouldn’t have watched the movies all those times. I can’t wait until Black Panther dies so I can see you cry.”

I gasped and glared at him harder.
“The only r-reason I watched t-the Black Panther movie t-the most was because of K-Killmonger. I-I mean he was played by M-Michael B Jordan. MICHAEL B JORDAN! How c-could I not be o-obsessed?”

(I find this funny as I’ve put Jeremiah as Michael B Jordan so she’s technically simping over the mayor)

We just glared at each other.
“Do they always do this?”
Carlos asked. Josie and Braydon nodded there head.

Max smiled and I looked at him confused. Why was he smiling?
“How about we watch the Notebook?”
I smiled brightly and was about to shout yes when Carlos, Josie and Braydon all shouted no.

“Absolutely not. You two will be bawling your eyes out and so will Josie. I can’t take 3 crying girls”

Max looked at Braydon and smacked him on the back of the head.
“I’m not a girl.”

We ended up watching Daddy’s home 2. It was funny and made me laugh. No one cried over this movie and we all were just laughing at it. After that, we watched a musical called The Greatest Showman. Me and Josie were singing the lyrics to all the songs. I loved this movie. It had so much energy and diversity in it. The songs were catching and I swear I heard Carlos sing along to some of them.

I was getting a bit tired after that one and could hardly keep my eyes open. Carlos was stroking my hair and that made me get sleepier. He always did make me feel so comfy I could go to sleep. I loved it when he stroked my hair.

I suddenly jumped when I heard the door slam open up stairs. Josie, Max, Braydon and Carlos all looked at each other worried. Their eyes were wide and their eyebrows furrowed.

I heard raised voices and loud footsteps. Carlos tightened his grip on me. I looked at him worried.
“What’s g-going on Charlie?”

He softened his eyes and stroked my cheek.
“I don’t know darling.”

I could hear footsteps come down the stairs.
“Antonio. I swear to God. Where is she? I need to see Lavender. Tell me where she is. It’s urgent. Antonio I don’t care. She needs to know. She deserves to know.”

“You’re drunk Jer. Stop it.”

The door to the room burst open. I looked up and my eyes widened when I saw who it was.

“Jeremiah? W-what are you doing h-here?”
My brother appeared behind him. His hair was messed up and his face was red from exertion.

I got up off Carlos and walked to them. Carlos got up too and followed me. Jeremiah’s eyes snapped to me and he looked tired.

He rushed towards me and placed his hands on my shoulders.
“Lavender. I tried to get him banned from the city but they wouldn’t do it. I really tried Lavender. Believe me. I did. I promise you I wouldn’t let him near you again. I swear I’ll keep that promise no matter what.”

I looked at him confused. I pulled away from him a bit scared. He looked a bit drunk. Maybe Tony was right? Carlos pulled me towards him and Josie and the others were all stood up now alerted.

“What do you m-mean Jer? W-who?”
He stood up straight and swallowed the big lump in his throat.

“He’s got out of prison yesterday Lavender. Jonas is out. I tried to get him banned but there was no valid reason to do so. I swear-”

Everything he was saying was drowned out. A ringing in my ear deafened me. He was out. Jonas was out. He was suppose to be there for 8 years. How did he get out after only 2? What’s going to happen? Will he come back after me? I don’t want to go back. I want to stay with Carlos.

I turned around in Carlos’ embraced and hugged him close to me.

“Charlie I-I don’t want to-to g-go back. P-please don’t l-let me go b-back. No no no. P-please I want t-to stay with you. P-please I swear I’ll b-be good. Don’t send m-me back. Please. I’ll b-be a good g-girl. I’ll be t-the best girl. J-Just dont sent me back there w-with Jonas.”
I was struggling to breath and I felt tears burning up in my eyes. Carlos cupped my cheeks and rubbed my tears away. I knew he was saying something because his lips were moving but I couldn’t hear him.

I suddenly felt tired. I closed my eyes and let the darkness consume me. I felt my body fall and the last words I heard was Carlos shouting my name and then it all went silent.

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